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  • Mishael on Romans 5
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  • Ken knox on Romans 5
    This is misquoted, please correct.

    For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 5
    Hello, why do you assume it's 'misquoted'?
  • ERNEST ISTRE on Romans 5
    the law is it the 10 comanment
  • Mishael on Romans 5:12
    If you have questions about a persons parentage, by all means PROVE IT yourself by actually reading those tedious genealogies yourself. Read all the cross references to other back up passages.

    It's not our duty to prove false theories. You must stand alone with your statements.

    It's by the individuals words and WORKS that each person will be judged by Christ Jesus.

    I will not be part of that. Mishael
  • Burningrabbit on Romans 5:12
    Your logic is tortured and your interpretations are pompous and vain. Go to a 12 step meeting and learn some truths that you can live by.
  • Rose Salkey on Romans 5
    Please explain verse15 of Romans 5
  • Mishael Romans 515 - in Reply on Romans 5
    I looked this up in this website's Commentary Search Box.

    People's Bible Notes for Romans 5:15

    Romans 5:15 But not as the offence, so also [is] the free gift. While Adam is a type of Christ, there is a great difference. One kills, the other makes alive. "If through the sins of the one the many (the world of mankind) died", through the gracious gift of God, through one man, Jesus Christ, life has been given to the many. All will be raised at the last day.
  • Frimpong Joseph on Romans 5
    I thank God,you are helping us this way,God richly bless you.
  • Billy Joe Hunter on Romans 5
    Romans 5: 15-21 whant to print the veris
  • D W L on Romans 5
    The Bible-word of God isn't about what if. In the beginning WAS GOD, God was and is there are no what if's, He said I Am Alpha and Omega. God is first and last the beginning and the end.
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka on Romans 5:17
    For if, by the trespass of the one, death reigned through the one; much more shall they that receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one, (even) Jesus Christ. Adam's sin has allowed death to "reign" over the human race. We face physical and spiritual death because of sin. We may say that at the present time death is king of the hill ( Hebrews 2:15) for all who are not Christians. Death ceases to be king for those who become Christians because the saved "reign in life through Jesus Christ." Those who are in Christ are able to overcome the spiritual consequences of sin, and they overcome physical death in the sense that they will be raised to inherit eternal life. Death is no longer an unbeatable enemy. It may win a battle when it claims our life, but it will not defeat the Christian in the war for the soul. For information on the word "trespasses" (paraptoma), see the commentary on verse16. Concerning the word reign (basileuo), this same term is used of an earthly ruler in Matthew 2:22, sin ( Romans 6:12), and Jesus Himself ( 1 Corinthians 15:25). It is also found in verse21. Here, it is used twice, and its dual use shows that the reign of death can be defeated if we accept the reign offered by Christ. Describing God's grace as "abundant" (perisseia) caused Paul to use a term found only here, 2 Corinthians 8:2; 2 Corinthians 10:15; James 1:21. In each of these places it refers "to something above or beyond the normal. It suggests 'the element of excess and fullness that overflows the set bounds. In this process of overflowing, the existing standards and rules are transcended and what was comparable becomes incomparable'" (CBL, GED, 5:160). We have access to God's grace right now because "receiving" is a present tense verb. Notice too that our ability to overcome the consequences of sin is only possible "through" (ASV) or "by" (KJV) Christ. This is absolutely consistent with other verses like John 14:6.
  • Sunday Alaka Ogechi on Romans 5:17
    For if - This verse contains the same idea as before presented, but in a varied form. It is condensing the whole subject, and presenting it in a single view.By one man's offence - Or, by one offence. Margin. The reading of the text is the more correct. "If, under the administration of a just and merciful Being, it has occurred, that by the offence of one, death hath exerted so wide a dominion; we have reason much more to expect under that administration, that they who are brought under his plan of saving mercy shall be brought under a dispensation of life."

    Death reigned - Note, Romans 5:14.

    By one - By means of one man.

    Much more - We have much more reason to expect it. It evidently accords much more with the administration of a Being of infinite goodness.

    They which receive abundance of grace - The abundant favor; the mercy that shall counterbalance and surpass the evils introduced by the sin of Adam. That favor shall be more than sufficient to counterbalance all those evils. This is particularly true of the redeemed, of whom the apostle in this verse is speaking. The evils which they suffer in consequence of the sin of Adam bear no comparison with the mercies of eternal life that shall flow to them from the work of the Saviour.

    The gift of righteousness - This stands opposed to the evils introduced by Adam. As the effect of his sin was to produce condemnation, so here the gift of righteousness refers to the opposite, to pardon, to justification, to acceptance with God. To show that people were thus justified by the gospel, was the leading design of the apostle; and the argument here is, that if by one man's sin, death reigned over those who were under condemnation in consequence of it, we have much more reason to suppose that they who are delivered from sin by the death of Christ, and accepted of God, shall reign with him in life.

    Shall reign - The word "reign" is often applied to the condition of saints in heaven, 2 Timothy 2:12.
  • Graham Rogers on Romans 5
    Romans 5 v19 clearly shows us that the very same many who died in Adam will be made alive in Christ. The overwhelming testimony of scripture is the reconciliation of all to God.
  • Alex on Romans 5
    There is no more Jew or Gentile in Christ Jesus,he took of the twain Jew or Gentile and made 1 newman which is the H.G our new innerman that is formed in us via the seed of Christ.The curse of Adam was passed on to all men thus the blood of Christ has to be applied to all men.If i be lifted up i will draw all men unto me ALL MEN .GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD ETC.Jesus tells Nic. a Jew he had to be bornagain a teacher of the law.There was none righteous no not one. Thus israel needed to BE REBORN.By one spirit are we all baptised into the body of CHRIST JEW OR GENTILE BOND OR FREE.Peter was jewish but he teaches his ppl they must be bornagain of an incorruptible seed even by the word of God etc gbu
  • Teri on Romans 5
    Soooo much here for us! Everything we need to live for HIM. we have it all:peace, access, hope, love, justified, saved, joy, atonement, grace, righteousness, eternal life.
  • George on Romans 5
    I can't see where Romans 5:8 says don't thank me thank the one who is before me . JESUS said this somewhere , where ?
  • Bruce on Romans 5
    Ron-john: What Does Happen If Your Name is Not Found Written in The Book of Life? Answer Revelation 20:15. Asking questions with No Answers is Foolishness. What if God Made No Water?
  • Ronald johns on Romans 5
    what would have happened if eve had eaten the forbidden fruit and adam chose not to?
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 5
    There is no way to know what would've happened. Same can be asked of so many other events- what if Noah didn't obey God to build an ark- would we exist? What if Moses didn't follow God and make Israel. What if you hadn't made the choices you have in life- would you be the same?
  • Ann - in Reply on Romans 5
    Ronald Johns, read Genesis 3:6, both Eve and her husband did eat of the fruit.
  • Ivy Johnson on Romans 5
    V-8: But God commendeth His Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ DIED for US: THIS IS BIG: HUGE: UNBELIEVABLE: BUT TRUE! Why should a Thousand Time Holy God Love SINFUL: DIRTY: FILTYHY: Human Beings so MUCH: After we have: sinned: rejected: blasphemed: served other gods: etc: did not wash Hands off: done away with us: WHY SUCH LOVE? made us: Image: Likeness: LOVES US FOR EVER
  • Vanessa on Romans 5
    one man came and sinned causing all to die in that sin, another came full of grace and hope, that who so ever belief in him shall life forever
  • Vanessa on Romans 5
    Roman 5;12 is speaking of one mans sin that passed to all others, is Adams sin, and it was passed to all his generations, and then Romans 5:14 Adams transgressions death came to those even who did not sin
  • I Am that Michael Isaac Dale on Romans 5
    But ye wicked (being many antichrists,) preaching what ye know not, loving death and threatening death by crafting your graven images into every vain thing: and fabricating all manner of falsehood and deceit, were prophesied of privately (in the Spirit;) when the disciples came to me saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
  • Kathy on Romans 5
    To me this means that Jesus died for our sins for one or millions. Because of who he is we have Grace through his blood.
  • Anthony Loibl on Romans 5
    How just and fair is the Lord God, By one sin entered in the world and with it death and by one we were forgiven are sins and gained eternal life. Amen
  • Bruce on Romans 5
    Who is it? Adam. Verse 12 / It Wasn't Moses, The People Did not Believe God. Read Numbers Chapters 13-14. A Year for a Day=40 Yrs./ Believing it's Adam or Moses will not Send You to The Lake of Fire. Sins not Covered by The Blood of The Lamb Will.
  • Denise Rucker on Romans 5
    So? Just 'who' is 5:19 referring to? I ask this question of course thinking we may have
    different perspectives on 'who'? And I will tell you up front, lest you believe I am contentious in spirit: as I am just looking for truth. But I believe the 'who' is not Adam who was disobedient but Moses! Who else can take people -mislead them for 40 years -on what we know today as a'11 day' faith journey!
  • Rowland Robert Reeves on Romans 5
    Thank you for bringing this wonderful presentation of the Bible to us all. Truly you are doing God's work.

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