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  • Bible reader on Revelation 4
    Revelation 4:2
    JESUS is who sits on the throne.
  • Rebecca dykes on Revelation 4
    Revelation 4:2
    The one that sits on the throne in Revelation 4:2 is Jesus.
  • Medupin margaret on Revelation 4
    The chapter shows a clear revelation of the activities in heaven
  • Bud on Revelation 4
    Verse 4; I believe that this is the 12 elders of the Heavenly saints and the 12 Patriarchs. For if they were the 12 Apostles John would have reconnized himself seated on the thrones.
  • Stevene Obadiah on Revelation 4
    The whole chapter narrows down to the one fact that every creature; man or beast, was made purposely to glorify, honour, acknowledge and give thanks to God Almighty! Everything that has breath must praise Him.
  • Matonsi on Revelation 4
    A clear revelation about the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • David Porter on Revelation 4
    Verse 4, I believe is referring to the 12 Old Testament Patriarchs and the 12 Apostles.
  • Donkor on Revelation 4
    First one must possess the clear clear and undoubting understanding tha GOD IS LOVE. With this key one may open many biblical locks. Here the. Christ telling us that even if man is disobedient that God still have the animals He created whom will always do His will. And that these twenty four disciples of the first and second appearances of Christ are always doing His will which isLove.
  • Emmett Glasper on Revelation 4
    I think that it is a wonderful book that helps us to understand God a bit better however the time line for future events bafle me and majbe they should however Iwould like to find concreteness in the absractness of it all I
  • Marc on Revelation 4
    Heavens administration of crowns solidifies our position in the earth as kings designed to worship!!!
  • Enrique Small on Revelation 4
    Only about verse 11: The final verse is a confirmation of scientific and moral principles. The scientific is the concept of Cause and Effect. The First Cause is Master of all subsequent causes and effects. The moral is the right of Authorship (also known as Copyright). The First Author is master of all creation. We practice these principles after His example.
  • MockingBird on Revelation 4
    Lord God Almighty is worthy to receive all Glory and Honor and Praise : The trees clamp there hands and the birds sing His praise and He rideth upon the wind : His angels always giving Praise and adoration : Truly we are a blessed people to be a part of His Greatness and Glory : Faith pleases God so therefore all things were created for His pleasure . My Lord God is Magnifacent ,Holy , mere man cannot rightly express the Glory and Praise and Honor that is rightly due Him. I Praise God that He does accept what we give Him.
  • Joel on Revelation 4
    The Bible says the foolish says there is no God When look around you only see his glory, every creature decrees his glory,majesty,wisdom and his power To God be the glory
  • Word on Revelation 4
    Herminia you can believe Charles if you want or you can dig into the scriptures and see that Cains descendants are all through the word of God. But your not alone many prefer to believe in men's words rather than God and the churches are full of people who follow them. Cains generation show up as Kenites if you have an old Strong's Concordance you can track them.
  • Herminia on Revelation 4
    Charles is correct, that one must pray and ask God the Father, in the name of Jesus for understanding. It's also important to learn to listen for the Lord. It takes time to learn but Wonderful to hear His voice. It was the good pleasure of God's will to create us. Eph 1 God spoke to Noah, and told him to built the Ark. It is written that God save Noah and his three sons and their wives. Noah's family only.
  • Word on Revelation 4
    RNM there was more than 8 saved from the flood. Read the Book again because it says 2 of every flesh got on the boat and that's a bunch more. We know 2 of Cains descendants got on because in 1 Chonicles 2 vs 55 the kenites which translates sons of Cain show up there.
  • Charles on Revelation 4
    William Bryant To have understanding of the scriptures you have and pray for knowledge and wisdom to understand them.
  • Jeff hash on Revelation 4
    Dear friend, we must simply do the will of christ. Don 't let the complexity of the Bible confuse you. We are not holy enough to understand all but wise enough to know right from wrong. Do right in God 's eye. Love and pray for ALL, deny sin. Live daily for christ not the world. Pray always in knowing we are saved by his grace and blood. Live a simple life, enjoy our FREEDOM to worship. Give to those who need a helping hand. Amen.
  • Katie on Revelation 4
    Flavious Gyenyame Brisie-I am afraid you have read into this scripture in the wrong way...Verse 4 is not talking about the race of GOD. The Jasper and the Sardine Stone are the first and the last stones on a priests breastplate. All of the stones on the breastplate were symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel. The rainbow is symbolic of GODS glory and HIS promises. Also sardine and Jasper are red.
  • Matthew on Revelation 4
    matthews comment on revelation4...God is the final judge of heaven and earth.Every knee will bow to him and every tongue will confess.Al glory and honour belongs to him
  • William bryant on Revelation 4:6
    bewildered just bewildered a student trying to rightly divide the word
  • RNM 4-6 on Revelation 4
    REV 4-6...The scripture in Rev Chapter 4 gives an over all picture of what the Apostle John must have seen while in the Spirit, the description of Jasper and Sardine stone is actually a beautiful deep opaque redish orange in color, similarly the description of our Lord and Savior His skin is described as brass glowing like in a furnace, a beautiful opaque redish orange a distinguishing mark of unyielding power, His countenance, as the sun shines in His strength, remember, God says he makes ALL THINGS NEW, all the former things are passed away, so the things we know and have come accustomed to are going to be with a new and perfect look in Gods Kingdom I would not try to relate anything in this life or on this Earth with the Beauty of what GOD is or His SON or what He has Created in Heaven there is just no comparison. AMEN!!
  • S compton on Revelation 4:3
    I can only imagine what will be in Heaven, but I know that the most important part is not the throne, or the four and twenty elder, nor the crowns, nor the beauty of the crystal river, but the true beauty of Heaven is He that sits on that throne, Glory!!!! I can hardly contain the excitement I feel to know that I shall behold Him and adore Him, and Thank Him face to face, or my face to His feet, or whatever He wishes that will I do!!! I am so honored that He loved me enough to take on this mortal flesh, and to die the gruesome and lonely death He died, but I am so glad that on that third and appointed morning He arose victorious over death, Hell and the grave!!! At my church we practice foot washing. It is the most Holy experience, and I cannot express how I would have loved to have washed my Savior 's precious feet. Heaven is real, Jesus is my King, and I am loved !!! Glory to God in the Highest!!!!
  • Pastor Gbadebo Lawal on Revelation 4:11
    The total summary of this passage is that All creatures in heaven and on earth will praise and honour Him because He is the creator and sustainer of everything and there is nothing we have without Him. As believers whatever situation we find ourselves, we must continually Praise and Honour Him.
  • Lissa on Revelation 4
    I am so grateful that at a very young age I know about the Almighty God, though I may make mistakes at times, but i make those mistakes then repent, rather than fall and keep my distance from Christ. I feel so eager to preach the gospel and not what others that seek attention preach, but just preach the word of God and only it.. It 's funny how the pastors now preach something tha is way different from that on the Bible to get big ministries instead of letting people know the truth and let them choose whether they want to commit to it... But anyways our God never leaves us, we 're the ones who leave him, yet still he takes us back and comforts us whenever we feel pains and heartaches.ohw what a Mighty God we serve...
  • Flavious Gyenyame Brisie on Revelation 4:3
    Jarsper and sardin stone are dark brown like that of the brass. The appearance of the creator here is undoutbtedly negroid and John describes it perfty. Jasper and sardin stones are the only mineral stones dark brown in appearance which looks very beautiful and fit well according to the appearance of the Creator. The negroid features shows why John never used gold or emirad in his appearance but rather what looked dark brown.
  • Pawan Upadhyay on Revelation 4
    Jesus Christ was Amazing.Really,Amazing location of heaven.
  • Lucy on Revelation 4
    God is truly amazing! in Revelation He tells us that which is now , many will fall away and that to hold on to what we have in Him through continued praying and seeking ,plus as long as His Word is here to read and strengthen others in faith as well as ourselves in His ultimate final authoritative Word I 'm so thankful that when I 'm tired of living in such a sick , sinful world I can look up and know , I 'm not alone Praise be to God forever and ever in Jesus Name !!! Amen To all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ , hold on , soon very soon , we are going to see The King
  • Word on Revelation 4
    Eaglesrock that was John taken and there is no article for the Church and no church is spoken there in those verses. The Church, set a side ones, election stay here to fight against Satan with their gospel armor on.
  • John edi on Revelation 4:11
    We were created to continue his work of creation it a grate honor to be part of His pleasure.when we realize this we cannot stugle with Pride because before HIM we are nothing.

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