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"A shoot, a descendant of Arphaxed (Luke 3:35, 36); called also" "Shelah (1 Chr. 1:18, 24)."

"A city on the south-east coast of Cyprus (Acts 13:5), where Saul" "and Barnabas, on their first missionary journey, preached the" "word in one of the Jewish synagogues, of which there seem to" have been several in that place. It is now called Famagusta.

"Whom I asked of God, the son of Jeconiah (Matt. 1:12; 1 Chr." 3:17); also called the son of Neri (Luke 3:27). The probable explanation of the apparent discrepancy is that he was the son "of Neri, the descendant of Nathan, and thus heir to the throne" of David on the death of Jeconiah (comp. Jer. 22:30).

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