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  • State Elder Dr. Frances Bell Ford Matthews
    I am saved from my sins, Santified, Holy Ghost filled and Fire Baptized, living the great life

    on earth. I am a Preacher, preaching God's Holy Word, telling dying Men and Women, the

    WAGES of sin is Death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life.

    I love God Almighty, and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazarene.

  • Lameko Taumuli
    Thank you for your love mercy forgiveness and favor Lord, you have given me peace and rest within my heart and mind and all I can say to you is THANK YOU LORD!
  • Javier Nino
    The first message the word of god said to me on october of 2008 is:

    this is the word of god.

    days later the word of god spoke to me and said:

    have faith and believe in the word of god.

    on november of 2008 the word of god spoke to me and said:

    i am the lord thy god,

    i am the word of god,

    i am the just judge.

    days later the word of god spoke to me and said:

    never loose faith in the word of god.

    in the beginning was the word and the word was with god, and the word was god.

    john 1:1
  • Rich Martinez
    I have recently come to understand that I should keep the Sabbath, not for salvation but because Jesus taught it and God has spoken to me about it. Does anyone have a comment on this?
  • Hope
    He is God the healer and redeemer. He has great plans for you. Trust Him all the way through. The best is yet to come. Your testimony will heal many.
  • Darrell
    I got saved at home, alone with God. I started attending a church, and got baptized, when I asked I was told to buy an NIV, a pre 1982 edition, by continuing to hunger and thirst for God's truth I finally got a KJV, kept attending the church, until one morning I heard the pastor say " the KJV is wrong" that's the day I left church. I continue to read and pray and attend two online churches that are too far from me to drive each church day. I'm very thankful God led me to His pure, purified, kept, and preserved word. 8 years now savedpraise God
  • Elsa Gutierrez
    I am christien women I Just like to read your verses you ll every morning and my bible Mrs E
  • Leland Kendrick MD
    I was saved as a missionary Baptist Church when I was 12 years old it really took me a lot of time to go up in front of the church but that was because I was so bashful but during a revival I have finally developed enough courage to walk down the lsle and professed did Jesus was not awarded savior but I would have to say it was not bad courage it was the courage that God put it to be that day I grew up with two Christian parents but they that is not to say that they were at problems because my dad drink alcohol and please Drank alcohol and he smoked and my brother never ever took a drink of alcohol and her mother once told me that alcohol was horse urine. She did not drink either and reckon she wanted me to believe that alcohol was horse urine so I would not drink

    My mothers father died and he was very young I think it is early 50s a young age of time but I still remember Him and when he went to town without always bring us back some candy.

    My mother and dad did divorce back then you had to have a reason for divorce and it was for Cruelty. My grandparents found about 50 acres of land and gave all three daughters about 3 acres and the 3 acres that my mom had was across from her house but Camille destroyed everything on her property but our house across her house did not really suffered much damage and in fact ever since Camille and every other storm this house has survived but my grandparents had Hey pond as well as several barrns and a card chicken House I was born in 1952 but I remember very well everything that was there they had cows and and even the old wash pot where they would wash your clothes and you say ringer to ring the clothes out from the water and hang them on the clothesline

    They had a smokehouse and many nice pecan trees and pear trees but Camille really did a job on their house and property but God called me to be a physician But on his timeframe so I became a pharmacist first or seven years but Jesus Only can heal and God is in controll Of all
  • Misunderstood
    thank you Chris I did not know
  • VrMarsden
    Yes,Anaseini "HE" forgives us every single time..thank you for reassuring us.that no matter how close we are to him..with the blink of an eye ,or beat of the hearth or a single breath..we can sin...I've had a real struggle trying to put a block on this,its hard to nail this down and make it sink in...If however WE realise WE ARE Human..FLESH and BLOOD..human minds and thoughts.we are like it or not , invisibly stained with sin as well as invaded perpetually through Lucifer "the prince of the power of the air ". reminding us that.."How do you know that HE." God is right...What a CHALLENGE. please,please thank you Anaseini.for your good remembrance.please continue your journey to Damascus as our dear brother Saul.
  • V.rMarsden
    DearRonnette.your words contain a vital ,and understanding feel mankind, leaders ,etc are in your words Liars..THERE IT IS !...."SIN". you uncovered that being Lucifer..the father of the LIE..a being so powerful and knowing that he once was around Gods throne.actually within his presence.He has will and power to Direct educated men,learned from mans literature to so subtly deceive and make them heartfully believe they are right....YES, it's a huge challenge and personal undertaking to swim against the tide of abuse and persecution to say can be a lonely place even amongst your own family and world believing friends...keep strong, continuous talk to our Father is HEARD...continue your line of Liar,,,,EXPOSE him, Lucifer,Satan.Devil...make people aware he is REAL..HE'S HERE around us..PERMANENTLY!! show them where the evidence is in the BIBLE NKJ. may you and your mother be in thoughts of our Father.
  • Brittney
    God still moves with the power of Faith. Just because we don't see that movement the same way we read it, doesn't mean God is stagnant.

    I was at a bible study with my friend and her husband came home with a severe ankle injury. They were extremely upset, since her husband is military and this injury was a potential surgery and Medical Discharge. I just felt the Lord telling me to pray over him and as nervous as I was I did. I prayed for healing and the peace that comes only from Jesus, along with other things.

    The first doctors exam showed a severe ankle injury. Then the weekend hit which means no referral or further treatment til monday.

    After the second exam to confirm the referral, the doctor apparently made a shocking discovery. That the injury was somehow very different now. Instead of a severe ankle injury with a referral, it was just a minor sprain. That amount of relief for that family is something few experience. No one can explain the drastic different between these examinations, but God. He hears prayers and He answers them. I waited a month to hear any news, some people wait much longer. No matter where you are in your wait for the Lord, just know that he hears your prayer and an answer will come. He has a picture that is much larger than us and His timing is perfect because of that. Keep waiting on the LORD.
  • Mitch
    Back in 2010 I was at a job where I was being put through a lot of psychological and emotional abuse by my manager and boss. I also had a friend who was stealing money from me and using me. I was going through so much I said if God exists he doesn't care about me at all. Now I was raised in the catholic Church and always loved Church but with everything going on I stopped going. I Got diagnosed with anxiety disorder And asthma. I was the heaviest id ever been and I was borderline diabetic. On Christmas Eve I was laying in bed contemplating suicide or doing an act that would put me In jail for the rest of my life. But I said no I'll give Church one last try. I sat in the pew and I remember saying out loud if Your real help me. I got a warmth that started in my heart it flowed throughout my entire body than exited my fingers. I took a deep breath and started to cry. 5 days later I went back to get checked on my asthma and the doctor said my lungs were clear. He asked me what happened so i told him and he told me I had been healed by God. fast forward to 2015. The second Sunday I. October of 20015 was the first time I heard the Gospel and that day was when I gave my life to Christ.
  • Robert S Pinner on Psalms 38
    My son lost his life yesterday, the eight of June.2022,because of drug and alcohol addiction. As is all too often the case, being the closest to him in everyday life, as a father my love for him blinded me to his problem. In simple words he died of an overdose but by the Grace of God Almighty and his son Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit he came back to my to us from the afterlife. Sure, human hands and circumstances played a big role but I firmly believe those hands were guided by God himself.

    What I have shared up until now is only the beginning of the real story that I wish to impart.

    I read my Bible everyday. My method is to start at the first chapter of Genesis and end with the last chapter of Revelations. I'm not sure how many times I have read the entire Bible(mostly the NIV But some King James as well but my educated guess is at least10 times. I do skip around at times seeking different passages for specific reasons also but when this happened yesterday in the normal course of my reading I find myself in the book of Psalms. The 38th to be exact. l will lave it to the readers desire to truly watch how the Hand of God guides those of us who are willing to listen and accept his truth in our spiritual journey to our home in his eternal presence.

    Know that on this night it came as a revelation and epiphany to me and my walk with my Lord Jesus. May he bless each reader with his almighty and everlasting wisdom and to him alone belongs all thethe glory and praise.
  • Latonya
    First and foremost thanking God for keeping me in the land of living. I have known God all my life when I thought he wasn't there he was there all the time. I have been suffering from congestion heart failure for over 15 years are so . Heart was only functioning 10.0 percent.halluejuh is the highest praise .I was blessed and received a new heart on April 28. I give thanks to the donor's family without them none if this would be possible. God worked in my favour for that I am truly grateful. Now I'm working on being a doer of the word and not just a hearer. I still have along road ahead of me my faith is what gets my by . prayer's from people on here has got my by thanks to my prayer warriors. God ain't through with me yet Amen.
  • Evalino Lasuba
    I would like to become born again, i bed to guied in spiriual ways Testimony
  • Adrian Ian
    I live in uganda nd at the age of 16,my Dad refused to pay my school fees and life has sincce then become hard for me but i thank God for my aunt who started paying my tuition and am now studying my dream course "computer science".I thank God for everybody He has blessed my life with and i will continue to Praise Him all of my Life.
  • Cherry
    For 3 years the Lord Jesus stopped me from being rained on. if it was raining through my window of my apartment , I'd go down to the ground level of our apartment (faces north) from my apartment (faces south) and find it was a sunny beautiful day with evidence of raindrops all around. I'd walk to the bus (not even 5 minutes away) and when the bus came, after the driver shut the doors, it would start raining again. when we turned onto the road of my destination there was an obvious line that the rain was on the south side but the pavement on the road we turned on would be dry. This was for about 5 years every time I took the bus on a rainy day. there were witnesses to it happening. I keep it with me every single day.

    Another time when we were going out, the forecast said rain and my husband told me to wear some raingear; I told him "NO, I have FAITH that the Lord has stopped the rain for years now so I/we would not get wet. I have FAITH that He would stop me from being rained on today as well." When we were on way to our destination, as we turned onto the buildings' walkway, I noticed something on the ground I picked it up and it was a round - I call it a token - on the one side it has the word FAITH, on the other side it had our church Benediction!! - it was Jesus telling me He knew I had faith about the rain stopping and He let me know that He had heard me. God's children HE IS HERE! I now help him + speak to Himself every day. He blesses me in so many ways every single day... This is NOT a fairy tale nor a lie. I really am on speaking terms with Lord Jesus!! I tell non Christians it takes BELIEF that Jesus lived and died like in the bible. I tell them to have FAITH that He is with us, TRUST that His PROMISES are true, and that He wants us to LOVE EVERYONE (we don't have to like them, or see them a lot) and to HELP anyone who we come across that needs it. Belief, Faith, Trust, and to Forgive + Love each other always. If you are a Christian you already do that!!
  • Dick Reed
    Praise wife left me one year ago. We were married 60 years. She didn't find another man, she went to live with our non-christian son. My son has always dispised me because I bought him a car when he turned 18 and I caught him driving fast and drinking beer with a buddy. I took his car away and he has despised me every since. He and my youngest son and wife managed to sell my property and I am homeless.. I forgive them... Praise God...Jesus says give up your riches and follow me....I am...I never smoked, drank alcohol, or drugs. I never cuss and I love all animals. I am writing a Christian book TITLE Shadetree Saint.. My first book is being published in June and will appear on Amazon..The story of my life as a Park Ranger. TITLE Renegade Ranger. Jesus has blessed me in so many ways...I am in good health and I am now retired. I would appreciate hearing from other Christians. PRAISE GOD....
  • Free
    The day i met Jesus, i was trained in love. I who thought i was alone in the world. Without anyone caring! Jesus love Is eternal, without accusation, with this love i can endure everything! 1 Corintians 13

    When i think back and see what darkness i lived in, it is with shame. Because I did not give Jesus my heart before. For I lived in the world without God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I was doomed and did not understand! But then i think: Could i have been awakened as Jesus did for me, if i had not been in this darkness? No, so here i see that it was the Lord who did / wanted / loved / raised me from the dead!

    Everything came from Him both to darkness and to light. Because He wants mr to Honor and Love Him who is Worthy Jesus Christ therefore lives in me, Thank Almighty God for Your goodness and Greatness.

    God the Father has seen me from the beginning. He wanted me to come to the knowledge of the truth. Live with God in the Spirit through Jesus Christ to His glory with body and soul and spirit for the rest of my life. Oh, nothing can separate me from His Great Love.

    He knows about all my hair, all my thoughts. My chores so Is He there. When thoughts swirl here and there, in my head. I look at the Love of the Lord. And get a feeling of purity and closeness that does not touch anything in this world.

    For in Him i can overcome everything, in His Love. In this state I can feel invincible, loved and forgiving in every way.

    It is true love that overflows, it threatens to overflow. So that the Love i walk on propagates in the people i meet on my way. And the day will come when i will see Jesus, see Him as He is and my heart then?

    He Is Patient, am I? Yes i will Lord, show me patience in love. Show me closeness in love. Show me today in love. Jesus Christ i love You, and u
  • Jeff S on Leviticus 18
    Me & my wife had done months of research and consulting with pastors on the subject of 1st cousin marriage. We found that the ONLY country in the world where it is illegal is in the USA. And only illegal in 24 states, where 26 states it's legal. But our concern was with God and the written word. Some denominations believe Joseph & Mary were 1st cousins. We could find in the "list" of forbidden marriages NO mention that 1st cousin marriages were forbidden and even encouraged. We are both nearing 70, procreation not an issue.

    We were married in a Methodist church, by a Methodist minister, under the eyes of God and witnesses. But we still encounter people who say it's forbidden. In fact I just ended a relationship with a good friend over this issue. I was insulted. What are your thoughts please !

    Please send references from KJV only as this is the only Bible he reads.
  • Hallie Michell Bryant on Genesis 1
    god has done so much in my life
  • Jake
    I was saved when I was 6 years old, I was doing my A C E pace. while reading a story Ace was explaining how amazing it was to be a Christian. I stopped and asked Mom how to be saved, then she told me and I got saved. :-)
  • William S Legon
    I was saved over 69 years ago God put up with with my ways all these years. I did many things that was wrong but God would forgive me. Greater is he that is in me is greater than the world.

    I have preach the word for over 50 years.

    This past year i had 3 heart attachs in less than 8 hours the Dr told me i should be dead God pull me out.
  • Michael Sheils

    In April 1990 after 16 years of marriage and four children. My life was ruined because of alcoholism. After an argument, I left home to sort my self out. Although I had tried in the past, I just couldn't change.

    Why is my life a mess?

    In desperation I called out to God-"The sun rises and sets every day for thousands of years but I am only here for a short life. Why am I here, why did you make me, why is my life such a mess? God if you are there please help me! I went home and found a leaflet in my letterbox asking, "Who is God? The one who answers of course!"

    Immediate and remarkable change

    I went to a meeting and heard the full Gospel message. I believed in God, but I never seen or heard evidence of his power in any other church. When it was shown to me from the Bible what I must do to be saved, I decided to be baptized by full immersion according to the scriptures ( Acts 2:38).

    I awoke at 3am the next morning to feel an amazing peace and joy come over me and I spoke in tongues. From that moment my life change. My marriage healed, aggression and alcoholism healed. God proved himself to me - why not you.


    In February 2013. I was diagnosed with a tumor. "The surgeon told me" The tumor is very close to your right eye, after your operation you may lose your sight in the right eye. I went in to hospital for keyhole surgery and they could not find any tumor it disappeared, thank you Lord. I thank God for he is a God who hears and answers prayer.

    Having a personal relationship with God is the promise of the bible. The New Testament of the bible describes a church that changed the world. It talks about salvation as a foundational experience from an answering God.

    In Jude 1:3 (KJV)

    Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.
  • A servant of OUR LORD
    Where do it begin? almost died at age of 7 or 8 with a horrible case of scarlet fever. years later would be diagnosed with cervical cancer. jesus in his infinite wisdome & mercy showed grace to a women who was lost and undone. how patient he has been with me over the years. in the last year he has taken nothing and made something out of it. and it is all him. i do love him with all my heart and following him until he calls me home or raptures the church whichever comes first.

    do want to share something though. a few weeks ago during testimonies at a church service, this dear sister stood up and said " i can't fix my daughter to become saved, but i can continue to pray." those words just kept going over & over in my mind. jesus had sent me another word. for years ive tried to fix people around me even being saved, but you can fix no one. only jesus can. my walk has been hard in that im a nurse and when we have a situation we use our training the good lord allows us and we fix what we can. but when you really realize he is truly in control and let go of the worries of this world, your walk with him becomes so much sweeter. it's been hard to let go, by his grace and mercy i have let go and laying up my treasures in heaven with my masters guidance. we sing a song in your choir called stand still and let god move. people are in a hurry to do this or run there, when we all need to take quiet time to commune with jesus. he is waiting now to hear from you, won't you let this be the day you no longer walk around filled with anxiety, worry, depression. he loves us all equally and has no respect of persons. we are all his children whether we choise to live for him or not for we were all created in his image. god bless everyone who reads this. he is coming soon, please be ready to meet him.praise his holy, holy, holy name now and forever in the name of the lord hesus christ amen
  • Candie joe
    It's been put on my heart, to share my ebarringly painfull I need to share in person.
  • Akeila Jobe
    I was in the fast life with all sorts of profanities and the Lord decided to look upon me...

    Those lonely evenings coming from work I would pray to Him...He heard my cry
  • Anita
    I was raised a Mormon, but their beliefs never satisfied my soul, and i left the church and eventually became a Christian. My husbands sisters were instrumental in my salvation. I thank God for them. there have been so many times that God saved me from death, he kept me alive for his purpose, until I was saved. I love him so. To God be the glory.
  • Edwin Muir on Revelation 6
    Re the pretrib contentions nowadays. I have a controversy with this for when a young Christian I was reproved of beloved *FATHER GOD* for some aggression in my walk. I was so moved, ashamed & repentant to think I was bruising others after experiencing much bruising attitudes and sad handling of situations through life till 52 years old when I finally confronted my Mother. "Mum, I have always though you did not like me." An immediate response was. " Edwin, how could you say such a thing!" "Well, thats the way Ive always felt." I answered. Again her quick answer was. "I can prove you were a wanted child, as I wanted 7 boys and you were number 5." Then as though conviction came upon her, she bowed her head saying. "OH Ed, I am sorry, I did neglect you." Resulting in her humbly accompanying me to Church of CHRIST NZ Mt Roskill, and her returning to her early Christianity. At death she said: "I said to GOD. I must be the proudest woman alive."Then with a grin. "I think *HE* said. "Dont be proud Jean, you are not." Loved that ! Brought up as atheists. Our *FATHER GOD* with infinite understanding foreseeing my response to the aggression reproof gave me three vivid dreams, clearly memorable to this day.

    1/ We lived next to a catholic famly and a great wind storm came from the east to the west and I was blown horizontal, on our side holding onto a post of the fence between our two properties while all sorts of objects flew past me.

    2/ A group of people complete with backpacks waiting on the northern grass siding of the Riverhead Road. Dad approached me from across the road. I noted his bright eyed face. Sparks fell around us as we lifted heavenward. Malachi 4:3. Rev 6:11. *GODS*wrathful DAYafter sifting tribulations.

    3/ I was sitting in a round craft above the earth, two beings looking over the edge and one said to the other."Theres another one." As I looked to my right in the distance I could see the city of GOD bordered with a rainbow. Matt 24:31, Mark 13:27 GBU.

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