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  • Abel Gonlewon for verse 20
    5:20 is telling us that there is a spirit of rebellion that is associated with the sinful nature in human that always want to rebel against laws. So when the law came, eventhough we may try to obey, but that spirit will always force you to disobey, and when you do the law will condemned you
  • Joe
    James - In Genesis, where Adam Eve eat of the forbidden fruit this is the beginning of the downfall of mankind.
  • Lilian
    God 's Reigning Grace is to influence his words and Faith that will imparted into man 's heart that we can see in our daily life by the help of the Holy Spirit into us. We need to recieved his Reigning Grace. Amen
  • James for verse 19
    What scripture clearly states or shows we are born in sin.
  • Creola
    God so love us...Jesus Saves...Father and Son ..What powerful team we have ...Thank you for loving and keeping us ...Thank you for your Holy Spirit thats in and around us ....Amen
  • Michael
    We thank you Christ you made yourself the tree that was in the middle of the garden of eaden,we thank you that you made yourself sinner and the manifold wisedom of God.
  • This verse always cause me to: - Deeply appreciate God for loving me so much even when I had no idea of Him and of such love. - Wonder at such great unquantifiable sacrifice God made to redeem me. God did not wait for me to be born before doing it. He loved me before I was formed in my mother 's womb. -fear and reverence Him. - always remember that I am unworthy of God 's love for this, I should show unconditional love to others
  • Joyce vesprey
    I now know because of the lord Jesus Christ I have access by faith into his grace,and I can glory in my tribulation knowing that tribulation worketh patience,and the promise of God " holy spirit " will comfort me through all my tribulation Amen.
  • Kim Lian
    Jesus Christ died for our sins and by His Blood we are justified by our faith in Him who loves us with His Agape love. We need to be thankful to Him everyday.
  • Lilian
    We must remember that Jesus redeemed all of us sinners, righeousness and wicked because of Jesus love and mercy to us we are pardoned and forgiven. We must accept God 's words and keep them until rapture as only from his words we recieve healing, life in abundance, we recieve peace, joy and forgiveness. He who drinks the Living the water will never be thirsty but have eternal life. Jesus himself is the word of God and we must accept them and love them. Jesus loves us so much. We must be Born Again in Spirit in order for us to be save and enter into the Kingdom. Without God in our lives we cant do anything. Let the Holy Spirit works in our life and cancel all the works of the defeated enemy, Let Jesus washed our unrighteousness and cleanse our sins. without Jesus words we cant do anything. Jesus loves you and dont be afraid on trusting him. Amen
  • Samuel Allen
    I place my faith in the finish work of Jesus Christ, and I am justify, because of my sins which Jesus pay for with his blood, I am trying to live my life in the freedom of the finish work of my Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • How many where made sinners many or all all where made sinners so through Christ All will be made righteous
  • This verse exposes anyone who thinks grace somehow means anything goes. Righteousness is necessary and not just God 's righteousness, but what God takes account of in the saints...ultimately seen in the fine linen referred to in the last book of tge Bible - Revelation.
  • Delivered
    Death reigned after Adam, even those who were perfect had to sacrifice, but Through Christ! We have victory, no more animal sacrifices, we are cleansed through His blood and the gift of eternal life given by grace through righteousness. Hallelujah Jesus. Thank you Lord Amen
  • Gwendolyn Brown
    We all have sin! but only in JESUS we have forgiveness, yes He came for all: So everybody have the rite too the Tree of life, which means grace is a free gift from our Lord JESUS to all: know one has to be in bondage were save by GRACE. AMEN
  • Billy
  • MockingBird for verse 17
    In Adam we all were dead : Held in bondage : In Christ Jesus we all live : wherein we are all made free from sin and death : In Jesus Christ we have the gift of Grace : Salvation : and righteousness in Jesus : He is my righteousness : Therefore through Jesus Christ I rule and reign in my life. Praise God : The words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart shall be pleasing to my Lord ,who is my strength and redeemer. Yes !!! Amen !!!
  • Felix Osiadi for verse 17
    If the sin of one Adam brought death upon all human race, the grace and free gift of righteousness by Jesus Christ brought life to all that believe in Him.
  • Fred garcia apostalic life for verse 8
    What would we do without mercy all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Acts 2 38 the repentance message
  • Cheven evevangelist world's media lite for verse 5
    I almost dropped my glasses this is a wonderful scripture I told myself self what would you do without hope I got the holy ghost at a church several years ago
  • Glenda Ball for verse 8
    Just as Jesus commended his Spirit to God on Calvary, God commended His Love to us. He gave it completely, without holding back anything. A perfect, beautiful, lavish giving of the best He had to give....
  • RNM Romans Chp 5
    Forgive me for speaking so openly, but I believe that our GOD is like a parent whose child has gone off to a far off land never to be heard of again. And He has done everything in His righteousness to bring us back to him even at the cost of His Son 's Life, knowing the only way to redeem us was through His own Holy Blood. even though it 's something no one on Earth understands. GOD is very serious about it. he 's done everything for us, He searches us out, convicts us with His Holy Spirit, and puts us in the right circumstances to give in and accept His Son as our Saviour, we have very little to do with it, That 's how much He loves us We will not know how much, until we are face to face with him in His Kingdom. PRAISE GOD, PRAISE YESHUA, PRAISE THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN.
  • The first gospel application that is made to believers is that we have peace with God and therefore have unhindered access to God himself Romans 5 1 2 . Because we have been joined to Christ legally and have been therefore declared righteous, and joined to Christ vitally and have been therefore made righteous, we have direct access to God. It is important to note that your access to God is not based on your performance, or how well you are living the Christian life, but is based solely on your justified status. Cr. Jonathan Beazley Applying the Gospel to Believers
  • Joseph Mukonambi
    Romans 5 we see what Christ did for human beings on the cross we were justified, redeemed and reconcilied to God. Before Christ 's death we were enemies of God, but reconciliation took place through the death of Christ Jesus on the cross.
  • DeAnn
    Beautifully inspired of the Holy Spirit! Anointed chapter as is all of Romans and the entire Word of God! I think praise God for His gift of Grace...and thank Jesus Christ my Lord Savior Deliverer and Redeemer for His unfailing obedience unto Calvary 's cross for us all.
  • What is the key that unlocks accesses grace? It is faith dependence on God, as opposed to self dependence. Faith, in this context, is a choice to rely upon God to appropriate His grace in any given situation, whether victory over sin or endurance amid trials, etc. It is trusting in the Lord with all the heart rather than leaning to our own understanding. It is asking for God s enablement, in any given situation, and then believing He has already given it. Pastor James Hollandsworth Kingdom Preparation
  • Al
    Are sins are eradicated by his death but we are saved by his life. It is his eternal life that saves us.
  • Julio bautista for verse 13
    i believe that this verse in parenthesis for a reason. it is just making the point that since adam and eve sinned, sin has been in the world. this is why the next part of the chapter will confirm just that. that through one man sin entered the world and because of that all mankind is a sinner.
  • Vincent for verse 5
    After experiencing a very serious car accident in 2007, my faith was shaken very much. But then hope came to my rescue and the Holy Spirit gave me assurance that God could and would use me in the area of pastor duties that I was involved in, Hope came alive in me.!!!

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