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  • Blessed on Romans 7:6
    Shall we send GOD forbade Don t think that the spirit of GOD will let you or lead you to sin We are delivered from the law because we are in JESUS and not in sin The law is a ritual where the flesh had to perform to feel he was righteous In JESUS I am righteous because JESUS IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD There JESUS continually performs the work of GOD in me that he began until the day of JESUS CHRIST Don t be deceived we are to worship GOD in spirit and in truth The deliverance from the law is not liberty to sin GOD IS HOLY BE YE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY SANCTIFY YOURSELF AND THE GOD OF PEACE WILL SANCTIFY YOU HOLY
  • harrison on Romans 7:24
    i understand where paul is coming from we shall always struggle with the flesh in this life but when we pass over to the other side and jesus receives us into his arms we shall truly be free from the claws of sin victory in jesus
  • harrison on Romans 7:24
    i understand where paul is coming from we shall always struggle with the flesh in this life but when we pass over to rhe other side and jesus receives into his arms we shall truly be free from the claws of sin victory in jesus
  • Jesus child on Romans 7
    we are no more under the law, which bring forth death; the spirit bring forth life though Jesus Christ. If you want to live get Jesus get the holy ghost in Jesus there is life. Grace and truth came though Jesus Christ.
  • Bruce on Romans 7:14
    we fulfill Romans 7:14 in Christ, we are complete in Him
  • Sister helen on Romans 7
    @ Vanessa So many Christian church goers claim they can't cease from sin. Jesus died so we could conquer sin in our lives. To have the victory you must read your kjv Bible daily. Jesus said my words are spirit and they are life.'. If you pour yourself into reading you will find new strength in your spirit and will be able to overcome. Commit your works unto God and your thoughts will be established.
  • Cheryl, C on Romans 7:6
    I Thank the Lord for Jesus Christ : Through Him I am not longer bound to the old nature in me : God has brought me alive : I am alive to God!!!!!
  • Mario Bisciaio on Romans 7:18
    I am about to teach Sunday School this weekend about judgement, and this will help prove that only God can do this fairly. We are not qualified as the verse will prove.
    Thank You
  • Vanessa on Romans 7:19
    I think of this scripture often. I can remember most of the words, but I can't always remember where to find it. I apply it to my life. I don't know if I'm just having a pity party for myself.
    I know very well what's right and wrong, but always find myself, doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong words. I'm not a bad person. I don't drink or smoke or do any illegal drugs, but I don't attend church as I should. I go to bible study as much as my physical health would allow. I don't know. I think it's mostly guilt I feel for avoiding to worship with others. I don't know why. What's wrong with me. I know that going to church on Sunday is traditional, and also necessary for my relationship with God.
  • Mark Hudson on Romans 7
    (My comment to Lopez garvens): your still in the flesh because your even now claiming it... John 6:63, it's the Spirit that gives Life, the flesh counts for nothing, John 5-30, Jesus: In the flesh I can do nothing, as I hear... John 3:8, those born of the Spirit, it is like the wind. Right after Jesus recieved The Spirit like a dove descending on Him, it's states right after that He Was (led), into the desert for 40 days, The Holy Spirit takes you to places you do not want to go...that's the proof were not in the flesh, he didn't go into the desert for 40 days to find a Starbucks... As he hears... In the flesh, like Jesus, He was told by The Spirit to go, so He went, we choose to live in our flesh. You want evidence your not in the flesh, be willing to go where the Holy Spirit tells you, the same is for me, you, even Jesus...
  • Lopez garvin on Romans 7:21
    even though we have been born again by the holy incorruptible seed of the word of god we still live in fleshly bodies and our flesh or the carnal nature is always trying to dictate to us what to do or obey the lust or desire of the flesh
  • H.S. Shylla on Romans 7:4
    Romans 7:4 is the only verse that the Adventist Brothers have nothing more to argue. But will they accept the reality that we are completely died to the law and free to be with Christ forever.
  • William Copeland on Romans 7
    I love the spiritual insight of being married to the law..while married to him you are subject to him. (In our day and age what wife could really say from her heart, like Sarah, "I am subject to my husband.") But once the bride enters into death through and in Christ it releases her from the obligations of her husband. The Apostle Paulgets personal and points to his carnal continued struggle and forgetfulness of his death in Christ. An almost cryptic verse (V21) points to the central problem of the new creations walk. "I find then a law, when I would do good, evil is present with me." The most accurate translation of the Greek aligns itself to the entire rest of the Book we call the Bible. All 66 books by the 40 or so different authors over a period of almost 1500 years says the same thing. Our awakening to know good and evil has been the curse. It has seperated cultures and caused death and destruction all because one person in pride would say this is good while another says this is evil and niether is being led by the Spirit of God. The whole of human history declares this truth. All our righteousness is like a dirty menstral cloth. Our righteousness must exceed that of the doctors and lawyers of the day!The pride of mankind to know good and evil is the antitype of God. Pride is the complete state of Anti-God and it comes through this belief that I am good and you are not. Nothing feeds the carnal nature of a Christian (who has been awakened to the things of the Spirit of God but are not being lead by Him) than thinking in their flesh they are doing good. Who can deliver me from this body of death? Paul writes of an ancient practice of tying the dead body of the person you killed to you as punishment for killing him. You could not cut away the dead person or the authority who tied it to you would come and take your life. Often times because of bacteria and germs and the stench would kill you anyway. Isn't that the same thing as carrying this carnal desire to be good around with you? So what is the remedy? Paul would encourage you to read on!!!
  • Pedrin on Romans 7
    (Concupiscense) All sin done by me before I invited Christ into my heart have a job to do. And that is my daily spiritual testing.
  • Peaches on Romans 7
    7:1ff Paul shows that the law is powerless to save the sinner (7:7-14),the lawkeeper(7:15-22),and even the person with a new nature(7:23-25).The sinner is condemned by the law; the lawkeeper can't live up to it: and the person with the new nature finds his or her obedience to the law sabotaged by the effects of the old nature. Once again Paul declares that salvation cannot be found by obeying the law. No matter who we are, only Jesus Christ can set us free.
  • B.J. Manuel on Romans 7:24
    It is difficult to imagine that this exhausting struggle between flesh and spirit would be occurring in the life of the beloved Paul. Yet here he comes completely clean in admitting that indeed he does have the struggle going on in him. There a continual internal warfare going on inside of Paul and of every righteous Christian. Thank God that the resolution of this raging series of battles is resolved in Christ who redeems us from the curse of the law and raises us with Christ to the victory of the Spirit through our precious Redeemer Jesus Christ. The weak difference in me is made up in the mighty power of Christ and when I truly team up with and surrender to Him I know I will eventually and always win.
  • STEPHAN on Romans 7:24
    This cry is a of one who truly seeks to be delivered from sin and the power thereof.
  • K Pullins on Romans 7
    I Like Eric Sayranian’s comment on Romans 7.
  • Michael on Romans 7:21
    I believe that our flesh is alays trying to pull our spirit to reject the goodness we desire of God. Its origin can be traced to our free will in the Torah.
  • Eric sayranian on Romans 7
    Verse 18 is the quintessential question for all Christians since the resurrection, that is this “for to "will" is present with me, but how to "perform" that which is good, I find not". SO, does that mean there is not an answer to "performing" that which is good? NO, there is an answer!! First, quit trying to perform, labor to enter His rest. Second, Abide in Christ Jesus, not yourself (own strength). Third, when using His name, and praying, reading His word, do it all from the standpoint (foundation) of "BEING" in HIM. That is where the power is, anyway, that's where the "performance factor of verse 18 comes from!!!!!
  • RODDY MOGOROSI on Romans 7
    The FRUIT of our CARNAL NATURE is SIN ending in DEATH but that of our NEW NATURE is HOLINESS ending in EVERLASTING LIFE
  • Sharon on Romans 7:21
    I agree with Paul. The more you try to do good and be obedient to God, evil is always present around you
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Romans 7
    Chapter 7 is a clear instruction to all people to free themselves from the law of sin.

    1.First we have to abandon completely our desires for worldly pleasures.When we do this we die in Christ as symbolized by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross.
    When we get rid of our sinful desires then we are free from sin because those who are 'dead' cannot sin.We become free through death in Christ like a woman whose husband is dead is no longer bound by the law of the husband.

    2.We should then ask for God's forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah so that we start a completely new life that leads us to etrnal life in the glory of God as symbolised by Jesus Christ's resurrection from death into the glory of Heaven.Once we die in Christ by His Grace
    God lifts us to His Glory.Once we abandon all the worldly persuts and desires by His Grace God lifts us up to His Glory.

    We have two choices dear brothers and sisters.

    We either
    1. Obey our fleshly desires and become servants of sin leading to our permanent death.
    2. Obey the Word of God,Jesus Christ, the Messiah and become servants of righteousness leading to Salvation and eternal life in the glory of God All Mighty.

    Remember you can only become a servant to that which you follow.
  • JEMIMAH MWENDWA on Romans 7
    Christians should no that living your spouse and marrying another lady is a sin so the word of God cannot change no matter the situation so pastors should discourage remarriage.
  • Ricky G on Romans 7
    I love this chapter cause it tell you about the truth about marriage. There so many people that is getting marry just for a season,than remarrying like there no problem to do that. Thats a SIN,and GOD do not like sin. The word says that cant make it to heaven without GOD,so if you a sinner than u cant go to heaven. Then the chapter end with it talking about the flesh in thats a member by its self. JESUS die on the cross for are a sin so that we can have life. We have power to tread on serpents and scorpions,and over all power of the emenys.So get your house in order before its to late,cause tommrow is not promise.
  • Joe on Romans 7
    Ben, True revelation...when we know the truth it will set us free:)
  • Ben weaver on Romans 7:19
    In V. 19, I feel, Paul is defining the flesh aspect of his person before he elaborates on the marvelous spirit of life in Christ Jesus of 8:2-6. The religious efforts of a christian who dwells on his obvious failures and wills to overcome them before feeling presentable to God, are sure to fail, whereas the same person who "reckons himself to be dead indeed unto sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord"(Rom.6:11), will be surprised at the victories being wrought within him. I think, Paul was walking in victorious freedom, but reminding us not to turn back to will effort. As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him( Col. 2:6). Claiming the promised new creation in Christ and denying what we see and feel, is not a lie. In Eph. 6:10-18, Paul tells us to dress ourselves with the virtues of Christ; truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the Spirit(which is God speaking). Paul believed the promises, that in Christ, he had these virtues, and he knew how to apply them to his life. The enemy tries to get us to limit the,"exceeding great and precious promises, that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature"(2 Pet.1:4).
  • IntrepidTredger on Romans 7
    Firstly I pray that free course may be granted that edification of these first 7 chapters befall not only me. How wonderful is enlightenment when humility grants and entrance into the realm of the understanding of which is given us freely that we may know the err of our ways. Interpretation is not for our minds to make the evidentuality of truth. So how shall we know? Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ the risen Lord of Glory and Mercy that through His obedience the free gift of the Holy Spirit might be given unto man. As frightening as the revelation of the worthy damnation we all rightfully deserve is this knowing also gives us hope to use the attention to our own situations on bended knees that mercy might be found and the door of mercy through which the Lord Jesus was ordained for as it is writen, none goeth to the Father but by Him. I've found not yet that which I seek but this is which I know, while breath is yet in me I will continue to ask in my closet of His Fatherly burden of forgiveness. Only to know what manner of man I am so long as I sin I know to whom I've yielded my members to obey. Terifyingly I continue onward just wondering how much longer free justification and mercy will be granted the fool that is in me. Yet peradventure the hope of mercy might yet abound to the end I might dare to be found of the lowest estate in His presence in that wonderful and fearful day.
    How condescending of God desiring not only to be reverenced as God but desiring more to exercise the roll of The Forgiving Father, Patient and so Kind, Forebearing and still attentive to the stripes that I might bear the punishments I face now and willingly for they are for my correction if so be His Patience endures to my end. He's making a family, humble and ever so thankful, never desiring more than the joy of Love to come. Showing expressly through these dark tribulations the efforts of Love. If our own childeren disobey to be murder them? God forbid! But rather patiently we give it the sincere milk of truth that it may grow thereby until that time when meat may be partaken to know more as faith increases with the learning. Does it matter if the streets are really paved in gold if we've obtained His forgiveness? What more in our bodily ends is to be desired? Hopeful that the enemy within our very selves has been vanquished with its ways that with boldness we may percieve His fearful return as our Mighty Father's return.
    Therein is the confidence in which we stand that we might live long enough to rather be known by Him. Recounting in our hearts before Him the wonderful things He's done to cleanse us patiently that the kiln we must pass through might fashion us endurably for keeping and of use. That the fountain of live giving water, even his witness, might give everlasting sustenance to those to truly befall the understanding of His grace.
    How mighty and lofty are the ways shared thus far and I know that for these past 11 of my 39 years despite my foolish infidelity's more still has been continually as I admit His glory and righteous judgement that I might know my transgressions to in my closet open my heart to Him for justification that I may yet fight another day.
    Everyone thinks that Sodom and Gomorrah are gone but take a look around. We see them all over now. Spread despite the demonstrative power that showed us the end that awaits the such that has prevailed since and even now.
  • T NDLELA on Romans 7:7
    lust is a very evil sin it stirs up a lot of troubles in our lives as well as ou relatonship with God... so lets get rid of it...
  • Katiebell on Romans 7
    AMEN! I agree with you Kenya. You are absolutely right!!!!! 100% People don't rightly divide, that's why they get so confused.

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