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  • Randy Hahn
    Big difference between 'For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh' which instead of 'purifying', you said 'cover'. There is a big difference between those two. The same difference as between Forgiveness' and 'Remission'!!! The New Covenant is the Gospel of Remission!!! Good News! Holy To The Lord
  • Ivy Johnson
    Romans 6:23, kjv! for the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life through jesus christ our lord. god is a thrice holy god! the first adam, sinned. sin separates us from god. fellowship that adam and eve had and enjoyed with god was broken. sin separates ys from god. the second adam, our lord god and saviour, jesus christ, united us back to god. for he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin that we might be the righteousness of god in him. ii corinthians 5:21, kjv! he is gods only begotten son. begotten , means sired which means jesus is diety. jesus is god! the perversions omitted begotten . he is and always will be, god.
  • Randy
    The Old Covenant forgave sin. Read Leviticus. The New Covenant is the Gospel of Remission. We are FREE from sin because Jesus said so! How far is the east from the west?
  • Randy
    Correction V. Turner...Have you not read Leviticus 4:20,26,31,35...Leviticus 5:10,13,16,18..Leviticus 6:7...Numbers 14:19..Numbers 15:25,26,28??? 'and the priest shall make an atonement for him as concerning his sin, and it shall be forgiven him.' The blood of bulls and goats FORGAVE sin, so what did the blood of JESUS DO?????
  • Sherry Walker
    Jesus became the blood sacrifice so the other sacrifices could be done away with. He took the place of all of that. 1 John 2:2 Hebrews 9:2 John 3:16-17
  • Margaret Williams-Perrin
    Romans reminds us that when we accept Jesus Christ in sincerity its then holy living begins and for this to progress we have to come to the realization that our bodies become not our own but is now in the blessed hands of God where his Holy spirit dwell forevermore, for this reason we must forsake worldy living which contradict God's word.
  • Teri
    Yes, good stuff! I enjoyed all the comments and appreciate this forum. I think Paul puts it in straightforward terms that we are to live new lives, as servants of God.
  • Randy
    The blood of bulls and goats 'FORGAVE' sin. Not only did it forgive sin, but it cleansed the flesh from sin for A WHOLE YEAR! How much more the blood of CHRIST!!!
  • V. Turner
    Correction!. The blood of bulls and goats DID NOT forgive sin. The blood covered the sins for a year, and the shedding of blood to cover sins was a precursor to Christ's shedding of blood, which forgave sins. Forgiveness is forever. The yearly ceremony of sacrifice to cover the sins of people for a year had to be repeated yearly because it did not forgive the sins of the people.
  • DrBlakeman
    V Turner, thank you for that statement. It did not ring true that the blood of bulls should pay for sin. Had that been so, then Jesus would have died in vain. It would not have been necessary for Him to offer Himself a living sacrifice. The bulls were dead, Jesus Christ was offered as a living sacrifice that pleased God the Father for eternity. He remained alive until He willingly gave up the ghost to be that sacrifice. Also to be resurrected according to scripture. Amen
  • Bill Bats
    I hope the romans figured out what dead to sin means. Paul almost promotes sin in the previous chapters and here he I believe sets the truth out for the romans again like he did in romans chapter one. Great stuff. Some see death to sin as a mystery but I think it's plain to see.
  • Gay Amutuhaire
    This chapter is often misinterpreted to mean that man can sin all he wants and still be assured of an everlasting life because Jesus Christ already paid for their sins!. In my opinion, this chapter means Christ died so we may be forgiven, we should live Christ-like lives to be able to see the heavens otherwise we are doomed unless we repent for the shortfalls
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    Gay Amutuhaire: You are correct in saying ch.6 of Romans does NOT mean we are at liberty to do whatever we want because Christ died for our sins..Christ being crucified on the cross made provision for us to be saved. It's not once saved always saved, Luke 9:23 we must confess, repent and die to self.
  • DrBlakeman
    I am a bit puzzled? If the scriptures state, eternal life, life everlasting, and such statements, at what point can a person who has trusted Christ as Savoir loose that salvation? I find no where in scripture that we can take ourselves out of the hand of Christ, who is in the hand of the Father. If it were possible, then our salvation has to depend on us? Romans 4:2 And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. 2 Timothy 1:1 For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him. It is His righteousness not mine.
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    Our part in salvation is being obedient to God God's law but we can not do that unless we have a daily heart relationship with Jesus. Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death.Satan is constantly trying to tempt us by leading us into sin by being disobedient to God. We are assured that 1 John 2:1 if we sin we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.
  • DrBlakeman
    If the bible taught that you can loose your salvation, would it not tell you the sin it is that you may commit to loose it? All sin carries eternal consequences. What about the sins forgotten, or those we don't think are sin? We are kept by His righteousness, not our own. The scriptures would not say, eternal life, everlasting life, if "He," could loose it. That simply puts destiny in our hands? We are in the hands of Jesus Christ and His finished works, less we should boast. So, I reason with you to search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life! Prove them for yourself. At what point during your day are you lost, or saved? Only you can to answer that question.
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    1 John 3:4 Sin is the transgression of the law,Romans 3:20 for by the law is the knowledge of sin.Romans 3:31 Do we make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea we establish the law. Romans 7:12 The law is holy, and the commandment is holy. Acts 17:30 In times of ignorance,God winks at,but now commands every man to repent.James 2:17 Faith without works is dead.Our part"works"is being obedient
  • V. Turner
    once saved by the blood of Christ, you are saved. If the blood of bulls and goats were sufficient to cover sins for a year, how much more the blood of Jesus. Is God's Jesus blood of so little value? It is everlasting, eternal, and beyond our ability to comprehend it's worth. Just think, the grace and love behind the willingness to die, to save us from eternal separation from God hell WOW!!!!!!
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    The blood of bulls and goats were sufficient to cover sins leading up to the crucifixion, the shed blood of Jesus is sufficient to cover since the crucifixion but either way it does not cover sins automatically in both cases a person must have a change of heart aka the new birth.What we can not comprehend is the love and willingness that Jesus left heaven came to sinful earth died a shameful death
  • V Turner
    Judging from your comment, you missed my point ENTIRELY!
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    V Turner: My point is that The shed blood of Jesus is not an instant we are now saved forever, it allows us to confess and repent and He will forgive, it is not a "once saved always saved" situation for we are saved from our sins not in our sins we need a moment by moment heart connection with our Heavenly Father in order to have a Christlike character.
  • Randy
    Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he CANNOT SIN, because he is born of God. 1John 3:9 Holy to the Lord!
  • V. Turner
    unfortunately, Randy, we are still in our bodies and prone to sin.However, with the help of the Holy Spirit, who is always instructing us, if we but listen,and if we constantly look at Christ, and emulate Him, we will become less and less inclined to sin. Look at Jesus constantly, follow Him in thought, word, and deed, and sin will eventually have no room in you.
  • Cheryl Blanton
    People are being mislead about Romans 6:14-15 and taken out of context. I encourage you to read the entire chapter to fully understand. Some folks believe that because of verse 14 they can sin whenever they want and GOD will continue to butys no attention to the last two words in verse 15.
  • Stephen Currie
    The key word here is dominion . Nobody is going to be perfect, but this verse was key for me when all of my addictions and sins started falling from me like scales. So for me verse 6 and 14 are key for me, to know that my old man is dead and that his deeds may come back through the weakness of the flesh, it will not keep me there like it did before. "No Dominion".Walk in the Spirit! God Bless!
  • Clarice
    Just thinking of the passage that says to yield our members as instruments of righteousness. That as we are tempted to sin, to consider how we are using our " member", is it for righteousness, yielded unto God? Say our tongue, if we are tempted to lie or gossip, that we would be reminded to yield at that point to righteousness and to not use that member of our body as an instrument of sin.
  • Lauren
    One of my favorite chapters in the Bible that so many overlook. We aren't to continue in our old ways after being saved by the Blood of Christ; we are to be His loyal servants, become like Him, and forsake serving sin which will only end in death and separation from God.
  • Bruce
    Vanessa: All that You Post is Right and That's How It's to be, But Sometimes His Children Sin. If One Sin Sends His Children to The Lake of Fire, We All Would be There.One Bad Thought About Someone Hoping they Drop Dead or don't do so Good or anything like that. Turning On TV or The Internet etc. Not Telling Others how to be Saved.( 1 John 1:9 - 2:1) If You Know One Who Sins Restore (Galatians 6:1
  • Lilian
    Amen thank you Jesus for your word amen hallelujah
  • Maria
    Praise God! Because of the price Jesus paid with His blood, we can be saved and free to never ever sin again! What a wonderful thing to live life, free from sin! And to be able to have grace to face whatever life throws our way. There is nothing like having true peace in your heart and life, knowing your name is written down in the Book of Life and right with God! One can choose to sin, but God fo

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