Revelation Chapter 17 Discussion

  • Jon westerfield on Revelation 17:11
    For the truth that so many fail to see: see the documentary ITS WORSE THAN YOU THINK on youtube, if still there or on rumble and for sure at revelationsofjesuschrist.c I was at first dismissive, then skeptical, then perplexed, and quickly moved to repentance. I thought like many, that I knew and wouldn't be fooled. I didn't realize how deceived I was. Time is very short. View and pray for insight and wisdom. Your in for quite an education. It is worse than you think. Realize this one thing, no matter what you believe about the jab, mark or no mark, hand or no hand, (if you understood the greek root of the word you'd understand completely), IF the mark is here, then so is the beast. One does not precede the other. When in Daniel 11:24 prophesies of the anti-Christ type (Antiochus Epiphanes), it does not preclude the end times anti-Christ. This is just a foreshadowing of things to come. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Adam and Eve were in paradise, free from death. They were warned not to take into them what was forbidden or the would die (spiritually) and once consumed or taken into their bodies, they did die and they too were deceived. It just wasn't as the deceiver had claimed not. We have been warned from the beginning and we still don't see. We haven't loved God so we have been given a great delusion. We have all been deceived on a grand scale. Just as the religious leaders of Jesus time who knew the "old Testament" backwards and forwards did not see in the spirit, but only thru their carnal minds, they too missed the reality of the Messiah. They couldn't accept it and refused to believe it, to the point of killing God. So to, think we know, we think we will see it all coming. Just as Jesus said he would return like a thief in the night, (catch everyone unaware, unexpectedly), so to in parallel and counterfeit to Christ the beast has entered in peaceably (which translates unnoticed). Wake up you've been deceived.
  • Brother dan - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    UTube is like a minefield, as is all the other social media's the devils playground. I try not to go there.keep my nose in the Bible.

    Job 32:8

    "But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding."

    God Bless
  • English sacha - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    You are a wise man Dan , there is more than enough meat in the Bible for us to chew on , it's a never ending feast for the soul , mind and heart .
  • Brother dan - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    Sister English Sasha,

    Thank you for your kind words. I really do enjoy reading your caring spiritual responses to others here, and I know they come from the heart of a kind and generous person. You are very blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit as it is readily seen in your postings here.

    May God's Holy Spirit continue to light your path forward!

    God Bless.
  • English sacha - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    You are very kind Brother Dan , you made me blush ! I appreciate your posts very much . Stay here with us , we need you . Christ is keeping his eyes and ears on us all !
  • Kevin mccarney on Revelation 17
    Where are the Globalists in all this.? The experimental shot that people are taking is dripping & injuring millions. This is a bio weapon being used to get the population down to 500 million. My family is being affected. Where are the churches?

  • WHY WOULD A HOLY GOD BUST IN ON OUR WORLS - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Kevin, have you been born again? Working with the Holy Spirit you can be comforted and know that power is available to you to stand in these evil days.

    Everything that's happening, Jesus told his disciples and the whole world through them. Everyone receives power in their prayers. He doesn't keep secrets. Matthew 24 and Luke 21; book of Revelation. The end is written in 2 Peter chapter 3. EVERY PERSON ON EARTH has an opportunity right now to lock arms with Jesus Christ and escape the End of Days. One of the final signs is the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem; with Israel's enemies surrounding it.

    The world hates Israel just a bit more than the United States.

    On YouTube, search Revelation Station Movie. It's actors with scads of news and movie clips; with sound effects of the trumpets that will make your skin crawl.

    These aren't those lame Rapture movies of the 70's. These are high tech like what our Military has now: missiles, nukes,drones. Space weapons.

    RFID CHIP technology, and much more. Our ability to snuff out ourselves is frightening.

    Anyway, the signs are happening and everyone must either choose Life with Jesus, or Death with Antichrist
  • Sheila Davis - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Very few have suffered any side effects or possible deaths from the covid-19 vaccine from the information I have heard from the time vaccination started in January 2021 until now. Nor are people unknowingly being injected microchips.

    Governments around the world are trying to rid the world of covid19, if they were trying to kill off billions of people they would just let covid-19 do it for them or even Ebola would do it. They wouldn't try to create a vaccine.

    When the Beast and his Antichrist comes to power, it will be known, when the mark of the beast is initiated, one will be in the situation if they don't get it their livelihood is completely disrupted, they will not be able to work, receive medical care, by medicines, buy food, pay rent, buy a house, drive a car, excetera excetera excetera
  • Mitch Henderson - in Reply on Revelation 17
    My friend the churches are in the same place they have always been. However there is many churches that have left the old paths and fallen for the new modern day scene. The Pastors are preaching all the love but no repentance. They have fallen for what the news media and the governments are telling them. The people of today are just like the children of Israel in the day of Nebuchadnezzar and the 3 Hebrew Children. They are bowing done to the kings and governments. They are looking to man for their salvation. The people need to get back as instructed in II Chronicles 7:14. These vaccines are the way the for the governments to control the people. They are being used along with the media to cause men's hearts to fear the ways of man instead of fearing the Lord God. The Bible says not to fear man for he can only take destroy the body but to fear God who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. We need a whole lot of repentance and then a whole lot of preying from the children of God to make this thing even start to get right. Presidents and their governmental officers can only go so far. God is STILL in control. He has not given up. Matthew 24:3-14 tells us that things must come to pass before the end shall come. Pestilences are here and the COVID is one of them. These vaccines and mask are just a way for the devil to destroy the believers faith in God. God will carry us through this thing. If you are his then just keep trusting in him. He will deliver his either here on earth or when we reach that city. No Christian will ever feel death. We just move up to live with him forever. John 14:27 reminds us that Jesus leaves us peace and it is better than anything the world can give. So we need not let our hearts be troubled for we are his and nothing can pluck us from his hands. Keep the faith and hold strong for morning is coming and the Son will shine forever. May God Bless you in this time and touch you and your family.
  • Bee - in Reply on Revelation 17
    I agree.Too many doctors do not like what these experimental injections - not vaccines are doing to people long-term. A dear friend of mine dropped dead from a heart attack two days after her second injection. She had never had heart issues and was only 42 years old. We must not be forced to get these injections. We must trust God to keep us.
  • Richard wilson on Revelation 17
    i heard that pharmacys were used to help destroy america in revelations,what chapter is it in please thank you
  • Rick - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Hi Richard Someones got a serious imagination I want to see that myself Chapter and verse and it has to say pharmacy.

    They are referring to Rev. 9:21, 18:23,21:8, 22:15 the word sorcerer is the word pharmakeia but that is not talking about the medical field that is talking about so called white witchcraft and crystals and things of that nature. These are known as the natural healing field but again, anything can be taken out of balance, Prove all things with Gods Word thats our Standard In His Service
  • Kris on Revelation 17
    Dave is right on, we will be seeing this very soon.
  • Scotty on Revelation 17
    US & Russia constantly riding, threatening each other, tit for tat:

    "President Biden warned President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Friday that time was running out for him to rein in the ransomware groups striking the United States, telegraphing that this could be Mr. Putin's final chance to take action on Russia's harboring of cybercriminals before the United States moved to dismantle the threat."

    "Mr. Biden's challenge to Mr. Putin could pose a major credibility test in coming weeks - and further escalate a Cold War-like series of confrontations between the United States and Russia" NYT 7/9/21

    Revelation 17 is playing out right under our noses. Preconceived notions are deeply tattooed on the DNA. Not knowing the times we live in will push the apocalypse right through you, as if you were a child.
  • Dave - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Joe Biden isn't the President, but a private citizen. He wasn't elected by US citizens and he's always been an unpopular, sexual predator who lies and inappropriately touches children. He has brain damage and dementia from his 2 brain surgeries.

    The close counties that claimed joe won were caught on video scanning the same ballots multiple times. 100% for joe, which is mathematically impossible. Trump was in a strong lead in the same democrat cities until after the polls closed and in the middle of the night magically there was a hockey stick miracle spike in 100% biden votes as they unloaded secret boxes, suitcases, and other compartments with artificial ballots. It was caught on video. It was statistically proven using various models like Benford's Law. They claim this senile old man who can barely talk the most popular president of all time- receiving the most votes- more than Obama. But you look at the evidence and people dislike him, look at all the downvotes compared to upvotes on his youtube videos- thousands more downvotes. His rooms are empty he speaks to. Very unpopular person that people dislike. Democrats cheated and were caught. Evil must be exposed.

    The evidence is there, despite the media's lies. But the deep state is fighting it hard, which includes corrupt paid-off DA's and DOJ. There is so much evil and hatred in the government it is sickening. They even have their own terrorist group to sow violence and chaos in the streets called antifa which are fascists they thing they claim to oppose as well as BLM.

    Maybe God is letting the immorality of this country punish itself. The 'pride' in sodomy and pride in mass executions of innocent babies is sickening and so evil. Under the devil's lie of being 'woke' we have people trying to justify committing horrific sins. They are now talking about going door to door to coerce people to take an unapproved experimental injection that has killed thousands of people.

    Pray for this country.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Thought this website was focused on sharing Gods Word not giving personal judgement on individuals or government. Biblically there is no world government that operates according To Gods Word, even the body of Christ doesn't operate according to whats written look at Ephesians. One God one lord one body one faith basically also to walk in Gods love a lot easier said than done. Just giving a perspective
  • Pam J - in Reply on Revelation 17
    God I pray you lead our government to pray for forgiveness. Praying on bended knee to you Lord Almighty to humbly and honestly ask for your guidance & mercy. I know it is their will to do so Lord maybe they need a bigger push.
  • Earl Bowman on Revelation 17
    Sons of God in the next age

    May CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

    Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns (sons of God) which thou saweth upon the beast (mount of Esau) these (sons of God) shall hate the WHORE (those raised back into SINFUL FLESH), and shall make her desolate, and naked, and shall eat her flesh and, and burn her with (spiritual) FIRE.

    Revelation 17:17 For God hath put in their (new) hearts to fulfil his will (all men will be save), and to agree (with his will), and to GIVE THEIR KINGDOM (Christ in you) unto the beast (those resurrected back into sinful flesh), until the words of God be fulfilled (ALL WE WORSHIP, OBEY, AND SERVE GOD).
  • Roden on Revelation 17:5
    Mystery Babylon , she is a spiritual mother of harlots .

    The RCC is the mother and the harlots are other false churches that hold to her doctrines .

    It's only mystery to those in it , and it's world wide .

    The true believer is called to come out of her .

    The primary doctrine is the Trinity doctrine that is totally not found in the bible and has no basis for evaluating a persons relationship with God .

    The true believer believes that Jesus is the Son of God .

    The Antichrist churches can not except this as true doctrine but add to it in many ways and corrupt themselves in do doing .
  • Rev Ed Sullivan - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    There have been many throughout the years that have made claims that the RCC is the "false church" referenced in the bible.

    While there is no direct evidence of this, there are many compelling theories.

    I hold no ill will towards the RCC followers, however I will say that the RCC as an establishment has a questionable and dark past.

    For an entity that is supposed to represent G_D's will on earth, I can't quite see how a history of oppression and systematic destruction of all who question or have a difference of opinion can be reconciled with his will.

    I am not an expert on the subject, by any stretch of the imagination but even I can see they are at odds with G_D's true word.

    Then again I have issues with organized religion as a whole. Anytime you take something pure and add human nature and money into the equation it gets corrupted.

    Religion is no exception, Over the centuries it has been twisted and bastardized to fit whatever narrative man has needed it to in order to get other men to follow the "rules".

    Whatever those "rules" were at that particular time period.

    Fear has always been a great motivator, and there is no greater fear then going to hell for some people.

    The RCC has the "Hell and damnation" market cornered, over the years they have become de-facto experts on using the fear of those to keep their followers in line.

    Inventing a "devil" in order to do that wouldn't be out of line for them, but then again they are the only ones with the evidence and they aren't talking.

    I digress, this is just my $0.02 so take it for what it's worth....or maybe we could ask Dan Brown for his expert opinion. (
  • Barnum - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    1 John 4.15

    If you add to who Jesus is then you create another Jesus and another gospel , another Spirit .

    Jesus is the Son of God as declared so many times in the bible by God and Jesus and many others .

    Without God dwelling in the believer, it's impossible to understand just how deep being the Son of God Is .

    Therefore a new doctrine is made by men and false .
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    Hi Barnum,

    You stating "if you add to who Jesus Christ is then you create another Jesus, another gospel and another Spirit". That's pretty vague. Could you please be a little more decisive in what you mean?

    Also as you basically condemn "if you add to Jesus Christ". What happens if you take away from Him?

    What is this "new doctrine that is made by men and false"?

    Thank you for your time.
  • Barnum - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    Jesus is exactly who God said he is . Do you believe it ?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    It would have been nice to converse with you about this if you could have answered the simple questions I asked you.

    God Bless.
  • Dan Sharon Kastrup on Revelation 17
    My helpmeet & I have been discussing Israel & covenant promises made starting in Gen 1 and overlaying the Japheth branch of, literally, human history that end results where the USA is located on the earth. The influence of Cain is manifest as 12 "reserve" branches of the "fed" as it capitalizes America to keep a money loving world satiated with dreams of wealth. 1632 characters left will barely scratch the object/subject...
  • Jodi on Revelation 17
    I honestly think that Revelation 17 are describing the United states. That city is New York. I could be wrong but I don't think so.
  • Jovelynkoloyahoocom on Revelation 17
    It seems clear to me now that the Vatican City in Italy is the city did that mystery Babylon dwells in. This is significant today because there is reports that the special forces of the United States took out the lights and Vatican City after thet Capitol Hill laptops were confiscated on January 6th 2020.

    Mystery Babylon is all over the world and it's spirit is preventing people from coming to the knowledge of the truth.

    I am so vigilant to prt that comes from this wicked and evil city comes from this wicked and evil city it stopped.
  • Terry - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Most of today's Christians hold to the doctrine of this false religion. Making Jesus a deity rather than the Son of God .

    RCC did not stop there either it gets worse. Much worse .
  • Stephen Meehan - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Jesus Christ is deity. That didn't originate with the RCC. The Word of God tells us that.
  • Lawrence P Beduhn on Revelation 17
    Teil 2

    This is the image of the beast (that great city), who like Babylon of antiquity, who thinks to usurp church and state craft.

    The number eight is a metaphor for the resurrection. The eighth is resurrected from a former head of the seven; the 5th head that received a deadly wound.

    (When he shall go into perdition: this will be the final dispensation of this beast with seven heads, that is a metaphor for satan.)


    (The resurrection; Jn 11:25) /Isous = 888

    by counting the letter values of the Greek transliteration;

    I(10), E(8), S(200), O(70), U(400), S(200).

    In antiquity the mountain was not only a metaphor for a kingdom, but it was also symbolic of the head of a (river) dragon that was symbolic of a river that flows out from a mountain, after the spring thaw and overflowing its banks, spreading out in the form of the dragon's tail.

    The color is scarlet because it is symbolic of the blood of the saints of the Lord.

    A woman in prophecy is always a metaphor for a church, in this case (Jezebel) it is the fallen temple of God.

    The false prophet, a lamb (Christ like) with two horns, and/but will speak like a dragon (a wolf in sheep's clothing), will be the beast (from out of the earth ... the USA) that will make an image unto the first beast from out of the sea, who received a deadly wound and his deadly wound was healed.

    The two horns are a metaphor for two (equal) kingdoms in one, church and state craft.

    Medo-Persia also is expressed as having two horns [Dan 8:3], but one was higher, (Persia) and eventually usurps the other.

    This is the image of the first beast from out of the sea (Papal Rome). Once the wall of separation of church and state is lost, then will the second beast from out of the earth become the image of the first beast, who claims the authority of both church and state.

    In conclusion, when the wall of separation of church and state is lost, then so too will the blessing that came with this separation be lost.

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