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  • Kay
    My sister just wrote something to me in an e-mail that is such a nugget from heaven, I just have to share it with you all. She wrote:

    "Then my thoughts went to how some people who have a place of prominence; people we might see on TV who are supposedly Christians; wear necklaces with crosses on them.

    And immediately The Lord put this in my heart....We are to be CARRYING our crosses; not WEARING them.

    Simple; but so true.....

    We LIKE to make that cross teeny and tiny and manageable, a VERY RELIGIOUS thing to do; because it gives us and others THE IMPRESSION that we are 'carrying' and mindful of the cross; but our crosses are MUCH BIGGER than a little piece that can be worn as jewelry. Selah."

    Luke 9:23 :

    And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.
  • Jose Michaud
    Hi, I ask God this morning for helping me with my relation with my boyfriend. I want to marrie him, I'm a Christian since 3 years now, and there's nothing a can do because he doesn't want, we are together since 1986.

    God told me this morning to ask to the olders (anciens). I really like your approach and the force in the words of God of your cummunity.

    Thank you for your prayer, and I know God's with you.

  • Sharon Barrett on Psalms 91
    I know God don't give us more than we can bear but some time we are going true things and it seames its for eaver
  • Phil
    For those that ask has GOD ever answered your prayer.

    I had a very difficult time with my Father when younger, I broke his ribs and had him committed to a Centre for alcoholics. After he recovered he changed for the better, but due to severe heart problems it seemed like I would have no time with this new Father. I traveled 2,000 miles as the Doctor said he would not survive.

    I was able to see him in what appeared to be his final hours.

    Standing outside his hospital room, I sincerely prayed to God and asked God to grant him more time for myself and my new family to get to know him.

    I prayed GOD would accept my offering of giving 10 years off my life expectancy to just have a few more years to get to know who my father really was.

    GOD granted those years, my surety of this was that almost 10 years to the day, I suffered a massive heart attack which Surgeons said, No One survives.

    During the heart attack, I acknowledged and thanked God for his gift to our family, and without remorse surrendered my 10 years.

    During the attack I remained awake, alert and became involved in a musical conversation.

    I don't read music, can't sing a single note, but understood everything. In a musical tone I was asked 3 questions, the most important was, what did I value the most on Earth.

    After answering all 3 questions, I was told no matter what anyone said or did, I wasn't to be concerned. The Hospital was worried that I didn't understand the severity and risk of the operation I was to have, so to relieve their CONCERN I had to explain in detail what I had experienced.

    My surgeon said Open Heart surgery should be of concern to me. I assured him that I was confident the surgery would go well.

    To keep this short, there was no 26 hour operation, I woke 2 hours later in my room, felt for stitches etc. The surgeon smiled, then confessed to me he had also conversed with my musical light. No scars, no cuts, no pain and was fixed, sent home next morning. Praise be to the Lord my GOD.Thank You
  • on Revelation 22
    God is. My Savior Amen
    Romans 5
  • Leah Leonetti
    And thats why we are given a prayer language: to keep ourselves in The Love of God;

    intercedes to keep us on the right path; to outwith the enemy, even ourselves-flesh.

    Lately i've been realizing how vital this gift is.

    I feel at peace mostly when i'm reading the bible and staying home and in my garden.

    but when i go to stores, like the grocercy stores etc, the grieving starts because of the music etc.

    Jesus Rose from the dead, from the flesh to give us His Spirit (to help us, for comfort, for counseling (only He really knows what

    we need) for guidance, and consolation.

    Its very very special.

    Its my treasure, my secret.

    But on the other hand, the enemy wants to try to ruin it, or make fun of it

    We are special (this is how i see it- what The Lord Jesus did for us on the cross
  • Leah Leonetti
    And thats why we are given a prayer language: to keep ourselves in The Love of God;

    intercedes to keep us on the right path; to outwith the enemy, even ourselves-flesh.

    Lately i've been realizing how vital this gift is.

    I feel at peace mostly when i'm reading the bible and staying home and in my garden.

    but when i go to stores, like the grocercy stores etc, the grieving starts because of the music etc.

    Jesus Rose from the dead, from the flesh to give us His Spirit (to help us, for comfort, for counseling (only He really knows what

    we need) for guidance, and consolation.

    Its very very special.

    Its my treasure, my secret.

    But on the other hand, the enemy wants to try to ruin it, or make fun of it

    We are special (this is how i see it- what The Lord Jesus did for us on the cross
  • Leah Leonetti
    The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

    The New Covenant with The Law written upon our hearts and minds by The Holy Spirit.

    Only by The New Covenant or Baptism can we really keep the commandments.

    The old covenant could not save them by flesh sacrifices, they tried and tried to keep the commandments,

    but always fell away.

    I got saved when i was in elementary school with mabel, we prayed to receive Jesus into my heart of which i really wanted to do, although did not fully understand the full meaning of what we were doing.

    So went through junior and high school,etc. living just like everyone else (sinners just like everyone else around me).

    Although inside of me, something wasnt right, and others too (either needing to get saved or saved).

    and not being apart of a church full time.

    but kept searching all the way to my early 20's.

    It was when i was staying with my grandparents, Lee told me to got a certain church in az., so i went to the sunday school class

    and it was about The Baptism and after the lady prayed over me, she said you are praying and i looked at her and while walking out a Heavenly Prayer language came pouring out.

    Although i was saved as a little girl, i never fully obeyed, until I received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

    When that happened all desire to go to the movies, watch certain programs, alcohol etc, and wordly music all went away.

    He took it all away.

    I have absolutely no desire to sin, i hate it.

    Although there might/have been times where we get tricked or deceived or slip into something, Jesus helps us.

    And i find that that is what causes the grieving or depression.

    I am 54 years old now, and have had this gift now for over 30 years.

    I find that the grieving and depression comes when we disobey, when i use to work in a salon with the music and stuff i was

    always depressed, i know why now, it grieves His Spirit. The Holy Spirit was grieving in me.

    We are to live differently now, by Faith, By His Spirit, His Ways.

    And thats why we are given a
  • Andrea heater
    Praise to Jesus for always getting me out of scrapes and bumps in the road. Thank you Jesus for every miracle. Having the solution to every problem. I have been homeless. Never went anywhere without my savior with me. Since I became a Christian in 2006 I have discernment. And have seen things only people wished they saw. I am blessed staying in a hotel room after my husband was abusive to me. And am letting 2 homeless people stay with me here. One sold everything to be homeless like me the rich young ruler. When I met someone who did the same thing. Vowed to God I would give to the city of refuge in Atlanta that I would give to them, but couldn't because I didn't have the courage with my abusive husband. Now I have the opportunity to give to two homeless Godly people. Warm tonight and sleep tonight. The homeless guy prayed. God is good.
  • SUSAN MARIE MURPHY on Psalms 91
    My comment is that psalm 91 works. t have been speaking it over me and my sister barbara for years. also over others. over leadership, over israel and jerusalem and every jewish person. it works, u know. try it it is guaranteed
  • Marke
    Job was already right with God before the events that began in chapter one began to unfold. Job knew God but not like he would know him in the end. Job learned things about the Lord through his trials that made the Lord both precious and glorious in the end, a perception that he alludes to when he said,

    5 I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

    For years I could not fully comprehend the meaning of James 5:11.

    James 5:11

    Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

    I struggled to understand how the tragic suffering Job went through revealed to him a special understanding and appreciation of God's pity and tender mercy. But after I went through years of suffering myself I also now know in a way I never knew before how tender and loving God is and was with me through all the trials I experienced.

    Praise God for His immeasurable love and mercy.
  • Free
    Dear all of you. About 4-5 months ago i offered a prayer for my family and relatives.

    I now see and thank God in Jesus Name that the answers are beginning to come. For that reason, i thank you all here on the web every day, i am eternally grateful. There are such things so I see no one but God could have done this. : D

    He is with us every day to the end of the world! Never forget that. The words i was reminded of today are in

    Philippians 3:8-11 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,

    9 And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:

    10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

    11 If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead. Amen

    Stay Blessed in His Holy Name above all other names Fhilippians 2:9 Jesus Christ, Love u all in Christ.
  • Ruby escobar payan on 2 Kings 2
    I well be follow the name of Jesus i like the verses

    I need to a bible plz give me thank you in the name of jesus
  • Danielle Abraham
    My testimony; God has done wonderful liitle things throughout my lifetime and I honestly had no idea. God has saved me countless times. I give glory to Jesus Christ for letting me live through all the bad things I have done and all the things great things he has brought me through. God is good and you all must believe that He does answer our prayers on His time of course. Faith is most inportant and we must believe that Jesus is the way and the truth and that He died for US to save us from sin. One testimony I will share because there is too many to list. One year ago exactly we were about to lose our home because both of us were injured months apart at our jobs, we got way behind on our property taxes. We received pink slips in the mail, stressed and crying over this. I prayed and prayed that our home would not default. I gave it to Jesus Christ that day. About 4 months past we came into some money went to make a payment. That lady says " I don't know what happened but this property was supposed to go into the next step which is (God took care of us!!!) losing our home and property. But she took our money and we still have our home today. Thank You Jesus Christ!! He is the reason why we have our home today. I am everso grateful each day we wake up with a roof over our heads.
  • Jim Kirkpatrick
    Thank you Lord Jesus for saving a wretch like me.
  • Jenifer
    Praise God for all goodness and mercy He has shown towards me, my sister and mother.
  • Velma Rickman
    When I was in high school all the kids went to the same church. That's just how was. We lived in the country and had to ride the school bus. Every day we went by this little country Baptist church. On a sign out front there was verse from Romans that said, "The wages of sin is death." I knew I was a sinner but that verse bothered me. So I graduated from high school, got married and had2 children right away. My parents had started going to church but I had no idea where. They came by our home on New Years Eve. They said we are having a New Years Eve service tonight. Going to be singing,testimonies, and all kinds of food. I thought go to church on New Years Eve? That wasn't my idea of fun on New Years. We told them we.would think about it. Well with 2 kids there wasn't a lot to do. So we called and asked for directions, but they said just come here and follow us. As we followed them I thought,this is my old bus route. Sure enough they turned in the drive to that little country church with the same verse still outside. We went in and mom and dad was introducing us to everyone and I thought, wait a minute I did come here to join up with a church. At midnight the invitation was given. God convicted me of what that verse meant.I went forward and fell on my knees and God to forgive of all my sins. When I stood up I saw my mom on her knees at the altar. God sure works in mysterious ways. He already had plans for me at that little country church. At the church I went to as a teenager, the message I got was you have to be baptized to be saved. I did follow Jesus in baptism. But now I knew what that sign out front meant. Thank you God for saving my soul. Thank you for making me whole! That's my testimony.
  • Ashlovesjesus
    For six years, I ignored the Lord. I felt too ashamed to come to Him because of what I did in my life. I KNEW that I was on my way to destruction. In that time I never once cursed God.. I never talked badly about Him. I know He is a just God.. it was just all of my self condemnation that kept me away from Him. I thought he was done with me. I thought that he no longer wanted me. I became really addicted to reading romance books. Not just a PG romance book, but literal filth. I got so addicted to them, I would read 5 books a week. I then became pretty popular in the book community and started making book graphics with very graphic pictures of sexual relations with filthy language on them. I knew in the back of my mind that it was wrong, but I just pushed it aside and continued feeding my demons. My husband was on his own walk with the Lord, and he picked up his cross during this time I was doing all of this, and I didn't want to. Because of the condemnation. Well, God had other plans. I started watching my husband read his Bible, going to pray, and wondering how he could just do that. When I would even think about doing it, the condemnation would come so quickly and I physically couldn't get up and do it. One day, I was driving, and the family was with me. We took a street that we normally don't take and on the left hand side, there was a LED sign a business had, and as I passed by, the sign lit up saying GOD SAVES, GOD LOVES YOU. I was the only one who saw the lit up message. It hit me. It felt like it was for me. It was just one of those moments for me. I knew in my heart this was my sign from God after asking him does he want me still? am I done for? After that day, I was able to go pray after six years. I laid it all out to him. Repentance came and the peace of God was on me. Today, I am following Jesus. I LOVE Jesus. I want everybody to know his hand is reaching out to you, all you have to do is put your hand in his. Be blessed in Jesus mighty name!
  • Donna
    A testimony is a powerful thing. If God has EVER done anything for you or someone you may know, please share it. If God has healed you, saved you, encouraged you, delivered you.Someone needs to hear it today. PLEASE post your testimony on the encouraging comment or testimony section of this website. No testimony is too big or too small. Let's Glorify the Lord! He is worthy!

    Rev 12:11
  • Denise
    Dear Lord of All, I cried this morning when I heard of the war in the Ukraine!!! Man can't stop killing one another over power and might!!! The Lord says in His word, Revelation that the bear will come down from the north!!! His words will stand ,as all these things must come to pass!!Have mercy dear Lord on our souls!! We all have freshly sin in ourselves, this just goes to show how truly sinful we are!!! Please Lord I pray to watch over your people, I'm hoping I will be with you and to see You coming in the clouds with Your robe dipped in Your blood that You shed for our redemption to Your Father which is You, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of All!!! May the Lord have mercy on our souls!!!!! Selah!!!!!
  • Meron Koro
    Hi, My name is Meron and this is how I came to Christ.

    I was born and raised in a "Christian" and religious home. But I nor my family acknowledged God that much. My past held a lot of pain. At a very young age, my mind was filled with dirty, sexual things. I was thinking and doing things that I wasn't supposed to, thinking it was ok because no one taught me otherwise. At the age of 10, I witnessed one of my aunts manifesting a demon and was screaming and crying. I couldn't understand her behavior and I felt scared. For the next few months, I had nightmares and the scene was playing over and over in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about my aunt. I loved her very much and I didn't understand what had happened.

    At the age of 12, because of all the pain and loneliness I felt, I turned to porn for support. I thought that it might help me get rid of that longing desire I had to be loved and understood. I thought it might help distract me from the emptiness I felt. But the truth is, it made my pain grow day by day and I felt even more lonely. At that point, I felt that I had gone too far from God and that God hated me for what I had done. I would cry myself to sleep every night, with no one to talk to.

    Then, one night, after I had cried myself to sleep, I heard the voice of God. I don't remember seeing anything in that dream but I do remember hearing these words, "I forgive you, my child." The next morning, I felt so refreshed and so much better. I knew it was the voice of God and knew that I couldn't have just "imagined" those words. The next few months were hard because I was trying to get rid of my addictive nature for porn. But it was better because then I knew that God loved me and didn't hate me. I think he spoke to me a couple of times during that time period but I just couldn't hear him because I was "too far away." So then I brought a Bible. I started to read and got closer to God. Now, 2 years later, at the age of 14, I have committed my life to God:)
  • David Krimm
    I was worried about the 2020 election being stolen and was angered to the point of rebellion. I decided to pray and for days I continued to pray. I was afraid of doing unspeakable things but God had mercy on me and during one of the prayers in an instance he took all the fears away from me. I felt brand new and dug out the Bible and started to read the book of John. Several chapters in I picked up the computer and looked up a church to attend.

    Two days later I attended church for the first time in a long time, and the words came to life for the very first time. Soon I joined the Friday night Bible study and the Bible has been speaking to me ever since like never before. A couple months later I was baptized for the second time but it felt like the first.

    A little more than a year later I am involved in missionary work, and sharing the Gospel to everyone that will listen, and a few that are trapped into hearing the good news.
  • Paul D Laurent
    I am bless i had cancer yhree ypmrs . a seroke ans both knees trplaced twice , a hearth aeeack and a stroke and i am still here thank god.
  • Matthew J Tyler
    So my testimony is a little fantastic to say the least.My life at the start was a normal childhood nothing too extreme just a boy without a dad around and trying to figure out life on my own.At age 9 experimented with weed and let me tell you it is the gateway to everything else to say the least.. After high school began work but would always do good for a while then screw it up somehow by using drugs and failing drug test or wreck a vehicle drinking and driving... I'll just say that I should have died multiple times. Then my grandfather passed away and I inherited a fair amount of money in 2018 and at first a lot of drinking, missing my grandfather, then this one night with my sister I decided to get high with her on some meth and well.. that began an 8 month, just terrible terrible waste of life and money and dignity. I had never been hooked like I was during that time and needless to say many times once again just in those 8 months I should have died or been shot plenty times. It was horrible to say the least. Then after 8 months of it I found myself alone in my grandfathers house indulging myself in some pornography and I hear a voice that says "YOU THINK NO ONE IS WATCHING BUT WE ARE". and I then, broke and threw my phone in a panic and stood up, (thinking all kinds of stuff as you could imagine) then I look into the kitchen and I see a book sitting in the middle of kitchen table and when I walk over to it I see that its my grandfathers Bible which nobody could find at the time of his death. That day changed everything, the lord made me afraid of the drugs I had on me so I threw them away and the lord led me to a time of repenting in a hotel about two hrs away with no phone just me my dog and that bible. After being sober and reading bible an hour a day for about a month, I remember having hope again that life wasn't over and then I heard the Shepards voice inside of me directing me and I obeyed and three days later BOOM FIRE IN MY SOUL! REBORN! Set Free! JESUS
  • Anaseini Turaganivalu
    I would like to testify how this Amazing GOD still fights and protects his people, because without GOD we are nothing. No matter how many times we fall into temptation and forget how loving this GOD really is, he is just and faithful to forgive us every single time. I am blessed to be living under his protection and guidance every single time of everyday. May you all be blessed in finding what you need the most in GOD's will....AMEN
  • Charles Robert Northup
    My childhood was worse then Jeffery Domors and as a drug addicted teen and a runaway cold and out of options but to return to those who abused me. As I was walking it was towards the hell I ran from, and I hadn't eaten or slept, and it was winter. I came upon a Church that's doors were right next to the sidewalk I mean you could almost touch it. So I reach and grab the door and it opened I could see it was like a Fourre and i saw a bench from the streetlight and as the door closed behind me and I continued to it and laid down on the bench. I had an encounter that night similar to what the Apostle Paul had and if it was adream or a vision or real to this day I do not know. All i know is God touched me and from that day and after being saved when I read the Bible, I had understanding that I can't explain and a true belief even tho my walk wasn't perfect I had this belief, no I knew Jesus was real. God had inputted faith and knowledge in me. I know this because my childhood has caused me not to know how to read, I actually learned to read with the Bible, I could read it like I was a bible scalar. I think God for his grace it saved my life and maybe others as well for who knows what a beaten abused child might have become. To God be honor and glory and praise forever and ever world without end.
  • Donna
    I just want to thank you God for never leaving me or forsaking me. I'm holding onto your precious promise that no one can ever pluck me from your hand. Please Lord don't ever let me go. I don't understand this love so deep and so wide. But your ways are higher than mine your thoughts higher than mine. When You come by I feel your presence and I am literally changed in an instant. In a millisecond I am helped I am blessed! You amaze me beyond words. Thank you Lord God Almighty! You are always welcome in my heart my life my home my thoughts. :-))) I am believing you for miracles and I am excited I am expecting .
  • Donna G.Warren on Proverbs 10
    I love the Bible ! I keep learning different facets & understanding as I go through my life. I try to live right . Yes ,@times I stumble& @ times even splat flat out.God helps me. I firmly believe this. God has blessed me in many ways . He has taught me to have trust & faith. I am thankful for His blessings! God loves us all so very much always. He doesn't abandon us.Pray for all.God Bless you all ! I learn from all of you ! We just need to trust & obey ,putting one foot in front of another.One can pray anywhere @anytime whether one is standing or on their knees .
  • Emery Simien
    After my brother Emmett was hospitalized his son called me crying that the hospital notified him that he should prepare for end of life procedures for his father. Emmett had developed pneumonia in both lungs and a UTI infection had turned septic. I called my sister Joan and notified her and we came together in one accord for the divine healing of our brother Emmett as prayed to God Almighty in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he would live and not die. We then asked for prayers on social media that every one would also pray for a good report. The next morning the hospital confirmed that he had a good night and was improving rapidly. I pray now that this praise report and thanksgiving would reach those that are struggling with a similar need you can rest on the words of our living God that we may gather in faith, praying in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen. Emmett has been totally healed of this as well as gall stones and a sore that he had been dealing with for two years. Thanks and praise unto the Great and Sovereign El Shadiah God of Heaven and Earth, nature and the universe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.

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