Romans 15:13 Inspirational Image

Romans 15:13 Inspirational Image

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."
Romans 15:13 (KJV)

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"At this time in our country we need hope. "If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." Ronald Reagan. Even in the midst of this, we can have peace but we are to humble ourselves, turn from any sin that God may heal our land."
"We need to keep our eyes on Jesus, not on the things of this world, then we will make it through!"
"Amen... Strengthen my Faith O Lord so I can patiently wait for your perfect timing..."
"It is a must for our family to believe in HOPE and the POWER of the HOLY GHOST for HE is the ONE & ONLY!"
"(faith & hope) Heb.11:6; "but if we hope for that we see not,then do we with patience wait for it."(Rom.8:25)"
"A symphony of the stars and moon bring us hope!! :-)"
"Hallaluyah and amen!"
"Yes, have faith and keep praying for the Lord to heal our land, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen"
"All I can say is wow to both the Scripture and the beautiful heavens that God has created!!"
"Amen Saints r awake greetings all MAY U BE FRUITFUL IN THIS MONTH IN JESUS NAME"
"God is our only HOPE for this world today!!"
"Oh halleluyaaaaah God is a good God."
"U always get pick the ones out that i really need at the moment"
"Yea verily. My cup runneth over."
"Amen. I received a picture of a halloween yard art, it said,"the only ghost here is the holy ghost"."
"Holy Spirit i need thee!!"
"I abound in hope."
"Lord is good all the time. Amen"
"Our Holy Ghost is powerful. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my heavenly language.Amen."
"Thank you Lord! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"
"This verse is so meaningful for my life right now."
"We are so blessed !!!!"
",.yes we are,.amen to that..thank u lord for ur precence into our life,i love u lord more than anythng else,.praise be the name of Lord Jesus Christ..."
"<3 A <3 M <3 E <3 N <3 !!!"
"Amen ' double twice'"
"Amen THank You JESUS. I RECeive IT iN JESUS NAme. GLORY To GOD."
"Amen;; this is god word for us all''may god bless us all 'with his word and give us all the understanding of his holy word ''that we may live and walk in the beautiful of god holiness on his earth''amen;;"
"AmenThank You Lord Jesus!!!!"
"Bob Price...the Holy Ghost is part of the Trinity...God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I do not understand how "three can be one" but says it in the Bible and that settles it...I believe! The Holy Spirit is our comforter and comes into our heart the moment we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior."
"Give thanks 2 da almghty JAH!!! I creator"
"Hope through the Holy Ghost."
"I did that verse"
"I got hope!!"
"I really like" Now the God of Hope fill you with all the Joy and Peace in believing may abound you in hope.""
"In god i trust."
"In Jesus Mighty name amen."
"In juses name."
"Just think of God's ultimate power to create such beauty and yet he still finds time to hear me."
"May his name be praised."
"May the words of ths verse make a change in most people's lives. The flock really needs this re-assuarance! GOD BLESS!"
"Mia put the grly and exellencia t him"
"My Daddy in heaven, thanks for the joy & peace I'm experiencing daily after the order of this verse!"
"Now The LORD allowd us into a new month, glory!!!"
"Praise God! Amen"
"PRAISE GOD...Only thru HIS Holy Amazing POWER !!!!"
"Thank you Jesus you are the almighty!"
"Thank. You an May God bless u for this Christian input in this portion of facebook , well done."
"Thanks You Jesus!!!"
"The Holy Ghost tongues makes a difference in your life!"
"The purpose of JESUS' coming was not only to bring saving forgiveness to sinful man, but also to break the power of the Serpent's usurped control. And the purpose of Christ in His church is to extend the ministry He begun."
"We missed you guys today. Hope everybody's doing well. God bless you. <3"
"We need healing in our land only God can do this but we need to do our part as well"
"Well they are kicking God out as fast as they can!!!!"
"Yes! Joy,peace,in believing, in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit) Amen!!!."


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