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"Used in defensive warfare, varying at different times and under" "different circumstances in size, form, and material (1 Sam." "17:7; 2 Sam. 1:21; 1 Kings 10:17; 1 Chr. 12:8, 24, 34; Isa." 22:6; Ezek. 39:9; Nahum 2:3). "Used figuratively of God and of earthly princes as the defenders of their people (Gen. 15:1; Deut. 33:29; Ps. 33:20; 84:11). Faith is compared to a shield (Eph. 6:16). "Shields were usually "anointed" (Isa. 21:5), in order to "preserve them, and at the same time make the missiles of the" enemy glide off them more easily.

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