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  • Stinson head on Revelation 21
    i think that it is very good chapter to study
  • When will God wipe away all tears from their eyes? According to Rev. 21 4, it is after the millennium, after the first heaven and earth pass away end of the earthly kingdom , and are replaced with a new heaven and new earth start of the heavenly kingdom . God does not wipe away all tears immediately following the Judgment Seat of Christ, as many have suggested. No, the Scriptures seem to teach instead that many believers will consciously regret throughout their millennial existence that they did not hate or lose their soul in this life in order to find and keep it in the millennial world to come as determined at the Judgment Seat . Cr. James Hollandsworth KingdomPreparation
  • Luqman williams on Revelation 21
    I also believe god is always with you we all have a choice good the bad right or wrong choice most of the time we make bad choices and decisions because we 're living in the flesh. From my own experience through pray and patience god sees and delivers us from our trials and tribulations my life isn 't perfect but im consistant in prayer and I have peace in my life through grace of god. I do believe
  • Vernie on Revelation 21
    This is a wonderful book of the bible. Love it...
  • Once was time of lose and sorrow. In this time my father said I love you..would thought all was no hope. All your cries and tears of pain of loss ..I heard you in silence endless tears cries of one to be empty by its loss to cope. You now be up lifted by you tears that form a river of sorrow waters...let this be.
  • DezTroy on Revelation 21
    Rev 24 vers4 really gave me hope today, I was really fealin down yesterday like nothing could go right but hope comes from a renewing of all thing no pain no mysery just think how great that would actuly be!
  • Gospel Foundation Ministry on Revelation 21
    It is the apocalyptic moment which the real earth and real heaven will be reappear, the time of judgments of this present world and the Lord will be in total control all realms spiritual and physical and all things will change because the promises of the Lord will be completed and only Christ Jesus will be revealed as King of the Kings
  • Bruce on Revelation 21
    I believe why our LORD use the pearls at the gates is because they are like a child of our LORD. They start with a grain of sand. They are build upon, little at a time, they become something great in our eyes. The same with a child of our LORD. We are like that grain of sand, when we except him as our lord, he builds or changes us little at a time until we become what he molds us into, I believe all parts of the new city reflects salvation, from building upon a solid foundation to taking of the tree of life.
  • DW Kern on Revelation 21:8
    There is a very uncomfortable play on words here. A Whoremonger by definition is a promiscuous man. A promiscuous woman is not covered here and I find that very relevant as todays faithless false teachers and Luciferian world leaders take much advantage of this and it has become close to the number one weapon used to justify a Christian walking away from the faith as any smart person would . This bias causes Christians to sin and there it is right in the word of God. Why is this issue never addressed? And why doesn 't God himself deal with this? Example Lesbianism. Most men do not have a problem with it only with man on men. Hitler was the same lesbians were fine because they could make war babies. Christian men fall into homosexual sin because of lesbianism and no one calls it for what it is. Homosexuality is what it is and nothing else. Hollywood capitalizes on this with tremendous success yet it is never addressed in the church ever except when it is used as propaganda for homosexual delivery evangelization!
  • Johnny on Revelation 21:3
    God is with us already but we dont realise it and most of us still have the mentality that it goning to happen one day.
  • Sandra L. Butler on Revelation 21
    " a new heaven " symbolizes "a new mind, " and "a new earth " symbolizes "a new heart " the EARTH HEART anagram is no coincidence , a spiritual creation that results from six metaphorical days of spiritual works copyrighted content "The Bible Decoded " .
  • Vera neal on Revelation 21
  • Dozie on Revelation 21:1
    I think wen a person die de past pass and de new cums. Dt is eternal life after resurection
  • on Revelation 21:2
    It looks like New Jerusalem will make it 's way down to earth after all like verse 2 says
  • Lucinda Essin on Revelation 21:21
    Pearls are a precious stone created by a small animal going through great friction with a grain of sand I believe they are a reminder of the great suffering of Christ that granted us access to that city The streets of gold represent the riches of God and as transparent as glass refers to his purity The fine and precious stones remind us of his creativity in creating beauty all around him and the light that comes from him to illuminate the city is from His power and goodness God s character is shown in the description of heaven He is an awesome provider and giver of good gifts to his children
  • Nykhia on Revelation 21:4
    This what revelation i love revelation and i always will i like reading the bible because its important to know about god i love god i always will love him and never for get that dad i pay tonight because tomorrow. We get our reports cards. And i noa i tryed my best because i will get a wopen. So i tryed my best lord can you not make not have a f on my report card because i tryed my best and i did my best lord i love you good night and dont let the bad bugs bite love you
  • Emmanuel Abiama on Revelation 21:4
    God is an expert in reversing hopeless situations. His promises here will be perfected for those who appropriate the finished work at Calvary into their lives
  • Alphonce o wasamba on Revelation 21
    There can never be bad news to us after the good news(new Jerusalem) shalom.
  • Lynne on Revelation 21:8
    Verse 8,abominable,,,,,means from physical and spiritual,eating unclean creatures and sexually immoral,....IDOLATERS,,,,,,,praying to an idol,or a picture,or a statue,they profess that they know God but they deny him from their works,they are praying to someone that can not answer them..EXODUS20:3,thou shalt have no other Gods before me...GOD is Cannot be seen,so stop praying to your statues.
  • Jim Cropper on Revelation 21:8
    I believe these people are the ones setting on pews today. I am a christian, and I know I fear, but it isnt the fear like when we are fearful of burning ourselves, thats self preservation, this is fear of dying to the WORD of God. Unbelieving as in faithless in the Light of God. We all were whoremongers, thats why we needed the Word of God. When we go our merry way from readin g Gods word or leave a good service and God has touched us and we go our merry way. We are the ones all scripture is written to, not the worldly people out there. Christians are the only ones that can even understand the Word of God, many are called, but few are chosen.
  • Clifford wolfe on Revelation 21
    I love it
  • Kenneth phillips on Revelation 21:14
    In respect to Judas I was just wondering if he is
    included on the twelve foundation stones of the -
    wall of the new Jerusalem??? thank you.
  • Ab Zimmerman on Revelation 21:14
    Are the names of these 12 apostles indicated in Revelation 21:14 mentioned anywhere?
  • Asser Shivute on Revelation 21:8
    We are told to live Holy, because we are immitating Christ. we are warned to do what is good in presence of God and other humans for us to earn eternal salvation. Salvation is for those who do good but not who do evils.
  • Kelli hodge on Revelation 21
    What a glorious state that will be. I am totally grateful tobe a child of God and to be in His service. I am looking forward to heaven and dwelling with the Father and the Lamb forever. I love the King James Bible being sent to me via the internet. Keep it coming. Thank you.
  • Jackson Ibrahim omao on Revelation 21:4
    let's make an effort to reach to destiny
  • Sanjeev phillip kumar on Revelation 21
  • Timothy Wayne George on Revelation 21:1
    The New Heaven, and the New Earth will come after the 1000 year reign of the Messiah on the Earth, then the devil will be set free from the abyss for a short time to deceive the nations. God will bring fire down to destroy them. After this the Devil will be cast into the Lake of fire with the Antichrist, and false prophet. Next the second resurrection of all unbelievers, then the White Thrown Judgment takes place, and all those whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life will be cast into the lake of fire prepared for the Devil, and his angels. We don't know how long after this, but II Peter 3 tells about the New Heavens, and Earth. Jesus will rule, and His Kingdom shall have no end. The New Jerusalem will come down from heaven, and the tabernacle of God will be with man. Just as Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. There will be perfect holiness to God forever.
  • I have studied chapter 19,20,21 many times .It is very good. But i need a clarification. Please explain.In bible it is said that a new earth and new heaven will come made up of gold, pearls,precious stones etc. I like to know whether this type of new earth comes when the son of man arrives as a second coming and judging the world (or)whether this type of new earth comes after 1000 years of gods rule when latter the Satan will be loosened and then sent in to fire lake?
  • Alicia Allen on Revelation 21:4
    Praise GOD for His grace! The Lamb, Lord Jesus, bore our transgressions and separation from our Creator (because of man's first sin) so that we may know His kingdom! The curse of man was broken though His perfect life, His death, and His Resurrection! He lives today and soon He's coming back to judge the whole world! Repent and "call upon the name of the Lord and thou SHALT be SAVED"!!!

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