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  • Word on Revelation 7
    Carol one third will turn away from Satan. Most likely when the ones that are called are delivered up and the Holy Spirit speaks through them the 144 will turn away and if they had studied their Bible will already be prepared so they won 't buy or sell for that 2 and a half months Satan is acting as Christ the Lamb of God but is the dragon Satan.
  • Omary Minzi on Revelation 7
    Thanks all for your nice contribution with regard to Rev 7 and its connection with the rapture. Mathew 24. If you also read ISAIAH 26. It becomes clear that, the tribulation will start before the rapture then our Loard Jesus will come to pick those who received him as their Savior. However, there is another school of thought that the church shall not witness tribulation. The church must have left before this bad time. Kindly educate us with regard to this timing? Thanks and Godbbless you all in advance
  • Omary Minzi on Revelation 7:14
    Can someone help me if the church will witness the tribulation before the rapture according to Rev 7? If yes for how many years and will it be affected as well? Minzi from Tanzania
  • Anonymous on Revelation 7:14
    It sounds like the church will witness the tribulation before the rapture. However they will not ge victims of the tribulation since they are marked with the blood of Jesus. Then they will be taken in heaven before coming back to rule with Jesus for 1000 years. That is what I think. Minzi frlm Tanzania
  • Daniel on Revelation 7
    In verse 4 to 8 it tell the names of the 12 tribes, but it leaves out Dan and replaces him with Manasses. What happened to Dan and who is manasses?
  • Carol on Revelation 7
    The 144 are Gods elect because they fought against Satan when he rebelled in the first heaven and earth ages. when the katabolt occurred. Satan did not want to be the chereb that protected the mercy seat. He wanted to be god so he turned aginst God and by doing so he managed to take with him one quarter of Gods children with him.So 144 thousand souls was with God and fought with Satan and his.God knows who they are and he knows that they are truly his people because they fought aginst Satan in the first heaven and earth ages Satan is the only one in the Bible that God has named to burn from ashes within. Just remember we were created with free will.
  • Jason becerra on Revelation 7:1
    the four angels were put on the corner of each side of the earth to hold back all the darkness and evil that satan wants to unleash on upon the earth. but they will stop protecting the earth once the rapture happens and God The Lord Jesus Christ comes for his people the church and everyone that believed in him. since we are living in the time of grace period era where God 's grace and mercy is on us. there are seven dispensation ages and the time of grace is the sixth one the one we are living in this modern time. study the bible ask god for wisdom and understanding and he will reveal his word to you. fast and pray as well it helps you understand his word alot.
  • SAMUEL on Revelation 7
    Revelation does the summery of the revelator,having seen Gods people sealed .it also tells us that some saints will pass tribulution but christ will crown them with white robe which shows victory.there wiil be no tears at all
  • Rose Munro on Revelation 7
    You can 't take what the Bible says and make it mean what you want it to. The 144 of virgins Jews males, read Chapter 14. virgin Jews males who have not been defiled by woman. The ones in the last half of the chapter are the saints who were beheaded in the great tribulation. To come out of something, you must have first been in it There is no rapture that was a lie started by Margaret McDonald in the 1830 's. Look her up! The pre tribulations rapture has only been taught for 184 years. No disciple ever taught it. Jesus himself never did, that was a lie. In fact in John 17 Jesus is praying to God and says concerning us "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest protect them from the Evil " We are not leaving here!
  • Chesterfield walrond on Revelation 7
    Question?are all believers aka christians servants. Of say in Rev7v3 The servants of God are sealed in their forehead. Ezek 9v4 is a parallel scripture from this you may conclude that the people who are praying against all the evil in the world are servants. Jesus also gave another example using servants.MaT25v14. Luke19v12
  • Kirk marioneaux on Revelation 7
    Revelation 7 verse 9 is the raptured church, verse 14 "these are they which came out of great tribulation " or the tribulation.
  • Rodney on Revelation 7
    The more I study and read the less faith I have in religion. I believe in God but I don 't think he is the God of Wrath and a God that wants me on my knees praying for my salvation. I believe God is love and want us to love the world and the people he created. People of power re wrote the Bible for their own needs. Sorry there are no favorite people of God and their is no religion that is the gateway to Heaven. There is God and nothing else. Religion is a man made tool. Do you really think of all the religions of the world,your religion is the right and only right one?
  • Scarlet on Revelation 7
    The reason why 144 people are going to be saved is because first they have repented and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Second, these people didn 't go back to their sinful ways and followed God 's commandments. How many people has done just that? Third is the materialistic wealth. Please read what Jesus said about material wealth. Just because people are Christians that does not mean we have followed Jesus instructions in the Bible. It is a challenge for people living in what we call as modern times. God 's promise is always there. It is simply up to us to either become people of this world or become God 's people. God has already sent all his prophets to guide us and warn us.
  • Endtimesnewsreview on Revelation 7
    It seems logical to me that the "Rapture " of the Church will come between what is likely the beginning of a Nuclear attack the stars falling , but not yet detonating, in Rev. 6, and the beginning of Rev.7. The four angels at the beginning of Rev. 7 are sealing the 144 in a "frozen " instant of time, but this would not be necessary if the billions of Christians were still on earth, to be His witnesses. Also the "sealing " is to protect the 144 witnesses, but why not the billions of Christians, unless they are already in Heaven, and no "protection " is necessary!
  • LASHAWN on Revelation 7:14
  • Robert on Revelation 7
    Jesus the great physican 13And one of the elders answered saying unto me What are these which are arrayed in white robes and whence came they 14And I said unto him Sir thou knowest And he said to me These are they which came out of great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb 15Therefore are they before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them 16They shall hunger no more neither thirst any more neither shall the sun light on them nor any heat 17For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
  • Dwayne Deal on Revelation 7
    This chapter concerns the initial stage of God wrath which is about to be poured out on the unbelieving world(Rev 6:15-17) many of which are responsible for the persecution and mistreatment of his people;whos souls cry out for vindication and justice,in the same chapter. Since the church is not appointed to wrath,as mentioned by Paul twice in his first letter to the Thessalonians (1Thess 1:10,5:9),God is now about to make an exchange of witnesses as he first seals 144 of his original witness(The Israelites see Isa 43:10-12)to finish out the final week(7 years)of Daniels 70th week(Dan 9:24-27). And then in an instant he snatches away his saints from all over the world,into his immediate presence to their Heavenly abode(The New Exodus)where they ascribe their deliverance Spiritual and Physical,to God and to the Lamb as their long journey comes to an end.Where the sun and the hot air will not effect them anymore. And where they will neither hunger nor thirst nor suffering anymore. As God and the lamb will meet all their needs. Just as it happened for the nation of Israel through their roughly 400 years of 'Great Tribulation' in Egyptian bondage,and their 40 years of wandering through the hot and humid wilderness where they were in need of food and water. In verses 11 and 12 of this vision,there is joy and rejoicing among the Angles over all the sinners who are saved(see Luke 15:7-10) This is in answer to a question that was asked about these verses. thanks
  • Ar on Revelation 7
    There is no other way for salvation,but God's way. We are almost at the end.Soon Jesus is coming to take His church, His followers to heaven before Antichrist starts ruling. Rapture is definitely going to take place before antichrist takes over. Jus t
    go back and see John in Patmos. Here our Lord Jesus Christ is referring to the seven churches and please note that from 4th chapter onwards the word church is not mentioned, because from there on the church is in heavon with he HS too. Also note that at the north chapter the voice tells John to come up! Yes from here on John sees heaven and all that is happening in this work from heaven. No, the all believers will not be in this worl d when Antichrist comes.they will be in heaven with the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit. Praised be the Holy Trinity. So, sisters an brothers be ready , Be clean and joyful, that day is almost here?
  • After reading Revelations 7:9-17, it dawned upon me that this great multitude is not part of the 144. These are Christians who repented and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior (Rev. 7:14). The 144 are from the tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:4), whereas the great multitude come from all nations (not one nation was without Christians), and kindreds (relatives), and people, and tongues (different languages). Modern Christians, those who are not of the tribe of Israel, are part of this multitude.
  • _Rosalina_Sayson_Ko_Tapay_ on Revelation 7
    The book of Revelation Chapter 7 is telling us that "JOHN HEARD" that it was a total of 144 "SERVANTS OF GOD" which were "SEALED IN THEIR FOREHEADS" and they were "ALL FROM" THE TRIBES OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL (v.1-8). "JOHN BEHELD" them that they were "OF ALL" nations, kindreds, people, and tongue, clothed with white robes, and with palm in their hands, praising God and the Lamb of God while the angels, the elders, and the four beast fell their faces before the throne to worship God (v.9-12). Those in white robes were came out of great tribulation and that their robes were made white in the blood of the Lamb who will feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters and it is our God who shall wipe away all tears from their eyes (v.13-17).
  • Hono on Revelation 7:3
    am just giving a reply on jack shute's comment about the sealing of God's people where is it going on and how or in which way belivers are been sealed?
  • Jonathan on Revelation 7:11
    Its the only part of the bible i can understand .i would likee to get more on it.
  • Cossie francis on Revelation 7
    the 144000 are those who followed JESUS[EX] MOSES and the res of the prophets ,and all who make it to heaven together we will be called the great multitude, starting from ADAM @ EVE
  • Jack Shute. on Revelation 7:3
    JESUS said my word they are spirit and they are alive.REVELATION 7:1- means verse 1 four angels are four messengers filled by the HOLY SPIRIT who will be raised up durring the fulfilment of this book, no event that is mention in this book is yet to be fulfilled all is future but very soon. Four winds represent the forces of evil, global event that will happen and will be carried out by Satan when God permits.verse 2 Another Angel is another group of servant that will rise in Jesus and Jesus will rise in them.The seal of the living God is the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit is the mark of Gods ownership. They are the same group of servants previouly signified by the 24 Elders in Revelation 4:4. The angel ascending from the east being heard to cry with a loud voice to the four angels marks these two groups of servants the priest and the prophets to work together in the time of the Revelation prophecy. verse 3.The priest signified by the angels ascending from the east will instruct the prophet to hold in check the armies of this world through the words of their prophecy until the priest have sealed the servants of our God with the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the Gospel those who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be sealed.Eph1:13,2Corin1:21,22. The servants of God will be sealed in their foreheads that is in their hearts.The trees,earth ,sea represent the inhabitant of this earth, only the believers will be sealed.This message is for those who will believe in the Gospel in the Revelation time.But sealing of the believers is going on now Ephesians1:13. Reply if there's any doubt about this truth.and in what point you doubt so that I can prove all points from the bible KJV.
  • Word on Revelation 7
    144,000 are them that finely understood the truth and were sealed in their minds most likely became followers of the two witnesses and anyway were sealed at the beginning of the hour of temptation. I also note that Dan and Ephraim are omitted and Levi and Joseph take there place because God will not tolerate idolatry but I notice that in Ezekiel 48 they are in the millennium temple called back, they got there act together for the word say's and it is written in Romans chapter 11 all of Israel will be saved. Why? Because in the millennium all will see Satan for what he is. Let's remember we are in the 6th seal and anti-Christ is on earth and before that occurs the seal has to be in the people minds, knoowledge, understanding, brains, foreheads, before this fact transpires. Anyone who thinks there is another way of salvation except God's plan and his test that all must go through is just kidding themselves. They will most likely end up worshippping the devil thinking he will fly them away.
  • i believe rapture is AFTER the tribulation
  • Marie on Revelation 7
    Jesus cleanses the robes with his blood and they became pure, white as he will want my soul.
  • Louise on Revelation 7
    Awesome knowledge.
  • Thanda on Revelation 7:14
    Iím just wondering that if all are in that most important meeting, Father, The Son, Angels and the Congregation: then where are those who did not have to go through tribulation but have escaped through rapture. Can somebody comment please?
  • James on Revelation 7
    Thank you so much for all the instructions on the book of Revelation, may God continue to bless each of you richly in Jesus name, as we all that await the return of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

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