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  • Debbe on Romans 2:2
    God forgive me for judging others As i read your Words here they bring food to my Soul I shall go and judge not
  • Debbie on Romans 2:1
    Be conscious of how you justify talking about others God does not want us to judge yet we be judged Forgive me father for i have judged others
  • Dawn of a new day on Romans 2
    Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we can then be free to claim our salvation walk out of darkness into the light Receive with faith the keys to the kingdom of Heaven unlocking our hearts to the willingness of receiving the Holy Spirit as Comforter Helper Teacher and Guide Once anointed within having faith believing it become anointed on by His same Spirit while ever changing from one glory to the next by His grace and mercy we are joined to Him and co heirs to the Throne As brothers and sisters In Christ given right standing with God thru Jesus given authority by the only One Who can give authority we cry Abba Father and praise His Holy Name and THANK HIM for the thing we ask for with faith trusting all that has been said knowing it is Jesus that s living In us to want that thing be done for the good of the other or for yourself loving others truly because we know what Jesus said about loving even your enemies and doing unto others Of course then we know we can trust our changed hearts because we now want for others and ourselves what God wants for is and we NoW walk In authority Whew amen
  • Inus Pretorius on Romans 2:11
    God treats everyone equally. Peter, John, Ananias, Paul,Dom, Ayodele, Ogechukwu, brother Jun and Inus. The same promise of power that were available to Peter, Paul,etc is available today to those that diligently seeks Him. Acts 33+38+39
  • BSP on Romans 2:14
    This verse shows that even the people of the nations had a conscience even though they were not under the Law of Moses. Stealing, incest, and murder are generally considered unacceptable in most nations. We were all created with a conscience and we should use it because we are all accountable to God.
  • Wycliffe onyango on Romans 2
    The bible is very clear about sound doctrine..a honest seeker of truth ought to pray to GOD that he or she be able to understand the bible teachings and make decisions in accordance to GOD'S providences,.
  • Dom Agomuo on Romans 2:11
    God offered equal opportunity to all mankind through Christ. What each of us does with it is what endears us the more to Him or enstranges us from Him
  • Jonathan on Romans 2:14
    is it about the jews or gentiles and law of moeses
  • Fiona on Romans 2:9
    Since there seems to be so many Jewish leaders around the world doing evil this needs to be brought to their attention. They seem to think they have a license to do as they please to who ever they want and they use the anti semetic thing far to much to get away with their evil.
  • Joy emmanuel on Romans 2:16
    we really need to be careful about our life. That is knowing what we say, what do and how we react towards God also having good heart for God. So that we will cause judgement on ourselves. May GOD have mercy upon our life.
  • Ayodele oluwaseun lateef on Romans 2:11
    My LORD is awesome.halelujah
  • Mike on Romans 2:12
    at one time all men new god rom.1:21 it was and is mans place to share salvation,and it has been preached all over the world, a man in a deep dark jungle knowes there is a god. rom 1:20 a man knows in a jungle it is wrong to steal lie cheat or murder. god says the law is wrote on our heart, man does not need the oportunity to learn about god to be saved he knows ther is a god. man has no excuse at ALL! read rom. chapter one and let it sink in.
  • RUTH AMEH on Romans 2
    In as much as the word of God can’t be changed, no mortal has the power of judgment. We all live by God’s grace working toward righteousness; yet our righteousness is not better than a filthy rag, only by that same still grace which keeps sustaining us doing God’s will. Yet not by power or might but by God’s mercy and direction trough prayers. Stay blessed.
  • Ogechukwu on Romans 2:11
    This shows the Righteousness of God: that everyone on earth is judged or justified by his/her good works and also by accepting Lord Jesus as his/her personal Savior, thereby living a godly and obedient lifestyle.
  • Ralph on Romans 2
    When faith perceives that crumbs of food (for children) falls from the table and that even the small dogs under the table benefit from it, that faith touched the Savior. And that faith is sufficient faith. We have the LORD's word on that.

    6"...Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

    7To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life..."

    "Eternal life"!!

    GOD,(Who's sovereignty is now beyond dispute in light of Christ's perfect submission, even to the cross), has complete moral freedom to be gracious.

    "...I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious" are HIS words.
  • Steven on Romans 2
    Well, how about " make your Calling and Election sure," or, "work out your Salvation in fear and trembling" or, " those He foreknew He called ," or Only those whom God gives to His Son will come to His Son.....It sounds like 'election' to me. "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have Compassion on whom I will have Compassion?" It seems like we get into trouble when someone/anyone tries to come up with what they consider to be the True gospel, usually by emphasising some parts to the detrement of other parts of Scripture. 7th day people, baptising people, Jehovah people, fundamentalist people, ad nauseum. All these things do is create Separation and argument. ( MY idea of God is better than yours ) Paul prayed that all of us would speak and pray with one voice about the truth of God, and not be part of this, that or the other thing...and when anyone decides to preach 'this type' or that type' of gospel, they are not gathering, they are Scattering.
  • Jean on Romans 2
    Romans 2:29 But he [is] a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision [is that] of the heart, in the spirit, [and] not in the letter; whose praise [is] not of men, but of God.

    Ye must be born again to over come your fleshly sins with praise/worship by the Holy Spirit and sometimes you will have to run away from the sin because of your own desire for it, knowing it is wrong to do it.
  • Bruce M. Devitt on Romans 2
    In verse 16 Paul refers to his gospel being what will be used to judge.? Paul is a servant an apostle(diciples also called) and Jesus states clearly that the servant/diciple is not above his Lord and master. Jesus also states that it is the words that he speaks (whitch are written)that they will judge you. The words that Jesus does say and speak are given to him by his Father thru commandment. Paul is of the branches and Jesus is the true vine.Jesus says that the branches cannot bear fruit of themselves except that it abides in the vine.A fathful follower is 'found'to be those abiding in my(Jesus) words and sayings.Jesus also says that the one who sent is not above the one who sent him!
  • StephendeRafael on Romans 2
    One of the original commandments God gave to Abraham was to circumcise his house as an outward sign that inwardly they were followers of the Living God, who appeared first to Abraham. Without hesitation he complied. Here Paul speaks of this and can't help but see the hypocracy in those who claim to be the children of Abraham but continue to transgress the word of God. Things haven't changed unto this day, by God will not be mocked. We must live by the law of God to be accepted into his Kingdom, pure and simple. But Paul also says that some live by the law without the outward circumcision and are accepted for they have the law written in their heart. So its not the outward signs that God sees but he is the knower of your heart and mind, the inward man.
  • Belle on Romans 2
    God will have mercy on whom so ever he will
  • James on Romans 2
    this is for frank and windy everyone knows that there is a god a creator for god so loved the world that he gave his son to save the world not the world in general but those who are in the world not all will acceppt this only those who he draws will be saved. look when noah was building the ark he preached to the people and look who was saved only his family and the animals god spoke too so if the animals knew all know who he is the choice is ours to accept him and if this is true about not all has heard then why will he judge them in the end of time even satin and his demons even know who he is
  • KP on Romans 2
    One of the greatest lies from the mind of Satan is "election" according to Calvin. Don't be deceived. The Apostle Paul never taught "election" apart from the free will of man.

    The suffering endured by Jesus Christ, while on the cross, was sufficient to satisfy God the Father's demand for justice regarding the penaly of all human sin, unlimited atonement.

    Salvation is not a lifelong process. We have it in a moment. Upon faith in the work of Jesus Christ, we pass from death unto life. Spiritual life. Works are a manifestation of redemption, not a cause.

    Likewise, faith is the cause of "receiving the atonement", not a manifestation. The singular command to believe, is a nonmeritorius command. To believe is not a work. Faith is not a work. Salvation, not faith, is the gift from God.

    So, once we change our thinking(repentance) whereby we are pointed to Jesus Christ, the end of the law, and believe, we are condemned no more. Such grace is available to all, not just the "elect" according Calvin.

    Beware of false teachers who cover their lies with academic jargon which is sweet to the ears but deadly. Calvinism is good at this. Full of impressive sounding jargon, but a bed of lies.
  • Ricky G on Romans 2
    I like this chapter about GOD righteous judgment it make me think about how the times has change
    . The Fear of the LORD was greater than it is now. You see so many man with man, are girl with girls. When the word tell you not to do this cause it is a sin( ROM 1:26)( Leviticus 18:22). But it some many people who have got trick up by the ememy, are they so self righteous that they think there already in the book of life. So read this chapter and the next one too cause we have to obey GOD laws to make it to heaven. So get your house in order before it is to late, cause tommrow is not promise!!!!!!
  • Theresa on Romans 2
    modette stay strong keep the faith God is there, listen with your spirit from inside and not your natural ears,God bless you in the name of Jesus. Modette your prayers are already answered just listen from inside.
  • Mike on Romans 2
    This is a reply to Frank,s opion on salvation made on9/28/10 . 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

    13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    Seems like a fair choice to me.

  • ELy Day on Romans 2
    Dear Frank,

    You have brought some scriptures from the Bible, good. But I would say becareful, with your interpretation you disqualify yourself from Salvation, if that you apply just for you, it will be not too bad but when you teach somebody that's is a different situation and here in this Chapter God warn us, that is the reason that I would like to reason with you. God has loved us so much that He did not spear the life of His Son (You just imagin that) and Jesus The Lord said I came to do the will of God my Father so All families of the earth can be blessed and Jesus said I came here for the sick sinners and not for the one does not need the doctor, can you say? you see He did not come for the good ones, No, He came for all, an opprotunity to choice. You mention that God is just but at the same time you put examples that to me shows that God is not just, how?, But it is unquestionable that God is Just!, you say He will save just what He wills and it is not our will to be saved; imagine both of us we will to be saved we are both very bad or we both very good and willing, assuming you are chosen, although you conform of not being chosen,how can I say God was just?, to my carnal mind not, the Truth is we can not judge God because many has fallen believing to be right they were wrong. The point is, it is not profitable your point disqualify yourself and disqualify others, like saying who care, it doesn't matter what I do or let's do anything that we may be saved. Still as a free will being we got the option to choice and by doing all with love we will be saved by faith through His Son Jesus Christ who died for all of us, if by Adam we were found on Sin what more by the life of His Son all will be saved if you believe

  • Frank on Romans 2

    You ask a good question; what about the souls that have not heard about God how does God judge them? There is not doubt that there are those through our history of time have never heard of God. Now as God has said in His Word the Bible He has put the knowledge of God in every mans heart, so man is in excusable in the fact of knowing there is a God. The problem lies in which many do not understand is that we (man) are dead spiritually because of our sin. We are just as a dead corpse that is laid to rest we have no life (spiritually). For that dead corpse to come to life it needs what? Life. The corpse can not gain life on its on it must have life put within it, just as Lazarus lay dead 3 days in the tomb until Jesus came and told him to come forth. Lazarus was dead no life but God put life back in him so he was once again alive. So here in lies the dilemma for man we are alive physically but we are all born dead spiritually, so how does a dead spiritually but alive physically person find God. The teachings of today say that man must accept Jesus Christ as there Savior, that is all well in good but if we are dead spiritually how do we accept a Holy God? We have no spiritual life with in us. The scriptures tell us that “No man has seek after God, there is none righteous no not one” so if no man has seek God how does man find Him? For with out God man is eternally lost for he will wonder in his sin until physical death takes place. God had a plan to save souls but it is Gods plan not ours, salvation is all placed on the ability of God not the ability of man to chose or accept or earn merit through good works, salvation is totally in the working of God and is given to man as God sees fit. John 6:37 ‘all that the Father gives me will come to me, and the ones who comes to me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:44 “No man cometh to me unless the Father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up at the last day.” So who is it that does the work is it man that comes to God? No, it is God that draws or gives to Jesus those that Jesus will raise up in the last day, and “ALL” that are given will come to Jesus and not be cast out. So we start to see that salvation is not universal as taught today and mans choice but it is Gods choice to save who He will. Read Eph. Chapter 1 as God speaks of whom He foreknew and predestinated to salvation it is the elect of God. Who are the elect those God draws to His Son Jesus who will in no wise be cast out. So is salvation our choice? No, its Gods see Rom. Ch. 9 for God has the right to make vessels unto honor and dishonor for God is the creator it is His choice not ours. So in answer to your question, “how does God judge them that have not heard” When salvation is in the hands of God not man, God is not accountable or held responsible because someone has not heard, for God will save all those He has chosen to save. For those that have heard and deny it or those who have never heard and die they are not saved, they will face the judgment of God and they will not enter in to eternal rest in heaven. So what will happen to them, well God is very merciful to man the just and unjust so those that perish with out being born again will simply never exist again. I don’t have time or room here to teach on hell and the wrong teaching there has been on that. If man had a choice in salvation the teaching on hell today would make sense but God is a just God and since man has no part in His salvation why would God condemn a person to hell fire if he had no option or choice to be saved. So God is fair and just and the unsaved will just cease to exist. Hope this helped.
  • Judith on Romans 2
    It's understandable how many become distressed when a marriage "seems" to be on the rocks. However, the focus must always be God's perspective on marriage. It IS to reflect Chirst's love for the church: Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, AND gave himself for it." Marriage is much more than a horizontal relationship between the two one-flesh spouses. It is also a vertical and a reflection for the world to undertand the love of Jesus: unconditional forgiveness; a lifetime of commitment to honor those typical wedding vows: for better, for worse; in sickenss and in health until death us do part. The focus must be on the Word of God and NOT on the spouse who may be exhibiting ungodly behaviour.
  • Modette on Romans 2
    Right now its helping me not to judge when i'm wanting to bring harm to someone who has hurt me. I have been Reborn for two years still trying to understand how to keep my eyes on God instead of Man. My life as a Christian is up and down but i remain in the Fight. Just when i'm at peace the enemy comes to destroy me through my marriage. Wanting out but not turning away from what God says. I keep praying for me to hear Him speak to me.

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