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  • Moses Njenga for verse 1
    It 's in CHRST we are declared rightous after HE took our sins, by faith now we can enjoy peace with GOD therefore making regalism and works filthy rags.
  • Blessed
    CHRIST the anointed one With CHRIST in you You in CHRIST You are anointed The anointing is in you when you are in CHRIST When you hear the preacher talk about the anointing he should be talking about CHRIST. CHRIST IN YOU AND YOU IN CHRIST.
  • MockingBird for verse 1
    I am justified by the measure of faith that was imparted to me from God my Father. It is up to me to have growing faith. I thank God that through Jesus Christ I have been justified and therefore I have peace with God. Praise God for His many Blessings. Happy is the man that trusteth in the Lord.
  • Damon for verse 3
    Worketh means employed what you all ready out Believe like 1 peter 2 24
  • Randy for verse 18
    I think the book of romans if read and studied can change the life of any person and teach what it means to be in christ. Romans may be the most spiritually important book in all the bible.
  • I believe that this says that even in today 's time, if someone who has never heard of Jesus, Moses or the law,sins! there sin will not be counted against them. It 's the same as someone who 's insane with a very low I Q commits a horrible crime that carries a death penalty, most states will not execute that person because his IQ prevents him from understanding the law. Or someone in the deepest part of the jungle never even heard of civilization, only law he knows is the law of his land.
  • Phumlani B. for verse 5
    This verse Romans 5 5 goes together with Isaiah 40 29 31, thou in our nature we easily give up but if we have HOPE we will be able to wait till He renews our strength and Gavin you are walking in JESUS ' Name. Amen
  • Kelli
    Romans 5 8 "... while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. " Still in our sin, knowing we were going to continue to sin, Christ died took our place for us. That means we don 't have to turn away from sin. God 's free gift... it isn 't a free gift if we have to do something for it. does, God want us to sin, NO. It goes against his will but because he loved us he died while we were yet sinners.
  • Steve for verse 18
    The book of romans help 's me to know were it not the precious blood of Jesus we wound not have know our purpose through salvation.
  • Trynos pande
    I m so in love with verse 19 so it means one man can change things whether good or bad so I say to myself I will stand with those who don t know Christ yet and help them understand that Jesus Christ can change our lives
  • Nicholus ariedi for verse 8
    Unconditional love the true charater of our Christ Jesus so those who bear his name ought to arm ourselves with the same character towards those we think and see as sinners to love them so we can win them for Christ because christ came us then to them through us
  • Carl Bergeron Jr. for verse 10
    Gods Law Shows us our sin Gods Grace Shows us his Love Through Faith in his only Son Jesus Christ Death Burial Ressurection And by our Believing This We Have Enternal Life
  • Stan Almendro for verse 5
    If we believe this an we allow the LOVE of God to BLOSSOM in our LIVES we too will disappoint less and OUR lives will be ruled and DIRECTED by THAT LOVE Yes God who does not disappoint YES we are HUMAN but CHANGED and BEING changed Moment by MOMENT
  • Donald e. herrold for verse 13
    If as the Word says Christ has met the law at the cross and paid its price through the death of the creator of it it is indeed fulfilled and there is no further condemnation to those who are in Christ Faith in his death burial and resurrection with the gift of the HS frees us from its jurisdiction and its punishment death because we are new creatures sons of God and not Adam
  • Maria Mills
    Thank you Lord for your precious Blood that you shed at the Cross for us for me That while we were sinners you died for us Hallelujah
  • Terry voegeli for verse 13
    in the garden God made every tree that was good
    but the one in the midst of it you shall knot eat.
    is that a command or law in a sence. how come food laws aren't being tout in churches today.
  • Joseph
    God has given us everything that a father will give to his children,and that's "Jesus".i will love christ till death.
  • Jesus child
    we are saved by grace though Jesus Christ.
  • Martha Harden for verse 8
    I always try to make that verse be as "personal" to me as I can. While "I" was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. By doing so (making it personal), It makes me try harder to pattern my life as someone that is worthy of such "unconditional love". Sometimes when I'm feeling "blue", all I have to do is remember that God loves ME! ME! What an awesome feeling--
  • David Morrison
    It took the blood of Christ to cleanse me. Now I am saved by grace through faith. Now I am as white as snow.Praise the LORD.
    That is a wonderful thing to know, No I pray that man should walk in it.
  • Cierra
    Thx, for word of God
  • Doris for verse 17
    Father we thank you for your word, that is living in us. In Jesus Name.
  • Cheryl. C for verse 17
    The Grace of God is greater than any thing that I come up against. I am made to sit in heavenly places in Christ . Once death reigned; now life reigns. Thank God : God is greater !!!!!! I Praise my Lord Jesus for the new birth ; no longer held in bondage
  • Freddie Musisi (Pastor) for verse 19
    I see ourselves greatly previliged because of Jesus' obedience which has and continues to be of Mass blessing to all that believes in his name and word.
  • Jehovah God made a provision for humans to overcome inherited sinfulness. Jehovah sent his only-begotten Son to help humans, and because of this ransom sacrifice God willingly applied it in behalf of everyone.
  • Doris for verse 8
    Thank you God for loving us. We give praise to your Holy Name.
  • Christopher for verse 5
    I am in agreement with you Gavin......
  • Rebecca smith

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