Tobit 1:21

“And there passed not five and fifty days, before two of his sons killed him, and they fled into the mountains of Ararath; and Sarchedonus his son reigned in his stead; who appointed over his father's accounts, and over all his affairs, Achiacharus my brother Anael's son.”

King James Version (KJV)

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And there passed not fiue and fiftie dayes before two of his sonnes killed him, and they fled into the mountaines of Ararath, and Sarchedonus his sonne reigned in his stead, who appointed ouer his fathers accounts, and ouer all his affaires, Achiacharus my brother Anaels sonne.
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And before fifty-five days had passed, two of his sons killed him and they fled into the mountains of Ararath; and Sarchedonus his son reigned in his place; he appointed, over his father's accounts and over all his affairs, Achiacharus, my brother Anael's son.
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Discussion for Tobit 1

  • Bryce
    This book was not part of the Bible because it teaches false believes that are in contrast to the rest of the Bible, such as burning incense and ashes to get rid of demons. WHAT?
  • Delta
    never knew that the apocrypha was part of 1611 King James Version. Nor that parts of the books were found with the Dead Sea scrolls. Interesting.
  • Richard Lee
    A comment on John Halpin 's comment. This was a means of control by fear. The Roman crucified people and left the bodies rot to instill fear in there enemies Senna cherub did this to instill fear in the Jews. Jonah refused to go to Nineveh because he wanted God wrath to consume the Ninivites because of what they were doing to his brotheren. God 's love is pored out on the lost. Therefore Jonah went and many were saved.
  • Benson ochieng
    thi book is so precious to read.
  • Calvin Copenny for verse 4
    I 'm still trying to come to the realization
  • John Halpin for verse 18
    Why did Sennacherib so vehemently oppose burying the Jews he had slain? He even looked for the bodies and became terribly angry with Tobit for burying them. Seems a huge waste of time for a king to do this.

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