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  • Obbie Beal
    verse 20-21 above perfectly describe the whole world /human race as of 2019.
  • MaS
    The fifth Trump sounded(1948).
    Immanuel-Christ-Jesus gave all of the info: but it’s in Seals/Signs(7),
    Trumps(7), and Vials(7).
    The fallen star, cause the release of “locust” which also started the locust swarm, which is felt around the world🕠🎺
  • Chris
    Sounds like helicopters using neutron bombs... How would a person describe helicopters at that time? Don't helicopters sound like many chariots going into battle?
  • Bruce
    43: And he Causeth All, Both Small and Great Rich or Poor, Free and Bond to Receive a Mark in Their Right Hand or in Their Forehead and that No Man Might Buy or Sell, save he That had The Mark (Revelation13:16-17) Without The Mark,no Place to Live, no car, no Food etc.
  • 43taylor1
    It may have something to do with taking the mark of the beast.What ever the mark is may have something to do with people not being able to die from these demonic things that are unleashed upon the Earth.The mark of the beast may promise long life to those who take it.
  • Servant of the most high God
    Ok first of all read the whole bible cover to cover praying for the true interpretation before you make yourself a false witness read the book of gen slowly praying for the will of God if it be to reveal to you the truth. It is very clear in Gen talking about the falling angels breeding with the daughters of man wich produced The giants and when the giant died each one they became evil spirits !!!
  • Word
    Are you waiting for the 7th trump when all change That's everyone in the flesh at same exact time, changed in spiritual bodies, when hail stones are hitting earth and fire you will hear that 7th trump, anyway the spiritually dead didn't wait because they thought Jesus had returned and they left the fields that they work but notice the one that stayed in the watch tower, a watchman for CHRIST. WAIT
  • Word
    Question is what will you be doing in that 5 months? Are you going to follow instead of Christ, antichrist, who has supernatural powers and who is acting like Christ or are you going to wait for the 7th trump and the return of the true Christ. The choice is yours. As far as being dead those who follow antichrist will be spiritually dead.Those that wait will be spiritually alive.The choice is yours
  • Word
    The time was shortened for the elect sake and as you read this chapter you will see what it was shortened to, 5 months. This reveals to us that there is a 5 month period that will occur rather than 7 years and why? For the elect sake. Everyone that is alive and walking in the flesh will go through this 5 month period. Split that in half and Satan as antichrist stands in Jerusalem claims he is God.
  • Donna
    I think that the bottomless pit is hades, the text is part literal and figurative. I feel that the men that had the seal of God on their foreheads were those that were left behind after the Son of God the Christ Child, born of the virgin, under Holy conception, raised by Joseph, to be the savior of the world whom started teaching in his thirties, will come in the clouds and take those that repent
  • A disciple
    Hi Steve; No! absolutely NOT "thanking a person for disobedience!" I don't get the connection with the verse you quote? In the same chapter, those same "Jews which believed on Him" very quickly became angry and quarrelsome with the Lord, and proved what kind they really were; and even though they were in some way believing on HIM, Jesus said that they were of their father the devil. What is point?
  • A disciple
    Dear Steve; I think you are misunderstanding something; no offense taken however. If you read again carefully, the point is about whether angels were made with the ability to breed with humans; which Carolyn and I agree is unscriptural nonsense. That false teaching (idiotic notion) was started by the disobedient Jews, who don't have the Holy Spirit, and willfully reject Christ in the Scriptures.
  • A disciple
    Thank you Carolyn for speaking up! You are perfectly correct; Angels are spirits, not flesh and bones; and have not the capacity to reproduce or copulate. That whole idiotic notion came from the same men who have tried to wipe out every reference to Christ out of the Scriptures of the Prophets. They have always resisted the Holy Ghost, and are without any understanding that we should look to them!
  • Carolyn Rowe
    The angels did not marry women. Jesus in the new testament spoke to those who would ask corrupt questions about 7 men having the same wife. Whose wife would she be in heaven. Jesus answered : you do err, not knowing the scriptures, for in heaven they neither marry or are given in marriage, but are like the angels. Angels do not marry. The sons of God refers to true believers.
  • Insight777
    The bottomless pit is death. It is never filled until there is nothing left on earth to die. When nuclear missiles are fired from underground silos, smoke rises from the pit of death.
  • Word
    Hey I thought we are all Christians here, no need in saying someone is clueless everyone has there own idea of what the scriptures tell them and there is no need to talk to your wife that way. I'm a bride and I wouldn't want anyone talking to me like that just because my opinion is different than theirs. I believe Daniel hasn't been opened yet and I'm right.
  • SabbathkeeperandWife
    The only thing even remotely parallel to anything Noah and 150 days was a flood. That ain't gonna happen again. Days are years prophetically. Even the clueless people are beginning to understand the 70 weeks of Daniel. Daniel has been unsealed over 150 years. A man used the 150 day prophecy and called the exact year the Ottomans fell. He is Josiah Fitch. Guessing misleads others
  • Word
    Noah's time fallen angels mixing with the women. Those sons of God that had left their first estate meaning heaven are fallen angels. In the end days, 1st tribulation it will be eating and drinking and the world will be in party time and the fallen angels will be doing the same with women. The world believes that Christ has returned and their husband has came home and they are a widow no longer.
  • Haakon Ragnskjold
    At least nobody here said the Locusts were helicoptors!
    Clue: The five months are a literal 150 days.
    Clue: It has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire [nor anything found in history before the Days before the Flood].
    Clue: Reference the 150 days of Genesis 7:24.
    Clue: We are looking at something extremely ancient and extremely deadly from Noah's day that will be released at the End Time.
  • Sakana
    Clue to 5 months is v. 6, "in those days men seek death." Rev 6:15-17 they pray (seek) for mountains to fall on them (death). Why? Because Christ returns and they understand they've worshipped false Christ. So, in those days (while locust are here - 5 months), Christ returns. Time HAS been shortened (Mark 13:20). Cannot be 3.5 yrs. Original length used in Rev to reference Daniel.
  • Sabbathkeeper
    All of Revelation is chronological AND in a chiasm structure. (The old way of poetry), and in this period of time, the locust represent the Ottoman Empire and Islam, which the last 5 mos(150 yrs) ended around 1840. The number of the "horsemen" are demons that came out of the bottomless pit. The same ones conjoured by Rome in the ecumenical movement. Expect more decay in truth because of it.
  • Word
    Last stage of locust will be disguised as ministers of light, preachers and they will be preaching come to Jesus but it's instead of Christ not our Christ. They will tell you we are a widow no longer our husband has came home. When you see a supernatural being in Jerusalem claiming he is God store your food up pay bills 3 months and wait for the events to unfold and then 7th trump fire hail hit.
  • Word
    The scriptures tell the day of the Lord is coming and that the locust are swarming just before and I think that swarming from Egypt to Syria to Iran is happening and 2 Theesalonins 2 tells us exactly what will happen and that day will not happen until Satan, the son of perdition stands in Jerusalem claiming he is God I bet he even preaches he will fly you Away. Rome and man made ideas of whatever?
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife
    Religions you should care about and watch very carefully because the 5 mos you THINK anti-christ will reign came directly from Rome so that you wouldn't see that since 1500 , every protestant on the face of the planet knew she is the anti-Christ. All that changed around 1900 as no one knows it anymore and believe myths like that. Wound healed. It came from rome.
  • Lucy
    I think is a serious revelation and all believers need to be very careful with the lives we live here on this earth because all that are happening clearly indicate that the days of tortures and pain are very near so should all seek first the kingdom of heaven and everything shall be added unto us.Amen
  • Word
    Religions I don't care about. Satan as antichrist will be here for 5 months It was shorten by God 4 the elect sake. Truth the vile one which is only Satan in book of Daniel takes over with peace and flatteries and tells everyone they will have prosperity and all you have to do is worship him because he sits in Jerusalem and says he is God and he has powers and does tricks that look real enough.
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife
    The 3 1/2 year period was the 1260 year period of the dark ages that Rome ruled the world. Same as 42 mos and time, times and half a time. This was common knowledge in ALL protestant churches until the 1900s. The 5 mos. is the 150 yrs at the spread of Ottoman Empire. This was common knowledge and now NO ONE speaks of it nor knows truth. Wound healed. No connection between the two at all, sorry
  • Word
    Not so! FIVE months and it was shorten for the elect sake. Rev.9 God tells us twice that Satan and his locust will be here for five months to hurt them whom have not the seal of God in their minds and that seal is to understand that a fake instead of Christ or antichrist comes first Rev. 6vs1 and Rev. 12vs9 Satan kicked out to deceive the whole world.
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife
    Alot of people profess that the 3 1/2 yrs were shortened to 5 mos. and it's not biblical . It's just another "futurism" claim to take eyes off the guilty party. It holds no more water than folks being raptured before the tribulation after the 6 th seal. God's people have always suffered on earth and will continue to. The next round will be the last. People always THINK they do God's will doing it
  • Dejon Roberts
    It goes hand in hand. Due to the situation at hand. God uses different people for different struggles(pains,hurts,conflict of intrest), as well as blesssing(the enjoyment of the Holy Ghost presnce). God thoughts isnt like ours. So we show never settle for nothing (good or bad).

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