Romans 12:14 Inspirational Image

Romans 12:14 Inspirational Image

"Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not."
Romans 12:14 (KJV)

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"I have someone in my life right now that hates me, but harder on her than me. The bitterness she feels is beyond my comprehension. It will eventually destroy her. God said you are to pray for those that hate you, or are your enemies. Bitterness and hatred actually cause illnesses, and nothing good comes from it."
"We shoul present our bodies as a living sacrifice,Holy,acceptable unto GOD,dis wil b our reasonable service...I pray u hlp me o LORD"
"A living sacrifice indeed"
"This is a Bible truth that I have problems abiding by. Just being honest. Especially when the people hurting you are relatives. This is when I have to pray really hard and often."
"We need to remember that there's a difference between cursing our enemies and speaking out against the evil in our world. Too many Christians use verses like this one as an excuse to be pacifists. We can still love our enemies while exposing their evil deeds."
".Let us run this race with patience,looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith..."
"And let not your wrath stay on you while the sun goeth down. For when you awake, rage will fill your heart. Stay on the ways of the Lord always!"
"Amen!! I Know The Bible Is Right And Some body Is Wrong!!"
"Don't you just love God's word. It isn't always roses but he sees us through it."
"This can be SOOO hard to do sometimes, but in the long run, it's for God's glory."
"We war not w flesh n blood..but w powers n principalities..wickedness in high places.."
"Easy to say, but a challenge when confronted with it. It's not impossible at all. ALL things are possible THROUGH God. And the more we do it, the more it will become natural to us. Not by our power, but by His power that dwells within us. Thank you Jesus! ?"
"God help me each and everyday to be more like thee. Amen"
"Hatred is like an acid; it only destroys the vessel in which it is stored... we must love "All" in Jesus name as He has loved us. Thank you Jesus for loving us so that you died to save all of us from ourselves!"
"Linda Anderson Jackson, The picture just means we have to think about spreading the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to other people and nations, and give people opportunity to get saved, just the way we got saved. We need to pray for that day after day, and think about those abroad that hunger and thirst for righteousness (the righteousness of GOD which we get in Christ Jesus). Jesus Christ said ‘’The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest’’. (Matthew 9:37-38). So above all else, it is Christian duty to be aware of the need of Jesus in every, human face, language or culture, and that need won’t be met, unless we each care, the way we can. GOD bless you."
"Such a hard thing to do. God did it if can we csn do it."
"Amen.. vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.."
"GOD,I'm trying to bless them. There's just so many of the enemies around."
"I need work on this alot of work"
"Kandy Davis, you're spot on. When we are persecuted it is because we have the Spirit of Christ Jesus in us. As they have the spirit of antichrist in them. As hard as it may be, allow God to reward them that intend harm upon us. After all, the most they can do is kill the flesh. Better to fear (respect) Him that can killeth the flesh and send you into the lake of fire."
"Sometimes it is very hard to forgive because the hurt went so deep, but if one just opens their ears and hear the beautiful words of our Father then the peace that flows from the Heavens will purge your soul of anger and revenge. Love thy God as He loes you and that love will spill over into all aspects of your life."
"Very hard to do sometimes"
"Addendum to prior message : Placing your trust in man IS a curse!! GOD says " Trust in The Lord with ALL ( NOT PART ) of your heart ( mind, spirit, emotion ) and lean ( trust, depend, rely ) NOT on your OWN understanding, acknowledge HIM in ALL your ways and HE WILL direct your paths. ""
"Amen. yes Lord!"
"Be GODLIKE, I will NOT be sorry."
"Bless his Holy name**"
"Do not return evil w evil rather do good to the ones who hurt you,,,,,or break yo heart"
"Hard to do but will try with God's help."
"Hard to do, but some understanding of the Lords everlasting love and kindness comes with the doing of this! Amen"
"So very hard ........."
"That aint easy, to do !!!!"
"Thats What The WORD says..."
"This verse is true to me-;)Thanks to those people who still say or thinks how bad am i-:)Still GOD blessed me even more-,;)"
"...Matthew 5:44 has 3 key Words to Note; (1)..Love,...(2)...Bless...(3).."Pray"---to those who done all manner of Evil against You.... Jesus Close it in Verse 48,..." Be ye therefore perfect for your Father in Heaven is Perfect....."Verse 42,...THAT ye maybe the children of God...."....In parallel; Luke 6: 36...Be ye therefore merciful for your Father in heaven is merciful.....sounds like a Mission Impossible for all christian,.....but we have Philippians 4:13,...I can do all things through Christ who strengths me..""
"99.9% there ...Lord Help!!"
"A hard commandment to keep at times............"
"A real life/behaviour of being a Christian...."
"All my sibling persecute me for treating my mother with all the love that i can give her, i love god enough to forgive them all."
"Amen! Definitely a challenge sometimes ;)"
"Amen. I also have a famiy member who don't care for me. But the Lord knows all about it. thank you Lord."
"Amen. I pray that God will give me de grace 2 do those things that I can not do."
"Amen. It is the Godly way."
"Beautiful pic!"
"Bless His holy mame"
"Blessed is her who comes in the of Lord..."
"By doing so you heap hot coals on their heads."
"Diffucult but as soon you start trying it is easy"
"Easy to say, but harder to do."
"For god so love the world he gave his only begotten son"
"Give us the Grace to do it O Lord"
"Glory to God JESUS CHRIST!"
"Had something happen to me today like this. Im glad I saw this. Thank you Lord."
"Hard but Promising indeed."
"Hard to follow sometimes, so it's part of my prayers!"
"Hard very hard"
"He must have seen my last conversation!LOL"
"Help us to bless them ...!!!"
"How true amen jesus is lord of lord king of all kings"
"I believe it is good to practice forgiveness & asap. Sooner, the better. Human nature may attempt to avoid this step to freedom in Jesus. But I just, " do it," like Nike' says. Then, God takes over & does the rest. Obedience is better than sacrifice."
"I bless them in Jesus holy name .Amen"
"I dont have bitterness in my heart!"
"I know this is hard to do, but if we curse them, our sin would be no less than theirs"
"I love the KJV for it is the pure Word of God. I love his Word just wish I was more true to living His Word. I'm sorry Lord for my shortcomings. Thank you for loving me anyway. Amen"
"I turn my other cheek to you, make my Lords day!"
"In JESUS precious Name AMEN!"
"It takes a lot of strength in the Lord to do this, but His Grace is the key."
"Its really hard to do bt nothing is impossible with God.."
"Its so hard to do but Lord please give me the strength, AMEN"
"It's so hard to do, but when you do, you'll actually feel better."
"I've had to remember this one a lot lately!"
"Lord giv us d grace 2 do acordin 2 ur wil."
"Lord have mercy! Fr we shall live to testify wht we went through in d hands does we luv nd help!."
"Loving our enemies, does NOT entail or include agreeing with or accepting their lifestyle!! We are told by GOD to expose the works of darkness and rebuke them......homosexuality, porn, sex OUTSIDE of marriage, drunkenness, conceit, pride, lust, envy, greed, surfeitiousnessness, etc. " MANY are called, but FEW are chosem. " . That is because FEW OBEY ALL of the commandments ( NOT SUGGESTIONS! ) of GOD througj HIS WORD.....JESUS CHRIST!! 95% of ALL Christians are virtually deceived by false preachers, pastors, ministers and priests who only tell them what they want to hear or give their own interptetation of Scripture!! This is ALL predicted for these end times. NOWHERE in the Bible does GOD say The Sabbath Day is the day the pagans worshipped the sun Sunday!! HE COMMANDED us to remember and keep ( obey, reverence ) HIS Sabbath Day HOLY!! That IS the SEVENTH day, when HE ceased from RE creating. In JAMES we are told if we are guilty of breaking just ONE of the ( 12 major ) commanents ( such as going to church only on the sabbath of MAN, NOT GOD ) then you are guilty of breaking ALL of them! So, as trivial and incosequential as it may SEEM to you that it does NOT matter if you follow the dictates of man and attend church on Sunday instead of the CORECT day, well, folks, it DOES matter to our HEAVENLY FATHER and to HIS FIRST SON!!! In more dramatic, but ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL words, you are guilty of murder, adultery, false witness, taking the Name of GOD in vain, etc. when you consider Sunday and not Saturday HOLY!! The TRUTH is sometimes difficult to accept, especially when virtually EVERYONE else is doing and telling you something diferrent. I pray that some one eho reads this with an open mind will see and deeply understand the crucial importance of this message!! Stop going with the flow, no matter how impressive the supposed " leaders " may seem. The flow only goes over the falls, to destruction. Follow, obey love GOD through JESUS CHRIST. THEY MOST CERTAINLY LOVE YOU!! They created us, THEY KNOW what is truelly best for us and our happiness. Do not put your trust man ( or woman or child ) , because if you do it is a curse!! GOD tells us that in HIS HOLY BIBLE. Praise HIM!!!"
"Not easy bt can be achieved by the grace of God"
"OH but how hard it is , its very very hard."
"OK! We'll do! :)"
"Oohhh that's tuff"
"Practicing this one, it's hard smh"
"Priscilla...You are correct. When I meet someone nasty, I pray for them. I HATED my X, and it was eating me up...I fogave him...FREEDOM for me !"
"Sometimes this is hard. This old flesh gets in the way,but I know GOD is NOT finished with me YET!! THANK U JESUS!"
"Thanks U LORD."
"Thankyou Lord for finding me..Amen"
"That is hard to do, but I am working on it."
"This one I have done and actually do, but right now I have a problem because this is going on right now where I work, meaning I can't, Bless this person, I don't and never have prayed harm on anyone in my life, but right now I can't pray a prayer of Blessing on this person, I did 4 months ago and before that for 2 years, my prayer for the problems with this person has been for God to handle it, I don't know if that is considered Blessing them!?!? Its not that they are treating me any different now, they have been treating me ths way from day 1, I just see clearer Now!!! :-) ;-) THANK YOU LORD FOR ALWAYS HELPING ME!!! :-)"
"This sounds alien to us, but Gods ways are not our ways."
"What a word for me!!!"
"Yes I bless all my enemies and forgive them seventy times seven....then I am set free"


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