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10/06/2020, 9:14pm by "Arthur Gutierrez": I truly believe this passage goes beyond the gift of salvation, and the work of sanctification by the power of the Holy Spirit which by Grace is beautiful beyond measure. But the understanding comes from the last part of the verse understanding God's Purpose. It is so easy to say "All things work together for good to those who love God. But it is working through God's purposes for your life that takes greater faith, greater peace, greater joy, greater contentment in our circumstances, trials and testing that one can say God works all things for good according to His purposes for me, rather than to speak this passage up in the air as wishful thinking?

4/06/2020, 5:33am by "Richard Rorrer": Did your father recover from this cancer? Is he a believer now? Would like to know so I can pray for him.

7/08/2015, 10:00pm by "william": I am blessed.

11/03/2014, 1:55am by "p.s.sunder": A pillow for a weired soul

10/25/2014, 9:25am by "Richard": There are two types of obedience one is sola fide and the other is sola fide plus cooperation. One is without any input on our 's an alien Righteousness, forensic, and an extrinsic Righteousness accomplished by Another and we apprehend that Righteousness by Faith. It is a "passive Righteousness " and This Righteousness is, at The Right Hand of The Father, in The Person of Christ Jesus The other is also by Faith, but includes an "active righteousness " We participate by actively cooperating with The Holy Spirit in the building of a righteous character. He Who has begun a good work in you will complete that work " Our part is "overcoming the sins which so easily doth beset us " This is The Holy Spirit 's work within us...and it is the work of a lifetime. We cooperate by allowing The Holy Spirit to remove those spots that we cannot. This is where the Sola Fide comes in...we believe "that He Who has begun a good work " will complete that work. Paul say "not that I have arrived, but I press on " It begins the same day we are Justified and both Justification and Sanctification continues until we are Glorified. Whether we die, and we are sleeping...for He does call it a sleep, or, we are alive when Christ Comes the Second Time, and together with those who have been in the grave awaiting The Trump of God to awake them we rise together to be forever with our LORD.

6/24/2014, 10:59pm by "Kamau julius": All things means everything accouunted for and THE CALLED means those who have been washed by the BLOOD OF JESUS

6/07/2014, 12:34pm by "Pieter Fourie": My dad is a non believer and was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. He is at the point where he is angry at God. I think he should read this verse. Pleas help me pray for him.

5/12/2014, 4:16am by "Kelechi Jackson Anyasor": Although,we are getting at the height of gross darkness on earth,that shouldn 't detare us,but should encourage us of our imminent departure into the kingdom of our dear God,arise and shine,for we are created for such a time as this.

5/05/2014, 6:42am by "scott thorson": I didnt fully understan this concept till much later in life. My mother was murdered when i was a kid. I spent much of my life angry bitter and empty. I asked Jesus into my heart 2.5 years ago and last year as i looked thru some of my mothers things i found a letter addressed to my uncles. It read thank you so much for allowing your sisters kidneys to be used. one went to a 21 year old male with a loving family and the other went to a 40 year old female who was on dialysis for seven years. i lost my mom but two lives were saved and there is no telling just how many people those two mite have shared the Gospel of Jesus with.

3/09/2014, 3:50am by "Prince Adewale": Sometimes will find it so difficult to understand how God work things out for his beloved The Isrealites for instance God lead them to the sea side where seems no way to escape from king Pharoe Even they hardly Believed God s word All what God require from us is total obedient to His commandmets and all our trials in life shall definately turn into testimony

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