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  • Angela
    I Thank God for Susanna, she held to her faith in God. She would rather die from a lie then sin against The Most High God. Reminds me of the Hebrew Boys and Daniel keeping there faith in God rather then sin against him.
  • Marie
    It's easy to see the reason this book was not added. They did not want to show that the spirit of the God could cause one to impugn authority. We are more often taught as Christians to cater to authority and suffer for Christ's sake. But no man is above scrutiny in the eyes of God and we should challenge our leaders for righteousness sake as well as have faith as Susanna.
  • :)
    I have known and heard this story ever since I was young and it affected me in many actions I have done. I always kept in mind to be honest for God knows everything, and it is better to be condemned for doing nothing than to be praised for wrongdoings. It's sad that this story isn't in most bibles people have. A true gem.
  • Jeanie
    I am upset that these books were taken out of the bible. They were part of the kjv at the beginning, but someone in the late 1800's took it upon them selves to delete these books. These books are very inspirational and maybe we as Christian should see about getting these books back in the kjv. God bless.
  • Msconcerned
    This story reaffirms that God sees and knows all, the wickedness of men will always be revealed.
  • M Almeida
    This book is very comforting to me where I just like Susanna was falsely accused of inmoral behavoir by my employer and endured taunting. Discredit and mockery even the lost of many job opportunities, but God is faithful and has given me endurance. I 'm still victorious against all the enemies of my soul and alive in him!
  • Bettye Graham
    Good story as it relates to real life situations. Thank God he hears and answers our prayers. Where can I find this story in the Holy Bible?
  • Sharon
    This encourages me that the LORD does hear and deliver all His children including women. Women and girls need to know this.
  • Adam
    I like verse 44: And the Lord heard her voice. She was put in a situation to be blackmailed if she didn 't have relations with these 2 old perverts. She prayed and God heard her and helped her out of this situation. Good story.
  • Richard
    It happens so much in company 's where we work people falsely accuse us of thing we did not do they want to finish us of and take what is ours then they Lie about it they lust for what we have and will do anything to get it and put us in a corner and thing like this happen all the time can I say and I think when it comes to that we can cry out to God that knows everything and He will fight our case he will speak through an unknown tongue
  • Travis Webster
    There has been deceit in high places for sure
  • Herbert simbini
    great hero and trusted
  • Livingstone
    the LORD wants us to reach our end because our end is the beginning of GOD
  • Mark
    i dont see any thing wrong and why it was ommitted or taken as apocrybha
  • Shevanyah
    Susanna was a great woman.

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