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  • Alvis Jenkins on Romans 2 - 1 year ago
    Many people read from the Bible and scan over many words without ever knowing what some words mean, such as: iniquities, transgressions, tresspasses and sins. I have heard people say they are all synonymous. If that were true then why wouldn't the scripture just use one word ?
  • Giannis - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Dear Maria

    It is an easy thing to preach inside a church where you are surrounded by fellow Christians but going out there at the front line one has to have guts. God provides His strentgh though. I agree with brother Jesse that that is not for everybody. In my life I have seen christians that go out there and talk to the crowds feeling sooo comfortable and selfconfident like they talk to friends sitting at a cafe. I can't do that. Once two of my brothers in Christ asked me to accompany them when they went to talk in public at a cental spot of the town where i live in. I didn't have to talk, just stand there and support them with my presence. When they started talking to people and saw so many people looking at me I got terrorised, wished the land to open and got inside it. But I felt so ashamed of that, and I did s little prayer inside me. Said, Lord give me courage, I must be here supporting my brothers. And then I realized that I actually didn't care at all about people stirring at me, it didn't bother me at all. God provides you with His grace when you ask for it. But still one has to be of a specific character to do that. But on the other hand if nobody makes himself available to God for preaching in public whom is going God to send? That is why I admire people like Mishael who spent their whole lives fighting at the front line. They are christians' heavy artillery. God bless them. And you.
  • Mishael - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    My first time out alone, I was outside the bar I previously got tipsy in a lot. A group came out the door. I said, did you know some of you might be on the road to hell?

    They all said, WE KNOW, and laughed all the way to their cars.

    I got home and laid my head on the table feeling bad.

    The Lord asked me so clearly, "Are you through doing it your way?"

    I was expecting a club on the head__ but I jumped up, YES SIR! I'm yours. I began to seriously cram large chunks of scripture; mostly the Gospels through Revelation.

    Like Peter I began to perceive the state of those I talked to. No more crowds. One at a time. Back when coffee was cheap, I invited folks to share a cup.

    The Lord of the Harvest brings people to us that are open to hear Truth. He sets up Divine Appointments. People prayed with me.

    My church was a house of Street Preachers. Age 16 to 70. In warm months, we had Rapture Movies on Friday nights on the Courthouse Lawn. It was like a big family gathering. Folding chairs for Old Folks. There was a gigantic Navy ships anchor out front; that the kids all sat on. It was such a blessed time. The pastor took people who wanted baptized that night to a nearby friends swim pool.

    I'd never in my life experienced so much love! Why can't we take the church outside sometimes? I'm who Jesus called. I'm not orthodox. Just happy to follow Jesus around town. I keep to well-lit streets now. 35 years ago it was much less opposed or heckled.

    See you Monday :D
  • Jesse - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Brother Wayne, Amen!!!

    Sometimes we don't even have to say a word for God's Spirit in us to testify and minister to someone!
  • Witnessing - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Fear of man

    Be I've been a street preacher 35 yrs.

    If you read your Bible relentlessly, you're ready

    If you've been baptized by the Holy Spirit

    I love how Peter did it when he met a blind begger: " silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I to you! The man was healed.

    Come hang around in here and answer questions with the rest of us. If you know enough to be saved yourself, you are able to help save someone else.

    Minister one on one. Crowds attract hecklers.

    Kirk Cameron has street witnessing videos on YouTube. On Google there are many websites to help you feel informed about street ministry.

    Easy way to start is to get some "Chick Tracts" online. They aren't expensive. You view the ones you like. I put them on bus stop benches, on a sidewalk away from foot traffic, park benches on weekends. When that feels comfortable, you can try saying hello with eye contact.

    Most important: first Pray to the Lord of the Harvest and ask Him to bless your efforts.
  • Wayne - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Some definitely witness by word but I have to believe the strongest witness is by the way we live. As we are living for the Lord, His fruit is expressed outwardly by our daily living and reactions. Because we have a relationship. This includes our thoughts, words and actions. Others will notice and as we pray for an opportunity to speak, the Lord will provide. The Holy Spirit will let you know when the opportunity arises. The next step is the step of faith. To share the good news.
  • Jesse - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago

    In Matthew 9:35-38, we have the teaching of the harvest. In Verses 37 and 38, Jesus says to His disciples, "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."

    First of all we have the condition of the harvest. Jesus said to His disciples that the harvest truly is plenteous. Notice the condition of the harvest? It is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Now when it comes to the harvest, it is not just reaping the harvest. It is the entire process, the planting, the watering, and the reaping of the harvest. But there's not enough workers.

    But notice verse 38. This is the command concerning the Harvest: (Pray), and that is a command in the Greek. We are commanded to pray therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.

    Did you catch that? We are to pray that He sends them out! The best I could do in proper representation of Jesus Christ and His word is to say to someone that God's kingdom work is going on here on the earth, and is the Lord sending you? You see, we can't volunteer! The Lord has to send out the harvesters. It is not an appeal for volunteers. It is praying to the Lord that He sends people.

    Witnessing Christ to others is such an awesome experience but the Lord does not put a guilt trip on anyone because they are not getting out there or meeting a quota. I can only speak for myself. I have witnessed Christ to others and it is such a blessing when the Lord presents those opportunities for me to do so. But if He's not leading me to witness, in other words, if His Spirit is not in it, my labor is in vain.
  • Maria K Brazda on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Why do some Christians choose not to witness?
  • ALPHA MARTIN on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Its a joy when we preach the gospel and we call many to CHRIST
  • Gigi - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Yes Suze

    We are all equal, so we actually are all common folks.

    The Hews of the time of Jesus thought themselves to be a superior race and all Gentile inferior or common, even less

    human than Jews. How this thought pattern has been repeated in many people groups and societies over the centuries. But it is wrong in every account.

    I was just expessing what was the thought concerning Gentiles at that time from the Jewish perspective.
  • Suze - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Ok , thanks , I get it now . As we know from Acts Ch 10 especially V 15 and 34+35 it's not for us to call anyone common or "unclean" if you like , but I get what you mean . Thanks again .
  • Gigi - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Hi Suze

    The Jews viewed everyone who was not a Jew as a Gentile, which is often interpreted to mean "common" or "unclean" and not fit to touch not interact with.

    That is all I meant. When speaking of the difference between Jew and Gentile, I was referring to how a Gentile is viewed by Jews in ancient times.
  • Charles Robert Northup - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    No one was saved before Jesus, Paul Talks about the gentiles in Romans how they were not of the circumcision but do those things of it. Plus the Jews had no clue Jesus would die on the cross they thought Jesus would set up a world government that would defeat all other kingdoms. One thing, death on this side is not final the second death is, you can still be saved after you die but during the wrath of God that's its whole point and how every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess, we are saved from the wrath of God to be made to repent. You can believe and still not have eternal life. Matt&:21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
  • Suze - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Excuse my ignorance , what exactly do you mean by the use of the word "commoners" to describe people ?
  • Grae - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    With respect and affection . I believe that I was a bit neglectful when I at first replied to this question and that I should have backed up my answer with some scripture references . I believe that these scriptures show that there is a difference between people who r saved and who r not , also that God Himself puts a difference between them and that He expects the saved not to b as the rest of humanity . I could give very very many references but I hope these few will b helpful to u . James Ch 2 V 23 ,Gen Ch 21 V 1-12 , Levi Ch 15 V 31 , Ex Ch 15 V 26 , Ex Ch 7 V 5 , Ex Ch 8 V 22+23 , Ex Ch 9 V 3-6 , Ex Ch 9 V 19-21 , Deut Ch 25 V 5-10 , Deut Ch 28 , Josh Ch 1 V 18 , 2nd Kings Ch 17 , Nehemiah Ch 9 , Psalm 145 V 17-20 , Psalm 149 , Luke Ch 13 V 1-5 + V 23-29 , all of Jude , Rev Ch 9 V 15-21 , Rev Ch 11 V 18 , Rev Ch 21 V 7+8 , Rev Ch 22 11+14+15 and finally Romans Ch 9 . I'm sorry I wasn't clearer with my first answer , I'm new at this so I hope u will forgive me and cut me a bit of slack . Thanks .
  • Gigi - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Dear Grae

    I understand your point of view about posts and responses.

    Yet, keep in mind that this is a discussion forum, therefore there is nothing wrong with someone responding to posts.

    Oftentimes responses help clarify ideas, give additional information, and offer a different viewpoint, and bring correction to what one may think is misinformation.

    Even if you do not read or respond back to a response to your post, some of us will still respond for the sake of ALL who read through the posts on this discussion forum. So this is the reason I have responded back to you, but I certainly do not want to bother you.

    God bless you, Grae
  • Gigi - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Dear Grae

    Jews are the descendants of Judah, so there were no Jews before Judah. Israelites are descendants of Jacob, so there were no Israelites before Jacob

    Hebrews are the descendants of Eber, of which Abraham is one descendant. Ever is a descendant of Shem, so there were no Hebrews before Eber.

    God had not separated out the chosen nation yet in the times of the people I mentioned. So everyone was gentile (commoners).
  • Tomas - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    The gentiles worshiped Roman Empire Gods. The Roman Empire was primarily a polytheistic civilization, which meant that people recognized and worshiped multiple gods and goddesses. The main god and goddesses in Roman culture were Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva
  • Grae - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    I hope u don't mind but I don't really wish to get into discussions with any other posters . I have seen on this site how things can degenerate quite quickly so I hope to b able to keep myself to myself . I like to come on , read through the questions and top posts and if I feel I can answer anything , I do . I don't mind what u or anyone thinks of my answers and I'm not interested to know . U may comment on my answers all u wish , I really don't mind , I would appreciate it if u didn't address your comments to me as I don't want to b drawn into lengthy discussions and I don't usually read anyone elses " replies " . I hope I haven't offended u as that's not my intention at all , I like to b honest so I've told u how I feel . Thanks to u and everyone else reading this , God bless u all .
  • Grae - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    The names u mentioned r not the names of gentiles . Gentiles r any one who is not Jewish .
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Hi Grae.

    I fully agree with GiGi.

    Jesus came to take on the penalty of sin.

    Romans 5:12-19. Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

    (For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

    Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.

    But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

    And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offences unto justification.

    For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)

    Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.

    For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

    God bless.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Amen Brother Chris.

    The Lord can meet you right where you are and present Christ.

    God bless.
  • Gigi - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Hi Grae

    My nderstanding is that the work of Christ on the cross. Stretches. Forward to the end of time and backwards to creation, not just for the people of His days on earth. So, I believe "Gentiles" prior to Christ are saved by His work and grace including Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Japheth, and man of their descendants who live before there were Israelites, and even between Abraham and Jesus' time. It is up to God to judge all of this who lived from creation to the end of time, no us. He alone knows the hearts of all people and is the only righteous Judge
  • Chris - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Thank you brother S. Spencer for that excellent article by W. Jackson. It clearly shows God's Love & Concern for all people, even making every provision for those appointed to receive His Grace, to then receive His Gospel.

    I remember hearing many, many years ago of missionaries going out to a people groups, both distant & isolated from any society - they had never seen any other faces apart from their own tribe & maybe a warring tribe. Though many of God's servants who go out to such unknown places are rarely received well & may soon lose their lives as being intruders or bringing forth 'another god'.

    But we did hear of a couple of instances when those particular tribes, when they saw these 'white men', believing them to be gods, heard the Gospel & received it with joy & thanksgiving. No doubt great efforts to communicate were made prior to sharing Christ. Apparently, God had been preparing their hearts for this time (as He prepared His servants to be challenged to go out to the tribes), & these tribes had declared that for a very long time, they sensed that they were doing evil & had no knowledge or method of getting forgiveness & help, and as well, that they believed that someone would come one day to guide them. One could only envisage the joy on both the hearts of the hearers & the proclaimers, & the wonderful change wrought in each heart there with the assurance of being accepted by the Lord. These tribal folk knew absolutely nothing about God or the Gospel, but when hearing the Message, everything fell into place & they glorified the God of all flesh.

    It's in the heart of every person to yearn for such Truth & help to live according to righteous standards. But many have turned to false gods & self-flagellation, or tried to deaden their evil consciences by good works or filling their lives with substitutes, so that even the liberating healing power of the Gospel becomes a Message for derision & hatred. Man will stand without excuse in that Day.
  • Grae - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    I don't believe that gentiles were saved before Christ accomplished God's plan of salvation by going to the cross . Before Christ gentiles could convert to Judaism . There is only one way to God now and that is through Christ . If u r not in Christ u r dead in your sins .
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Hi BMW.

    Part 7 of 7.

    (3) Gentiles were not required, but had the privilege of, joining the Hebrew family via the proselytization process (cf. Acts 2:10; 13:16). Additionally, there were many instructions in Moses' law designed to benefit the "strangers" (Gentiles) who came among Israelite people ( Leviticus 19:33ff).

    (4) The Lord sent Jonah to the Gentiles of Nineveh ( Jonah 3:1). Archer said that the theme of the book of Jonah "is that God's mercy and compassion extend even to the heathen nations on condition of their repentance" (1964, 295). Jonah is sometimes called "the first apostle to the Gentiles."

    (5) Four Gentile women were woven into the genealogical fabric of the Messiah-Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba-in both legal and biological senses ( Matthew 1:5-6; Luke 3:31-32).

    (6) In addition, the prophets clearly revealed Jehovah's redemptive concern for the Gentiles, who were to be grafted into the New Testament church on an equal basis with the Jews ( Genesis 17:4; 22:18; Psalms 2:8; Isaiah 42:1, 6; 49:6; cf. Romans 11:1ff; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 2:11ff).


    There always has been a way for honest people to be right with their Creator-if they seek after him and choose to please him ( Acts 17:27ff). God so loved the entire world and gave his Son as a potential redeeming sacrifice for all who avail themselves of his gift ( John 3:16). He is the loving benefactor to everyone who submits to his will in faithful obedience ( 1 Timothy 2:4; Hebrews 5:8-9; cf. 2 Peter 3:9).

    Article by Wayne Jackson.

    I share this information for one to go over. I haven't had the time to do no more than glance over the beginning being I'm out town on business again.

    Hopefully some others can share on this great question you asked.

    God bless.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago
    Hi BMW.

    Part 6.


    (1) The practice of offering sacrifices as atonement, typically foreshadowing the coming of Jesus, apparently was a human requirement from the very commencement of history. Abel, son of Adam and Eve, brought the "firstlings of his flock and the fat thereof" ( Genesis 4:4). The offering must have been killed, otherwise he could not have presented the fat, which was the best part. Moreover, we are told that "righteous Abel" (so designated by Jesus [ Matthew 23:35]) offered his sacrifice "by faith" ( Hebrews 11:4), which, in the overall context of this chapter, clearly is an objective faith grounded in revelation, and not that which was subjectively whimsical.

    When Noah departed from the ark after the waters of the flood subsided, he built an altar and offered sacrifices of every clean animal and bird, and Jehovah was pleased with his offering ( Genesis 8:20-21). What compelled him to do such?

    Melchizedek, whom Abraham encountered on his return from the rescue of his nephew, was designated by Moses as a "priest of God Most High" ( Genesis 14:18). A priest is an appointed servant who officiates in the offering of sacrifices to atone for sin. The modernistic notion that Melchizedek was merely the "high god" priest of the Canaanites (e.g., Baal), worshipped in pre-Israelite Jerusalem, is absurd (Hicks 1962, 343). God would hardly have chosen a Baal-worshipper to be a type, prophetically previewing his Son ( Hebrews 7:3). See also Leupold (1942, 463).

    (2) The entire world population was one in kind prior to the call of Abraham. He was the first to be designated a Hebrew ( Genesis 14:13). The Hebrews were not set apart as a distinct people until the giving of the law of Moses ( Exodus 19:5-6; cf. Ephesians 2:14). It is wholly unrealistic not to recognize that God's love for the Gentiles was a part of the ancient world.

    See Part 7 of 7!
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago

    Part 5.

    Incidentally, Hume conceded that there is no rational excuse for the worship of many gods.

    Were men led into the apprehension of invisible intelligent power by contemplation of Nature, they could never possibly entertain any conception but of one single Being, who bestowed existence and order on this vast machine and adjusted all its parts to one regular system (quoted by Monser 1961, 494).

    This speaks to the issue of the Gentile idolatry described in the context of Romans 1:20ff.

    Professor Alan Johnson, a respected biblical scholar, tells of a missionary in northern Brazil who once observed a native enter his village. He was extremely nervous and fidgety, and his brow was covered with sweat. He seemed quite uneasy, even in the presence of his friends. Later, it was discovered that he had just killed a man from another tribe-although it was not considered wrong to kill a member of some other tribe, and he would not have been condemned by his peers. The man obviously was under the internal pressure of a guilty conscience (1976, 44; emphasis added).

    The conscience is a part of the human package, and it demonstrates a moral chasm between men and women and other biological creatures of our planet ( Genesis 1:26-27).


    Though the Old Testament story is mainly the story of the Hebrews' role in God's wonderful plan for human redemption, there are numerous glimpses in the sacred literature of the early history of divine interest in, and provisions for, Gentile salvation.

    See Part 6.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago

    Part 3.

    (3) There is a fundamental fact of human history. Humanity was created in the image of God ( Genesis 1:26-27). This does not have reference to the physical features of humankind, for God is not physical ( Matthew 16:17; John 4:24; Luke 24:39); rather, as noted above, it alludes to intangible qualities that were created resident in the spirit of the person. This aspect of human personality is what Paul called conscience. The English word derives from the Greek term, syneidesis, a compound term signifying "to know together." It reflects a common knowledge that human beings share with one another of a sense of religious and moral culpability.

    As one scholar noted: "According to Romans 2:14-15 conscience is innate and universal. It is not the product of environment, training, habit, race impression, or education, though it is influenced by all these factors" (Rehwinkel 1999, 136). The ancient Gentiles, therefore, were not judged by the same rule as the Jews, but they were not void of law and culpability. Elsewhere the matterhas been described in this way:

    [T]he threefold workings of the law, in that the guidance of their heart predisposes them to know the right, the testimony of their conscience bears witness with their heart that the right is preferable, and lastly, after the deed is done, their thoughts or inward reasonings accuse or excuse them according as their act has been wrong or right. These well-known psychological phenomena, observable among the Gentiles, are proof conclusive that they are not without law, with its power and privilege of justification (McGarvey and Pendleton n.d., 313).

    See part 4.
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Romans 2 - 2 years ago

    Part 2.

    The Inward Law

    The ancient Gentiles were not judged by the same rule as the Jews due to the fact that the Hebrews had a written revelation from God (the law of Moses, and eventually the completed body of the Old Testament Scriptures), while the other nations did not; the Gentiles, therefore, were evaluated by a more general standard than the Jews. Paul wrote:

    Romans 2:14-16.

    From this text, as well as supplementary data, the following facts can be deduced:

    (1) While the Gentiles did not have a written law (e.g., the law of Moses) certainly on occasions they had communications from Jehovah (cf. Genesis 3:9; 4:6; 6:13ff; 12:1ff, etc.), and divine traditions surely were echoed across the centuries.

    (2) There is something "written within the heart," i.e., in the human psyche, that "by nature" (physis) urges one to do what he perceives to be right and refrain from what he feels to be wrong. It has been defined as the "natural sense of what is right and wrong" (Thayer 1958, 661). This moral sense cannot minutely define right and wrong, but it can initiate some broad and strong inclinations.

    This certainly is evidenced by the fact that Adam and Eve felt guilt after having eaten the forbidden fruit, even before confronted by God ( Genesis 3:7-10). "Condemned by their own consciences, they were ashamed and afraid to meet their benefactor and friend-an inevitable consequence of sin" (Campbell 1958, 32).

    "There is no witness so terrible-no accuser so powerful as conscience which dwells within us" (Sophocles). "Man's conscience is the oracle of God" (Lord Byron).

    See Part 3.

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