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  • BMW on Romans 2
    This is probably a very stupid question, being 72 yrs. old my memory is not what it use to be, nevertheless I ask anyway.

    Q. Before Jesus came to earth and died for us on Calvary, the Jewish people lived under the law and did sacrifices and offerings and thus was looking to the Cross: what did the Gentiles do. If i remember correctly, Paul brought the message of Salvation to the Gentiles, but before this how were Gentiles Saved
  • C31 - in Reply on Romans 2
    Yes. That's what I was searching for. Thank you be well. God bless.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Romans 2

    Romans 3:23, 3:10, 5:12, 6:23, 5:8,

    10:9-10, 10:13, 10:17

    These were the scriptures I memorized as a rookie street preacher. :)
  • Mishael - in Reply on Romans 2
    It's the whole book of Romans. The message is to lead the unsaved to Salvation.

    Chapter 1: it shows us how God has shown us through His Creation, that all we see and know didn't happen all by itself.

    Just knowing the complexity of the human body should convince us.

    There's a link on the entrance page: Become A Christian, that has book of zRomans scriptures.

    Let me know what you think. Blessings.
  • C31 on Romans 2
    What 5 verses in Roman's are called "the Roman road to salvation"?

    Thank you.
  • David jr Salazar on Romans 2
    and his name was blashmd through all the gentiles this makes me think of every time man cusses and says GD. and when i started this i notice how hard it was to say JESUS name around certain ppl and how ppl could not even say his name or read the bible with out getting sleepy. you see we are real close to going back to the days when man takes all the glory for his self and the idols they have made they worshipp and kill the dollar bill they kill and steal and make up sick twisted cults that mock and slander the son they use fear to control humans these ppl use the same tools as the devil to control the world thats why i say we living in the days and we need to be brave and bold to let these ppl know hey i see what you doing i know the devise you have to control the ppl of faiths mind and this is a abomination of man i see and i lay my life down for the truth to up root evil in this wicked world that isnt supposed to be wicked but good no pain no suffer god bless you all.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Romans 2
    John 14:26
  • Otis j vaughn on Romans 2
    define spiritual pride
  • Micheal on Romans 2
    Not yet sir I hope to have one soon
  • Pochalla Banak - in Reply on Romans 2
    I agreed to rebirth of a person to be rebirth again spiritual.
  • Ezekiel - in Reply on Romans 2
    Sister Mary, good question. I appreciate somewhat lengthy 'general or typical response' from brother Chris. But I'll give you specific theological response.

    When you received Christ as your personal saviour, you also received the other two members of Trinity (1Joh 5:7), Holy Ghost and GOD the Father, and you are now born again (Joh 3:3). You are a baby spiritually in the beginning when you are just saved recently. You can't feel or experience HIM right away but you need to grow spiritually to experience a new spiritual birth. Naturally everybody is born with devil spirit simply because we inherited Adam's sin and therefore we are sinners by birth ( Rom 5:12-14).

    A newly born baby does not know what is going on around him until he will grow up physically and mentally, does he? Same analogy with spiritual rebirth. Grow spiritually by reading scripture, praying, listening to preaching, and etc. Then you can feel joy and do not forget to spread gospel to others.

    Some theological consideration. I have many things to say about Holy Ghost but I can't say them all here. Did you know Trinity WORKS and exists as ONE? In other words you can't receive Christ or Spirit independently as I indicated above. I hear truly saved people say that they are uncertain if they received Spirit also. Are you one of them? I'll just list verses for you to understand about Trinity more deeply without going lengthy discussion. Joh 10:30, 6:44, 14:6; 1Joh 5:7, 8. Thanks
  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 2
    When you have truly repented of your sins & come in faith in the finished work of Jesus on the Cross for you, those sins are taken away, you're forgiven, you have been made clean & acceptable to God & you have God's Spirit dwelling in you. If anyone doesn't come in true repentance & faith in Christ, then salvation is not given. If you have come the way of the Cross & you're truly thankful to the Lord for what He has done for you, then His Spirit will make you completely new in your spirit (re-born spiritually), renew your mind, your view of life, of people and endue with His Power to live for Jesus & give you gifts that you may use to testify of God's Love & build up others. In other words, your life will be completely changed by God because you are a child of God.

    Is this what you have experienced, or maybe you've heard that a special outward manifestation is needed as the only proof of the Holy Spirit in you? The Holy Spirit might choose to give this, but it is only faith in Christ that saves you & not the waiting for or pleading for some manifestation. Do you feel that your life is still the same as the old one? That nothing has changed - you may still be careless with sin or still finding delight in doing those things that are not right & not feeling a check in your heart when doing them? If so, you will need to attend to this urgently & seek the Lord & read His Word, that maybe the Spirit of God might reveal Jesus to you afresh.
  • Mary on Romans 2
    How do I know if I have the Holy Ghost?
  • BSP on Romans 2
    Verse 15-God gave us a conscience so that we can evaluate situations that arise in our lives, make a choice, and then judge ourselves based on the decision we made.
  • Jbvoy1 on Romans 2:10
    Debbie remember our good works are like filthy rags to GOD. It's by the grace of God that we are saved thru Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all of our sins, therefore our good works do not have anything to do with going to heaven!
  • Fred Scanlan on Romans 2
    This chapter will answer the question concerning the narrow mind of those that consider the condition of a true believing christian unfavorable. When we take the word of God, we need to take it all, not just some of it. The church has failed in this. The KJV, some say difficult to read have taken it upon their omniscient self too reinterpret it for us! While there are interpretations that may be reliable, what this has done is open floodgates for misinterpretations. Paul has taken on the sinful condition that is present in each and every one of us! He is not writing to a small synagogue in Galilee, but to Rome! It will not be long after this that Rome will fall, that the darkness that Christ spoke of will be upon humanity itself! You can deny the truth, but the truth will find you out. Remember the clanging cymbal, it is nothing when it comes to the condition of mans sinful heart. What is most interesting is that scripture refers to love as charity. Charity is what each and everyone of us is in need of!
  • Ss - in Reply on Romans 2
    You should read the Bible and go by the Bible. Please don't read Lornas comment if you don't want to get dirty.
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Romans 2
    Please read Hebrews chapter 3 which compares Moses' office with the exceeding much more of Jesus Christ.

    A born again believer cannot claim to have a sinless life (1 John chapter 1). By faith in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection from the dead , we are imputed the righteousness of Christ ( Romans 4 & 5).
  • Stephende - in Reply on Romans 2
    Jesus remained a devout Jew in the tradition of his forefathers, David, Jacob, Abraham. He was a biblical scholar of the Original testament and was found amonst the scholars expounding nuanced passages of Isaiah at 12 years old. It is said that Jesus is our propitiation with Yahweh and I believe it to be true in heaven. Wasn't Moses also an advocate to God, El Shaddai, on Mt Sinai on our behalf when the people partied like 1999 while Moses brought down the Tablets of the Pact. God was going to destroy them and create a righteous nation from Moses. He talked him out of it! I believe we are now as that wanton nation rejecting God, for He is a longtime absent from us due to our entrenched sinful behaviors. Read the whole story before deciding that your "born again" and noone can claim that without a sinless life!
  • MELISSA ELDER - in Reply on Romans 2
    The Jews were God's chosen people from the beginning of the human race, so it was only natural that God would send His Son to be born of a Jewish woman. But Jesus did not become a Christian. Christian refers to the followers of Christ who followed Him in Word and Truth after His death, burial, and resurrection.

    And yes, God was and is a perfect Creator.
  • Lorna on Romans 2:11
    He (our creator), is no respect of persons, we read from the bible.

    so why did he choose to be born a jew?

    then later become a christian?

    this seems a controversial issue!

    for the bible also says...

    i change not!

    can one begin to trust anyone who calls himself

    god, who changes not,

    then,do a complete flip? to keep what has always

    been his!

    and after what he so firmly says! i change not!

    even satan would have something to say about this!

    and as we also know, he is immortal

    he is perfect,

    so there is

    no change from perfection to being a mortal creator

    which would, put him in the same bracket as satan, who is

    a created being, thus here he lowers himself

    (when there is no need to), in not only satan's eyes,

    but all mankind, being born again to prove

    his ownership! he turns human like us!


    he is the owner to all his creation!

    never has he lost anything to a created being - satan!

    who can never stand up to his maker, owing every

    minute to him for his own life, and would surely be

    consumed by the creator's presence!

    for the wages of sin is death,

    satan is living only

    through his makers gratis, or he should have long

    been dead by now!

    i believe my creator is perfect in everyway.

    never has he lost anything he is owner of,

    not incompetent, untruthful to his word,

    lacking a sure foundation, and the ability

    to hold on to what is rightfully his!

    unaware of the helplessness of man's

    suffering, that he took so long to come to

    his aid!

    had to leave a place called heaven to show

    who he rightfully is!

    then to prove to man he had to lower his

    status in order to win back the ownership

    of this sad world! and his people!

    and then be told by satan...

    to bow down to him, and he (our creator)

    would be given this whole!

    i also believe my creator knew what he did

    back then, even before he created anything

    for surely he is an immortal being, knows his

    own, and how to manage it all, even satan.

    he need never to prove to anyone or answer.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Romans 2:5

    In 2 Corinthians 5:10, it says For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

    For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; That is what is called the Bema seat. This is not the Great White Throne Judgment. We are told in 1 Corinthians Chapter 3, as well as Romans 14:10 "Why do you judge your brother, or why do you set at nought your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat, the Bema seat of Christ."

    The Bema seat was the platform that some of the Roman officials would sit on as they were meting out judgment. But it's more known for the stand in which you come to at the Olympic games after you run your race to get your prize.

    We see in the Olympics, the first, second, and third-place athletes, they get up on this stand and they give them a medal. And they stand up there and play the anthem of the person that came in first place.

    That is the Bema seat. It's not the judgment of heaven and hell. We are already assured of heaven in Christ. But we will be judged and that judgment is described for us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 3.

    There will be a type of fire that we will pass through and that which is not of Christ will burn, and whatever is left is the reward. Only the things of Christ will last!

    So he says I do things here that will be well-pleasing to the Lord because someday I'm going to stand before Him just like we (All true believers) will. And as he says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 9, he runs the race to win the prize. He says run to receive the prize because one day you're going to stand before Christ.
  • Mattie Diane Munson on Romans 2:5
    What is the name of the judgement of true born again believers ? Is it called the Bema?
  • IsabellaK on Romans 2
    I love the KJV Bible expecially this site. This translation is the most legit translation!
  • Mary lundy on Romans 2
    Is it KJV bible that a women can be deacons
  • Kenny Folines - in Reply on Romans 2
    I think you also over looked the fact that Jesus himself chose Paul as his messenger to speak to the Gentiles of his(Jesus) gospel. Jesus gave Paul permission to bear his name...meaning all that Paul spoke was sanctioned and approved by Jesus. Acts 9:15. Once Saul/Paul received his sight, he immediately went forth preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Acts 9:19...
  • Kenny F - in Reply on Romans 2
    Victor on Romans 2. Brother I think you have been slanted in your view of the prophets. Paul, of all the apostles was a man of clear understanding of God's word, law and purpose for humanity. As Saul, he persecuted God's people and thought he was doing God's will. When he was converted and named much clearer do you think he was from that point on?
  • Navlene on Romans 2
    Good works do not justify.
  • Watchman in Spirit - in Reply on Romans 2
    What Hoof is being accepted who do we listen too God and His Sheep or Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Even Rebuking in Love for Love is being rejected or watered down today. Jesus was Perfect but was Paul and others both in the Old and New Testerment, had they become Perfected in Gods Love when they Chastised and Rebuked those in disobedance because they Loved them Prov 27:5-6 Do we close our eyes when people are allowing Satan to get a foothold in their lives by continuing to Sin or ignore and minimise it because we are not Perfect yet or have done the wrong thing. Gods Love is not Saccrine Sweet when needed He Rebukes 2Tim4 or Disaplines us, we will reap the evil we sow untill we Repent Lk15.
  • Listening to God - in Reply on Romans 2
    Pastor Dan, Im sure you will agree that its more important to take to Heart what God tells us than what Secular
    Scientists do, many have been in error. 1Timothy4 Now the Spirit Speaketh Expressly that in the Latter times some shall depart from the Faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils Speaking lies in hypocrisy having their Conscience seared with a hot iron Forbidding to Marry and Commanding to abstain from Meats which God hath Created to be Received with Thanksgiving of them which Believe and know the Truth. For every Creature of God is Good and Nothing to be Refused if it be Received with Thanksgiving. For it is Sanctified by the Word of God and Prayer.

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