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  • Elaine Robertson on Ephesians 6
    6:1: "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. 2-Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) 3-That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth."

    My baby son (age 40) was killed in a car crash last Thanksgiving. He was always an obedient child and honoured both me and his father. Why did God promise that he would live long upon the earth but was taken from me so young? How can I believe anything else God promises? I've been a born again Christian most of my life and this is killing me and his dad (who is unsaved by the way). Why? Why?
  • Krystin
    I was healed yesterday I obeyed the spirit of the Lord and got my healing I mean I cut loose and dance with the Lord and through my obedience and faith he healed my intestine I just got a praise him praise him praise him
  • GatorBaby
    This is a reply towards OOOH DEAR ALL's post,

    Thank you. I remember being taught this way as a very young child too. It is my opinion that if people would take time to actually read what these Bible verses say, then those that do not believe will learn that Yes Animals do go into Heaven.

    God loves all his creatures. So many precious animals have suffered in this life. Some from cruel hands some from the same sicknesses that took our human loved ones. To believe that Godbwould create a loving animal then just disregard it as if it merely meant nothing is not the actions of my Heavenly Father I grew up to know and love.

    In this app all one has to do is just ask. (Do Animals go to Heavrn too when they die?) This will bring you to discussions, and those discussions will lead you to actual Bible verses that will explain it to you where to read where it says, All creatures!!!

    My heart is so full of joy to know our Heavenly Father has this much love that even the smallest of his creations will be in Heaven also with us all. I've lost Animals so I'm glad to have this once again confirmed. Lost my husband also earlier March 10th, 2021 (3 cancers) out of the blue. No warning. I was told he only had 2 days. I never told him. I saw no reason to because he had already accepted the Lord and had asked for forgiveness. Yet I am fighting to walk on this earth without a companion. This is hard Father God. Please God give me strength and help with direction. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen

    I love this Bible link. I will be sharing it out to everyone I know. It's simple and easy to do. Very easy to find all the information you need literally at your finger tips. Thank for creating and sharing it.

    May God bless you all in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Mary on 1 John 5:7
    Alcohol is a tool the devil uses too make people think drinking occasionally is ok ask any alcoholic if they started out intending on becoming an alcoholic things happen in life and if that is part of your life it's easy too get tangled in that web too ease your pain instead of turning too Jesus I went down that road for 19 years and was set free and delivered by Jesus Christ in 2003 have had no alcohol since Satan is a deceiver.
  • Uchenna A
    Lord, I just want to thank You for all You do for my family and me. I used have pains on the left side of my stomach but when the word of God came from the man of God, Pastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy International, New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD). Pastor Jerry Eze said that God to have mercy on every one that has any form of affliction and health issues and prayed that every pain and sickness should wipe away and healed. To the Glory of God, I am totally healed and free from every affliction and pain. I really thank God for what He has done in my life and my family. For What God Can Not Do Does Not Exist.

    May Your Holy Name Be Glorified forever and ever AMEN.
  • LeeA Byrne
    Aimless and Lost to purpose and victory in Christ Jesus

    i wrote a poem when 12 of ahorse rider in a storm

    "The wind does whip around me, My face is cold and chapped, I ride aimlessly along a never ending track.....

    From a home of unsaved my mum had made a "pact with God

    "If i can have children I promise to give them to you"

    She did teach us to pray the Lords prayer but never knew Jesus.

    My older sisters life changed first she went from ignoring me to showing love She led me to christ when i was 13 years old.

    i ended up going to christian fellowship at school group and an anglican church, then working at a christian bookshop, and attending a christian camp where i met my first husband who said he was a christian.

    Unfortunately this was shown to be untrue and as my father was virtually an alcoholic abusive to my mother

    I didnt have any good male role models.I ended up in a domestic abuse situation much worse than my mothers and i cried out to the Lord for years who delivered me in a way i didnt ask for but it was the only way.I was diagnosed with a rare slow growing but often very deadly catilage tumour in my sacroliac joint.

    Three months aftersurgery (13 hours in 1999) where the "margins "were not cleared by my top neuro surgeon i had an audible voice in the dark. It referred to the paralytic in the bible and his forgiven sins leading to healing.

    V unexpected and no sign at all that of any cancer from then smazing healing !!Hallelujah!!!!

    i got back on my quarterhorse !

    i studied as an allied health professional/went to art college to study to teach art but couldnt paint under the abusive conditions. I did develope sone some sandart videos but i was broken.

    My manic depressed husband left after 18 years of persecution and breaking the vows.

    I had not been growing as a christian due to my spiritual drought and the trauma but a friend lead me to KJV 1611 and back to trust in Christ!!

    I am now at a KJV church and i love so much biblestudy!!!
  • Donna G.Warren on 1 Corinthians 15
    I have found this quote to be accurate " The only thing necessary for evil to triumph , is for good men to do nothing " (Edmund Burke). I have relied on this scripture since my family first showed me as a child & I am 65 : Proverbs 3: 5-7 ,along with others. I have been heavily involved with community service all my live , my family taught me to help others , in whatever way can in good times or in bad.I have been following this website since I ran across it quite awhile ago . Helpful in Bible study. Good to share.
  • Tanya
    Seems like I have rebelled against God my entire life until now. He has delivered me from drug addiction, stealing, and the list goes on. The day I realized God was real I was on the way to have an abortion. The night before and on the way to have the abortion, I kept praying, Lord just give me a sign. I pulled up there were protester screaming. I went in the building and noticed it was dark and very warm. The nurse came out and said the power was off and no procedures would be performed that day. The clinic was the only business without power on the whole street. I am blessed I have a beautiful 2 year old and is truly Gods child.
  • Kent Bass
    You go Rhonda. That is what we all must do. Hand our burdens to the Lord.
  • Rhonda on Psalms 23
    I was in despair over a family heath crisis and bad news on alot of fronts. So I turned all off and really handed over all my burdens to the Lord and he restored my soul. Hallelujah praise the Lord for having such great mercy on me.
  • Sean Callahan
    I was saved but went the first three plus years smoking pot and drinking and still living in sin. It took a really good men's accountability group in 2001 to get me on track. I learned how to walk the walk. I moved out of my girlfriends house where I had been living as a father figure to her two kids for months. I ended up settling in north Florida with two kids from a wife who knows Christ. We have been blessed to have them home schooled before and during the pandemic. About me, I have an acts of service spirit and enjoy serving and encouraging others.
  • Sm
    I love the work of jesus within all of you god bless you i love you so much may alll of you cintinue living in the joy and lightof the lord. let's fix our eyes on jesus.
  • Samantha Cremeans
    They only why I started following Jesus because I have gone through a lot and I didn't know who to turn to because my family would laugh at me my best friends would judge me . I know that Jesus wouldn't do that to us because he is our heavenly Father and he is also the one that heals stuff and he has taken my best friend Alvin Joseph Glover to be with him and I know that he isn't hurting anymore and I'm still grieving over him but Jesus please he,p me get over him amen
  • Grace
    Matthew 17:20

    "And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

    King James Version (KJV)

    I prayed "God please move this mountain, literally!"

    I guess I needed to know if I had a mustard seeds worth of faith and if God would honor His promise. Was the Bible true?!!

    My mind goes back to when I was a young woman newer in my faith.

    My weekly trips to the grocery stores 25 miles away by car, were a time of prayer and reflection.

    I was sincerely seeking God about Matthew 17:20. Armed with the information (Before I had google ) that a mustard seed was indeed the smallest of seeds, I began to seek The Lord earnestly with my small faith and my whole heart to move a "literal' mountain I had chosen in a very distinct spot who's location I was SURE wouldn't be forgotten or mistaken!

    Six months I prayed earnestly each time I was whisked by my mountain on my way to the grocery stores, never seeing any sign of the mountain moving. I'm sure I questioned and borderline doubted but I didn't give up!

    Around the sixth month, I noticed some work truck action around the base of "my" mountain. Almost losing heart I thought for sure it wasn't gonna happen. And then after awhile I began to notice 18 wheeler type trucks coming from the base of "my" mountain hauling gravel! Moving my mountain! By the truckload! God is faithful!

    It's still a gravel company to this day! Still moving "my" mountain!

    God answered my prayer! His word is true. He WILL move Heaven and Earth when His child stand's on His promises! He didn't do it like I imagined, but in His Wisdom. And I'm ok with that. This was over 20 years. I am standing on His promises today. And when I pray for you, I think of "my" mountain! And I don't give up! And I don't stop believing!"
  • Fredericka Bradwell
    God is soooo Great, He is Greater than Great and Bigger than problem, situation or circumstance we can ever face or endure. He is God. God does not need our help to do anything but He does long for us to Love Him. Man... just sitting here thinking how Great His Love is for Us is deeper than any depth we can descend, higher than any heights we can climb and wider than the four corners of the earth. I would have NEVER known God to be a Deliverer, a Healer, a Miracle Worker, a Mind Regulator, a Heart Fixer, a Counselor, Council, a Friend or a Father, Protector, a Comedian, a Physician, a Advisor just to name a few if I had never experienced sickness, near death experiences, loneliness, brokenness, spiritual captivity, depression, oppression, failures, perversions, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy and whatever else I allowed myself to be ensnared by God abolished and made me free. Yes, I still have struggles but NEVERTHELESS God is still Faithful, always has been and you know what He has NEVER lost a battle! When people saw my faults and judged me, God consoled me, picked me up, brushed me off, placed my feet on a solid foundation, told me I am worthy, I am Loved and He has a both a purpose and a plan for my life. When I felt worthless, unusable and did not see my value, Jesus reminded me JUST HOW MUCH He loved millions like me and the Great Depths we descended to the lower parts of the earth to snatch back the keys from death, hell and the grave and gave all whom will believe on Him, POWER to overcome the devil in the evil day. Lord knows I have had many evil days but now I have help. I have The Hope of Glory, The King, a Great King fighting and making Intercession for me. I am not without Hope nor am I without help. I have JESUS, the man who died for me and got up with ALL Power in his hands and He gave me that Power to become more than a overcomer, mighty in God to pulling down of strongholds, from generational curses to unholy thoughts all rendered Powerless!
  • Thomas Irvine on Psalms 91
    I got saved when I was 14 got healed from very bad asthma I didn't know the Lord was responsible for that anyway when I accepted Jesus for what he done I felt a powerful force shoot off my head didn't get sick since that very moment anyway went through a lot of drama growing up in NYC but I been in a literal upper room church in Brooklyn in the early 80s things happen we had it better than the first century church but I needed to go through firey trials and correctios and temptations I been through the ringer but God got our steps ordered He is in control above all we ask or think and he who didn't spare his son I been waiting for promises to happen that were dear to me a long time don't put God in limitations believe big anything that you request even creative miracles it is finally happening praise God our father and his son and the Holy Spirit I already said to the Lord I don't want a crown it has been you our God I just wanted to let you know that psalm 8 when it says he has made him a little lower than the angels it is not the correct translation it is not angels but the word Elohim we are not God unsearchable mind he has but we are are given great domion and fellowship with our who delights in mercy creator God bless you all he like King David said he will perfect that which concerth me do those things that the seventy did love always your brother in the Lord
  • Stuart T Lyons
    Jesus said,search the scriptures;for in them you think you have Eternal life;and these are them that confess me;and in another verse of scripture,For you need not that any man teach you,for the holy spirit shall teach you all things
  • Mari

    From the earliest moments of my childhood, I have suffered through much physical, emotional, and mental abuse that derived from my father and others surrounding me. These abuses led me to be unhappy for most of my childhood. Not only was I unhappy, but I was also failing school, getting into trouble, and overall, living a miserable life. Though, my life changed forever when I began going to church. At church, I found the hope that I was long searching for, the Lord Jesus. Once I was saved, at a very young age, praise the Lord, my life was noticeably better. My father stopped abusing me, my grades began bettering, and my life became whole. Without the Lord, I wouldn't be living the life I have now, or possibly not be living at all. The Lord also humbled me immensely during the process of working on my life, and continues to work on me with such a great faithfulness unto me. The word of God, the free gift of salvation of the Lord, and all his undeserving blessings unto me are enough proof to me that he loves us all. The Lord has not only saved my soul, but has saved my life.
  • Lizelle
    I was brought up in a christian home, believed myself to be one but lived in complete disobedience to the word of God. I drank, fornicated, had relationships with married men, stole, fantasized about sex all the time and was just the most disgusting sinner you could think of. I had an abortion that really shook me but not for very long before I fell back into my sinful ways. I blamed everyone but myself for my messy life. in 2006 I met my now husband at work. He pursued me and we fell pregnant and got married, even though he was from another religion. We were happy at first until our daughter started getting sick almost every month. if it wasn't high fevers, it was flue, rash on her little body, ear infections, pneumonia. During this time, I participated in my husband religious prayers and ceremonies, very aware that I'm worshipping false gods. My daughter's continuous sickness brought me to my knees and I started attending church again. I repented of my sins and God saved me. This caused so much unhappiness within my home, my husband hated the church, always critized me and blamed my family for my change. My journey as a believer started in a methodist church but I left it after the pastor told me there's nothing wrong if I still attend hindu temple with my husband as long as I pray to Jesus. But that's a false teaching because we're to serve God in all areas. So I joined another church who was into healing ministries, speaking in tongues and all the charismatic garbage that went along with it. I served here for 6 years in the children's church and saw how so called holy spirit filled people, had extra marital sex, were disrespectful, forced compulsory tithing. God wasn't done because He gave me a love for his word and upon studying it I discovered that most of the things this church believed in was a false gospel. So I left here and God led me to a church that teaches sound theology. I praise God for his mercy. Im still married and pray for my husband's salvation.
  • Roselyn Tuba
    My life testimony and experience I encountered as I walked in the Lord.

    In repent got baptize and I got fill with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongue on June 29 2008. I enjoyed my Spiritual journey with the Lord.

    Next thing I encountered while being saved in the Lord: I was trapped by an enemy and I received my total deliverance through after God led me to do prayer and fasting.

    I was introduced to smart phones and social media's back in 2012. Till then I got into a trap where I began to social media flirting with most of the guys online from different dating websites. It led me to watch porn videos and pictures and it led me to masturbation. I was soul tied and spiritually transferred to and from with the person I was communicating with. I wanted to stop but it was rooted and I got addicted to it. I didn't realize until after I got delivered by the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. I was spiritually tormented. During those days, I used to get depressed, doubt, fear and anxiety, I used to feel hopeless. So much anger and hatred.

    Praise the Lord, in the year 2020 God led me to do stock take in my Spiritual life, Where He allowed me to remove any physical things that would hinder my spiritual life. And he allow me to delete social media account and quite watching movie, and reconcile with my family member.

    Fasting Experience

    God placed a thought in my heart that I must fast the next day which was on Wednesday 28/04/2021. I followed the simple instruction from God and fasted for 5 days. Praise the Lord, God really broke loose every strong, stubborn soul ties. And he gave me clarity of mind. After that He open more Spiritual door me to understand and see things in Spiritual way. Now I am enjoying my fellowship with the Lord.

    God bless

  • Jim Kirkpatrick
    I am believe in my heart that Christ Jesus died for my sins and that he arose again after his death on the cross the 3rd day. He is coming again to set up his mighty kingdom on this earth!@
  • Simiyu shedrack
    praise God my brethren, I thank God because I am saved in our Lord Jesus Christ .this goes our fellow believer Hollie who is your mentor ?,A you baptized ?if yes that is good because the bible says in Mathew 3 when john the baptized said i am baptizing with water but one who is coming will baptize you with spirit and fire .therefore my brethren pray to God and ask Him where you're to go and fellowship .thanks may the grass of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nash
    So ik alot of you might find this hard to believe but I'm a guy that converted from islam to christianity because I met Jesus in my dreams. I was born muslim but kept questioning all the time tried to study more bout bible one day a beautiful spirit should up to my dream delivering power peace and feelings I can't even describe he just said seek truth. So I told a friend about this which was a christian friend and he recommended me going to church so I went to church with him while we were praying same guy in my dreams showed up glowing like a beautiful star I was surprised no one saw him but me so everyone told me I'm blessed and then left me alone speaking with the spirit which later I've been told it was the holy spirit.

    He gave me a massage bout next year but church recommend that i keep the massage for my self and right now my family is angry that I converted but Ive seen the truth so I 100% tell anyone who thinks christianity ain't they way that they have been miss leaded and 2022 will be a hugeeee year for all of us so please everyone hold on to your faith and love jesus he is there to all of us who believe .

    God bless you all :)
  • Wendy
    When I was five my father was imprison, this meant my mother who had five children and did not have a job or any education had to fine a way to take care of us all.She was so scared and felt alone, thinking that she would have to put some of us up for adoption. No one came to help not even her family or my father relatives. All this time it was the Lord's plan being put into action. A nieghbour had heard what had happen and she came over with a message, that there is someone who came help ,one who never leaves and his name is Jesus Christ. My mother decided that day to follow the Lord.I must say it was the best decision she could have ever make for her self and for her kids. The Lord kept us he provided all our needs we never felt a want or lack of anything despite people thinking we were going through a tough time it never felt that way we were so happy and at peace. Fast forward 13 years later my father was free he had accepted the lord as well. My mother finally had that one Christmas with her entire family, then she passed and went to be with the lord .I'm 30 years old now with two kids of my own and I know the only thing I can do for my kids is leading them in the Lord Jesus. May the Lord bless whoever you are remember he loves you and what may seem as disaster may just be Gods plan being put into action.
  • MM Maqhutyana
    Thank you very very much for our collective prayer for the Sbunu-Mpani case.The case was finalized and dismissed as per my prayer request.Mpani was humiliated and floored by our legal representative. Please pray for our safety individually for he vows to fix us one by one.This is a threat against our lives. Thank you so so so much .
  • Elizabeth
    I'm 16 right now, I really wanted to know who is Jesus. I will be convicted of sins that I would've done, cried, ask for forgiveness but days after I will find myself doing the things I shouldn't do. This happened continuously, over and over for months and I was starting to feel annoyed with myself. I really couldn't think properly, bad-tempered and couldn't feel any emotions, you could say mentally and emotionally everything was wrong. I started reading the book of Acts, if I didn't understand a sentence I will read it over and then study it. I just sat on my bed crying telling God that I was sorry for taking advantage of his mercy and to forgive me. Then today God gave me Psalm 6 in my dream. After reading that chapter I felt really happy and weird, to know that God really heard me and told me that I didn't have to worry about anything. So I pray that God keeps us strong and not to stray away from him, in Jesus name Amen.
  • Hollie
    How do I name all the things Jesus Christ has done for me ... I was saved when I was falling off the back of a 100 mph motorcycle when I prayed. I was saved when I was alone at night and almost Raped. I was saved when I almost drowned in the ocean. When my dog got off his leash and ran in the street this man jumped out of a bush and walked in the street stopping a fast moving car . My dog wouldve been killed for sure . I told him thank you . He never spoke just smiled and disappeared when I turned . I had many difficulties growing up and throughout my adult life . Every single time I prayed to Jesus Christ , he heard me out of his Holy temple and he saved me every single time . I don't go to church because I can't find a true and honest one . I read the Bible daily . I believe God has saved me and on many other occasions . He is real . If I could write my entire life down , you would surely believe he's real . Even on the day he brought his Angel to save my dog , I sinned that day too and he still loved me . If you could see the things I've seen throughout my life you would be convinced too . You don't need a church . You need a King James Bible and a sincere heart . This is what God is looking for . Not like these terrible pastors on television who are loud and hypocritical . Last thing that I've realized . Ask yourself , in all Popular Hollywood movies why do they always cuss saying Jesus or Jesus Christ ? Never ever using a cuss word to Buddha or Mohammed or Shiva or to disrespect any other Gods names ? This is because Jesus Christ is the one true God and when you die you will be held accountable ! Don't be fooled . I'm a nurse and I've seen a lot of people die . There is something on the other side because I've seen it . Let's not wait until we die to find out. . Ask Jesus Christ yourself when you are alone . If your heart is sincere he will start to show you things I've seen . I pray that everyone who reads this finds the truth . In Jesus Christ name Amen !
  • Larry Bolinao
    John 14;28 ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you if you love me , you would rejoice,because I said, I go unto the father: FOR MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN I. 1john 4:3And every spirit that confesses not that jesus is come in the flesh is not of GOD:and this is the spirit of the Antichrist, where's you have heard that it should come and even already is in the world.

    This verses show who jesus is. He is the son of GOD whom GOD SEND to bring salvation to the world and for the world to know who the FATHER IS. But unfortunately thru the continues effort of the Antichrist starting with the ROman catholic CHURCH, and JOHN CALVIN, the whole world believe that our king who will return from heaven and make war with men

    Is now taken as the father himself. Do you? Please take note that GOD ALMIGHTY want men from the time of Israel to the present to follow debut.30 1-10 and jesus himself said Matt. 22. The most important commandments is TO LOVE GOD ALMIGHTY with all your heart and all you soul, and all your mind. But take note also that GOD IS IN US and he is a forgiving GOD. He does not condemn people but in truth it was the people who turn back on him.

    GOD never forsake me from infancy attempted abortion a car accident,car crash,2 drowningstroke, Covid 19 . He is here in me at all time . And I am trying to follow the most important commandments . He gave me knowledge at the age of 16 when he drive to get out of the Catholic Church. When I see the priest chewing gum while delivering sermon. GOD ALSO informed me about rev. 9,10,11,12, 13. I am also very knowledgeable about the present day Jews
  • Faustino Wilson on Revelation 1
    I Just want to say, That I am a strong believer of My LORD God Almighty, and of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit. I was a sinner, I Smoke, I drank and I use Drugs, and one time I almost lost my family, But Jesus Christ Change my life when I ask Jesus Christ to forgive my sins, and that I repented. my life is anew Thanks God for Our Lord Jesus Christ, and for the Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Shaine Barrera
    God helped me passed my IELTS exam.

    I can't believe that I'm sharing this s testimony today. I was just a silent reader of this page and it is where I searched for encouragement during my review. For a non-native English speaker like me, IELTS exam is really a challenging one. especially because I'm working and at the same time reviewing. During those times, I tried to do everything on my own. I forgot to pray and I completely immersed myself in my review. Finally, when I decided to take the exam last Septemeber 4, 2021, I asked my supervisor if I can take a 1 week leave just to finalize everything before the big day. Unfortunately, He just approved 4 days for me to sort everything out and get done with my exam. So I began to pray to God. I said," God, if it's your will, then may your will be done and not mine." I was reminded by the promise of Romans 8:28 that God works for our good "in all things" is reassuring. It means that no matter the circumstance, there are only two qualifiers for God to be working all things together for our good. ... Those who love God are called according to His purpose. So I hold on to this promise.

    The moment that I surrendered my exam to God, I felt peace in my heart. a peace that is so satisfying that I completely feel that whatever the results of my exam, God will work it for my good. on the actual exam, I wasn't nervous, in fact, I listened to music before the exam started. I was so calm and I just kept saying Lord, Your will be done. you know the desires of my heart but may your will be done. After the exam, I was a bit unsure if I'm gonna pass because It was really a challenging one and I didn't expect that I'll pass. but then when I received my results after 4 days, I can't believe my eyes! my scores are more than what I expected to get. and that God truly kept His promise. I will be forever grateful to the God that I served. Even if it is impossible with man, but in God everything is possible. To God be the glory and Honor.

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