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  • Freedomborn Now
    How sad that those who have not asked for God's Wisdom are still in darkness, it's needed to understand His Truth Proverbs 4:7 Jesus our only Spiritual Teacher, not a Man or Woman leads us into all Truth. God is Love and can do no evil nor does He deliberatly hurt or deceive us Lamentations 3:33 but we do reap the evil we sow in words and actions. God Can and Does bring good from evil but He does not promote it.
  • Obbie Beal
    Verse 8. Thank Jehovah-GOD for working through those that spent there life digging in the dirt. This same dirt, in 2019, proves GOD has 'rained down fire' on her in the past. GOD gave these wise people wisdom to read the dirt for HIS Glory, also others GOD allowed to bring high tech to us to speedily get the warning shouted to all so we can timely take the correct action. Verse 2,3, is Truth.
  • Obbie Beal
    Verse 8 is a Blessing from Jehovah GOD. It is amazing GOD allowed men sciences to locate the evidence that proves where the fire is both located and waiting for GOD to release it 'again'. GOD has spoken through men sciences but people are sooo busy enjoying dainty-stuff many will miss-out on the Blessing by not coming-out of her thereby avoiding verse 8. John 3:16 is on the move again.
  • Truth will out
    Another thing, how many PAGAN idols and traditions have been adopted by the RCC. How many images of Jesus have you seen with a SUN behind his head? That is BAAL, SUN worship. RCC also put up a statue of MOLOCH in the Vatican and Catholic hospitals commit murder abortion . "Who is the whore of babylon in revelation?" might be a better search to find the article since I can't post links.
  • Liberty in Life
    Artists often paint what is evil to God like Woman not clothed when He tells us to dress Modestly it no doubt encourages wrong behaviour. Paintings or images of Jesus have often been wrong too He would not have done what Contradicted His Father who said long hair on a Man is a Shame. Jesus would have had black hair, Mary was a Jew God warns about Worshiping graven images People and Animals.
  • Truth will out
    "The Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. " Look up that phrase and you should see plenty of articles on it written by true Jesus-preaching ministries. Their MARK, as the RCC has openly stated, is the SUNday sabbath but they had no right to change sabbath from the SEVENTH day to the FIRST day. I wanted to leave this comment on a specific verse, but the comments seemed to be disabled
  • Joe
    I wonder if mystical Babylon is meant to be all people who are not servants of God, but followers of Satan pursuing worldly pleasures. Let us take warning from the things which brought others to destruction and set our affections on heaven above and not the changeable nature of earthly things.
  • Dannie Jackson
    We must not try to interpret scripture about Babylon to mean any city or nation that did not exist in Bible times. As for the sins of the nations, you have to look at the long history of the nations and their deeds. Hence look at Rome, it has a long history, especially the Vatican. God will judge all nations and those that have been around the longest have a long list of sins to be judged.
  • Phillip
    babylon of old or is this referring to the system of world Banking. since we see this as John's vision for the future events I would place this in our life time. I believe it refers to NEW YORK as babylon, many language's and all the worlds trade goes thru there and it says a city not country. it takes on 1 hour to destroy that's the key. old babylon would take armys days to destroy a city .
  • Mark Verrell
    I would say there might be more many languages going through hollywood
  • Jason
    Rome is the 1st beast of Revelation 13 , 14, and is the mother of harlots of Revelation 17.
    Rome is the queen of Babylon... Babylon = religious confusion.
  • John
    There is no Doubt! America is Babylon. There are so many parts of Revelation 18 that says America is Babylon the Great. Here is ONE. And Revelation 18 verse 7 says How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow, give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Does America not Boast How good she is.
    Babylon is jerusalem, what is wrong with you folks, jesus said babylon killed the prophets, now who killed the prophets!?
  • Pray For Truth
    God loves everyone, but America and Israel are God's two chosen blessed nations. The constitution was inspired by God.
  • Adam
    Babylon was a real city though and the scripture refers to it as a city, not a country. Also Babylon already fell.
  • Martha J Wiseman
    As I was reading your post, I was thinking just how right you were. Because that's just how America thinks. you are so right!
  • JESUS is Lord
    America alone is NOT Mystery Babylon the great.
    Revelation 17 explains.
    Vs. 1 the great whore sitteeth on many waters.
    Then ..
    15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
  • Niki
    In revelations Babylon represents America. It is the nation which everyone drinks from also known as the eagle- America's symbol. it is the queen of sin. It also speaks of the bear, which is the symbol for Russia. We see so many things going on between Russia and America in the news right now. Russia is the next super power. this book is real-its not just the past, its past, present, and future.
  • Robert Hall
    How can Babylon be the catholic church or the Vatican when Jesus said that Babylon killed the prophets! America nor Russia killed the prophets, way too many youtube videos and not enough Prayer and Reading the Holy word!
  • Avery Zuleger
    Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church / Vatican
  • Robert Hall
    How can babylon be the catholic church or the vatican when jesus said that babylon killed the prophets, read the bible man
  • Rich groom
    If your only tool is a hammer ,everything looks like a nail (or, Roman Catholic) it amazes me how so many preachers completely overlook the parts that talk repeatedly about the wealthiest nation that will be destroyed that the kings of the earth will be totally destrought because they can't do business anymore, that is NOT Rome!
  • Obbie Beal
    1-24 above we see Jehovah / GOD (again) cut-off his blessing to a nation; it is nothing new under the sun because GOD took the same action against the nation /people HE led into the land promised to Abraham; both nations receive the wrath of GOD because they preferred to love and practice sin more the GOD word. the ..., ..., will not be able to bail her out. Through the BLOOD my bags are packed.
  • Marlo
    Babylon is of old, the head of gold that maintains power throughout the world just as it did during Nebchadnezzar's reign (1st prophecy pertaining to Babylon). Some 27 nations were identified for destruction by the 70yr prophecy . This prophecy encompasses a time scale, which is completed in Revelation with the LORD reigning judgment on Babylon for her corruption. (Jeremiah 25)
  • Dewey J
    Shane, Lm I concur because from Dr. Martin L. King to Dr. Billy Graham and many other modern day saints and prophets have warned us to return to our God the God of Israel and the forefathers of the documents of our nation to help the poor, farther less, and widows but we have not heeded the warnings. Psalms 9:17 says, The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget. Amen!
  • Lm
    shane .....right on!!!!! amen! !!
  • Shane Carroll
    The Babylon spoken of here is America. There can be no doubt. "One Nation Under God" seems to be less than half a nation under God these days. It seems that we've thrown away, that which made us great. Just as Isreal did, we have turned our back on God. We, as a nation will be "thrown down" and merchants the world over will weep for there will be no America to buy their goods anymore.
  • Anonymous
    Revelation 18:23 Meaning was relevant then and even more relevant today. It means the human light or spirit is not bright due to the weathy merchants aka masters of this world-Evil Corporations that spin lies, illusions or sorcery on all humans and all the countries are deceived. Eg. Medi-Pharma Cartells that kill Pharmakia in ancient Greek: Sorcery or creating spells with illusions, potions and drugs.
  • Rich groom
    On the test I picked pride, which I believe is correct! In verse 7it says, in her heart, she sittith as a queen (pride) am no widow
  • Alex
    When i read Revelation 18, I think abut the woman taken in adultry that they wanted to stone but Jesus said he that is without sin let him cast the 1st stone. We are the Woman that has been taken in adultry , humanity We go a whoring after all these materialist things that religion/satan offers us. Jesus wrote on the ground, meaning he is gonna write on our hearts GO AND SIN NO MORE, HIS BAPTISM OF FIRE

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