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  • ShakespeareIngrid for verse 28
    As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the road
    It is very clear in verses 26 and 27 what GOD thinks of homosexuality. Those who practice and preach such will pay a steep price.
  • Tommy Burgess
    The lord is coming its here g
    he will do to thuis world just as before its clear
  • Adam R
    ...the truth of God into a lie..." I believe that the hierarchy of the world exchanged God for the lie of 'outer space'( being eternal, infinite, encompassing) And 'they' told us we rotate around the sun(sun worship) when in fact we are the center of creation. God made everything around us. "The world also is stablished, that it be not moved". Most people believe we are insignificant, just spinning thru some infinite space when in fact we are awaiting Jesus return and the New Jerusalem when all the elect will live with Christ here on earth with no need for the sun for He will be our Light and His kingdom will have no end. God is very near, on His throne above the firmament. Praise Him daily
  • Shell
    What version Bible are you reading this from? I can't find it. thanks
  • Mick
    I always use King James Bible for study. I read the NIV before I sleep. When I was brand new Born Again I had a Living Bible. It's so marked up I can barely read it lol. It takes me back to those first days of first love for Jesus. I never felt so loved prior to that.
  • Frank H Sleeper
    Adam R... The is literally nothing in the Bible that says the sun, stars, universe that rotates around the Earth. When we try to make such claims it makes us Christians look stupid. What it DOES point out is THIS critical fact: The ENTIRE AMAZING Universe was created - and yet God spent his entire Word talking about his Love and Focus on US!! The universe he created only qualified for a few words

    THAT'S the perspective. WE are the center of attention of God
  • Jim
    I always tell folks if they want the blunt or direct truth about homosexuality and how God feels about it to read Romans 1. Actually reading the whole book of Romans is recommended. Many so called Christian churches have given in to the world and are denying the truth of scripture. Sadly for them God is still alive and has other plans and it won't be good for those that reject His Son which is the truth the ways and the life.
  • Adam
    Praise God for today!
  • Don Morgan
    How do different Christian denominations that allow Lesbian and Gay Bishops, Reverends, etc. deal with Bible verses warning against homosexuality? Looking for an answer to this question on this website... quora dot com/unanswered/How-do-different-Christian-denominations-that-allow-Lesbian-and-Gay-Bishops-Reverends-etc-deal-with-Bible-verses-warning-against-homosexuality
  • Tobias
    They are fulfilling one part of the scripture they can't help it they are blind. We all have a choice to fulfil any part of the scripture.
    Let's choose wisely
  • Gail Heinze
    They ignore God's true word. Roman's 1 24 thru 26 .
  • Phillip E Gallegos
    I would not venture to call the Christians but hypocrites who distort the Word of God, truth
  • Sf
    God s word is eternal they are spirit and life.
  • Satans Footprints
    Satan has his Footprints Deceiving all Mankind Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Evil of every Kind. Pain, Death and Confusion are all his Master Plans seeking to attack in Close and Distant Lands. Satan the Deceiver promising Grand Schems Leaving Rejection and the Crash of Broken dreams. Christ is The Victor and will be coming soon Satan defeated banished by the Bridegroom.
  • God's Footprints
    Gods Footprints are everywhere for all the World to see He has left His Mark for all Mankind from the Start to Eternity. When lost confused and all alone His Words to us will be made known. For within every Grain of Truth there stands the indent of The Creaters Hand in every Language, Race and Clan The Lord has left His Master Plan. No one can claim they cannot see for in Christ Jesus we have been given Liberty bringing us in Love to bow our knees for He has the Crown of Victory.
  • Treasure Effiong
    Verse 25: Talks about Catholic church. Verse 26: Talks about their rev. Sisters. While verse 27: Talks about their rev. Fathers. That's my point.
  • Joe
    Quite true, but unfortunately the sin has and is continuing to spread more widely throughout the world. And the worst part, society and the world are demanding and getting acceptance - casting shame and hatred upon anyone who speaks against the sin.
  • Daryl
    i wish everyone would read romans chapter 1. because it shows the current state of our sin tainted world today and how satan has turned the minds of men from the clear truths CLEARLY PUT FORTH by GOD
  • Carey Z
    Amen! True
  • Watchman
    Thank you Daryl and yes very True and sadly it is even in the Churches. Sin is accepted or ignored. Some misunderstand what is meant by we are not to Judge so they look the other way when people continue to Sin and this allows Satan to get a foothold in their lives bringing much suffering and fear because they reap the evil they sow and if they have no True Heart Repentance this leads to more Sin and than Spiritual death. It's not God's will anyone perishes it's their choice but He knows those who are His and not one of us will be lost Eternally He protects our Soul.
  • Fred Beck
    I am drawn to vers 16 in this chapter for this word is a two edge sword and it can cut to life or death it is the power of God unto salvation. Let us choose life for it is Gods kingdom and not ours let him be the judge and not us for our enemy is not flesh and blood but the principalities of the air the darkness within ourselves. let us humble ourselves and become poor in spirit that the Spirit of God may guide our hearts and thoughts so that not one soul may go astray. Thank You Beloved in Christ.
  • Bob
    I think this passage is straightforward. Homosexuality is a sin acceptance means man's ruling over what the Bible says old time religion needs to make a come back. There can be no compromising of God's word !
  • CareyZ
    Very true!
  • Geoff
    This chapter also spoke about: And, Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, dispiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedience disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful
  • Thelma Denson
    God let us no what you can not do to be save.
  • Vanessa
    we live by faith,through Christ, not sin, and where is the church today to be a Paul, or a Peter, or any of the others. I see to many making excuses to condone and call it love, I see to many churches rich in themselves while others go hungry. God needs no gold statues in his house. or stalk piles of wealth he already owns it all
  • Vanessa
    from the beginning of time God created man and woman, Jesus said himself a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife natural, they didn't have such things we do today changing what God created us to be, sin is death. Christ did not come to condone it , but to free us from it, there is no excuse, We except him as our Lord, repent our sin, and allow our worldly hearts to die.
  • BibleWayToHeaven.Com
    Romans 1:19-32 KJV is talking about homosexuality sodom
  • Randy
    Hello Carol...the word 'mark' means 'badge of servitude' which infers willingness. The word beast means 'destruction'. If a Christian baker does not bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, he will be shut down or bankrupt in court. Not being able to 'buy or sell' . If you don't accept the world view forehead or speak against it right hand , you will be hated. Because they hate HIM. HOLY

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