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"(Deut. 1:1, R.V.; marg., "some ancient versions have the Red" "Sea," as in the A.V.). Some identify it with Suphah (Num. 21:14," "marg., A.V.) as probably the name of a place. Others identify it" "with es-Sufah = Maaleh-acrabbim (Josh. 15:3), and others again" "with Zuph (1 Sam. 9:5). It is most probable, however, that, in" "accordance with the ancient versions, this word is to be" "regarded as simply an abbreviation of Yam-suph, i.e., the "Red" "Sea."

"(Num. 21:14, marg.; also R.V.), a place at the south-eastern" "corner of the Dead Sea, the Ghor es-Safieh. This name is found" "in an ode quoted from the "Book of the Wars of the Lord," probably a collection of odes commemorating the triumphs of "God's people (comp. 21:14, 17, 18, 27-30)."

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