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  • Mild Bill - in Reply on Revelation 3:9
    They trusted the lie Satan told them. As did Satan, they stopped being God centered and became self centered, pride.
  • Dorothy M Lanasa on Revelation 3:8
    Why is God allowing slavery, enslavement to happen, now? My works have been to help to make a better earth and world, better people. why does God allow the "Trumpets" to steal my works, money gifted to me and racketeered through the banks to everyone but me? I am tired of working and not eating the grapes thereof whereby the criminals excel and get rich from my names? Nothing that I have done for 10 years have I been blessed monetarily; I may feel enriched intellectually, but not socially. I am not allowed to have friends or to visit with my family, who try to help only to enrich people who never give a cracker back, the ungrateful and arrogant of secret societies seem to reign and cause us to lose people, opportunities, money, gratitude, etc. Some have been told that all Africans and Afros in power have worshiped Satan; some have been forced to by extreme evil treatments and promises to be with family eventually. Is America, the United States gone to the dark occult? I wish not! People are put into grave yards, in storage facilities I hear, money is hidden in their corpses? Children are no more in the neighborhood, most gone. Instead of a way of life, a way and culture of death. 60k houses are vacant--where did all the families go? Dont come to Baltimore City to think you can just sit down and talk to someone; you may disappear too--into foreign slavery. Where is my younger brother? He use to own and developed a wonderful bakery, the Breadery. Where is he and his beautiful family? We have been persecuted because of our religion by takers who dont make life and liveliness, they just take and never donate. Where is the charity and opportunity for the holy if Satanists are in control with the illusion of making Amerika great, not Americans great?
  • Beck on Revelation 3
    What church in Revelations is the American Church?
  • Sharon Miller on Revelation 3:14
    Question, scripture condemning homosexuality
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 3:14
    Romans Chapter 1. You can go through Old Testament , but I think Romans is simple to understand. For the unsaved world to believe they can force God to obey Their demands, is laughable.

    But it will not be funny when God gives the Word for the Rapture to commence. A blink of the eye.
  • Alex on Revelation 3:14
    Comments by Alex on the reason Jesus had to die, It was simply for the sins of the World, Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the SINS of the world, But there is a hidden facet to the Cross, its multiplication when a seed dies it multiplies that was the great Promise I will multiply thy seed as the Stars of heaven, He told the Greeks that wanted to see him unless a seed dies it abides alone but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit impling many Christ as the stars of heaven that every man might gets a seed a measure of faith etc. That every man might birth a baby Christ which is the result of the New Birth via the seed of the sower thus an Israel of God. The multiplication of Issac resulted in the nation of Israel, but the multiplcation of Christ via his seed the word will result an Israel of GOD. Thats y he is saying that which is born of the spirit is spirit as God is spirit, The PROMISE WHICH IS THE H.G. A lil one shall become a 1000 and a small one a strong nation thats the result of his seed an Israel of God. Thus we see multiplication via his seed the Word . Thats y he said smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered then i will turn my hand to the little ones , little ones imply multiplication via his death, smite the shepherd implied his death. And to whom his word came it made them Gods thats y scriptures says this corruption must put on incorruption and this MORTAL MUST PUT ON IMMORTALITY that means we are gona be Gods thats what the H.G. is the multiplication of very God in us sinners thus IMMORTALITY IS GOD thats y God swore by his very self when he made that PROMISE to Christ, its GOD THAT WANTS A POSTERITY, AND CHRIST WAS JUST HIS 1ST BORN OF MANY BRETHREN. We are gonna live for ever under this new covenant . Thats y the prophets were so amazed saying what manner of love has the father bestoded upon us. we are gona be absolute sons like JESUS doing the works he did and Greater. Behold the lamb of God that taketh away th sins of the world
  • Annem2760 - in Reply on Revelation 3:14
    My question to you is... Have you tried to find out what this verse means before posting your statement? As a student of the bible, having access to the thoughts of other bible scholars is helpful in understanding verses like this. Having the tools that pertain directly to the things of God is crucial. 2 Timothy 2:15 is clear.

    We do not have to agree with everything we read in our research, but it helps to get some kind of perspective on what another student, or teacher thinks about a particular verse.
  • Student on Revelation 3:14
    Even I don't know what this means being the Beginning of the creation of God, you cannot refer to a few verses and make a point about this topic which you call the trinitarians. There are as well as many places that clearefies that Jesus is Lord and God. Amen.
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Revelation 3:14
    In this instance the word "beginning " can be defined as "that by which anything begins to be, the origin, the active cause" as proclaimed in Colossians 1:17, "And he is before all things, and by him all things consist."
  • Anonymous on Revelation 3
    Great app love it
  • James mcwright on Revelation 3
    why are some verse numbers in the bible written in bold?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 3
    It may be the publisher did that. Check a (Thomas Nelson Bible publisher)and let us know. As long as the verse is the same identically, I see no problem.
  • Josephine H Holcomb Pike on Revelation 3:9
    why would they want to say they are Jew?
  • Grace - in Reply on Revelation 3:9
    Hello Josephine,

    What a good question and discovery from your careful reading! Thanks

    There are currently a growing number of cults of young people who falsely claim they are the new "Jews". I don't bother to list & track each one, but to name names one of them calls themselves with the number 19 or 99 in it. Before these, there was a group led by Herbert Amstrong, called the Worldwide Church of God last century. They had a long running TVangelism which probably influenced the current groups when they were kids. They alleged that the USA is the Promised Land and featured in End Times prophecy. Then WCC had internal strive that broke into two or three other groups, one being the Great Church of God. (It amuses me how these cults always have a name that tries to patent their claim on God or Jesus)

    Their motives are power, control, and pride, and money, yet they truly believe that they can benefit by claiming all the blessings of Abraham onto themselves. They make half truths and outrageous lies that Yahweh God (they do try to use a bit of what they think are Hebrew words) has long ago cut off the ancient Israelites so that the modern nation of Israel are on their own. The fake Jews also claim they are the true spiritual Israel

    It is a gross misreading and distortion of what Saint Paul wrote in Romans 9 & 10. No room for misinterpretation there as Paul explained those chapters well. But the few leaders who create these false claims also see that their claim to uniqueness makes religion exciting to potential suckers who are bored with the mainstream offers
  • Jumpin Jehosephat - in Reply on Revelation 3:9
    Why would someone claim to be a Jew who is not?

    So, answer this:

    Why would the Antichrist claim to be the Messiah but is not?

    Why would the serpent claim Eve could eat of the fruit and not die when that was not true?

    Why do people lie?

    Because Satan is the father of all lies and deception and he rules earth. He is trying to deceive people in order to separate them from God. You seem like you don't realize that pretty much EVERYONE IS LYING TO YOU. If they are not Christian, they are lying to you. Period. The TV lies, books lie, science lies, government lies, everyone is lying to you. If you believe the lies, then you do not have the Spirit of Truth in you. That is the only way one can discern lies and deceit. And 99% of what you hear and see will be half-truths or lies or disinformation or misinformation, so question everything.

    1 Peter 5:8--Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
  • Andy G van den Berg on Revelation 3
    Revelation 3:19

    Please review the word 'Repent' and 'Chastening' on a world deceived ca
  • Eva Rabon on Revelation 3
    When I see someone wearing a cross, I think they are telling the world that they are a Christian

    and have took JESUS CHRIST as their LORD AND SAVIOR.
  • Nimone Jones on Revelation 3:8
    Praise God, in Acts 10:11 peter said unto Cornelius and his men that God is a respector of no man but if he fear him and worketh righteousness God will accept him. No one is entitled to anything from God but because he's faithful, because he's just, because he's a merciful a gracious father he gives favour unto those who honour him. He's the God of all gods, the beginning and the ending, the great I Am that I am. He holds all in his hands he's in control, when he opens a door for they who fear him and honour him nothing can close that door. We who are so weak, clothed in garment of flesh the Lord find favours in because we honor him. Praise God, all things are for the glory of him, all we do and all we say should be unto him, with that open door whilst its unto us as a gift for our loyalty it's also for his glory so we as his children should bring glory unto his name always. Matthew 5:11-14 we are the salt of the earth and if salt loses its flavour it's tossed out and trampled, it's good for nothing, we are the Light of the earth, a city on a hill cannot be hid. As the salt of the earth and the Light of the world where ever our heavenly father opens the door we must continue to flavour and continue to shine so others might see and glorify our father who art in heaven in Jesus Christ name.

    God bless you my dear
  • SUNDAY LIVINUS ALAKA on Revelation 3:20
    This verse can be taken in two different ways. It could apply to the door of our heart, his mind. Christ is calling. "Let me into your Life". On the other hand, it can also mean that He is saying, "I am just about ready to return. And we can fellowship together if you would just repent".
  • Grace on Revelation 3
    Wearing a cross is wrong. It means you're nailing Jesus on the cross for the second time. He had paid the price to die on the cross for us. He's no longer on the cross. He is risen!
  • Sa on Revelation 3
    I got rid of a wood cross I had because I didn't want to disrespect what the Lord did on the cross. It was becoming a decorative thing on the wall and I was admiring the beauty of it instead of what Jesus did on Cross.
  • Alex on Revelation 3
    Behold i stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice th word, and open the door (understanding ) i will come into him and ( sup communion ) with him and he with me .the kingdom of god cometh not with eat or drink, we cannot eat ourselves into the kingdom of god its got to come via divine understanding the word his voice as faith comes by hearing his word not by eating or drinking anything.the ear tries words just as the mouth tastes meats.thats y peter said to whom shall we go lord thou has the words of eternal life. my words are spirit and life ( communion ) .even in the o.t. the blood had to be applied to th right ear as you are made clean by the word i have spoken unto you gbu.
  • Jesus' Loving Hospitality on Revelation 3
    I Stand and Knock at the Door of Your Heart Seeking Your Love Right from the Start Wanting to Set You Free Giving Hope Joy and Liberty Only My Presence Within Can Take Away Bondage of Sin What I Offer the World Cannot give Hospitality that Lets You Live The Food I Lovingly Impart Heals and Mends a Broken Heart Restoring, Giving Peace Leaving Joy that is Released My Living Water Fills Your Soul Overflowing Making You Whole Taking away the Fear and Carnage of Sin as The Spirit comes to Live Within. These are My Promises Your Lord and King as You Open The Door and Let Me In Giving Love Beyond Compare in which You Will Always Share than You will Know Without Doubt What Real Love is All About.
  • I AM THAT I AM: on Revelation 3
    These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
  • Michael on Revelation 3
    Many years ago, I saw a inexpensive cross that I felt was very special and I bought it. Now, after studying the second commandment, I am extremely concerned - because the cross is a crucifix. I am not catholic, I'm somewhere between Baptist and Pentecostal. I've decided to take the cross to a jeweler and have it converted to a simple cross - but don't want to offend my Lord Jesus. Am I wrong?
  • Moongold - in Reply on Revelation 3
    The fact that you're becoming fixated on an object and it's causing you distress I believe indicates a need to simply give it up. Our Lord is not found in objects - this is really idolatry. And you are right in seeing it that way. You're not catholic, and catholicity is involved in worshipping relics, objects, statues - all to do with death or things not having life! Our God is the one true, living God - not found in statues or objects, but as the evidence of 'things NOT seen'. Hebrews 11:1. We are to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:24 God bless!
  • Mick to Moongold - in Reply on Revelation 3
    Even tho a lot of Christians disagree with the Catholic Church practices, recent scandals and all that, they have unwittingly fulfilled a PROPHESY in Luke chapter one. My advice is do not judge!
    Luke ch.1 verses 28, 30, the angel told her she was blessed among women.
    In verses 46-50 see: Henceforth (from now forward) ALL GENERATIONS SHALL CALL ME BLESSED.
    As we all know the Catholics have performed this prophesy. You aren't going to convince a Baptist church to do it; even Assembly of God. We only give The Virgin Mary credit at Christmas. She's in the manger scenes that we buy. How spiritual is that? DONT JUDGE. I got clobbered by the Holy Spirit a couple of times for judging.
  • Michael - in Reply on Revelation 3
    Thank you for your thoughts and your time in commenting on my question; I do sincerely appreciate it Mick. God bless you and yours and I do hope you and your family are safe in these very trying times.
  • Moongold - in Reply on Revelation 3
    Second, yes, Mary was told when she was ALIVE & on EARTH that she was blessed because she had been chosen by God to bring His Son in human form into the world. And yes, we recognise she certainly was blessed to receive that trust. However, the Bible gives no support to a belief in a 'risen' Mary, when you study out the doctrine of death totally (which is too long to do here). Worship of any other being, creature, image or thing is clearly condemned in the Bible as idolatry. Finally, in regard to the right or wrong teachings of ANY church, Christ instructed us to rebuke and reprove wrong teaching not according to His Word. I stand with Him: If it's wrong, it's WRONG! 2 Tim. 4:2
  • Mick - in Reply on Revelation 3
    I did not say the Catholic religion had it all right. You're judging. Scripture says don't do it.rnIt was the Holy Spirit that opened up Luke 1 to me. I used to think like you are.rnAll generations of catholic believers have done something NO ONE in other religions barely ever do. She is Jesus's mother. She was chosen. She spoke what had been spoken to her by the angel.rnALL GENERATIONS of people will call her BLESSED. It's a prophesy! Don't mess with Gods prophesies. Apostle John called her blessed. Have you ever wondered about Luke Ch. 1 ?

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