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  • Adam - in Reply on Ruth 2
    Hello Bob, I don't think people change text of a Bible because one day someone prefers something else. If you look at the original KJV Ruth 2:2 more than 400 years ago it said corn and if you look at the other translations on this site all of them say corn. So, you think the text of all KJV Bibles should be changed to "ears of barley" because you assume no one grew corn in their cornfields?
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Ruth 2
    Hi Isabella.

    Click on the reply button on the post you are referring too, and then reply, that will link your reply to the original post and they get your reply.

    God bless.
  • Isabella on Ruth 2
    Amen that was powerful
  • Mishael - in Reply on Ruth 2
    Thank you, Luke. Pray for peace over this comment room.

    Bless you exceedingly
  • Luke Thompson on Ruth 2
    May the GOO Of love bless and keep us !!
  • Luke thompson on Ruth 2
    Thank you, DEAR GOD, for this beautiful day of independence Please use it to THY EVVRRLASTING GLORY. in thy HOLY name for ever and ever. amen!!
  • Luke thompson on Ruth 2
    We send thee all the love we have in our hearts. GOD Bless America and GOD bless all our Jewish brethren wherever they may be!! Luke and Mariana Thompson.
  • Don Brandsma on Ruth 2
    I love this way to study my topic.
  • David on Ruth 2
    Thank you Lord for showing us the proper attitude we should have in our relationship with others.

    The proper work ethics is very much needed in our day and age. From the leadership level down to the workers level. Thank you for reminding us how we are to treat and take care of the elderly folk amongst us.

    May we learn to "glean" from your word how we are to praise you in our lives as we await your coming.

    June 2021
  • Bonarskagmailcom on Ruth 2:7
    Thank you. DEAR GOD, for AL. Bless us, dear FATHER. For all. Hold Mariana and mr safely in thy loving arms. GOD bless us all.!!!!
  • Chris - in Reply on Ruth 2
    A kinsman is a relative, whether by blood or marriage. In the story of Ruth & her marriage to Boaz, Boaz was related to Naomi (Ruth's mother-in-law's) husband, Elimelech. Even though Ruth was a Moabitess, her first marriage to Mahlon (Elimelech's son) made her a relative to Boaz. And indeed, Boaz was not only a kinsman, but also a redeemer, in that he married Ruth so as to keep the blood-line intact. So, Boaz is seen as a Kinsman-Redeemer & is a picture of Christ as our Kinsman-Redeemer, having kept the Law of God perfectly & also paying the full price for our (Jew & Gentile's) sins giving us redemption because of his Humanity - His relationship to all mankind.
  • Chris - in Reply on Ruth 2:11
    When people today are conditioned to believe that an unborn foetus is not human & can be disposed of as one would do to an annoying pest, the result is that we can do however we please if only to satisfy ourselves or help in a difficult situation. When human life loses its value, the cumulative result is what we're seeing as 'normal' behaviour all around us. Even when a detestable crime is committed, we are quick to find the 'solution' in a person's mental instability or an unhappy upbringing. When sin is not treated as sin, "man is entitled to do whatever is right in his own eyes".

    And it's my considered & firm belief that the populace are not altogether in error for their thinking. That is why the concept of government has been introduced & approved by God. They are expected to lay down the rules according to divine standards for the people to follow without exception. In the case of abortion, what should have been enforced as murder, is watered down to meet societal wants & pressures, thereby appeasing their consciences that they're doing the Will of the people & no doubt, ensuring their continuance in power. Even in the failure to administer the correct punishment for wilful, fully proven murder, what does the criminal receive? Usually a jail sentence, so that he can one day be released to possibly murder again. I ask, who then is the greater criminal? Many in positions of power will have to give full account to God for their contribution to the many crimes being committed & their apathy & abuse of a God-given right & privilege to govern their people well. What my perceptions of governments in general, whether under Judeo-Christian influence & principles, or totally without them, is that they appear to serve, & so they do well in many respects, but rather used as tools of Satan to bring down society through increasing & rampant sin. They care not for men's souls (maybe they think that's the Church's responsibility), rather for their own survival & comfort.
  • Harold Gibso on Ruth 2:11
    Naomi and Ruth desired children, and God visited them in a sense to achieve that goal through Boaz. Today, many seem to want to get rid of the fruit of their womb through abortion. God help us and them to rid the world of this scourge.
  • Chosen on Ruth 2
    Ruth 2:12 The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust
  • Ivy Johnson on Ruth 2
    The story of Boaz and Ruth is a type of Christ and His Bride. What a perfect Love Story. I can’t leave-out Naomi either. God is so good and wonderful. A moabitis woman became the grandmother of God’s beloved, King,David. Only God could make it possible. God does not reject anyone. Once you repent of your sins: come to Him, in Faith believing, He will give you a New Beginning. How awesome.
  • BSP on Ruth 2
    Verse 15~Boaz showed concerned towards Ruth. She was a foreigner and a woman and Boaz was concerned for her. We should show compassion and concern for all including foreigners.
  • BSP on Ruth 2
    Ruth showed the quality of humility that we can imitate here. She did not just presume to glean even though she had the right to. She asked in a kind way and she received a kind response.
  • Irene123 on Ruth 2
    CORN, cont.; From Bible Study Tools - corn is a general term applied in the Bible to all edible seeds, grain. In the middle east In Jesus day and before, they did not know of the 'corn' of the W, hemisphere as we know it.
  • Irene123 on Ruth 2
    Biblical 'corn' was not just - wheat. From David W. Daniels (Bible Versions); "The KJV translators made no mistake 102 times in their proper translation 'corn'. It is the New World citizens who have mistakenly applied our word 'maiz' to the biblical 'corn'.
  • April on Ruth 2
    I often wonder if some of the places in the Bible exist still,and called the same name or if it has been changed do people teach their children these things? and tell them stories about Father GOD and of all the wonderful and amazing things that has happened or do they read them in a book like we do?,wouldn't it be fascinating to see these places with your own eyes,I think it would be AWESOME!!!!.
  • CARLETUS ADAMS on Ruth 2
  • Jose on Ruth 2
    I stand on the promise of Ruth
  • Mark Myers on Ruth 2
    "Corn" was not corn as we know it today. "Corns of Wheat" was ... you guessed it... wheat.
    and "ears" were the "heads" of the stalk of wheat, with all of the individual kernels of wheat. The same terms are used with barely.
  • Anele on Ruth 2
    When you Humble you self unto God, he exalt you as he did to Naomi and Ruth
  • Jacob levi boaze on Ruth 2
    Its the birthplace of my family. I find it inspiring.
  • Bruce Haskins on Ruth 2
    Ruth was a good worker and like how God treated her.
  • Patience acquah on Ruth 2
    Ruth was still submissive to Boaz and did not take advantage of his kindness. Ruth is a daughter because she had faith,v.2. As a good leader Boaz didn 't ask for anything from Ruth before he allowed her to continue to work there.
  • K.DOFFOUR on Ruth 2
  • Penelope Mafield on Ruth 2
    its amazing that she was able to marry elimelech 's cousin, and the blessed part about it, is her mother-in-law did not say look at her marrying another family member she already had one, now she is with another, I think its something how the mind of people was back then compared to the way it is now, because in todays society she would have been every name but the one she was born with, God is awesome the way he works, and not only that Noami saw it as a curse, but it was actually her blessing
  • Polyne on Ruth 2
    The ALmighty God has no limit of the race when He comes to bless. He gave ruth favour despite of her race.

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