Wisdom of Solomon

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Wisdom of Solomon 2:10

“Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.”

King James Version (KJV)

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Let vs oppresse the poore righteous man, let vs not spare the widow, nor reuerence the ancient gray haires of the aged.
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Discussion for Wisdom of Solomon 2

  • Shawn H.
    I believe that just like today, Our Father tested Adam and Eve, to see if they would obey him. I'm sure He knew the serpent would try to deceive them, but wanted Them to prove their obedience.
  • Kelly
    if a man is born again...likely it is through adultery. This is faith with works. There are those born of the spirit Jesus and there are those that are born of that WHICH Is Flesh Those trapped by adultery . I believe that is why Only Gods son could do this because it IS an offence that WILL be brought forth to the Judges. As it roots out ALL that a man has
  • JR
    1. The Apocrypha was written before Christ not after him about 130-70 B.C. I think . We now also have original Hebrew copies of some books like Ecclesiasticus 2. Wisdom 2:12-30 is definitely a prophecy of the unjust condemnation of Jesus Christ.
  • Sandy
    Wisdom of Solomon 2:1-24 1 For the ungodly said, reasoning with themselves, but not aright, Our life is short and tedious, and in the death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave. 23 For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity. 24 Nevertheless through envy of the devil came death into the world: and they that do hold of his side do find it. The Bible Gods word is about TRUST and FAITH! Something the UNGODLY does not have.
  • John Public
    The deuterocanon or apocrypha were all penned after the completion of the Holy Bible in 150 AD. This means while a profitable read even recommended in the marginal notes of the 1611 by the translators, who were mere men inspired by God, as a reference. Clearly, however, as some of the above verses are quite messianic the root of the wisdom is indeed the author's mind, not that of the incalculable Holy Spirit of Christ the Lord.
  • Ukam
    Considering verse 20 of Chapter Two, of The Wisdom of Solomon, I don't think Solomon was still in his right standing with God when the entire Book was written. I suggest it remain rejected.

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