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  • Frank
    Please continue to pray for Marie!! She has a VERY important head surgery this coming Sunday!! Please pray that she accepts Jesus as her savior if she hasn't already!!! And that God heals her head and spares her life!!
  • Free
    My stepfather was struggling in pain, had bed in hospital. He was close to death and have not speak for several days. Il go to him and song about Jesus, and read from the Holy Bible. He had no time to call for a priest. In one moment ill see him standing together with his little brother an mom and father. And i tell him that he will go to them soon from now. After some time my mom came to realise me, and ill take a farewell, ill understand that was the last time ill come to see him. And ill go from hospital. At last he passed out. Not many minutes after my son called me and give me the news. I should drove car in that moment and my spirit looked into the spiritual world who is behind us always. Like in 2 Corintihans 4. 18.

    And there right before me i see my stepfather standing with all the family who have past before him. And all of them who his loved in life was shinning in a light iv not seen in my world. His eyes told me gratitude for he had come forward. And in that time he behave he could see me in reality, he waives energetic to me, and my heart exploded in a certainty that he was saved in one of the rooms that Jesus is preparing for us like in Jhon 14. 2. And my heart was tremble when ill told all my family after. My mother who always have a word against me and the Lord. Have seeing Angels in hospital a few months after, when she get sick.

    And i praise the Lord who have saved us. And ill will never go from my Jesus. He is always here for me.
  • Robert Allen on Psalms 44:22
    Thanks Lord Jesus Christ for saving me

    Forever. Amen
  • Luke thompson
    Thank dear eternal father for everything!!!!!
  • Bayden
    I was born again by calling out to my heavenly father and by holy ghost and fire given a vision of the testimony of Christ Jesus ,past ,present and future events by our father and ive been tried by God's fire and sealed by God in heaven and witnessed by my holy father God, holy Christ child and God's holy spirit as a child sealed by them and have suffered all since as a witness for our fathers testimony of our Lord God and suffer just as he did from men .

    My awoken vision takes two hours and some to speak and then the journey of trial more time and the power given to me and ect ect ,it has been 4 years since i began my life made by holy ghost and fire and ive lost all because of my conviction in my heart to speak to people the hard knowing truth of who and what we suffer in opening the matrix to our father as sons of the only living God our Father as my brother Christ revealed all when he came and i witness that testimony as truth from God our Father through his spirit that his son is in the holy mountain in the highest heavens who loves you mankind he has given you my dearest friend and Lord God's blood for too have all his children collected by him and all who believe in Jesus Christ the blood given for all sin to heal your heart back to God the Father and his son Christ Jesus my God and Lord the only saviour for mankind.

    Peace be with you all who love and keep my God's name Christ Jesus in their hearts and may all receive this blessing by him if our father hasn't called you to become minister through prophecy of the spirit of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

    Believe on his name and you will be saved on the great day of our Lord God's wrath .
  • Jim
    As a child I wondered why there were so many religions and only one God and Jesus?

    I began to beg God to show me something He approved 100% -- that went on for around 7 years and finally met someone who was a part of what appeared to be the way Jesus actually taught with His life. Aquilla and Priscilla were praised for the church in their home and so was Philemon & Aphia and two others. Jesus had required disciples to sell all they had and distribute it to the poor and then come and follow Him.

    Foxes & birds had homes but the Son of Man had no place to lay His head. It appeared to me that Jesus set the example of giving up all and going out homeless.

    The disciples appeared to nearly always go out in twos --- two men together and two women together. Your sons & daughters will prophesy.

    It appears members invited them into their homes for a few days for food and a place to sleep and share the love of Jesus and His Father.

    They were told anyone who gives up all will have many homes and children. The children would have loved it when a disciple or two stayed in their home a few days.

    Children can feel the true love humans can have.

    Unless ye become as a little child ye can't share in the kingdom.

    Anyway after about 7 years I did find this original way in an out of the way small town with a few who gathered in a home on Sunday morning and wed night and sometimes we have the privilege of having labours (disciples) there to fellowship with. I have never been asked for a penny in over 50 years now. Simplest possible way to be the least possible burden on His people of anything possible. What can ye make Me -- I have already made everything. He just wants the hearts of His people on bended knee and to fellowship exactly like Jesus taught with His very life.

    God Bless all.......
  • David on Mark 11
    May the Wisdom of God come upon all

    The doubting comes when we are ignorant of the character of God. But do not fear, all things spoken to us in scripture will come to pass. God my King, the Lord Jesus Christ promises abundance. My position in Christ, my salvation, gives me automatic victory. But in order to be victorious, in this life, I must take my stand, ( Eph 6: 11-18) I must realize my perfect position in the Lord. Let me live in victory. Walk in wisdom of the Lord and stand. Know who you are in scripture. Possessing the victory in Christ Jesus comes from knowing who you are in Christ Jesus.

    If I am not willing to search the scriptures and go to battle, then I should not expect peace and comfort from the Lord. Prayer is a Battle ground. Read the Book of Daniel. We must come to Christ believing. The Lady with the issue of Blood came believing and was healed. Read the gospel of Mark.

    Stand fast and learn of Jesus, then go out a do it in His name. May the Lord bless you in your search to know God intimately. I have to remind myself of these concepts daily. Bless you all. Saved since 1961, I'm now 70 years old. Praise His name.

    Know Jesus, know life abundant. No Jesus, no life in abundance.
  • Helper on Genesis 2
    I was born again, in 1982! Everything you laid out are: my exact experiences, and more! A total cleansing in my flesh, took place first! Next the Holy Spirit came down and lifted me up into a light! When I came back down, A bronzed man, ran out of me. I was clean inside the Holy Spirit in who appear as lightening light, plunged the new covenant inside of me, which is the New Testament!

    The next day he led me to John to learn of the Holy Spirit! So I could recognize his leading! He would remind me he was with me when I was in need; or in trouble.

    He even showed up at the Light House Fellowship, and put praise and worship inside of me! So I would be able to keep my mind on him!

    He would reveal Jesus to me; and gave me understanding of the new testament, and helped me study. Holy Spirit would reveal people' s heart to me, and show me the future.

    Through dreams and visions! I always felt his presence! Until the enemy came to make me dirty again! But the holy spirit would tell me, to tell Jesus everything! Christ Jesus is our High Priest everything!

    And would lead me back to his words to get clean inside. When we meditate on Jesus' words alone. Especially the beatitudes! I believe this is where we take our spiritual bath. These are some of my experiences, in Christ Jesus!
    I witnessed a man levitating from the sky to the earth he was up and down and he was good i beleive him to be a descendant of the tribe of levi therefore ive determined him to be a unique guardian of humans and earth a just and rightoeus man although i have not spoken to him it is my spirit the lord tells me to type this that determines a mans character if i am wrong then i am right then a righteous man is sharing the earth as a human and beloved by christians as friends
  • Alice Denise Feagins
    At 5 yrs old, I was with my Grandmother, we went to this lady house that I never felt comfortable around. She told my grandmother that my grand father was going to die after drinking his last cup of coffee. I felt a chill I squeezed my grandmothers hand and it made my grandma leave the lady house. Once back there my grand dad was sleeping well that is what it looked like, yet he was gone. At his home going, I see him sit up(spirit). I am telling everyone that he is ok. I was like yawl don't hear him? He said stop crying he is going to better place. That he will see us again. My first encounter. I am 16 yrs old and I am headed to prison. I serve 5.5 yrs in prison. Yet the experience I had while I was in prison was not the average way to serve time. I was blessed in prison, on the basketball team playing outside players, the talent show, gong show, we played spades, could go out on the green and lay on grass. we were able to take our radios outside man I was like this prison?

    yet in 2016 I led a crew to the Book of world records. For building the largest thank you card in the world for Delta employee's. I am grateful for what I know!!!
  • Vince
    I want to thankyou to JESUS THE ALMIGHTY THE ALPHA AND OMEGA , Father Abbah God ,Mother Mary and lastly the Holy Spirit .AND THANKYOU HOLY SPIRIT AND TO THIS PRAYER 3 days MIRACLE REALLY HAPPENED AFTER I PRAYED THIS PRAYER (MY PRAYER HAS BEEN ANSWERED) Before that I will tell you how was my journey from the start , I was 16 when I left school because I was very tired of school and I dont like to study then I decided to left school and went to take certificate courses in cooking. Then I went to practical training in the island for 3 months it was really AWFUL and TIRING then something came up in my mind "I should be at school right now and study for upcoming exam" because at that time I was 16 years old which make me be the youngest employee there.Therefore, after I finish my practical I plan to take the exam that I should be sitting because I was 17 that time , In my country if we reach 17 , we should finish our high school and complete in exam that will qualify whether u can go to collage or no. So, I take the the exam as a private candidate and NO ONE help me to study (despite my parents) I studied by myself with books and youtube videos. At first, I was very stressed and I couldnt manage to get what the videos was trying to teach me but I dont lose hope with God , I will always pray whenever I feel confused or lonely. We skip ahead.... so I pray for about maybe 6 months(that time is during pandemic) and on the day of the examination I was nervous and I really scared that I might be failing this exam and gain nothing from my self-study at home. The first exam schedule which is language exam , It was very hard and I nearly lose hope to God but I still pray and pray I even went to toilet to pray , then the next paper which is tomorrow was eeasy and the next following paper is also easy. There is one paper that I thought I will fail which is Mathematics I even have question that is blank and didnt answer anything and after finish the paper , I come back home , shut
  • Carleton
    A testimony by my Brother on Revelation.

    "Why was the book of Revelation written? Obviously it is a part of the divine message of salvation for us, from God. Why is its message veiled? It is a message from Christ, and even durning, His brief stay here upon the earth, He sometimes veiled His message. "And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables, that seeing they might not see and hearing they might not understand" Luke 8:10 .

    I wonder how many Christians are like me. Before helping with this present work, I used to never read Revelation. Oh, the first three and last two chapters, perhaps, but the bulk of it I never bothered with. It seemed just too deep, too hard to get anything out of it. But then why is it in the New Testament? Hopefully, this present work will stimulate many who have that same attitude to search for wisdom contained in the last book of the beloved Bible. It may not be easy; Revelation is meat not milk.

    Read the book, read Revelation, then read again. We do well to heed what the Spirit says, " My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" John 10:27 ."

    He also left this testimony before he died in 2005, "It is helpful to picture each chapter of the Book of Revelation as a room belonging to a house. As each room has its use, the furniture, appliances, and utilities are in harmony with that room. When these objects are identified and associated with each room, they become fixed in our memory. We can then remember what objects are in each room (chapter). As we move through the house, we begin to see how different objects, or parts thereof, relate to each other."

    My brother by his understanding as a born again Christian believed by the scriptures, while time in earth remains, a present reign in Jesus Christ.

  • Travis Lee 3 on 1 Peter 4
    From the time I was 5 years old up until my grandfather passed two days before my eleventh birthday i when to Chechnya with pappow when he died in the 27 of July in 1998 it made me to think there wasn't a Hansen or a heel that God was not real. Ok after a few years I was in a terrible auto accident and suffered a massive bruin injury. Three weeks have the car wreak I woke up see my momma and step dad sitting in the hospital room with me. And that was at the children's rehabilitation hospital in Charlottesville Virginia at what is called KCRC FOR PEOPLE Who were under the age of 21. And that's Sheff I gained my faith beck of being a believer that Jesus had came to earth to be sacrificed for the sin of all man kind and that God is Jesus and Jesus is God
  • Monica Virginia on 1 Peter 5
    My life is a test .,all our lives are ,so I haven't got time to write 54 years worth of how I over came ,loved, and survived a crazy and challenging life but I know god was with me for every testemony is unlike anything your used to hearing because I don't sugar coat it anymore or just touch on the fussy ,warm,feel good parts life is a combination of train wrecks ,norman rockwell, and the looney bend...if you care to know how much god loves a sinner hit me up I will share my story..I get your familiar
  • Lynn McGlynn on Genesis 1
    I just wanted to share a testimony. Over the past 13 years we have been struggling with health and finances. I became very ill in 2008, with life threatening autoimmune disease. My husband had to stop working so he could take care of me and our son. We lost our health insurance and everything we owned. It was a hard time for us, I have a picture of Jesus that I ve know has been around since I can remember. I stood in front of the picture and Jesus why he had left me, well he says to me, I haven't left you.. you left me. I realize I was trying to control my situation so I put it all in Gods hands. Yes we still went through so much, but praise God things are changing we are getting a new home, money to take care of our family and bills. To anyone who may read this, PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON GOD AND ALWAYS KNOW HE IS WITH YOU AND WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU


    We can't make it in this world without him

  • Ji-Ho No on 1 Peter 5
    I recommitted my life to Christ in 2020 when I was facing my own personal storm of life and COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, my faith has grown with a strong daily prayer life, YouVersion app bible plan, and weekly virtual ministry service. I also learn to turn to God to renounce the habitual sins that I have been struggling for many years. Thank God the Father for taking care of your burdens and worries if you turn to him and put your faith and trust in him. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. Remember that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again from the dead to defeat death in your place so that you can be made right with God again. Be born again and you will live again.
  • Robert D Taylor on Genesis 1
    I use to believe the Roman Catholic teaching of consciousness after death. Like you are not really dead, but go to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. (And there if in Hell, burn eternally, with no hope of an end).

    However, since then I have read in God's Word that this is not so. In John 11:11-14, Jesus tell His apostles that Lazarus is sleeping, but Jesus goes to wake him up. Finally, Jesus tells His apostles that Lazarus is dead. Also, see 1

    Thessalonians 4:15-17. And, John 5:28-29. See, Genus 2:7. Ecclesiastes 12:7. Importantly, Psalms 146:3-4. Again, "Who Only Has Immortality? See, 1 Timothy 6:16. And those who SEEK, Romans 2:7. In 1 Corinthians 15:51-54 we learn.... Knowing what God's Word really says is priceless, see, Psalms 115:17, "The dead praise NOT the LORD, neither any that go down into silence." Must read, Ecclesiae's 9:5,6, 10. 5."For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of then is forgotten. 6. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun. 10. Whatsoever thy hand findet to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goes." NOTE: 2 Timothy 3:16, "ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" There is more, but I think by now you get the idea.... God bless you as you prayerfully Study the above....
  • Tim Vaughn on Genesis 1
    I came to Christ through fear. I grew up in the church but never knew Jesus. I always believed in God, but was never saved. When I was around 35, I was working in construction and traveled for work. Hard 10 hour days of labor, and relaxing evenings in a hotel room was my life. Since there was rarely anything on tv worth watching I FINALLY decided to get a laptop. At least then I could youtube it up. Being curious and interested in the paranormal, I'd watch a lot of videos on ghosts, demons and angels caught on tape. Then I came across vids of people claiming they died went to hell and came back. And it got me I SURE I'm going to heaven? Those descriptions of hell, combined with my very vivid imagination began to worry me...then terrify me. Then one evening in my hotel room it finally got the better of me and I called my mom and stepdad who are very spiritual. We talked for 20 minutes about Jesus, or the bible...or something along those lines because I cant remember a single thing from that conversation. But whatever they worked. I was in tears when I got off the phone. Then I stood up from the bed, hit my knees and started bawling my eyes out and kept repeating over and over the words "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". For about half an hour this is all i could do. And I felt this weight on me, as if I couldn't get low enough to the floor even though I tried. When it was over, I felt like I was 50 lbs lighter. I washed my face, went to bed, and continued to live my life. I didn't know I was saved. Over the next few days I began to notice the changes. When I would curse, it felt horrible like nails on a chalkboard in my soul. Food tasted different as if it were just for sustenance and not something I could enjoy. Which oddly enough was kind of a relief. I called my parents and explained what was happening and my mom said with great excitement "OH OH I think you've been saved! To whomever reads this, I hope you get something out of it. God bless.
  • Herbert klingele on Genesis 1
    my 16-year-old grandson was just murdered by his mother and his uncle and friends. Devastating and tragic was watching my son go into my grandsons mom's home and identify the body. There was a court order that the mother of my grandson (a heroin addict) keep away from my grandson. Along with about 10 people to 12 people in this drug house including the owner. My grandson came to me at 2 AM Monday evening, at least I heard him come in and I kept hearing something in his room. My grandson stays with me on weekends. For the reason his friends are nearby and he works at a restaurant bussing tables. and he has his own room and freedom. My son said that my grandson had the look of terror on his face like he did not want pass on just yet. My son said he had the look of fear. The mother the uncle and all the friends gave him drugs----- fentanyl---- very powerful opiate. Then for 16 hours they cleaned up all the paraphernalia and took down the cameras. And then they all made excuses and ran like rats and rodents. Not one of them came to the funeral service or gave the family their condolences out of guilt. So I pray to God and I received the answer. I'm a published author of six books and planning on making a Hollywood movie from the book I'm now writing for my grandson. Be nice yourself because you're worth it and I'm proud of you for reading these words. No worry no stress that is a moment of happiness you will not get back. Not one omen owed to God shall go unpaid. I read Bible Scripture daily and nowhere in the Bible have I read to forgive or pray for the devil. Evil must be exposed for what it is. no to fathers should have to go through this especially my only son and my only grandson and my son's only son.Thank you God bless with love and prayers
  • Brian on Psalms 34:17
    I would like to thank the Lord God, His Son Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Jude, St. Joseph, and the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel for their divine help in answering my prayers to help me get a better job on a day shift and stop working nights in a job that was not a good fit for me. This is not the first time they have helped me in similar situations. Whether I needed to change jobs or help me find a new one when I was unemployed due to Covid 19. By my count they have helped me out in over half a dozen times before over the years in these situations. In my opinion, faith, prayer, and diligence are what makes up a strong moral foundation. If you find yourself going through tough times, put yourself in their care and they will provide. Ask sincerely and you will receive help.
  • Valeria on Psalms 34:17
    Let me remined you that god and jesus loves you so much he will never let you side even if you sin he will be there have faith on jesus and god and pray every night and everyday and every afternoon listen to the words of god in the bible he wants you to be with him please accept he's free salvation gift to go to heaven God and Jesus and Mary bless you Amen.
  • I have something I felt the Lord had called me to do, but I have faced tremendous doubts. I cannot do this in my flesh, I've prayed for four months now and requested many prayers about this. Please pray HIS will, not my will, is accomplished and He would send help. That I would obey through His Spirit alone. Thank you.
  • Shaunnah on Psalms 14
    Helll everyone.. this is my beautiful testimony of how God changed my life !

    I was raised in Christian home. My parents were both saved and they loved Jesus Christ so much! I loved their zeal as a child and they always taught us that God was the most important thing than anything in our lives.

    Though I was brought in a loving home, there were times where my mother took me and my younger siblings around her family. She didn't know their intentions, but between the ages of 4-10 I was molested and raped by many of my cousins. This led to so many poor choices I made in my life.

    I was addicted to all types of pornography, sex, I was very disrespectful to my parents, prideful and I hurt others in ways unimaginable.

    I was a very hurt kid growing up.. but God always called me through my parents. My desire to live in the world was much bigger than living for Jesus. It wasn't until i made the biggest mistake in my life by giving my virginity willfully. After that I lived with a lot of shame and guilt depression.. God started to do something through me though. Between the years of 2017-2018 God took everything away from me in order for me to hear his voice. He told me that many things I've done was wrong and if I didn't repent I would make it into heaven. It was out of fear first that I repented.. but after finding about God the more I spent time with him I desired a relationship with him.. 2 months later he saved me and filled me with his spirit. Today I'm healed ! Because of what Jesus has done for me. He has changed me and made me into a new creature and for all who don't believe in Christ I can tell you that I'm a loving testimony that he is real. God bless
  • Nate on Genesis 25

    "Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart."
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 5
    Sinners are the greatest of all fools, fools of their own making. I to was that fool, until I found out about Jesus Christ the King of KINGS and the lord of LORDS! We would do well to know this by never forget this Psalm. O LORD WRITE THIS ON MY HEART TODAY AND EVERY DAY. Count it all JOY! Bless the Name of Jesus all you SAINTS!
  • Aaron on Exodus 14
    I feel so alone I have made mistakes allot in the pass but I'm just want family and better things but family won't stop judging me and I just want love.....
  • MARVIN SCOTT JR on Genesis 1
    All thanks praise glory and honor be to

    The Father of all existing and of all creation. I remember when people forgot about The True GOD that gave grace to humanity and worlds to come. I also remember

    Those who neglected and rejected the

    Lord for sinful lives for lustful flesh. I remember all those beings who mistakes GOD For Evil during the time

    Of plague in the world because disobedience to GOD who gives life and life more abundantly. I remember the time when GOD saved me from all

    My enemies by giving me the strength

    To overcome the world. I know my reward be with me in heaven. Meaning

    Salvation and Restoration of The Temple Of GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.AMEN.
  • Patty Tozi on 1 Timothy 3
    Serving means where you are in your last few and what you learned from it

    For the Book of Life will show your whole life. I had a after death. I saw the Book.
  • Sandra on Joel 2
    over 15 or more years ago I was going to Kings church in Humble, TX and a friend annointed me and the next time i went to church I spoke in tongues can u point me to scripture about it as I need to find a church where others speak in tongues so I dont feel out of place. A lot of churches dont speak in tongues. Most people look at me funny and think i am some kind of witch. I havent been religous much and have been locked in house since the covid thing, in 5 years since I've livedin Cedar Park, texas. I came down with staage 4 cancer and I am on chemo and have started searching out the bible thru different shows on utube, apostles and prophets. Thanks for listening.
  • Joshua Babbitt on 1 Peter 5
    I would appreciate your prayers for me, that the Lord would help me show to all meekness unto all men, like it says to do in Titus 3 - I struggle to do that, especially toward my mom, which is not honoring her, and it's sin.

    I also battle with idolatry, especially the temptation to overindulge in video games - by God's grace, I've stayed away from video games for over a year and a half (praise God), but the temptation to play a "little" is there, which almost always has turned into overindulgence and idolatry - and the temptation seems to be growing more and more. I think if the Lord gave me clarity, to see things the way He wants me to, and to love the things He loves, and hate the things He hates, it would greatly help.

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