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5/30/2015, 1:24pm by "1987": This really saved me from doing something stupid, plotting and taking revenge, I was so bitter and twisted and prayed to God for the answer to my problem then I stumbled across this, we can 't allow other people 's actions to make us into some one we are not, he shows us exactly what to do in this situation..... Praise The Lord

5/30/2015, 7:06am by "MockingBird": David was a man after God 's own heart and all the while that Saul was cursing David and threatening to kill him : David continued to Bless Saul because he Saul was God 's anointed : Even so should I : even if that person is not of God : I am to Bless and curse not !!! I do not believe in getting even because I would be allowing myself to be in the same state of mind as they. To curse and swear. God called me to go up and be in His standard of living !!!!

3/02/2014, 6:25am by "MockingBird": It is hard to Bless those that curse me I want to get back at them and give them a piece of my mind So I must have a Greater needs to pray and talk to my Lord and get myself right before Him so I don t get myself in a worse shape than those that cursed me Herod above all his other evils when he put John into prison Luke 3 19 20 John 19 10 11 Judas delivered Jesus unto the religious leaders Religious leaders delivered Him to be crucified to the leaders of the nation Therefore I will have the greater sin Hebrews 10 30 Let the Lord take care of them The Lord will take care of them in His time not mine

3/02/2014, 6:01am by "blessed": You know why I am praying that I can reach the level that JESUS my lord and savior is Let this mind be in you that is in CHRIST JESUS I pray that the power of GOD gives me strength in all situations I LOVE YOU LORD PRAISE GOD

9/05/2013, 4:40am by "Okori sam": Yes,we should bless them,coz our GOD will take revenge on our behalf.

9/04/2013, 1:47pm by "ABAH TIJANI": It would be a wonderful thing to do, considering the human factor its difficult. my prayer is that GOD should give the enabling ability.

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