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This word generally denotes a person from a foreign land residing in Palestine. Such persons enjoyed many privileges in "common with the Jews, but still were separate from them. The" relation of the Jews to strangers was regulated by special laws (Deut. 23:3; 24:14-21; 25:5; 26:10-13). A special signification is also sometimes attached to this word. In Gen. 23:4 it denotes "one resident in a foreign land; Ex. 23:9, one who is not a Jew;" "Num. 3:10, one who is not of the family of Aaron; Ps. 69:8, an" alien or an unknown person. The Jews were allowed to purchase "strangers as slaves (Lev. 25:44, 45), and to take usury from" them (Deut. 23:20).

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