Romans Chapter 4 Discussion

  • Alex1939 - in Reply on Romans 4
    Hi Bobby Gbu...Blessed is the man whom God will not impute sins...Thats them that have been bornagain via his seed the word which initiates...Faith a spritual pregnancy...That results in a baby Christ the H.G. that Child of Promise...It was Faith that initiated Sarahs Pregnancy even tho she was pass age as also Abraham was like 90 yrs old ...Too old to produce a Child.

    But with the New Covenant ( by his blood ) there is also a Child involved...Which is the H.G. that Child of Promise...Thats y Jesus is saying that which is Born of the Spirit is Spirit...Thats y John said,..little Children your sins are forgiven for his Name sake... 1st John 2:12..Which is the Israel of God... Spirits...The H.G. Comes in his Name thus no SIN IS IMPUTED.

    When Jesus said its FINISHED...When he was on the Cross he was initiating a New Covenant in his blood...Thus there is absolutely no more works we can do...He did it all...Under the old covenant we cd do works ( the law )...But there is no more works under this New Covenant...All of our sins are forgiven for his Name Sake the H.G. the Child of Promise...Remember the H.G. that Child of Promise comes in his name...The Father will send the H.G. in my name impling he is the father of the H.G. and the H.G. will regenerate himself in humanity after the book is opened...Thats when the woman gets Pregnant after the Book is opened...Thus there is gonna be an Israel of God...What Abraham did on the Earth via Faith is gonna be done in heaven and earth via the seed of Christ Jesus...The contents of that Book he wrote with his own blood..

    But now under this New Covenant we birth a baby Christ via Jesus seed his words...Thats y there is no sin imputed simply b/c of the Children of Promise the H.G. which is his name sake ... John 1 :13...Which were born NOT by the will of blood nor of the will of man nor of flesh,but only by the will of God...These are the Children of PROMISE...The H.G...Thus there is no sin imputed to them that are bornagain.
  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 4
    Hello Bobby. In Romans 4:8, the Apostle Paul is quoting directly from Psalm 32:1,2, where in that Psalm, David is rejoicing in receiving God's Forgiveness (possibly this Psalm is a sequel to Psalm 51).

    Then in Romans 4:1-8, Paul gives an example of Abraham who was justified before God (i.e. declared righteous) without him having to work to obtain that right standing before God. If Abraham had any goodness within him that could secure God's Approval, then he would have to pat himself on the back, for God would give him no credit (loosely translated from verse 2). But as Genesis 15:6 states, "And he (Abram) believed in the LORD; and he (God) counted it to him for righteousness".

    So Paul uses these illustrations to show that our righteousness before God can only come by faith alone in Him and nothing else. That being the case, how "blessed" are those who are completely forgiven, sins cast aside, and we now stand before the Lord uncondemned. When the Lord does not "impute" sin to the one made righteous by faith, that sin which was removed can no longer be reckoned or charged to his 'account' (i.e. not imputed). This of course, does not give the saved sinner liberty to continue to sin knowing he is made righteous before God, but now being saved from sin's penalty & God's Judgement, he by the power of the Holy Spirit within will now live unto God, dealing swiftly with any sin that surfaces. As 2 Corinthians 5:15 states, "And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again." "...we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul" ( Hebrews 10:39).

    We are indeed so blessed to be in this glorious position of being the beloved of God, accepted, uncondemned. Those thoughts should always be in the forefront of our hearts & minds when sin comes knocking at our door.
  • T Levis - in Reply on Romans 4
    1John 1:9, Ezekiel 33:11-20

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Bobby cooper on Romans 4
    What does Romans 4:8 mean?
  • Victoria Obeka - in Reply on Romans 4
    Oh great! I now understand the way this works! Our already gained salvation needs to be watered by our sustained sanctification, through the help of the Holy spirit at work in us, till the coming of Christ. Thank you!
  • DAVID - in Reply on Romans 4
    Obeka In Gods eyes we are spiritually perfect the work is putting his word on in our minds Romans12:2 and then the three

    R'S of learning Colossians 1:13 receive, Thessalonians 3;10 Put the new man in the mind retain then Phil. 2:16 release or hold it forth.The battle is always words Gods thoughts His word like Phil.4:8+9 life giving or or the lies of the enemy. That's why the key to walking with God via the spirit is renewed mind daily based on Gods word. Our minds don't change over night that's the work and it never ends. The only man that ever lived on earth with a completely whole mind or sound mind is Jesus Christ.

    P.s. remember we were born into a corrput word and only had our 5 senses as information now we have holy spirit which is

    info from God which is always true. That's why I said the more you retain that's work the knowledge of God 2 Peter 1:1-8

    constantly says through the of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Romans 4
    Obeka Victoria,

    That is a great question. It is true that Jesus Christ paid our debt. It is a debt that we cannot pay. Jesus paid the debt for us. He was the propitiation for our sin. We have been declared justified.

    Please notice that Philippians 2:12 says, "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." It does not say to work to obtain salvation, but to work out a salvation that we already have. I mean, how can we work out our own salvation if we don't have salvation to work out? Here is the literal translation: Be continually working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    You see, it's a process. We don't work for our salvation. It is God's Spirit in us that works things out. In order to get a clearer picture on this, we have to take Verse 12 along with the very next verse ( Philippians 2:13). It says, "For it is God which works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."

    The word "works in you" is the word energizing. For it is God who is continually energizing in you both to will, and to energize of His good pleasure whatever He thinks best! It's His energy, and it's whenever He wants to energize my spirit for His Spirit to work in me. It's all according to His good pleasure. It doesn't have anything to do with my good pleasure. I'm just a vessel.

    So be continually involved in having your salvation worked out because it's God who is working it out.

    Hope this helps!
  • Giannis - in Reply on Romans 4
    Dear Victoria

    " out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Philp2:12

    God is not only offering salvation to people through Jesus Crist but He does a work of transforming our character to be similar to His. This is the "work out" in that verse. It is something we do with the help of God's Grace (Holly Spirit).

    The "fear and trembling." is a warning to be careful to avoid what happened to Judas or Demus. 1 Timothy 4:10 "For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto ..."

  • Obeka victoria on Romans 4
    I am so enlightened by this exposure, we're indeed saved by grace through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; going by the last paragraph "...He paid our debt..." why then do we have to "work" for our salvation, according to same Apostle in his letter to the Philippians; " out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Philp2:12

    This is in a bid to get a clearer understanding.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Romans 4
    God is good and His commandments are good and good for us. They show us how to love God and Love others. They help us have relationships that honor God and others. The help us have civility in our families and society. What parent does not teach their children to not lie, steal, hurt others? If we feel that our children need to obey these commands, then certainly we should feel that we should do, especially since God granted us grace that has the power for us to say no to what is sinful and yes to what is good. God wants His children to live godly lives among wicked, unbelieving people. So, one who lives in godly ways will love His commands and obey them. Just because we are "under grace" does does not give us license to dispense with God's holy commands.
  • Manuel marques teixeira on Romans 4
    The week has seven days, only because there is a Creator thar ordered Adam and Eve to rest on the seveth day, called the Sabath. When the time of prophecy came, Jesus was born from the flesh, through God's sprit, acording to The Holy Scriptures. Jonh starts the first chapter, witha tremendous declaration about Jesus, being The Word and God! Isaiascalls Emmanuel to the Messiah, wich means God amongst us! Jesus presents Himself ONE with God the Father, and as Being The Light of the all World. The Word of God points Sion as God's Inhabitation on the northern side of the Universe. Job didn't answer to God's question about the magnetic North and the Light's source and how does the Light propagates through the entire Universe.

    ezequiel describes the Temple of God and a river that comes out of The Temple. God is the source of The All Power, Light, the magnetic North and All the other forces of the cosmos, as gravity wich operates under strict mathematic laws known by the Astrophisicists, who through astronomic observatories, mesured the length of Light waves and recognised Light's relevance to understand time and space. God is THe Spirit, as the bible aknowledges! Therefore God isn't subjected to the Laws He made for His free wil living creatures. The character of God is Love! Love comprehends Mercy and Justice! Jesus was baptised to acomplish all the Justice, as He answered Jonh Baptist. Jesus has Two natures Divine+Human! Satan's rebellion could have succeded, if Jesus didn't acomplish all Justice of the Law. On Mathew 37, Jesus declares ten commandements's Law, eternal as everything done or written by God. If not so, why did Jesus died for? says Paul, appointed by Jesus to be Jesu's apostle to the gentiles, whom we are part of also.The Ten commandements was the Law broken by Adam and Eve, putting satan's lie, above TRUTH WHO IS GOD! These is consacrated by God's Hand Writting, on the first four commandements of the Law. Jesus's good works are for walk on them.
  • Donald Deskins on Romans 4
    Philippians 2:5 "Let this mind be in you..."equal" with God." There's only one form of eternal life, that is the life of God.
  • Juan Gertzen on Romans 4:17
    I see a lot of people twist the verse, and say we are on the same level of God? We are on the same level and can do the same things as He? Were is that part of verse? Dear brother and sister it is a ability we dont have. Only God can call things into existence. If we say its ability we have we take scripture out of context. Who wanted to be like God and what happened to him? Be blessed.
  • Emeka johnson on Romans 4:5
    Thank you lord for your love you showed in the cross of calvary for my justificatio, thank you my father and my God for your mercy that counted in righteousness!
  • DARLENE M WARNICK on Romans 4
    looking for scripture :call that which is as it is not
  • Wanda S Williams on Romans 4
    I thank you for God's word released into my life, at such a time as this
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 4
    I think all KJVs in print and on the web today had a big revision in 1769 and a minor one around 1900s. People ask why and what the rationale was and there are books on that you can buy for every single letter, hyphen, punctuation, capitalization change. It didn't change the translation or meaning of course, but needed change to keep up with changing English language as it changed substantially from 1611 to present.
  • Use of Cannabis on Romans 4
    To Ed George

    This is a comment that someone wrote in regards to Big Pharmacy and marijuana.

    When you think about it....Big Pharmacy does provide America with enough opioids to kill a planet. I see the point. What do you think?

    > commenter unknown. WRONG! Your research is ancient and full of old prohibition deception. Sounds like you're a religious pharisee and definitely a legalistic. Not all who say Lord Lord. You can twist and pull scripture out of context all day long. Once pulled out of context, becomes a pre-text. Doesn't work. There is freedom in grace. Not to be taken lightly of course. Our motives determine everything. I don't agree with recreational, however medical has saved the many from harmful pharmaceuticals something I'm sure your on the payroll for so of course you are going to claim cannabis is oh so dangerous. Big pharma is dangerous and deceitful beyond measure. Big pharma happens to be one of the biggest opponents of cannabis along with alcohol and tobacco. That sure says a lot.

    In Scripture we are to obey Gods precepts. There is nothing there regarding cannabis except to say do all things in moderation. As well don't offend your weaker brother. Again.. stop twisting scripture to suit those who keep your bank account full Big Pharma.

    ( Writer unknown)

    Mishael comment: I had 2 little brothers die from long term drug use. My view is rather harsh. Maybe we should talk about this?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Romans 4
    If you go back to the LINKS opening page, you'll see the versions of the Bible used in this website or explaining them:

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  • Kaelyn on Romans 4
    Does this website use the KJV Standard edition from 1769 or 1900?
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Romans 4
    Good point! Perhaps we should let the individual decide , unless like you say, the parents make the decision for them. It should not be automatic. While we are living in a world of equal rights, I wonder if the Lord would mind if I made a reasonable gesture (explanation) that they (the woman) may not feel slighted as it were too our equality before God? Being married, and understanding the complexity of the opposite party unlike the priest that guide us today.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Romans 4
    circumcised? Most babies now days are circumcised at birth unless the doctor is told not to.
  • Fredscanlan on Romans 4
    This chapter uses the word circumcision. If God wanted man circumcised,Why didn't He create man circumcised? Why is it used to show us what it is a sign of. Paul, a professor of the law, is moved directly to the heart of the matter! It is unfortunate, that the doctrine described is merely nothing less than a Jewish tradition, mans tradition. In the year 2020, we might think that this tradition is outdated, and perhaps may be! The point is this, Our father Abraham used it as a sign of the hope and promise from God ,not only to Him, but all that would believe after Him. It therefore should be made clear, that these words do not distinguish that a woman is any less than a man in the eyes of God! On the contrary, that the circumcision we now have is of the heart both of man and woman. This circumcision could be considered a cutting away of the pericardium. Extreme example, yes! That was my reaction after open heart surgery. What better way to get the point across.
  • Karlie on Romans 4:25
    For all have sinned come short of the glory of god Being justified friendly by his grace Through The redemption That is in Christs Jesus: But for us also, to whom it shall Imputed, If we believe on him that raised up Jesus up Jesus our lord from the dead,"

    Love Karlie Derosa you get too excited about the family service friendly customer
  • Lila - in Reply on Romans 4
    We also have an Obedience to Our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Mishael - in Reply on Romans 4
    Romans 1:4

    And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:

    Romans 6:5

    For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:

    That's all there is.

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  • Louise Beaulieu on Romans 4
    What 2 scriptures speak of resurrection in Roman's chapter 4?
  • Mishael in SHEEP or GOAT on Romans 4:3
    Matthew 22:32-33...7:15; Ezekiel 34:12

    John 10:12, 8

    Luke 15:4-7

    1 Peter 2:5

    People are sheep, or a goat. Jesus is THE SHEPHERD. He will know who is what.

    There also are wolves in sheep's clothing and ravening wolves.

    If the sheep are lost, we need to take them over to 1 John verses 5-10; particularly verse 9. Show them how to get all that mud and stickers out of their wool. Baby Christians need to learn to run to Jesus and pray verse 9. Lay it all out and admit everything. They learn to love clean and Light.

    A new commandment 1 John 2:8-17

    1 John 3:10 in this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness, is NOT of God (a goat); neither he that loveth not his brother.

    Once I got to carry a "lamb" in intercessory prayer, for weeks. Someone desperately wanting to die. As soon as that person turned to God for help, I was released. If Jesus let's you carry a lamb you will never be the same person. Sheep, lamb, goat?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Romans 4:3
    The apostles, including Matthias were witnesses.

    From Verse 14 to 47 of Acts Chapter 2, Peter is giving the principles of salvation to the Jews. We know from Verse 14 that Matthias was there. But I believe he is giving his message to the Jews. The original language puts markers in for us so that we know how to break down the message. In Verse 14, it says "Ye men of Judaea." That's a marker. Another marker in Verse 22, "Ye men of Israel." And then Verse 29 says "Men and brethren." So Peter is speaking to Jewish brethren, the ones who were eyewitnesses to Christ's resurrection. Acts 2:36 seems to indicate that he's speaking to the Jews. They were witnesses of Christ's resurrection. We see in Acts 1:11, it says, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.
  • Rev.Rick - in Reply on Romans 4:3
    It seems probable that Peter refers here to the whole 120 who were present, and who were ready to attest it in any manner.The matter which was to be proved was that Jesus was seen alive after he had been put to death. The apostles were appointed to bear witness of this. We are told by Paul ( 1Corinthians 15:6) that he was seen by more than five hundred brethren, that is, Christians, at one time. The 120 assembled on this occasion were doubtless part of the number, and were ready to attest this. This was the proof that Peter alleged; and the strength of this proof was, and should have been, perfectly irresistible.

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