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  • Apostle
    Bryce this book is in the bible. Men wrote the bible. Jesus is the word that became flesh, in wisdom and the Spirit of Truth. God gave His words to the Jews to write to all men. The Gentiles wrote what they wanted us to believe. If we don't seek the word by the Spirit of Truth we deny the word of God on men lies. We can't hide God word it is written in the heart of all men. Seek Inwardly.
  • Paul
    i need more research on this book
  • Bryce
    This book was not part of the Bible because it teaches false believes that are in contrast to the rest of the Bible, such as burning incense and ashes to get rid of demons. WHAT?
  • Delta
    never knew that the apocrypha was part of 1611 King James Version. Nor that parts of the books were found with the Dead Sea scrolls. Interesting.
  • Apostle
    Delta I have a 1611 bible. We can't update God word by deleting books. Buy a 1611 bible and Jewish Bible then find out how much these New books have omitted God truth from His word. God word is one, why do the KJB, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, 7th Day Adventist, Muslim, Scientology have different words. Men evilness change the word, but they can't change the Spiritual Truth given to men.
  • Richard Lee
    A comment on John Halpin 's comment. This was a means of control by fear. The Roman crucified people and left the bodies rot to instill fear in there enemies Senna cherub did this to instill fear in the Jews. Jonah refused to go to Nineveh because he wanted God wrath to consume the Ninivites because of what they were doing to his brotheren. God 's love is pored out on the lost. Therefore Jonah went and many were saved.
  • Benson ochieng
    thi book is so precious to read.
  • Calvin Copenny for verse 4
    I 'm still trying to come to the realization
  • John Halpin for verse 18
    Why did Sennacherib so vehemently oppose burying the Jews he had slain? He even looked for the bodies and became terribly angry with Tobit for burying them. Seems a huge waste of time for a king to do this.
  • Lorene for verse 4
    to me, this book was in the bible many years ago, and lines up with the true word of GOD.
  • Leigh Ann Mitchell
    I believe that if these books were in the Bible up until 1885 they should have remained in the Bible... This book does tell a story of how things were then.... It 's sorta like history. I don 't understand a lot of it yet but God said do not add to or take away from His Word.
  • Sheabuttr
    This is significant because it is demonstrative regarding the power of alms.
  • Machelle
    I also see why it isn't inscribed in the bible, but its content tells a story, that the belief of our father was still present.
  • Shane cc
    I can see why it would be omitted. It was short and supports no other scripture. I enjoyed it anyway.

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