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10/08/2020, 10:40am by "Earl Bowman": Sabina, the Spirit of truth be with you, Christ was betrayed and killed; yet none had apathy for him. Christ said, Father forgive them for they no what they do. The Spirit grace you with his love, forgive them and live under Christ authority; recompense is mine saith the Lord.

10/08/2020, 10:14am by "Adam": Hello, I believe the answer to your first question is 'yes.' - The answer to your second question is 'no' in my opinion. If you did nothing wrong and were betrayed, you don't need to apologize for your actions if you did nothing wrong. Forgiveness is different than apologizing for ones bad behavior. Forgiveness is mostly an action within your own heart- to release anger bitterness resentment vengeance and all the toxic feelings someone may carry when wronged. It does you no good and its against God's scripture. Forgiveness can be either in person or not. If the person may put you at physical risk of harm, then in person is not a healthy option. There are other ways to communicate if needed. You can also forgive without communicating. Many people find it helpful to write a letter expressing all your injustices toward the person then symbolically burning it and forgiving them and wiping it clean from your heart and thoughts. This process is in a way like Jesus dying for you and forgiving your sins. God bless!

10/08/2020, 7:01am by "Sabina Woods": I have been hurt a betrayed. If someone is not sorry for lying to me or disrespecting me do i have to forgive them anyway in order to please God? Or are they only forgiven upon an apology?

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