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Hearing. (1.) The second son of Jacob by Leah (Gen. 29:33). He was associated with Levi in the terrible act of vengeance "against Hamor and the Shechemites (34:25, 26). He was detained" "by Joseph in Egypt as a hostage (42:24). His father, when dying," pronounced a malediction against him (49:5-7). The words in the "Authorized Version (49:6), "they digged down a wall," ought to" "be, as correctly rendered in the Revised Version, "they houghed" "an ox." "(2.) An aged saint who visited the temple when Jesus was being "presented before the Lord, and uttered lofty words of" thankgiving and of prophecy (Luke 2:29-35). "(3.) One of the ancestors of Joseph (Luke 3:30). "(4.) Surnamed Niger, i.e., "black," perhaps from his dark "complexion, a teacher of some distinction in the church of" Antioch (Acts 13:1-3). It has been supposed that this was the Simon of Cyrene who bore Christ's cross. Note the number of nationalities represented in the church at Antioch. "(5.) James (Acts 15:14) thus designates the apostle Peter (q.v.).

"Was "divided and scattered" according to the prediction in Gen." "49:5-7. They gradually dwindled in number, and sank into a" position of insignificance among the other tribes. They decreased in the wilderness by about two-thirds (comp. Num. 1:23; 26:14). Moses pronounces no blessing on this tribe. It is passed by in silence (Deut. 33). "This tribe received as their portion a part of the territory already allotted to Judah (Josh. 19:1-9). It lay in the "south-west of the land, with Judah on the east and Dan on the" north; but whether it was a compact territory or not cannot be determined. The subsequent notices of this tribe are but few (1 "Chr. 4:24-43). Like Reuben on the east of Jordan, this tribe had" little influence on the history of Israel.

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Definition of Simeon:
"that hears or obeys; that is heard"

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