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  • Obbie Beal
    we can learn a lot from Ruth, because any minute of the hour the norms-of-life can occur in my or your life as it did with Ruth, there is the drought economic failure having to relocate deaths older plus single all these and more can come upon me and you unexpectedly. Never-the-less if we are Rightly rooted in Jehovah GOD, especially through JESUS, we shall be able to endure.
  • Erma
    I didn't know that i had this on my pad. I need a pad to keep memo on
  • Modupeola
    Ruth was unknowingly following God' plan and purpose of God for her life. It all falls down to Divine Direction
  • James K
    Ruth, women country of Moab: she is King David Grand mom, if so them down the line king David is also Jesus grandfather then Jesus was half Jew and Moab.
  • DQ
    Great question. I think of it this way: If my mom was born in Ghana and my Father was born in New York, but I was born in Nigeria..Am I not Nigerian To God be the glory
  • Jim bob-joe
    this is encouraging and good
  • Anne
    Naomi said to call her 'mara' because of the affliction she had to endure in Moab. She believed God had afflicted her and decided to return home to her people and away from the idolatry of Moab.
  • Mark peterson
    Very bitter person because of the loss of her two sons God had Afflicted her call me not Naomi anymore she says but call me Mara mean meaning bitter
    Sometimes we go through a time of bitterness in our life and we think God has affected us but like the example of Joseph Joseph had a good attitude through it all in the end Joseph was the second ruler in the land of Egypt
  • BSP
    Verse 20~Naomi felt very bitter and expressed her bitterness by the words that she expressed here.
  • Lawrence Gweh
    She was very faithful
  • Caroline Wanjiru
    Comment*story Of Ruth Is A Good example of our day to day life so she call us to demonstrate our faith in a positive way. Also she is enrolling our today life to patience, hardworking and innovate to our daily basic life style
  • BSP
    Verse 15: Naomi urged Ruth to return with her sister-in-law because she was concerned about her welfare. Ruth was loyal to Naomi no matter what hardships she would have to face.
  • BSP
    Verse 14: Ruth showed loyalty by sticking with her mother-in-law through good times and bad times. We do well to imitate her loyalty.
  • Victoria Asiedu
    Ruth determination ended her a great family. She believed in God and shown much love for her in-law which later resulted her into that marriage of Boaz; hardworking, obedient, love, knowledgeable led to her great family
  • Anne
    This chapter is about decision. Ruth chose to stay with Naomi and to worship her God.
  • Irene123
    There is another 'back' story to "Ruth'. Had Elimelech stayed for 10 yrs. in Bethlehem, they would have been alright. But, God was moving the 'pieces' of Jesus birth into place. Everything that happens, God is there. God knows what each of us will do in a certain situation - and His will will be done. Nor can we say what God's plan 'b' would have been; with God - there is no 'plan B'. 'A' works!!
  • Barbara Pierce
    Ruth showed the agape love that we should have! Even in sorrow she kept the love and acted upon it. She loved Naomi and was willing to give her life to go with her.
  • Henrietta Okyere
    This book tell us to have faith and also determination no matter who and where you from Ruth demonstrated faith and through that the fulfilment of GOD came.
  • Amanda Jane Via
    Great four chapters! Book of Ruth is a wonderful story . Grace and a virtuous woman go hand in hand.
  • Marsha
    I believe that Naomi life was a good example and she loved her son's wives she also loved God and God did not let Ruth be a long and ruth was her blessing from God they developed a mother and daughter relation
  • Shannon R. Gray
    Ruth was a God fearing woman which produced a great love for her family and loved one's. Immaculate love.
  • Winnie njue
    Ruth has that strong faith and Naomi is a woman who will not want to see her daughter inlaw suffer windowhood like she has so sets them free because they are still young.very wise and loving mother
  • Rosalind
    Ruth was a Loyal Woman of GOD. She was Blessed, and had Strong Faith In GOD.
  • Kabah Lambert
    Ruth had a FAITH, that impressed her to desire as Qualified to be part of God's People. She persisted!
  • Pio Buisena Rova
    I think Ruth was a good and faithful full woman that relied and put her belief and faith in God.
  • Juanita Collins
    I think Ruth.wasa good daughter in law
    She love ,mother in law.she didn't want to leave her alone,she love her like a mother
    In these day ,the daughter in law
    Wouldn't care nothing about their mother in laws they would be looking for to marry someone else
  • Anele
    For me Naomi was representing God and Ruth the church
  • Jay
    Ruth was a woman of dedication, faith, and love. In her action toward Naomi, she is showing Jesus words that he will never leave or forsake us. When it seem to Naomi that there was nothing left, ruth step up by the grace of God showing that her love extends to death.
    Ruth showed a sence of responseability of having a family . She knew family should bond together in good time s or bad, supporting each other to make it better.
  • Christine Awah
    Ruth could be considered as one with unconditional love. Following a mother in law after the death of your husband is not common. She might have also heard about the greatness of the God of her late husband and would prefer to belong to that God instead of those in Moab.

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