Song of Solomon Chapter 7 Discussion

  • The Bridegroom's love is expressed to the Bride in the words, "His desire is toward me", and because of this she knows that everything in life is meant for her good, including every test. Also, the Bride has reached maturity in her relationship with her Bridegroom, because she places Him first: "I am my beloved's", instead of second, as she did in the beginning of this Song.
  • What does the Song of Solomon mean in Chapter 7 verses 1-3
  • If, people want to call others their brother and sister, let them. If, you don't want to, don't. The Songs of Solomon are about Love. That's Jesus's ultimate lesson, to Love. Even if they hate you. We confuse the Old and the New, Rom 12:17. If, someone is foreign or gay, your job is not to outcast them. Why is a Methodist church more right than a Baptist? What's the main principle of the church?
  • Solomon tried to woo the Shulammite girl but she stood firm and remained loyal to her shepherd boy.
  • I believe the fruit referred to in Song of Solomon 7:13 may be the same as the treasures referred to in Matthew 13:52. Jesus said that scribe who becomes a disciple of the Kingdom is like one who brings out of his storehouses treasures he has laid up, both new and old. The maiden, likened unto the Bride of Christ tells her beloved she has laid up for him fruits new and old. Therefore, we, as the Bride of Christ and the disciples of the Kingdom must lay up fruit, both new and old, for our Beloved. What is this fruit that we must lay up, then ? Quite a few references to spiritual fruit can be found ( Galatians 5:22-23; John 15:1-17; Matthew 7:15-20...). However, I think the mystery lies in the new and the old. Jesus wants us to seek it out, to decipher the parable for ourselves. What is the new fruit and what is the old fruit ? When we have dug deep we will discover the answer and can lay up all manner of those pleasant fruits for our Master.
  • On this matter here about our brothers and sisters....if we are Christians, we are NOT brother and sister to those in the world, their father is the god of this world, the devil. Our Father is Abba, God Almighty. Also I am not so keen on this "Golden Ratio" Egyptian thing. Egypt was a country of bondage. Its name implies "bondage". We as Christians are free of that and I see no need to bring this into play with God's Word, the Holy Bible.
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Song of Solomon 7
    1. Verses 1 to 9 tell us about the sophistication and sacred nature of the Word of God.Every piece fits perfectly like in a jigsaw puzzle.Since the Word of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah is perfect,if one follows the Word of God diligently, then it is the desire of God for that person to reach perfection.
    But, the reality of the matter is that as humankind we cannot reach the level of perfection required of us and it is only through the Grace of God that we are made perfect beings.

    2.Again verses 1 to 9 tell us that the Word of God deserves admiration and glorification because each and every part of the Word of God has a purpose for mankind to uplift themselves.

    3. Dear brothers and sisters.
    Allow me a few lines to digress a bit.
    For those interested in the mathematics of nature, the choice of body parts in verses
    1 to 9 is a revelation of the GOLDEN RATIO.
    This applys to living things and the universe.The pyramids use the Golden Ratio as well.The Golden ratio is 1.61803399.....
    The Golden Ratio is also called the Divine Proportion.It has a very wide application in nature, art and engineering.

    4.Verses 10 to 13 tell us about the close relationship between humankind and God.
    Those who turn their hearts to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, have nothing to lose except their chains of sin.

    These verses have a very important significance.
    They tell us that once we have received Jesus Christ, the Messiah as our Saviour, we should not sit back and relax but we should help our brothers and sisters who need help to also receive Jesus Christ, the Messiah as their Saviour.This is shown in verses 11 and 12.

    These verses tell us we should arm ourselves with the Word of God and venture into the world and help others to turn to God.

    5.Now brothers and sisters of all religions of the world.
    Allow me to say a few words on the question of the COMFORTER, Jesus Christ, the Messiah promised humankind.
    The comforter Jesus Christ, the Messiah was talking about is SALVATION.

    Please explain!

    A. Jesus Christ, the Messiah , the Word of God, came on earth to show and teach humankind the way,the truth and the life to God. John 14:16
    B. Humankind received the Word of God directly from God through Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
    God talked to the people directly through Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
    They freely asked all the questions about the Kingdom of God and they received clear and satisfactory answers.So through Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God himself spoke to the people.
    C. But because of the stiffness of our hearts we failed to accept the Word of God and that is the reason why the world is in a big crisis right now.
    We even went further and introduced new religions after Jesus Christ, the Messiah's glorious and miraculous resurrection and ascension to Heaven.

    The Word of God was polluted and adulterated and that is why we have so many versions of the Holy Bible up to this day.

    The scriptures were plagiarized and completely new religions with wild claims cropped up after Jesus Christ, the Messiah finished his ministry.
    New religious books were published and new prophets ordained.
    New holy places established which Jesus Christ, the Messiah himself never mentioned about.

    Some religions totally rejected the Word of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah and their very existence hinges on the benevolence and mercy of God.They are a stiff nacked people.

    D.No one prophet or witness after Jesus Christ, the Messiah can successfully remove humankind from the shackles of sin and suffering.

    E. How then is this cycle of sin and suffering going to be broken?
    Jesus Christ, the Messiah will bring SALVATION by the infinite MERCY and GRACE of God.

    We have all sinned and we will only receive SALVATION through Jesus Christ, the Messiah by the
    infinite MERCY and GRACE of God.

    We will not receive SALVATION through our righteousness but through God's LOVE for humankind.

    When the COMFORTER (SALVATION) comes, God will wipe away all our tears. Sin and suffering will be no more.The Truth and Light will be upon the world.
    Jesus Christ, the Messiah will set his Kingdom on Earth by the full authority of All Mighty God.

    God bless you all my brothers and sisters.May the infinite Grace and Mercy of God bring Salvation to you all. Amen!
  • Great news from your thoughts on Gods holy word...thank u for sharing...also the comforter is the Holyghost!
  • I love all of Song of Solomon but I exspeshaly love chaper 7 because it shows how a man is to love his wife and be pashenet about her

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