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  • Ock on Romans 10
    Romans 10:15.....And how can people preach UNLESS THEY ARE SENT? [ who were sent and by whom and with what authority?] "SENT", as used in the Greek language of which the book of Romans was written, is apostello. [apostle] "Peace be with you. As the Father has SENT me, even so I SEND you."That authority was delegated to the Apostles ALONE by Jesus Christ. Someone please show where where the Bible gives authority to anyone other that Apostles or their designee 9VIA THE LAYING ON OF HANDS) TO PREACH?
  • Bolarinwa A. on Romans 10:9
    confessing that Jesus is lord in this dispensation entails more than just saying it with your mouth. The confession here must be born out of a strong belief from the heart.
  • Samuel Aniewu on Romans 10:10
    Here is a verse which teaches that twofold evidence of salvation. First, when God saves a person, they believe in their hearts, which is really in their spirit essence. They receive their resurrected souls at the moment of salvation. ( Ezek 36:26 KJV) A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. Secondly, a person who truly believes in their heart, will be unable to keep it to themselves and will become a verbal witness and tell others about the Lord. Jeremiah wanted to stop bringing the word of God to Judah but he could not because it was as a fire in his heart. ( Jer 20:9 KJV) Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay. The mouth confesses what the regenerated heart has believed.
  • Rosalina on Romans 10
    (This is my response to Ciscokid's comment dated 8/14/2013 at 12:12am on Romans Chapter 10):

    Whatever kind of letter it was or to whoever it was addressed that question has no substance in knowing the process of salvation. It was clearly stated in Romans 10:13 that, "WHOEVER shall CALL upon the NAME of the Lord shall be SAVED".. While Romans 10:14-17 stated the process of salvation backward before you can call the name of the Lord and be saved and that is to "believe what you've heard from a preacher who was sent to preach the gospel of peace by hearing the word of God so that faith shall come to you. (Simple).
  • Rosalina on Romans 10
    This is my respond to GLENN's Romans Chapter 10 comment about verse 10 on 9/09/2013, 9:26am: The significance of confessing audibly (with one's mouth) unto salvation is that, your faith that is in your heart should be revealed by confessing with your mouth the Lord Jesus. Prayers should be in the way as it's written in Matthew 6:5-6.
  • GLENN on Romans 10:10
    What is the signifigance of confessing audibly (with one's mouth) unto salvation as opposed to saying it in one's head? Might this imply that prayers should also be audible in order to be efficacious?
  • Russell on Romans 10:9
    Don't stop at that one verse. The explanation is given in the next verse... Romans 10:10...For with the heart manbelieveth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. And then 10:13...for whosoever shall upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
  • Bernice upshaw on Romans 10:1
    please explain these verses
  • Child of God on Romans 10:9
    Just believe Gods word!
  • Ciscokid on Romans 10
    Bobby's said about Romans Chapter 10 comment on 7/13/2013, 8:51pm..." Romans 10 is powerful! Especially Romans 10:9@10. It actually instructs a sinner how to be saved."
    This is my answer to Bobby's comment.

    Bobby--if you will notice--Romans is a letter to the church at Rome--these folks were ALREADY saved. Paul was addressing SAVED folks. Bobby--why not go BACK in the scriptures where the church was started--where folks ACTUALLY received INSTRUCTIONS how to be saved. The book of Acts is scripturally where the New Testament church started. NOW compare the instructions Peter gave those men in Acts 2 to those so called "instructions" in Romans 10:9-10.
    IF Romans is actually "INSTRUCTIONS" that lead to salvation--then why is there no mention IN ROMANS of REPENTANCE, baptism in Jesus name, and receiving the Holy Ghost. These instructions were in Acts 2. You mentions Eph 2:8-10--also. Again, WHY are these "instructions" TO OBTAIN salvation SOOOoooo much different from one another???

    The mainstream Christian world is TOTALLY AFRAID of Acts 2:38???--BECAUSE it ****s holes in the false doctrine of "believe in your heart and confess with your mouth".
    Romans 10 and Eph 2---are EPISTLES--HELLO EPISTLES --LETTERS to CHURCHS OF Rome and Ephesians ----folks who were ALREADY SAVED. These ARE not INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO BE SAVED>
  • Mike mason on Romans 10
    romans 10:3 describes most people sadly
  • Ciscokid on Romans 10
    It's amazing that so many "Christian" believers have this salvation thing all wrong. THEY say, all you have to do is a speak words and you'll be saved. That is most EGOTISCIAL, especially when the scriptures DO NOT concur with that type of thinking.
  • Bobby on Romans 10
    Romans 10 is powerful! Especially Romans 10:9@10. It actually instructs a sinner how to be saved. Why not use this scripture along with Ephesians 2: 8-10. The Word is powerful. Please explain to me why these scriptures should not be used when leading one into salvation.
  • Ratunaisa Duba on Romans 10:17
    It is very motivatig to keep on preaching the word of god because of its effectiveness.
  • Ciscokid on Romans 10
    It's unwise to point sinners to Romans 10:9-10--the Epistles are letters to saved Saints. I realize this has been done for many years, never the less, it makes no sense. Why would anyone assume that an Epistle, a letter to the (CHURCH) Saints at Rome, be considered instructions on how to be saved?
  • Paul on Romans 10:9
    Are you saved NOW in the present tense or at the 2nd Coming of Christ Jesus? And if you are saved NOW in the present tense, can you lose your salvation?
  • Debbie on Romans 10:17
    It is all about the word, speak it and apply it. It all started in Genesis. God spoke the word and created everything.
  • Ruben Rodriguez on Romans 10:9
    The passage says: that if you confess The Lord Jesus with your mouth thou shall be saved. He is not telling you to say that he is Lord, because guess what, He is LORD of Lords and King Of Kings weather you say it or not. But if you say it with your mouth that Jesus is your Savior thou shall be saved. The NIV readers are the ones that put it that way. Peace to all.
  • Lucien washington on Romans 10
    I believe that there is a lot of Christians that read the word but they truly donít have a knowledge of who God is or what he is saying. So because they now have what I believe is a taste of salvation or God to say. They believe they can begin to fix everyone else. This chapter speaks of having zeal. Yes having a desire to do the things of God, but having no knowledge on how to do them. So in turn you the person can become deadly to another individual. Your seal should be first to find out what God is saying for you, and get that down which for most of us. Thatís enough to do for years before we just start giving the counsel of Godís word to others. We donít realize sometimes because we are feeling so great about being saved that what works at the time for us, might not be what the next individual needs to hear. Slow down and let God. Stick to the basics, until you have obtained some seasoning on how and where and at what time to use his word.
  • Reynolds Smith on Romans 10:13
    The Word of God does not need to be changed or altered. It says it all and is simple to believe. The Holy Spirit is drawing everyone to Jesus Christ and He is waiting for anyone to call upon Him for forgiveness of sin and He will hear their prayer and forgive them of all their sins.
  • Emmanuel chigozie on Romans 10:17
    It is only the word, God will strengthen you and quicken your heart and when you meditate it and believe it, it becomes faith.
  • Allan on Romans 10:13
    It shows that God doesn't choose tribes,or they are some people that He want to save and leave others.God want to save us all as His children.
    In other words God is giving us the will to choose whether to be saved or to be lost.MAY GOD BLESS US AS WE CONTINUE READING HIS WORD.
  • Miguel on Romans 10
  • Kevin on Romans 10
    Rom. 10 9-10 God made it that simple to have eternal life. thou shalt be saved shalt- {absolute tense} unto salvation- {wholeness} awesome indeed
  • Elijah chara on Romans 10
    I want 2 coment more on vese 17 since even this planet 2day we can blf what we dgd not even now but as we heard we blf
  • Rajamanickam on Romans 10:9
    it is pure holy word of God which directs us to eternal life ,we are saved by blood of Jesus ,the very purpose of creation of mankind is to worship the almighty god "Yahweh"
  • C.trump on Romans 10
    That is exactly right Mark. First what is an epistle? They r letters to the church. Romans is a poor selection of scripture to use to show someone how to become saved. Evan the wordage should tell anyone; Shall or shalt means future tense not present tense. God sent Paul to speak to whom? The members of the church at Rome. Remember the DEVIL believes and ftrembles and he aint saved, and wont be. Salvation scripture is jn 3:3,3:5 The entire book of Acts. Acts iz where they tarried for the HGhost
  • Mark Sr. on Romans 10
    I believe Paul was talking to a saved church.Just by confessing does not save you.Many people think of being saved mean just by confessing who he is,they are now filld with the Holy Spirit.Acts tells us that the spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and it filled the house,and they spoke in tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.The Bible also speaks about those who comes to Christ.It says,he that comes to Christ must first believe and he is a rewarder of them that diligentlyseek him.
  • MICHAEL PEREZ on Romans 10
    Paul was concerted like all the Apostle they were all inspired by the Holy spirit and stood in the power of GOD .
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Romans 10
    Glory be to God,All Mighty, Jehovah.God of Abraham,
    Through Jesus Christ let Grace and Salvation come to us all. Amen!

    This chapter 10 is a strong Word of advice to the people of this World in general and to the children of Israel in particular.

    A challenge to the children of Israel:

    1.How then shall they call upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, when they do not believe in him?

    2.How then shall they believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ when they refuse to hear the Word of God?

    3.How then shall they hear the Word of God, when they refuse to listen to the prophets of God?

    4.How then shall they preach the Word of God, except if they are sent by God?

    Many of the children of `Israel have refused to accept the gospel.

    Many of the children of Israel deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    Brothers and Sisters, the time to repent is NOW!

    Before God there is no Jew and there is no Gentile. We are all treated justly and equally.

    We are all saved by the Grace of God through Faith in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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