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  • MockingBird on Romans 10:10
    If I listen to my mind : My mind would talk me out of the Blessings of God. In order to obtain what God has : As I hear and observe His word : I believe with my heart and automatically I speak with my mouth : God gave me a mouth to use and I choose to use it in accordance with His word. God spoke and it was : So am I to speak and it is. I have it in my heart then when I believe it I will speak it then the manifestation will come. No matter how long it takes to manifest : as long as I stand continually on His word I will see. Believing is seeing . Praise God !!!
  • Enara on Romans 10:17
    All scripture is profitable and I thank God that He has made it so simple off all to understand. When I 'm hearing the Word of God faith will come. When I keep reading it aloud to myself or in church it will increase. When my faith is tested I must continue to believe what God has said through His Word. My faith gets strong and stronger because of Christ. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Yes!
  • Caffay terry on Romans 10
    t be this chapter tells you how you can be saved
  • David on Romans 10:17
    It does say hearing . Evermore reasons to be in the house of God when the doors are open. It is simply a privilege and honor to be in His house.
  • Jeannette Draper on Romans 10
    I have learned a lot reading Romans chapter 10 especially verse 9 that if you confess with thy mouth you will be saved.
  • Leonard Halleen on Romans 10
    Christ rose from the dead after three days. I remember hearing the story and verse from my childhood that he went down into hell in order to save many souls. Where in the bible is this verse contained?
  • Demetrio on Romans 10:17
    Let the words be written on your heart and the tablets be in your mind and heart. Live by these words.
  • Marks Nkulele on Romans 10
    I love the Lord.
  • Pastor Ryan Sheppard on Romans 10:15
    Comparing scripture with scripture the word "Go " is the very FIRST word in God 's great commission in Mt. 28 and the word "Go " is the most vital word in God 's Great Commission instructing all who have fully believed on Jesus how our feet are called by God to be fully given to God to be used to preach His gospel as we who claim to be Christian 's Christ ones are to be "DOER " of God 's Word and NOT HEARERS ONLY as James 2 so powerfully exhorts. Preaching the good news of the gospel is what God calls "beautiful " in this verse, so, what 's keeping you from doing the most beautiful Christian act? Timidity? That 's concern over self, an intense SELF love. PRIDE? that you know better than God about that which is beautiful? Read 2 Corinthians 5 17,18 where every believer in Jesus is not only a new creature also we 're all ALL GIVEN the ministry of reconciliation.
  • Helena Garilano on Romans 10:14
    What this Scripture is saying is that all Christians must stop going to the "church building " on Sunday which is not supported in the Bible. They must go into the streets , festivals , big and small cities and preach the word.
  • AR on Romans 10
    I add to my first comment " Faith comes by hearing and then you confess ". That 's what Jesus did in Mark 7 .He touched the ear and the tongue of the deaf person, and then pointed to Heaven for faith which comes from Heaven, from God.
  • Ar on Romans 10
    Looking into Internet, I found out that there are some Ministries using sign language to teach the Bible, and so far only 2 pct of deaf people are saved. If you read Mark chapter 7 verse 32 to 37 you will see how Jesus cured a deaf person. But of course, He was God, and He could cure anything in anyway. But look the details of this case specially verse 33 and 34 and 35. Some people say Jesus used sign language!
  • Helen Rowland on Romans 10
    First seek the kingdom of God ! Then you will be open to receive His words,which is the spirit of God. That teaches us as Heirs to Gods kingdom ,how we ought to behave and live with one another.
  • Moses njenga on Romans 10:9
    Salvation is for those that put their trust in HIS finished work, then boldly unashamely confess HIS Lordship in your life. Paul set the tone when he declared that he is not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of GOD unto salvation.
  • MockingBird on Romans 10:9
    I must confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and I shall be saved I will be raised from the dead death of trespasses and sins. I will be raised to newness of life . Death has no more dominion over me. It comes against me but it has no dominion over me. Right now in this my life I can experience freedom from sin and death. Death is separation from God. Anything that breaks up there is death separation.
  • Moses Njenga on Romans 10:17
    Faith, substance of things hoped for comes by hearing GODS Words which is alive, powerful and dont forget HIS Words are SPIRIT.
  • Dharam on Romans 10:17
    Thank God that he has provided a way for us to obtain faith. As we study and meditate on his Word we would grow and develop the measure of faith that God has given us when we became Christians Romans 12 3
  • Blessed on Romans 10
    We are to pray for Isreal peace, grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST.
  • MockingBird on Romans 10:17
    God gives to every man the measure of faith. With the measure that we are given we are to add to. To grow We can only attain faith from God 's word any other source is non working We must read the word of God and be around preaching. Faith cometh by hearing the word of God. Faith can only please God.
  • Thomas on Romans 10
    I believe Romans 10 9 10 tells a person what they must do to be Saved there is no other way but through Jesus Christ.
  • Thamsanqa on Romans 10:17
    Its. Totally clear from me that if I want grow my little faith I must spend more time hearing through the word of God and meditate it every time.
  • Acisard on Romans 10:4
    God loved us so much that He gave His Son. Now the Spirit of Life has set us free from the law of sin and death. Messiah has paid the price for us as we have broken His Law. All believer 's are now made righteous in Him. He is Torah and He has come and fulfilled established the Law not destroying or abolishing one bit of it. Amen
  • Taiwo Igie on Romans 10:17
    Faith cometh by hearing the word of God. And it 's a creating ability from nothing and everyone has it but if you don 't live by it consciously it might seems you don 't have it. And when God say without faith no one can please God, this is indication of its necessity to everyone to live and act it consciously. Thanks.
  • The bender on Romans 10
    My most favorite book in all the bible! How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?and how shallthey believe in him of whom they have not heard?and how shall they hear without a preacher? LETS GO PREACH!
  • Rev. Autrey on Romans 10
    Verse 13 "For 'Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. ' " This verse is a direct quote of Joel 2 32. This means that YHWH, the God of the old Testament, and Jesus are the same. This is a truth we once knew but have long since forgotten. If we get back to it, it will add meaning to our Christian worship. It also means that we will be worshiping the same God as the prophets, but now by his New testament name, Jesus. We must understand that it was Jesus who introduced us to God 's other personality, the Father. That is why Jesus said of the Father, "And I have revealed you to them and will keep on revealing you. " He was letting us know that there is another personality of God besides himself the Father. And there is yet another, the Holy Spirit. But Jesus is always the way God speaks to us. So call upon God by saying his name Jesus, and we will be saved!
  • ANNETTE on Romans 10
    What a mighty God we serve . His word is Spirit and Life....As I read it is as a tremor in my soul. HALLELUJAH !!!
  • Michael ojegbe ideva on Romans 10:10
    I believe this verse is for me and my family michael ideva

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  • Ethelware on Romans 10
    ETHEL comment on v 9 If you believe in your hearts and confess with your mouth that God raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus is the son of God then we are saved One must start to doing good and less committing sins your daily walk with Jesus should start with a prayer songs and rejoicing reading the word of God and fasting on things you cannot bare and steer yourself from old habits and if you should fall by the way ask God to for give you and keep going good Amen this walk are not easy but it get easy the more you try and yield your members unto God

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