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  • Diann Rodgers - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Many have said the the end of time is soon. We should live with the Lird God in our lives and not always be thinking about the end is near.

    God should be kept close always.

    We should be praying for those in authority.

    That they keep their feet on the correct path. Need they not be concerned as to their reputation so much as to what Our Lord is telling them to do.

    Keep straight their path as God wishes and the only way to know is through Prayer.
  • Mishael on Spiritual Warfare Genesis - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Go through every drawer, closet, attic, box, bookcase clothing jewelry, Horoscopes, movies, Sexual themes, EVERYTHING! Anything that could even remotely be an idol Or occult: put them in boxes and pour PAINT all over it and kitty litter. Put it on the curb for pickup.

    I noticed that both of these books ARE ON YOUTUBE. Despite Bennys stage presence that people denounce now; in his earlier days He helped a lot of people get free from demonic persecution, including ME.

    Angels by Charles Capps

    War in the Heavenlies by Benny Hinn (5 hrs Long)

    The other thing: Get more Bible into you. Read New Testament: a Chapter a day.

    You need information about spiritual warfare. The history of it and this present day tools to fight it. Benny takes time to explain what the Hebrew words are, and what they mean.

    For Everybody that is studying Pre-Adamic creation and the Genesis account of Creation; you will want to get pencil and pad ready to get a complete picture of creation with the Prophetic scriptures spoken by Gods Prophets in the Bible.

    It's all there. We just didn't put it together right. I challenge you to listen to and watch this on YouTube.

    It's going stop stop all the arguing. I know I stand convicted about things I said. I'm excited to see what you think.

    I've already looked at these other passages and it's going to take time to relearn what I thought was plain as the nose on my face.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Page 3.

    So to, our minds have to be 'gathered together' & focused on the 'race that is set before us'. In meditation, one is required to do the opposite, & release the mind from everything & thus allow anything to enter in & either control us or fill us. And most often these thoughts won't be what Christians should be 'meditating' on.

    I've written at length, as I sense your earnestness in your quest, as also my personal identification with you in your struggles. Look to the Lord, wait upon Him, & don't let Him go until you "receive the blessing". He wants to reveal Himself to you & give you the joy of His Salvation: the question is: are you really ready to humble yourself in His Sight, to read & 'meditate' on His Word & wait for His Ministry of conviction - for without conviction there is no salvation.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
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    My wife, as many others, have always been in that blessd position of receiving Christ as a child, being baptized, & continuing on strongly in the faith. For some of us, we were allowed to go through the miry clay to then come to the point of conviction & salvation & being set upon that Rock. You need to bring up your life before the Lord & seek that deep conviction of sin by God's Spirit, so that your salvation will be real & only of the Lord; you will never need to "learn about how to return to God", for that conviction is also your confirmation that a divine transaction has taken place, i.e. your sins handed over in return for His forgiveness of your sins & removal of that penalty it deserved.

    You also wrote about not feeling close to God anymore, despite your attempts to 'feel' that intimacy. We have that saying: 'that our faith is not based on feeling but on fact'. In other words, what Christ has done for us & what has taken place in us as a result, is fact-based & not feeling-based. I'm not saying that we can't 'feel' closeness to the Lord, but that acceptance by Him & intimacy is primarily based on what He has done in us. So 'feelings' can change day-by-day depending on our mental, emotional or physical circumstances & this could affect how we 'feel' with God, yet, however we feel in God's Presence, cannot change the fact of God's Love & His Salvation for us. He promises to NEVER leave us or forsake us. I would stay well away from meditation 'to reach your inner self'. The only meditating we can do is to focus our hearts & minds on the Godhead & His Word. Peter (in 1 Pet 1:13) speaks of "girding the loins of your mind", which references those wearing long robes during work, etc., as they would gather that part of the garment that would interfere with the job in hand, or the long road to travel on.

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  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Page 1.

    Carl, you've said some things here that require some further dealing. Specifically, "I have decided to worship and return to God. I don't believe I am worthy. I have been a christian all my life but for the past 15 years or so I have been a non believer." And, "I used to feel emotional and feel the closeness to God. Now I find it difficult to feel."

    My testimony is quite similar to yours, having been brought up in a God-fearing home & going through all the spiritual exercises a child would do. I left home at 17 yrs of age to pursue my career, which took me into a world devoid of a Christian environment & counsel. I caved in to the lusts of the flesh & for identification with my peers; & for all intents & purposes, I was not a Christian, never saved, having just given a mental/verbal assent to the Gospel. However, after almost nine years of wicked living, the Spirit of God met me in my defence quarters & brought me into an extremely deep conviction of my sin - I was literally torn apart because of the gravity of my sin & certainty of a Christless eternity.

    You've said that you've decided to return to God. Was this a mental decision from a sense of being wayward & because of the circumstances you may find yourself in & in the world of turmoil today? You know Carl, if WE decide to follow God or attend to His commands, then that's all we'll do (as the Jews do in their mental affirmation & obedience to God). But if we sense the Spirit's Work in us, then actually a miracle takes place in our lives, & we can't help but weep for our sins & call upon the Saviour for the work of the Cross to be applied to us. That drawing to & convicting of, is all of God & can never be of us. And this is the more pertinent to folk like us, who were either never saved or have come out of a long period of Christ rejection & disobedience.

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  • Sharon - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    I have talked to a lot of people who are saying the same things you have said. The feeling is like God where are you. I've been in Rev. for couple of months now. I don't have all of the understanding but I know God will give it. The Lord spoke to me at one time a long time ago. Said how can you understand the ending if you don't understand the beginning. Because the beginning is the ending. Rev. goes back to Lev. And then to Daniel and Mathew. So it takes a lot of studying. To show yourself approved. And I keep in mind God is always near. I may no understand right now. But I will. Ask Jesus to talk to the Father. Because Jesus is our intersessor. And ask Him to let you feel His presence. But you have to be in His presence also. Anoint your on head. Fast and pray. Fall on your knees.
  • Carl - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Hi Lucinda,

    It must be hard on your mother-heart to see your son facing a cancer test. You and he are in my thoughts and prayers; may you feel His nearness as He walks with you. God bless!

  • Michael - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Praying for you brother. I can tell you what helped me the most when I, read the book of Proverbs. I hope this helps your brother in Christ.
  • Justin - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Praying For You Brother!
  • Mishael on Revelation 7:9
    What is the Gospel?
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    You have been through so much, Sakeeya, & you're showing clearly that the volume of your sins are weighing heavily upon you. That can only be by the Spirit of God's Work in your heart as He brings conviction. God desires too that you are totally freed from the presence & power of sin in your life. And I think you know what God requires of you - to repent of all your sins (which means you decide in your heart that you will no longer be a servant to sin & you want to turn your back to it); to call upon the Name of Jesus Christ, God's Son to forgive you (because it is only because His death & resurrection from the dead that God can forgive you); to put your faith in Jesus' sacrificial love for you at the Cross, because it is only by faith that you can be saved & nothing else that you think you can add to; and thank Him for saving you & ask Him to help you in your new life. Spend time in prayer & in the Bible, God's Word - this is for you to get closer to your Heavenly Father & also to resist the Devil when he comes knocking at your heart's door to coax you back into sin.

    Also, find a good Church nearby, if you haven't already. I would suggest a Baptist Church or an evangelical fellowship where the Bible is loved & preached. Talk to the Pastor/Elder about your spiritual condition or your need to be saved & tell him that you want to obey the Lord by being baptized. I think you understand baptism: this is your identification with Jesus in His death & resurrection & new life from Him. Baptism does not save you, Jesus saves & His Spirit gives you a new birth, but baptism is the outward sign to your own heart of what has taken place before God. God bless you Sakeeya, as you look forward & not backwards anymore.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    SAKEEYA: it's gonna be scary but you will make it if you hold onto Jesus with all your strength: physical, mental and emotional. Demons don't like to lose one.

    I was an astrologer. I had a supernatural salvation experience. After I received Jesus, I was delivered on the spot, by the Holy Spirit. It was only with His help that I survived. First day I just knew to clear anything that was an idol out of my house. I burned expensive books; drugs, alcohol, clothing, lots more. All that was in the house was me and a 15lb KJ Bible. You have to read your Bible: it will save your life. If demons threaten you, scare you, lie to you, choke you, hold your eyelids not freak out. Stay calm and plead the blood of Jesus: 'I am covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth'. Sex demons will frighten you. They're invisible but you know they're in the house.

    I almost died with pneumonia because I had quit sleeping for weeks. The Holy Spirit gave me strength to get out of bed and go buy 2 books: one on angels and one on demons. I was able to sleep that night. You gotta fight hell with the WORD OF GOD. Plead the BLOOD!

    Go underline in your Bible, Matthew 12:44

    It will get you through this. Go to church no matter how alien you feel. That's a demon too. You belong to God and they hate Gods people. Your old friends will come by to take you out sinning. Invite them to go to church with you. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring New Christian friends into your life. He'll do it too. Now: ask God to set Angels on all 4 corners of your house to keep the demons out. Start reading a whole Book of the New Testament in your Bible every day. Demons don't want you to do that. They'll make the phone ring, bad news friends come over. You have to be strong for Jesus and tell them you got saved. You have to let them go till you get stronger in Jesus. Give all that bad stuff you did and receive Jesus's strength to RESIST the devil. He must flee!! PRAY out the hurts of your heart.
  • Bro. Don - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Sakeeya, don't give up on Him and He won't give up on you. God bless you.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Tasha, just one more quick word for you. You clearly recognize how far you had gone from God & now you have come back to Him. You will also notice that your enemy, the Devil, will not be far away from you to entice you to the things that you were once addicted to. This & other ways will the Devil use to get you away from God & His Love for you. The best way to defeat the enemy is to resist him by going to prayer immediately & talk to God about what is happening. When you finish talking with God, spend time in the Bible & soak up God's Words for you. I tell you the truth, when I had to deal with people who were being attacked by the enemy, as soon as we prayed, as soon as God's Word was read, the Devil fled - He hates the Word - it is Truth & He is a Liar, the father of lies.

    So, I just share this short word for encouragement to you & to remind you to flee temptations & run into God's Word. Find a good Bible believing, God honouring Fellowship near to you so you may be strengthened in your faith. May He bless you in your life & as you are also then able to help that family who are mourning their loss.
  • Bro. Don - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Tasha, Be encouraged. Nothing feels better than knowing you're a daughter of the King of Kings and that you are doing what is pleasing in His sight. God bless you.
  • Mishael ON God39s Love on Revelation 7:9

    God (The LET US) existed before Creation. He's the Alpha and the Omega.

    Original language in Genesis, says: in Beginning. Not in the beginning.

    He created TIME first. Everything on earth and in the universe, was going to be regulated on time and seasons.

    Everything scientist seek to explain: Time, Force. Action, Matter; is explained in Genesis 1:1. One verse. What a mighty God we serve.

    Yes he sees mankind all through history (HIS STORY). But he gave us free will.

    After Satan was thrown to earth by Michael the Archangel, he was here also with his will. I call him the I will I will I will mess up Gods plans. There's a scripture that says God is at work within our will to help us align our will with His , for our life. I need a lot of that, so I ask for it.

    So you can see that we are the owner operators of our will. Yes God sees what we may choose. If we're completely closed off to the Holy Spirit, we make huge mistakes at times. Sometimes we miss out on Gods best for us because we are frequently boneheads about choices. We spend the rest of our lives lamenting that we wish we had not chosen that disaster.

    I absolutely love God for that. He had my devotion at hello, Yom Kippur 1985. I had this vision one time of flying with the clouds, and I'd inhale this air that was so Good. Couldn't inhale enough. The air of heaven is faith. We have so much to look forward to. All the Lord needs is a open heart that wants to be filled with love. God is Love.

    He's not mean. His judgments are righteous. Instead of cross judging Him. We should wonder why? He will show us the answer. If we skim like ice skaters through the Bible, we miss important thought.

    We often close our eyes to things we don't want to see. If we miss the mark.. it's sin.

    That's why Jesus was willing to pay full price. It was decided before Time started ticking on earth. Open your hearts, not your minds.
  • Mishael on Revelation 7:9
    Someone needs to be brave and just get it down to bare bones about the Rapture; and the Second Coming. Two separate events.

    The bare bones is this: quit waiting for some big sign post in the sky that says it's going to be tonight or next week. Our time for sin is done. Quit wondering and open up the door of your heart that Jesus is knocking on.

    Give your life to Jesus Christ... and take His Life. Accept him as your Savior and Lord.

    Take yourself OFF of the throne of your heart....and PUT Jesus on that throne. Do it now!

    End your fleshly, worldly lifestyle and begin to live for Jesus only. If the Holy Spirit cringes in your home....get rid of the idols.

    You cannot learn the Bible with media all over your home. Stop now and read this passage: it's about the media!! Isaiah 8:18-22. Wizards that peep and mutter are computers that are hooked up to internet, Facebook, evil Twitter of voices of heartless hell bound people. Verse 20, because there is NO LIGHT in them! People feed themselves on garbage every day. No wonder there is no sense of stability in their christian walk.

    We're living in Bottom Line days here! The moment Jesus speaks COME UP, we are gone. The door is shut.

    Avoid all the confusion of varying opinions. BE BORN AGAIN NOW. Then you won't have to wonder when THE MOMENT will be. Your ticket is punched. You are ready to board!!

    We are surely going to see Matthew 24 bloom and spread out across the world. Time for lively debates has passed. If you care so much, go next door and see if your neighbor is ready....and to others on the street. Romans chapter one.

    If other people are not saved; do not want to be saved; ask you to leave (Romans 1)

    They are dead already. Noah's world drowned. This world is going by fire.

    It blows my mind that people are not one bit curious about New Jerusalem? Are not highly excited about meeting the Son of God. Beloveds, look forward. Be ready. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
  • Kim Burrow - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    It says in the Bible that we will suffer sometimes just like Jesus did. It is in these times we are to keep our faith and stay strong and trust the Lord. What profit is it when we trust him when things are going good? This is the time you all need to stay strong in God and in His word. Encourage your family member, God has a plan for their life. Even though I know it must be hard don't grow weary and faint. I pray for your strength, for peace and the courage to get through this season of your life. God will never forsake us or leave us. Keep trusting in Him, ask for guidance. God bless you all and keep the faith and give up.
  • Vickie - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Delanie, You & your family share a very great burden. To be wrongfully accused & imprisoned is certainly unfair. I would like to share these thoughts with you. The Apostle Paul was called by God to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. However, he spent much of his time in prison. He could have wondered why was God allowing this & how could he fulfill his purpose when he was locked up? Yet because of his being in prison his message reached kings & nobles & high ranking military men not to mention the letters he wrote to the churches that make up most of our New Testament, today (& his message continues to reach souls even to this very day). Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers & then Potipher's wife lied about him & he was imprisoned. He had valid reasons to lose faith & become discouraged, but he kept his faith in God & kept a positive attitude & after many years of his trials, God used him mightily to save Israel. David was anointed to be King by Samuel but had to endure many long years of running for his life from Saul while God was preparing David to become the warrior king of Israel & subdue their enemies. God knows if your family member has been wrongfully sentenced. God will be with your family member thru the entire 6 years or bring them out sooner, if he wills it. Lift up prayers to God for your family member & trust the process. Pray that your loved one will keep the faith & use this time to grow closer to God. Ask other Christians to pray for your family member. Yes, seek any means available to procure an early release, but I pray that your family member will grow where God has allowed them to be planted. Grow in Grace! Vickie
  • DaLanie - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Thank you.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    DaLanie, you've presented a very sad situation that so many also face, & there are no simple answers to it since the legal processes have been at work, however, erroneous they may have appeared to be. As Mishael said, you can get legal aid to find out your options & also to have a second hearing (hopefully it will proceed properly).

    You can also visit with your loved one in prison, attend to his needs, phone calls, encouraging words from the Bible, & all these under girded with much prayer, that the Lord Who sees all things, will turn the hearts of men in power. Your loved one must never feel abandoned & he should use his time in prison wisely, whether in work there as an inmate, or volunteering help to the prison system, or even having spiritual discussions with others (if he is allowed to). The authorities will notice the different person that he is, & no doubt his behaviour & submission to authority, may just lessen the sentence given. Most importantly, your loved one needs to keep his faith strong & not succumb to Satan ploys & to daily seek to use God's Love & Wisdom to minister to others. Blessings all round will surely be seen.
  • DaLanie - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    I am not aloud to go visit him, even if I wanted to which I do, I can't due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But another thing that I seem to be struggling with when it comes to this situation is that my whole family prayed constantly because we have been told that God will answer all of our prayers, but they weren't answered. And it is really disappointing.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Page 2.

    We can look at Jesus' prayer to the Father at the Mt. of Olives (Matthew 26:39): Jesus, in His mental agony of the great cost of redemption of mankind before Him, cries to the Father to remove this cup of suffering from Him, but that the Father's Will only be done in this. Did God sympathize with Him & said, "Yes Son, I will spare you, the world is unworthy of my Love"? We know that God's Will was that the full payment for sin & man's redemption was the sole purpose for Christ's coming to Earth. Jesus, as a MAN in pain, cried out to the Father for relief, but the Father's Response was that, pain & death had to be endured for the 'greater good' that mankind can once again be restored.

    What I've shared here DaLanie, is that we must, as God's children can come to Him with our praises & also our concerns. He delights to hear us & answer us. But we have to take into account that His Answers to us will always be according to His Will, His Perspective of the situation, & His Timing. We may feel that He doesn't hear us, or that He isn't seeing the situation as we are seeing it, but we know that our loving Father makes no mistakes & His Will will be performed to the last detail. So hang in there & look to Him expectantly & be thankful for all that transpires in this legal matter. You can use human means that are available to you (nothing wrong with that, as God works through all people; e.g. doctors, politicians, etc.), but we need to remember, that "it is God Who works both in you to will & to do of His good pleasure". (Philippians 2:13); and this working is not only in you for your maturing in Christ, but also in all your circumstances. Just trust Him fully in this matter & continue to love Him no matter the outcome - He does ALL things well.
  • DaLanie - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Thanks, Chris. I will try to do the best I can in keeping strong faith in God and what he is working on doing. And as well as his plans. But sometimes I feel that it just isn't fair sometimes. My great-grandma when she was alive swore up and down that my family was cursed. And I am okay telling anyone that sometimes I feel that she was right. She died in 2012 then a year and one day later my mother died. And then three years and 27 days later my great-grandpa passed away. And then add on top of that what my family is dealing with the family members of mine. It is hard sometimes but I love God, I still remember the day I got saved and baptized, something that I will never forget. But Thank You so much for all of your help I appreciate it.

    As well as anyone else that commented or gave me advice thank you so much and I appreciate all of you that went out of your day to help me.

  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Page 1.

    DaLanie, okay, I do understand the restrictions for visiting at present, though no doubt, these will ease in the weeks ahead. The matter of prayer & specifically the answers we expect from God, has resulted in some folk overjoyed in answers received & others disappointed & wondering whether God even heard them.

    Prayer is essentially a child of God's conversation with his/her Father. It can comprise of many things, but mainly in praise & worship and in petition. Your urgent & longing prayer to the Father is for His intervention in your loved one's predicament & for the forces that acted against him/her be dealt with. All we can do in our petitioning to God is to first love Him & obey Him in everything He asks of us. Secondly, we have to come to Him in simple faith (James 5:15, 16: speaks of prayer of faith & effectual, fervent prayer). Thirdly, we must pray according to His Will (1 John 5:14, 15: is about asking about matters that are in His Will, & if so, He will hear us (not that He doesn't receive our prayers, but that He hears with the intention of responding)). Fourthly, that His answers to our prayers are not always the way we would like it to be, i.e. God has His reasons that encompass a larger view of the matter than we have, or His timing is different, His purposes are unknown to us, etc.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    All I know is that Jesus is your Advocate;

    Your attorney who speaks for you when Satan accuses you before the throne.

    1 John 2:1

    If the defendant is innocent; then he should win his case before God.

    I'm not an attorney.

    I'm going to note that you have not said if this person is a born again Christian. Are you a Christian? Meet with legal aid and find out if evidence can be reviewed. Write everything down.
  • DaLanie - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Yes, I am a christian and so is the family member of mine. I love and believe in God, but I haven't known him very long sadly. And my family is currently trying to get a public offender know to see what we can do. And I also like to believe that the person will win there case before God 100%. But, Thank you so much for your help Mishael I appreciate it. Stay safe and take care and God Bless you. :)
  • Suresh Paryag on Revelation 7:9
    What is the difference from frankincense and the incense ( Samagra )burnt by Hindus
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 7:9
    Suresh, Frankincense is similar to Incense, in that it too can be used for providing aroma & also of have some medicinal value. Of course, we note that Frankincense was brought as a gift by the Magi to the new born baby Jesus, usually understood as a symbol of Jesus' future priestly role (as Gold was for His Kingship & Myrrh, prefiguring His death).

    Whereas, Incense in Hinduism, though similar in providing a sweet odour, is essentially used in the performance of puja & prayers to a deity in an offering made in love to the deity. And incense is used in other religions as well for similar purposes, other than to given a sweet smell in a house, generally used today. In pure Christianity, incense is not used, as we believe that the God Whom we worship delights in His people coming to him anywhere, anytime & without the need of any paraphernalia to bring Him any further delight or acceptance. We come to God in simple love & faith & believing He hears & answers our prayers to Him.
  • the great multitude are the explained in Isaiah 11 :11...shalom

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