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  • Nokuthula Dube for verse 20
    love this scripture we need to pay back evil for good for we cannot be conformed to the standard of this world only God has the right to avenge for he says if we love him we shall do as he says,we need to understand that the very people we hate carry our blessings l would advise every christian to do as God says in his word so we don 't miss our blessing anyway you lose nothing by doing good Jesus did good and gained everything so if. we want all that God has for us we need to trust his word and live it
  • Rocky
    In the old testament it was an eye for an eye. When I was of the world I loved this saying. I was down with it. Now that I 'm in the Word I know that Jesus want 's us to do totally the opposite of what the world would do in any of these given situations. In the beginning doing Gods will is extremely hard. It would break my heart to be nice to a person that did 'nt deserve it. I started doing his will to show him that I loved him. There were many times that I failed and I felt so bad . I asked God to bring that situation again and I would do right by him. Believe me when I tell you the situation would come back until I passed with flying colors. Now doing Gods will is part of me I don 't have to think about it a million times before I do it. When you do Gods will you go to another level of Gods glory. Your relationship deepens. You and God are inseparable and everything about you is better. I know.
  • Jeyanthi Sikha for verse 15
    Understand and be a part in others lives.
  • This really saved me from doing something stupid, plotting and taking revenge, I was so bitter and twisted and prayed to God for the answer to my problem then I stumbled across this, we can 't allow other people 's actions to make us into some one we are not, he shows us exactly what to do in this situation..... Praise The Lord
  • MockingBird for verse 14
    David was a man after God 's own heart and all the while that Saul was cursing David and threatening to kill him : David continued to Bless Saul because he Saul was God 's anointed : Even so should I : even if that person is not of God : I am to Bless and curse not !!! I do not believe in getting even because I would be allowing myself to be in the same state of mind as they. To curse and swear. God called me to go up and be in His standard of living !!!!
  • Blessed
    I have to cry loud. everyone that say they Christians are not Christians. If you living in sin you are not a Christian not just fornicaton and adultry it sin and death not to repent of being envious. GOD said it 's not his will that any should perish but come to repentance. we have an enemy and it 's envy if you look at every time you do something out the will of GOD you will rationalize it but the bases of it is envy repent and become a Christian you claim to be
  • Anthony Bates
    These versus are talking to us Christians in the church community to treat each other with love and respect the spiritual gifts that can only come from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When we love one another then and only then will the world know we are His disciples.It is one thing to receive from the church of God but real members contribute their gifts and love to the body of Christ. This is the living sacrifice we are commended by not to live as the world lives selfish profit and sucess. Amen
  • Lilian
    God loves us so much and he dont want his children to be put in the darkness. God have commanded us to fix our eyes and renew our mind to Jesus and thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. His goodness and mercy is always following us. We must be humble ourselves to be praised. We must do good to overcome evil and offer our body as a living sacrifice. We are God 's servants and the servants do is to serve our God. But our God called us friends coz friends knows what his God can do. What a loving Holy Father to us. I trust you Lord forever Amen
  • Ellie
    I have done my church homework and I have payed a lot of attichin it was true and out of the bible
  • Kenwin Taylor
  • Motdaugrnds
    I really like this chapter as it lays out in plain words HOW to live a Christian life in this sinfilled world.
  • Winter
    This chapter has a lot of meaning in it to me it 's a very helpful chapter
  • Partridge Mutiso for verse 1
    It 's your Spirit that gets born again, it 's not your body that gets born again, your soul doesn 't get born again, Since your body does not get born again, present it as a Living Sacrifice, to the Lord!
  • Blessed
    this scripture is very good when you need to be around difficult people. let love be without dissimulation has the power to help you know what to do when around difficult people. you don 't be like them they usually rationalize why they treat some people nice and others wrong. the word says without dissimulation everyone deserves to be love. with as much as is within you.
  • Changing the way we think and be Jesus alike,guided by the spirit and not depending to our own understanding.
  • Veronica Shumpert for verse 1
  • Tony Adeyemi for verse 11
    God is telling us that there two actors in getting to your destiny in life: God and You. God has his own part to play and you have your own. Don 't shift your own roles or responsibilities to God in the name of service for one should not affect the other. Be a balanced Christian.
  • Kimberly
    In this day and time its almost difficult you have so much thrown on you seems like at one time I try to have peace within myself.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    ROMANS 12:19 COMMENTS 2015 3 04 10:38 PM. In truth,Christians always suffer a persecute that cannot avenge themselves in their enemies but rather be humble to them. But thanks to Lord Jesus for vengeance and recompense is in Him. As said in Deut. 32:35. Praise the Lord. A-men.
  • Mil Ber
    Keep your mind Off earthly thought Be heaven mind full.
  • Paul coxxon for verse 2
    This is were we Christian should understand our gift from God, walking in holiness not allowing the things we see influence us. Think maturely, understanding who we are as light of the world
  • Matthew for verse 21
    So many people act developmentally out of what enacts upon and in them. Act or cause what you want in and around you and you will have to live in that action, and that creation etc..
  • Eliab Nomwesigwa for verse 4
    We are one body. I have a responsibility and you have another responsibility. I should not interfere with your responsibilities. if we work as a team, we will achieve much but woe unto us if we are to live our lives separately
  • Audie for verse 1
    The Divine allowed us to be on this physical plane to exist and to fulfill a very specific duty. It is our "reasonable service " to allow God to come alive within ourselves and to do what we came here to do. "Sacrifice " living outside of yourself and "renew your mind " by recognizing the God in you.
  • Motdaugrnds
    I love this chapter in that it makes very clear how we are suppose to act while living in this world.
  • C Johnson
    I love Paul expression, in verse I beseech you. How he is urging I beg you the only one to live is to give your whole body to Christ is the only thing that is acceptable, reasonable and logical .
  • McAbe Ojo
    Rom 12 14. "Bless them which persecute you...and curse not ". It 's time to stop those 'hateful prayers ', Apostle Paul would rather see them as cursing those never dying soul whom Jesus died for. The witch doctors and religious persecutors will only be saved not by cursing them but by releasing the Christ like love in us to set them free on our knees. Remember that we were also once bad and sinful, but even while we were yet sinners and enemies of the cross , Christ died for us.
  • McAbe Ojo
    Rom 12 19. Believers are commanded to avoid revenge but to "give place unto wrath ". God 's people are implored to express their feelings in a moderate manner devoid of hatered to others. Avoid the art of keeping a diary of offence which often breed hatered, but rather speak out to the offender with the main aim of making peace.
  • Kairu s.k
    How wonderful that paul simplifies our lives by writing a 'manual ' on how we should live.thank you!!!
  • Alexia
    i love this verse true chritianity we should be drven by the holiness of god a jesus christ

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