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  • ALEX - in Reply on Romans 10
    Father son and h.g. is simply father son and granson resulting in an israel of god.but this is the child that has been kept secret, th babes and n sucklings. that is gona perfect praise in humanity th h.g. th granson th h.g. is a child of promise i will multipy thy seed as th stars via christ seed word. thats y he refers to the h.g. as the promise he is th granson christ offsprng babes n sucklings
  • Alex on Romans 10
    Jesus said twice john baptised you with water but i will baptise you with the .h.g. water baptism is not the baptism of promise,its only the h.g. baptism that he said was coming soon at jerusalem. and he said the father wd sent in my name.but there were still several baptising in water even peter was commanding water baptsim thats when god rebuked him, th sheet with all unclean animals the church.
  • BSP on Romans 10
    Christ fulfilled the Law perfectly and released us from being under the command of the Mosaic Law. The Law lead us to Christ to be under his law.
  • BLAQ ICE - in Reply on Romans 10
    In the book of John 1:1 it gives both the father and the son the title as God. Then go to PSALMS 110 it says The Lord said to my Lord. This tell us that the Father and the son also go by the title Lord. Then read Hebrews 1:9 and it reads therefore God , even thy God. The son was praying to the Father, to answer your question or to put another way, God the son was praying to God the Father.
  • Juan Pedraza - in Reply on Romans 10
    Just like when Jesus was praying to God to take this cup from him, why was he praying to God, if he was God? Matthew 26:39
  • BLAQ ICE - in Reply on Romans 10
    None of the prophets in the OT dealt with the Father, they only dealt with the Son. So when you see Lord in the OT, it is mostly talking about Jesus, unless it refers to both together like in the book of Psalms. The Lord said to my Lord. Psalms 110
  • BRO. BLAQ ICE - in Reply on Romans 10
    Jehovah, the Lord and Jesus is the same being. It is easy to research starting at John 1:1-3. If there is a God or Lord credited with creating, it is the son and not the father. John 1:10 Now lets go to Genesis 2:4. This is the first verse in the bible that the word Lord was used. According to the bible, the Father and Son share the titles Lord and God. Jesus went by the name Jehovah in the OT
  • Ivy Johnson on Romans 10
    Paul of Tarsus: Author: Roman Citizen: Studied under Gamaliel: Traveler: Missionary: outstanding exponent of Gospel: Theologian: Corinthn: near close Third Missionary Journey: Jew: Plan of Righteousness: Paul had great concern for the Jews: They had rejected God’s sovereignty: His method: Paul’s message: elect remnant will be saved: ultimately: Israel(the Jews will turn to the Lord: Hallelujah
  • Melodie on Romans 10
  • BSP on Romans 10
    It is important to have faith in our hearts but we must use our speech to bring praise to Jehovah God and to express our beliefs.
  • Vanessa on Romans 10
    it is by hearing and reading that Christ through his death and resurrection he fulfilled the laws, and yet some still follow the laws that were given to Moses. We are to live by faith and call upon Jesus, and thank our Father always. I spend a lot crying thinking how many walk blind to how great our God is and his mercy for all if the seek,they will find, how great is he, Love him always Amen!
  • Jazzymeow on Romans 10
    I really think it's talking bout feeling. You know God doesn't judge so much in words. More so the m9tives of using those words. I'd rather come to God with even one honest thought, not being able to understand a word to say. It's the humility He sees. Then He sees you remember His name. Maybe... Don't hang your hat on it. But that kinda feels right to me.
  • Bruce on Romans 10
    Juan: When Lord is All Capital Letters LORD or GOD It's Yahweh or Jehovah. Most People Don't Read LORD as Jehovah or Yahweh. I Use The Name Jehovah. Hebrews Would Not Use Vowels, They Write YHWH. The KJB Translated to LORD. I Read it as Jehovah, You Get a Better Understanding of what's Written. Like in Psalms 110:1 The LORD Said to my Lord: Jehovah Said to Jesus.
  • Juan on Romans 10
    Lord is a tittle not a name. When the Bible says in the name of the Lord, does it means Jesus, Jehovah, or whom else?
  • Melisa Woody on Romans 10
  • Ken on Romans 10
    Jewel that is so true about Romans 10-9 that’s such a true and wonderful scripture that’s very uplifting to the heart and spirt...Praise the Lord !!
  • Jewel on Romans 10
    When I sometimes get discouraged or heavy laden, I quote Romans 10:9 to myself, and I immediately feel better and I feel the presence of God. I believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord, and I confess with my mouth that God raised Him from the dead. So, I AM saved! Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth. Praise Hos holy name!
  • Vanessa on Romans 10
    Esaias"Isaiah" spoke clarity onto the people of Israel, to confess that Yeshua was Lord, God loves his people and yet they were so ignorant to the truth,they still remain under Moses law. Many now are changing their view now Thank you God. I find it very interesting to learn about the prophets and their passions, makes you understand better to have the same passion for the Love of God
  • Bob on Romans 10
    I'm so glad God is no respecter of persons s as in the 'whosoever' of John 3:16, of whom I am chief am greatfully so, Thank God! Sounds too good to be true. But "..God honors His Word above His Name.."
  • Dione heavy on Romans 10
    God is love and faith
  • Lilian on Romans 10
    If we confess our sins to God Jesus is faithful to forgive our sins only believe that Jesus is the Son of the Living God and i will be saved amen thanks to the blood of Jesus
  • Lilian on Romans 10
    Faith is a gift from God but faith only comes by hearing the word of God blessed are those who meditate God's words for his word bring us life amen
  • Bam west on Romans 10
    Great news
  • LadyA on Romans 10
    Walk by Faith and not by Sight, Get to GOD for yourself....

  • Deborah Taylor on Romans 10
    I beleive that it is speaking of the power of listening to God's word. It makes me understand that hearing is used as,a,word because God's word is alive. Thank you for sharing this bread of life.
  • Douglas G Wells on Romans 10
    The jews God wants to true love and worshio him. And him alone
  • Douglas G Wells on Romans 10
    The word of God has to do the soul or the heart. I order for the live to changed
  • Robert Donaldson on Romans 10
    How can you say that Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Spirit Yet at that time in reading Romans 10.9 he was not Lord of your life as you had not yet said that Instead we should say That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
  • BSP on Romans 10
    Verse 17~In order to build faith we must constantly hear the Word of God. This we can do by reading the Bible and making sure to really listen to it by applying it in our lives.
  • A disciple on Romans 10
    Michael (cont.); You dare to say that the Apostle Matthew, who was filled with the Holy Spirit at "THE" Day of Pentecost, and the first to write the Holy Glad Tidings Narrative the same year that the Lord ascended; that HE didn't have a clue? How then did Jesus open their understanding to Scripture, while according to you they did not understand?

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