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  • Sammi - in Reply on Wisdom of Solomon 9
    I don't know this for sure but I think a lady is pregnant for forty weeks ? If that's true then ten months wouldn't be inaccurate according to the Jewish calendar in those days . A month was a lunar month , which is twenty eight days which is four weeks . Four weeks into forty weeks is ten , ten lunar months . Ten lunar months equals forty weeks .
  • Dear J.C

    In regards to the 10 month gestation of Solomon, gestation is calculated from the last menstrual period to birth, usually 9 months, give or take a week. But in the case of some, being that the menstrual period indicates the ending of the previous fertility cycle which did not end in a pregnancy and the days following a menstrual period begins a new fertility cycle and when at ovulation conception occurs, their will not be another menstrual period until after the birth of this child. In some cases, ovulation is delayed. With calculations of gestation still being 9 months from last period, such a case would extend this gestation into the weeks after 9 months have passed, sometimes by as long as a month. So, this was most likely what occurred with Bathsheba. Solomon was still a full term baby and not necessarily overdue (but perhaps somewhat). It is just that his conception was weeks later in her cycle than normal due to delayed ovulation.
  • J.C. Naumowicz on Wisdom of Solomon 9
    The 10 month gestation given in Wisdom of Solomon. How do I understand that?
  • Patricia Tilghman on Wisdom of Solomon 9:1
    What is wisdom that sitteth by thy throne

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