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  • Susan Calin on Romans 11
    Praise GOD for He is LORD!
  • Librarygal143 on Romans 11
    Thank you, Heavenly Father!
  • Lilian on Romans 11
    Jesus is coming soon like a Thief Jesus is a good Shepherd We the Sheep's who followed Jesus can only HEAR HIS VOICE God sent Jesus to us to hear his words so that you and me must have life in Abundance. By God's grace we are saved Our OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S WORDS ARE IMPORTANT THAN SACRIFICE . WE MUST PRAISE AND WORSHIP JESUS UNTIL RAPTURE JESUS WILL COME AGAIN TO TAKE HIS CHURCH AND FOR HIS PEOPLE
  • A disciple on Romans 11
    Kathie Ellis; "The Fullness of the Gentiles" will be when the last sheep is gathered into the fold, and the door is shut, for this present age. The Father alone knows when that day is; and that will be the day that He tells the Lord Jesus, "Now go down, and finish the age, to completely fill up the vision!" Then, at the Day of the LORD, Jesus will make Himself known in power and glory to Israel.
  • Kathie ellis on Romans 11
    Would the fullness of the Gentiles, be the rapture of the
  • Irene123 on Romans 11
    1 Cor. 2:16 - " ....., but we have the mind of Christ." Christ is the Word, the Word is the scriptures - which we have; God's will for us is in His Word. So we can know the mind of God to the extent we can read His word. The Bible is all we need to know of Him - until we get to Heaven - then we will know - ALL!!!
  • Irene123 on Romans 11
    Rom. 11:28 states - As concerning the Gospel they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they ae beloved for the father's sakes." This lets us know that we should have any hatred, or become the enemy of the "branches" who were broken off, but that we should have love and mercy towards them. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have been made partakers of the "Root". cont.
  • Bruce on Romans 11
    Frank: Mark 7:18-23. V:22-----pride, foolishness:23: all these evil things come from within and defile the man.
    John6:44,no man can come to me,except
    ll Corinthians5:17 Therefore If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
    Matthew3:11---He shall baptize you with--
    Revelation20:15 and whosoever was not-
    How wonderful it is to be in the arms of The Savior! Next morning,Wow! I'm in new world !
  • James on Romans 11
    There is know way our mind can under stand God. By watching the sky at night my mind just wanders from star to star.
  • Tim standley on Romans 11
    we are all part of the olive tree,with out discrimnation Jew,Gentile,all creeds.Grace keeps us whole.
  • John Madden on Romans 11:22
    take heed if you think you stand you may fall...
  • Tina wisler on Romans 11
    God is merciful,Just, Faithful to his children and loving
  • Josiah on Romans 11:28
    nothing to think it 's true. Everyone needs to accept it as it is!
  • Anon on Romans 11
    Without holiness no man shall see The Lord. Also, this chapter reminds us today that God is not through with Israel, he still remembers all his promises to them and will fulfill every one of them.
  • Geneva on Romans 11:36
    Glory be to God! We exists because of him, for we are were created intentionally for an intelligent purpose. He is truly a transcendent entity!! He is the possesser of all things. He is the object of my faith. Amen
  • Dharam on Romans 11:33
    God 's ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Praise God for this powerful scripture.
  • Blessed on Romans 11
    some people judge. GOD is the final judge. Thou we are CHRISTIANS we are to follow peace with all men without such no man will see the Lord. we have the good news we are suppose to preach the good news. When something is grafted unless pointed out you can hardly tell where the graft is. Now I say this because they call us step children. yet the word says that JESUS GAVE US POWER TO BECOME SONS AND DAUGHTER OF GOD. I MAYBE GRAFTED YET THE WORD OF GOD IS SO POWERFUL LIKE A TWO EDGE SWORD IT PLACED ME IN THE FAMILY OF GOD AND MADE ME A CHILD OF GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST AND THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST.
  • MockingBird on Romans 11:33
    God 's wisdom and knowledge is His riches The Grace of God has given me the ability to share in a portion of His riches. All that He has and is , is mine to take hold of. My mere being cannot hold all that God is. But I have the earnest of His Spirit and I can know all things. I will always be getting to know my Lord even through out eternity. Praise God for Holy Spirit that dwells within me.
  • Moses Njenga on Romans 11:33
    That 's why the things that comes from the LORD passes human understanding, can you explain HIS peace? HIS ways are higher than ours.
  • Ar on Romans 11
    Reading this chapter today, I praised the Lord for saving us the Gentiles by giving partial blindness to His own people for our sake. But as it says in verse 26 all Israel shall be saved....We have to pray for Israel and her people for these very difficult times that they are going through when almost all the World has turned against them. In Gen 12 God says that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. so let 's pray for the peace and salvation of Israel, which is so near.
  • Patrick on Romans 11:25
    "Fulness of the Gentiles be come in " means that when the Romans have completely captured and overrun the city of Jerusalem, and the land of Israel, then the day of Israel has ended, and the day or fulness of the Gentiles has begun. The teaching that the times of the Gentiles began back in 500 or 600 BC is only imagined by man. From the beginning of Israel, to the end of it, were the times of Israel, not the Gentiles.
  • Adeyemi Babajide Damilola on Romans 11
    Romans 11 36. That means every person, every corporation, every stock bond, everything on this planet belongs to God. You don 't really own anything. You need to realize, God owns it all, so that 's why you have to look to Him to have all your needs met.
  • Apostle NJ Mkhize on Romans 11:29
    the gifts and calling of God are without repentance God does not change his purposes when God appoints you to operate in a specific purpose no man or predicament that can overwrite the plan of God Ours is to dwell in the light as his in the light and be partaker of is grace
  • Paul on Romans 11
    it does not matter what one believes this scripture says; it only matters what one knows this scripture says; truth is not based on what you believe; but on what you know without a doubt; it is a fact that the lord has come for the jews and gentiles alike;for it is written means old test and jesus is the deliverer that has come for them and there will not be another time for them as god and paul sais they please not god but still can come and be born again like all those that trust the lord only for salvation; he is that deliverer.
  • God is in you. on Romans 11:29
    I can claim it with ease mark! and so can all who are saved. Here's a new "perspective" with ALL advantages: JESUS IS IN YOU AND GOD TOO (since they are one) We ALSO receive the Holy Spirit upon being saved who is also one with the Father. >>>> 1 John 4:15 Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.>>> also see ACTS 8:8 and elsewhere on the Holy Spirit! Peace.
  • Mark Titus on Romans 11:29
    It's amazing how many people want to prove Jesus a liar. Why? Self-Righteousness. Remember, my Savior Jesus Christ new what it was like to be a man. He felt what we feel when it comes to sin. He also had a HUGE advantage. The Father in him. No other human being could claim that at the time or since. Perspective people. Perspective.
  • Robert mwansa on Romans 11:33
    Help me,i want all the book of king jemes to be stled i
  • Verman canta on Romans 11:22
    to complete from Rom.11:19-24 When God is finish with the Gentiles He will reinstate Israel. Israel was set aside because of unbelief. The gentiles have favor because of their belief. Therefore they should not be proud, but intrinsic nature does not matter to or deter God. They should realize that God is capable of setting the
    gentiles aside and of grafting Israel in again. this is precisly what He will do.
  • Rosalind on Romans 11
    God is too great for us to understand with the human mind. We will never be able to understand his actions and so by faith we live, breath and have our being. Through Him we move through this earth doing what is that perfect and acceptable will of God. To him I give all glory, honor and praise.
  • Prophet TGordon on Romans 11
    I believe some of Paul's writings is dealing with Israel under the old covenant, while it was still active. However, when the New Better Covenant was established Israel was placed under a new agreement. In the new agreement those who are chosen according to election embrace Jesus as LORD and Savior. Remember, in the new covenant there are no Jews or Gentiles; only saints. Eph. 2:1- The covenant Paul speaks of is the new covenant and it is within that covenant the nation of Israel is covered. Also, the wild olive branch [other nations]are grafted into the new covenant through the blood of Jesus Christ, according to the promise made to Abraham. 'In thy seed shall the nations of the earth be blessed. ( Gen 22:18)Finally, I believe Paul is speaking to two different kinds of people 1 natural Israel and spiritual Israel. Natural Israel must believe and once they believe they are pulled into the new better covenant becoming citizens of heaven. Remember, the body of Christ is totally different from the world.

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