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  • Bevan
    Simply the most profound words that I have ever read. God Bless
  • Bob Wickes for verse 16
    Romans 12:16 is some of the best advice ever given to mankind. It echoes our Lord's parable of the publican and the pharisee. The power of 12:16 has been lost on the youth and 20-30 somethings of today whose parents did not attend church or send their children to church. These people have an insufficient moral center which no amount of learned political correctness or secular humanism can correct. I fear for America as it courses along on a downward and Godless path.
  • Judy Hoover
    What this means to me is ascertaining to live this christian life. Jesus wants my mind, body, & soul to be a living sacrifice to him. I can't do things of the world with this body. Then say I live for Christ. My sacrifice as to be holy, to be acceptable to Christ. In renewing your mind daily. Which means seeking the will & laws of Jesus. You put Christ 1st in everyting you do. Be careful not to exalt yourself, to use your gift for the building up of God's Kingdom. Let the agape love Christ showed us. Be the love you strive to show others. Return love for evil. Be on one accord with your christian family. Let Jesus fight your battles, have faith. Love those that despise you! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!
  • Lebb simons
    presenting ourselves as living sacrifises means that we die to ourselves,desires and will and let the will of the Father prevail.we die to sin and let holyness define christ denied his will b4 h was crucified saying that the will of the FATHER must b the one that takes place,we shuold do as he did
  • Phaderia
    present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Isn't that what JESUS did?
  • Jerri
  • Osmond Sampson
    Paul is begging us humanity and all that is save, to bring our bodies as a sacrifice unto God. He says this is not an obligation of man but a duty to God, thats why the scripture says "the earth is the Lords and the fullness there of and they that dwell there in. We were created to serve God. So lets take our place and humble our selves and please God in every thing we do or say.
  • Jacob Zikhali for verse 1
    This actually illustrates that, my body or your body is not mine or yours at all, it was meant for the edification of the existance of God . Yes we do have our will but bottom line is we are not of our own . We sholud exalt or worship the creator by what we say or do. Every action from the body should point to Jesus the Lord and Saviour. I will always live for God for thats the sole reason I was made to exist in this universe. If we could come to our senses and consider this .We will live in a very positive environment ie no greed, no self bosting,no satanism , no anti-christ , no nonsense and no poverty.
  • Joe
    GOD is in control.I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY UNDERSTAND THAT NOW.I took it 4 granted but he knows all and we will ALLLLLLLLLLLL meet him and answer 4 all we have done.I thank him for JESUS AND forgiving me..I OWE GOD........ HE OWES ME NOTHING
  • David
    Our ways are not His ways, neither are our thoughts His thoughts His thoughts. Paul said I die daily. If Jesus suffered for the entire world and both was and is blameless how much more ought we to bear with one another. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...Honestly I could quote scripture all day but the truth is that when it comes to applying these scriptures to my everyday life, it is a completely different story. Not that I am not trying daily through fasting, and praying, and reading my bible...
  • Kim
    How can evil be over come with good out lil human minds can barely grasp!!!!

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