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  • Edward Robbins on Revelation 4
    what about the seven spirits of God found in revelations?
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Hello Edward. The number seven in the Bible often depicts fullness or perfection. Even if you go through the Book of the Revelation, & search out this number, you will find that it seems to represent the completeness of the subject (e.g. Revelation 1:4,12,20; 8:2; & many more, reveal this idea of the Church & the angels (leaders) of the Church in entirety).

    Therefore, in Revelation 4:5, we find the mention of "seven lamps (or, torches) of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God". Now we understand from the Word, there is only One God, Who sent out His Word & His Spirit to accomplish His Purposes. The Word became flesh & He (Jesus) gave His Life for the World & is now risen & seated at His Father's right Hand. Before this position beside God, Jesus was the Word from within God. The Spirit of God was also within God but sent out to accomplish all that God planned for mankind. The Work of the Spirit was manifold, which included empowering, convicting, residing, teaching, comforting, help in praying, giving Light, etc. The Spirit that is represented by those lamps before God's Throne, may well be the Holy depiction of God's Spirit that has been at Work to complete the Plans of God & stand before the Throne in testimony of God's Mighty Work.

    Fire has been associated with the Holy Spirit: Matthew 3:11,12 (purging); Acts 2:3 (infilling & empowering), & the Spirit stands represented by this Fire of God accomplishing all that God has purposed for the World. Others here may have more to add according to the revelation given to them.
  • Glenn - in Reply on Revelation 4
    The 7 candles of the menorah,. Marking the 7,000 of Gods elect
  • Good to go - in Reply on Revelation 4
    The trinity x2 + 2 maybe 1 = ?

    It just get more confusing if you don't believe what God said repeatedly, He is one and only and no others .
  • English Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 4
    You are correct , if you haven't read the Old Testament please do , it's even clearer in there and it's what Jesus believed in and was brought up on .
  • Thami on Revelation 4
    Good day, I would like to ask about the four beasts in Revelation 4:7. What do they represent?
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Daniel 7:9 says "thrones were cast down" , if we were to consider this meaning, seats were set up. Seats for both Old and New Testament believers whom overcame forces of evil, kingdoms of the world, and understood and were kept spiritually safe in the church in the wilderness. True authority has one Throne and only one seated at the Throne. Lightenings and thunderings are the powers of God. How close can saved men be to this Throne, the Throne of Righteousness? As close as the New Covenant the rainbow. This rainbow is the hope and peace between God and saved men.The sea of glass is ahead of the Throne. The redeemed could stand on this sea of glass because their sins were now transparent. The light of God could pass through them completely because of the one seated at the Throne. The twenty-four elders fall down to worship him that sat on the throne. Living representations (beasts) of all of creation witness with the elders to the Truth upon the Throne as their creator too in their continued and everlasting worship saying, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come". The connection to the Cherubims of Genesis 3:24 which were living creatures to Ezekiel 10:20 "This is the living creature that I saw under the God of Israel by the river Chebar; and I knew that they were the cherubims." This chapter of Ezekiel helps to understand chapter 1 of Ezekiel where the beasts had the likeness of man, where man was the crown of God's creation in Christ Jesus.

    My meditation would lean towards that these Cherubims are the beasts and are at the four corners of the earth as borders to keep men ,because God so loved the world, on the straight and narrow way towards Salvation by the One on the Throne of God, Jesus Christ.

  • James - in Reply on Revelation 4
    I don't know about all of Earl's Comment. I have never heard that argument made, but very well could be some productive insight. I can tell you quiet simply that the four beast's are the four Cherubs that sit around the throne of God.They are mentioned multiple times throughout the Bible, including in exodus and such when Moses makes the mercy seat (a representation of God's throne). Ezekiel 10:14 & 1:10 (read the whole chapters) for Cherub detail. These 4 are not to be confused with the beasts that come later in Revelation. We know there was, at least, a 5th Cherub (Satan) who obviously fell from heaven.

    Each Cherub, and face, I have heard taught is a representation of each gospel. Matthew is the Lion, which went forth to the Jews. Focuses on the Lion of the tribe of Judah, gathered from the genealogy there of Jesus. A book that focuses on the Jewish Kingdom. Mark is the ox. A servant animal and focuses on Christ the servant. Luke the man. Focuses on Christ's physical, man qualities. Finally, John is the eagle. Its focus is on the spirit flying forth, the gospel being spread throughout the world. The difference being here that John answers the question of who Jesus is, where the other gospels focus on what Jesus is. Obviously there is much more to these explanations that can't be covered on a message board.

    That may be more information than you sought. I can't find my reference notes on Cherubs and hence I can't give you the additional verses referring to their characteristics. Maybe someone else would be so kind as to list them should they know of more.
  • WHAT ARE THE FOUR BEASTS - in Reply on Revelation 4
    GOOGLE THIS. Just type your question in that box

  • James - in Reply on Revelation 4
    I can assure you that the four beasts in Daniel 7 are not the same as the cherubs that sit around the throne of God in Chapter 4 of Revelation. They're wildly different beasts. If I inferred incorrectly your meaning and have fuddle your explanation, then I apologize and would request further information for clarification.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 4
    What can I say? I was going to bed. Sent the wrong link. My humble excuse
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Thami, may CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

    Revelation 4:7

    The four beast should be translated as the four LIVING creatures.

    These four living creatures are ALL OF CREATION:

    Man, Cattle, Fowl, and Beast.

    We can see this same thing explained when God made a covenant with CREATION never to destroy it again with water.

    Genesis 9:9 And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you (Noah) (MAN), and with your seed (MAN)

    after you.

    Genesis 9:10 And with every living creature (CREATION) that is with you (MAN), of the FOWL, of the CATTLE, and of every BEAST of the earth with you (MAN).........

    Revelation 4:7 And the first living creature (CREATION) was a lion (BEAST), and the second living creature (CREATION) was a calf (CATTLE), and the third living creature (CREATION) had a face as a man (MAN), and the fourth living creature (CREATION) was a flying eagle (FOWL).

    This same thing is in:

    Ezekiel 1:10 As for the likeness of their faces, they (CREATION) four had the face of a MAN, and the face of a lion (BEAST), on the right side: and they (CREATION) four had the face of an ox (CATTLE) on the left side, they (CREATION) four had the face of an eagle (FOWL).
  • Justin on Revelation 4
    its a question, what does the name 'Nicolaitans' stands for
  • Pottayil VARKEY Thomas on Revelation 4
    What a wonderful statement.
  • Patricia L Hearl on Revelation 4
    What do verses 6,7,8,9 mean in the book of REVELATION CH. 4? What are the creatures?
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Patricia, may the Spirit grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

    Revelation 4:6

    The four living creatures before the throne is ALL OF CREATION.

    God made a covenant with NOAH AND ALL CREATION that God would never again destroy CREATION.

    Genesis 9:9-12

    The covenant was with man, fowl, cattle and beast.

    Revelation 4:7 And the first beast (living creature) was like a lion (BEAST), and the second beast (living creature) like a calf (CATTLE), and the third beast had the face of A MAN ( Revelation 13:18), and the fourth beast (living creature) was the face of an eagle (FOWL).

    Ezekiel 1:10 As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of A MAN, and the face of a lion (BEAST), on the right side: and they four had a face of an ox (CATTLE) on the left side, they four had also the face of an eagle (FOWL).

    ALL CREATION WILL WORSHIP GOD ( Revelation 4:8) ( Revelation 5:13) ( Revelation 15:4)
  • Bible SEARCH STUDY TIPS - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Explore the Bible Study Tools on this website. Read commentaries ON HERE or read commentaries on Google. Just type scripture verse and type, 'commentary' or 'history', or 'Teaching' after it.

    The Holy Spirit is your TEACHER. Ask Him. ( John 3) If you'll sit still long enough and be quiet, you will get answers.

    PRAY and the Holy Spirit for a TEACHABLE spirit.

    Get a KJV Study Bible that has Center of Each page, reference columns: with the abc notes imbedded within the scriptures. Those send you to other scriptures that EXPAND the meanings or reveal a prophesy.

    Back Arrow out of this room TO THE Search Box. Go to the top.

    Put a scripture in it or just a word (like worms) hit the arrow. The search engine will pull up ALL verses with 'worms' in it.

    Touch or click the verse and it will highlight yellow.

    Scroll downward to the Commentary Box. Click that. It will show you what the scholars interpret that scripture to mean.

    If there isn't one, then exit and do the same thing on GOOGLE. Type the scripture and spell out Commentary, or History, or Teaching.

    Questions answered. It makes studying fun and interesting.

    You cannot get lost. Use the back arrow or just exit this site and come right back in Again.

    There's a quickie link from KJV to Google to help you find a scripture you're unsure about. Access that through the SEARCH BOX. Like: "Many are called but few are chosen."

    Learn to study! For yourselves. Share what you find, on here. IT IS FUN! God speaks to us through His Word.

    When you sit down to study: you pray: "I HAVE THE SAME MIND OF CHRIST !!" I receive it by faith right now. God watches over His Word To Perform it.

    Habakkuk 2:2-4.

    You will find your Identity in the Bible.

    You gotta get plugged into the Holy Spirit. Depend on Him. Pursue Him. Be quiet and Listen To Him..

    Don't be afraid to poke around on this website. It for Your Use. The red page is all links.

  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 4

    In Revelation 4:6, it says that in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts, (literally, living creatures). These four living creatures were full of eyes behind and in front. These are the same creatures in Ezekiel Chapters 1 and 10. And in those chapters, they are called cherubim. These four living creatures are special angelic beings that God has created.
  • Martha on Revelation 4
    / I love to learn God words more.
  • Ibe Jack Mbara on Revelation 4:11
    He is worthy to be praised, morning, afternoon, night and everybody minute of our lives.
  • Rick Colombe on Revelation 4
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the KJV was authorized by king James and published in 1611 of which is the most accurate translation from the original to English. As for the council of Carthage, wasn't that authorized by the pope? And when one mentions "cannon" the Catholic Church believes their "cannon" is superior to scripture. When the New Testament was written, people did not have today's bible, but rather, the Torah. We all have so much to learn ....
  • B Boyd - in Reply on Revelation 4
    The Septuagint was the (bible) holy words/teachings at the time of Jesus. The Jews gave Aramaic translations (Targums- to translate across-) to people. When Jesus followers were teaching about Christ from the Septuagint- the Jews rewrote the books in Hebrew (the old ones had been burned or destroyed; that is why the Dead Sea Scrolls were such an important find! Isaiah matched (!) their re translation from the Greek -= used at the time of the Prophets and forward to Jesus's day.) The Latin came later, and Jerome confessed (somewhere) that when he didn't understand the old Latin, he put in his meaning. Hope this helps. B.Boyd
  • Prophesy on Judas Iscariot39s Betrayal Against Jesus on Revelation 4
    Acts 1:10-20

    This took place in a Upper Room. A prophesy Peter found about Judas Iscariot is discussed by the disciples. They are about to appoint a new 12th disciple.

    I believe the Holy Spirit showed Peter of the prophesies about Judas Iscariot's betrayal. Jesus knew of the prophesy; He's God. It would explain lack of closeness with Judas.

    The Commentary Page on this website says the prophesy is about Judas Iscariot.

    This is one of those studies that you have to read at a snails pace, all of the center column references to get a clearer picture of prophesy with present circumstances.

    I'm going to list the passages and let the scholars in here piece it together with Holy Spirit, our Helper: helping us rightly divide the Word of Truth.

    Acts 1: 10:20

    John 18:3

    Matthew 26:55-56

    Psalms 41:9, 55:23 (The Prophesy)

    Isaiah 53:7 (Ch 53 all about Jesus)

    Daniel 9:26

    Lamentations 4:20

    Leviticus 25:15

    Deuteronomy 16:9

    *when you Google on Judas; just use his last name & it'll get you to the right Judas.
  • Darryl on Revelation 4
    We all know that jesus most certainly can not be found in any ancient scriptural documents. And even though this name jesus is popular currently doesn't make it the actual name of the Mesiah referenced in times of old because we have no history of the Creator, the Profits or otherwise Men of the Creator referring to the changing of Messiah's name to anything. In fact we do have a history of the consequences of those who turned the people of the Creator to other gods & names which never turned out well for them. Personally since we've come across so many conquering events worldwide whatever name used in the community of the Creators people at the time of the Messiah is a better choice.
  • Mishael on Messiah - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Deuteronomy 18:15 The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;

    Psalms 22:16-18 For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.

    Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

    Isaiah 9:5-7 For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.

    Isaiah 11:2-9 And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;

    Micah 5:2 But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, [though] thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.

    Malachi 3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.

    John 1:41 He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messiah, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.

    John 4:25-26 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messiah cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.

    Messiah came. On the day he was crucified, well over 100 prophesies about him had bee fulfilled. You compare those prophesies with the recorded historical account of that time.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Luke 1:31
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 4
    The Archangel, Gabriel, told The Virgin Mary that the baby's name would be Jesus.

    Check out Luke 1:
  • William - in Reply on Revelation 4
    When translated from Hebrew to Greek ,then Latin and in to English this is the name they used,Jesus .However there is no letter J in the Hebrew or Greek alphabet, so therefore the name Jesus never existed back in this time,the letter J only came on the scene appx 500 years ago .The Messiah was called by his true name .
  • Shepherds - in Reply on Revelation 4
    I'm an older street evangelist. I understand what you have said: the history and original translations.

    In here I use King James Version Bible. Why? Because most people (other than our scholars) are new to studying the Bible. They know the names in this Bible. For their sakes, I answer plainly and with scripture. I even try to orientate them on how to use all the links and study helps on this website; to set their feet on a life of going deeper into Jesus's Life.

    I'm not offended, ok. Every once in a while help a lamb find its Shepherd. Whoever does it to the least of these, does it unto Me.

  • Darryl - in Reply on Revelation 4
    Everything is n a persons name, spelling & pronunciation. If I change ur name, it's spelling & pronunciation-it's not the same.

    I know it's different to comprehend but what person n their right mind answers to a name that's not theirs-especially if they never changed it or authorized anyone else to do so.

    The correct names & pronunciations r:



    Yehoshua or short version Yeshua.

    Not Gabriel, Mary & Jesus.

    The promise is n His name and by no other name-period.

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