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  • Chris - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    Thank you for the Truths you've given proving that Jesus is the Son of God. I have never disagreed with you on those Scriptures showing Jesus as God's Son. Yet you choose to avoid or reject clear Scriptures declaring Him to be part of the Eternal Godhead.

    I'm not in opposition - you are by not wishing to expound John 1:1-14 as suggested. Therein lies a clear declaration of who Jesus is pre-incarnate & needs to be accepted as given. To deny the Word coming in the flesh as Jesus, is to deny the true God-head & brings to us that a clear warning that deception lies before us ( 1 John 4:1-3).
  • Yet you refuse to except the Fathers Gods witness and you want me to correct your confusion! I shown more truth to you than most people get in a life time and you still or in opposition! I get it ....
  • Chris - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    It seems that your faith hangs on a Doctrine, or rather as you require, a Statement to that effect. My faith hangs on the volume of evidence from the Scriptures showing me, in this instance of Christ's Deity, Who this Jesus is, of Whom it is claimed that He is both the Son of God & the Son of man.

    If someone asked me for a Statement of the Doctrine of Salvation & I gave him John 3:16 as an example, what does that verse actually tell the uninformed about Salvation? That God sent His Son & if one believes in Him, he would receive everlasting life. Does this properly describe the Doctrine? Of course not. This is a part of the whole. Or with Acts 4:12?

    The Doctrine must also include Who this Son is, how did He come, what did He do, His qualifications to do the work, etc., etc. To rest on (or look for) a Statement to support a huge doctrine is being rather naive about the matter, but only serves to show us that in order to propagate your belief, you have to "strain out a gnat & swallow a camel". In other words, one can be so focused on the minute, that they miss out on the complete teaching of the subject. And the fact that Jesus is both God & Man is not a doctrine of men but a clear teaching from the Word, which you choose to reject or avoid.

    If you still care to, I'm still waiting for your understanding of John 1:1-14.
  • Mishael on Song of Solomon 4
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  • Great chapter , but let's see a doctrine that makes Jesus God not the Son of God !
  • So Chris you don't except Gods witness that Jesus is his Son ?

    Show me a verse tha God says other wise !

    At Jesus baptism and on the transfiguration before many witness this is recorded in the scriptures!

    You prefer a doctrine of scriptures made by men .

    Where is the doctrine in the scriptures? Of what you preach about Jesus ? Thanks I'll wait
  • Chris - in Reply on Song of Solomon 4
    I think that folk have abundantly supplied you with Scriptures showing the divinity of Christ. What you might be better doing is to give some analysis of those Scriptures rather than sharing the ones that we all believe in, viz. that Jesus is God's Son with the Scriptures you've cited.

    So, if you could give some exposition of say, John 1:1-14 for starters, we would have something to work on & discuss.
  • Can any one identify when God gave witness to His Son Jesus ?

    Read 1 John ch 5 v. 9 , 10 , 11 ,12 to see the importance of it .

    At Jesus Baptism and the transfiguration, what did God say ?

    And many other scriptures recorded by the writers in the New Testament.

    Can you answer why God did not say this is me Jesus ? But rather this is my Son .
  • Robert Stoltz on Song of Solomon 4
    Can any explain verse seven, how it relates to a Christians walk? How about the entire paragraph in this context?
  • A disciple on Song of Solomon 4
    Joshua; the Song of Solomon is a spiritual Book, inspired by the Spirit. Many have stumbled because of their own carnal minds, just as they do over the Book of Ecclesiastes, and so many other Scriptures; because they try to force the Word into their own human understanding, instead of seeking God aright and learning how to wait for Him to give the understanding.
  • Joshua McAdow on Song of Solomon 4
    It takes two to tango. God allowed this to happen as a sign to us that romantic love is exciting so much so a whole book is dedicated to it. That does not nullify the fact that it is wrong when not viewed from a place of passion rather a commitment. We all have desires but unless they submit to God it will never prosper.
  • In verse 12 the Shulammite is described as a private garden. She was chaste and would not let herself be open to just anyone.
  • Jade Alexandra Larson on Song of Solomon 4:7
    Beautiful... Opened my eyes to so many things deep within and around me. Caused a new sense of admiration and appreciation in my heart.
  • Samuel njoroge on Song of Solomon 4:5
    It 's the best
  • Insight 777 on Song of Solomon 4
    Lebanon is the symbolic love that is sought by Israel in the Song of Solomon. Lebanon is Israel 's sister as they share the same father, Abraham. Lebanon may be shown as a sister because they are the militarily weaker nation that Israel seeks to protect to join in union in a symbolic marriage as contractual allies, treating each other as family. Verse 4, Lebanons neck is compared to a military armory and verse 9 shows that one chain around this armory is seizing and taking away by force, the meaning of ravishing, Israel. This chain may be a portion of Lebanons military or government or an ally of Lebanon that is in opposition to Israel or it could be terrorists that threaten the borders of both Lebanon and Israel. Verse 9, Israel can show Lebanon the lions and leopards outside of Lebanon that want Lebanon as prey. This would be military intel that Israel has. Verse 12, a garden represents peace and the garden of Lebanon is sealed and protected if they join with Israel. Verse 16 may be saying if Lebanon joins with Israel in a contract agreement, Lebanon will be as a strong man, brother, in peace and prosper, no longer viewed as a sister that needs help.
  • TO GOD BE THE GLORY on Song of Solomon 4:5
    Many waters can not quench love
  • Before God We Are Righteous Through Lord Jesus Christ Otherwise We Are Not
  • I noticed how he called his bride "My Sister" In Christ, we are brothers and sisters. We should not be married to unbelievers..
  • Saul sitorus on Song of Solomon 4
    Before i opened this miracle prayer request, I think that this chapter concerning Solomon thought about his fiance which always in his thinking.

    But now already cleared, this is about the believer and Lord
  • was that his real sister? more explaination
  • Richkey Kingsalem on Song of Solomon 4
    remove now far on a distance have all their false intentions falling right back on them as I worship in spirit and thrut keep the ears on me to hear what the true and good spirit says thru the churches and ge t strick and very strick about my rightios exodus 23 commands as I will write and sing my own songs of solomon keep plsams 27 on me and get strick and very strick about my rightios commands their fruit of spirit.
    that will be all for today and untill my commands is completed.
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Song of Solomon 4
    This chapter:
    1.Tells us that the Word of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah is total perfection,just and the Truth.

    2. Verse 6 tells us to reciprocate God's Love for us by tirelessly following His Word and walking in righteousness.When we live in righteousness we are NOT doing God a favour but we are doing ourselves a big favour.This pleases God.

    In analogy: A child who wakes up in the morning to go to school is not doing his parents a favour, he is doing himself or herself a favour.Nonetheless this pleases the parents.

    2.It tells us the Word of God is faultless and those who embrace Jesus Christ, the Messiah have all their needs, spiritual and material, taken care of by God.

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