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  • Elijah on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Revelation 17:10,11. John says there are 7 kings ,5 have lived and died 1 is alive now and 1 will come in the future but rule for a short time. Verse 11 the beast is the antichrist (that was and is not) that lived in the past and died, and comes back as the 8th king but in the past when he lived he was one of the 7 kings. That why Revelation says several times he rises from the pit. God balances things and He does things for a reason. He took Elijah and Enoch to heaven breaking the normal rules because he was going to break the rules to allow the beast and the false prophet to ascend from the pit. Isa 14:9 is the antichrist arrival into hell. ISA 14:16 says is this the MAN that made the earth to tremble. 14:9 hell from beneath is moved.. 14:10 art thou also become as weak as we? 2 reasons this has not been understood until now, angels and humans are not in the same part of hell, an angel is invulnerable and is use to having unlimited freedom. Worst thing God can do is chain him from head to toe. Fire would have no effect on him. 2nd thing is chaper 14 jumps back and forth through time and talks about Satan then switches to talking about the antichrist. This is done on purpose to withhold the truth until the time is right and that time is now!
  • Michael Doherty on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    He is the eighth and is of the seventh. The seventh hath fallen. Behold the rise of the ten horns. Gird yourselves. To God be all praise and the glory... In Jesus Christ name
  • Steve Meehan - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    You are so right Chris. I only hope that a great many Catholics will be saved after the Rapture of the true Body of Christ to Heaven. They will see - hopefully, once and for all - that they have been deceived by the Roman religion and will finally cling to Christ alone for their salvation. May the good Lord open their eyes, as He did for me, that they will flee from the bondage of the papal system and put their complete trust in the King of kings and the Lord of lords and His free gospel of grace.
  • Chris - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Amen Steve. Roman Catholicism has sufficiently perverted the Truth & ensnared it's adherents for too long leaving most incapable, even unwilling, to break free.

    That the papacy in recent times permitted the laity to read the Scriptures for themselves, when only the clerics were once empowered to read & give understanding to it, was an important event to the freeing of many. No doubt many are now hearing from God's Word as 'thus saith the Lord ' and not, 'thus saith the Church '. That Christ is sacrificed at every Mass would rank very high on the list of RC abominations. But God is able to set many free as they consider the true state of their souls.
  • Jane McD - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    I'm wondering where Orthodoxy fits into this picture. Do you have any comments?
  • Steve Meehan - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    How does Billy Graham or the "daughters" of the Whore of Babylon enter into the text? Revelation 17 deals with a false Christian church. Each and every description on the makeup of this harlot is on continual display by the papacy. They are false teachers, false apostles. The Apostolic line concluded with the Apostles; Paul was the last of them. The popes have no connection with them. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. The true Church of Christ is made of those who have a relationship with Him; not through a particular denomination. The true Church of Christ is centered on Jesus; He is the Rock of our faith, not Peter. Peter was not a pope. He was never called that by Jesus nor the other Apostles. Jesus Christ started His Church with Jewish believers, who then spread the correct gospel of grace (not works, like Rome contends). Neither Jesus Christ nor any of the Apostles had anything to do with the establishment of Roman Catholicism; they wouldn't be a part of her false teachings. Do what I and a lot of other former Roman Catholics have done: embrace the Lord Jesus Christ and His correct teachings, and don't fall prey to the false dictates of a sinful man in Rome. Once you become a true Christian and are indwelt with His Holy Spirit, your eyes will be open to just how false the papacy is, and you will flee their idolatrous, blasphemous practises of praying to statues, a wafer, and placing anything else before God, as Rome does with their version of "Mary".
  • Fred - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    The Catholic church has been doing its work, with the biblical reputation that is written in the scriptures.

    While governments destroy the lives of people, creating tent cities for the homeless, famine on the horizon in some places of the world, the church is doing the work feeding and clothing those who are the victims!

    If the church would speak out the truths of Christ, preaching the law and the gospel, instead silent , condemning those who help create this world we live in.

    Amerika, Russia, China, Europe, greedily, selfishly, have turned out this generation we see now! Unfortunately, with the different cultures, there has not risen one with the faith that would be recognized by the world!

    With the help of lawyer's we see a world spoken of by Jesus. The truths of which are more apparent with each passing day.

    Time, such as these are not much different from those when the white man took the Indians land from them.

    The church is like the cross worn around the neck of the white man, as the Indian says we will wait to see if this cross effects the heart of man!
  • Bill - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    I find it interesting that Billy Graham was closely associated with the RCC during his many preaching events , did they not even call them crusades ? The great whore has daughters too , who are they ?
  • Delilah - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Thank you Steve .
  • Steve Meehan on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    No other religion on the face of the Earth so mirrors the attributes and characteristics of the Whore of Babylon as does Roman Catholicism. She is a city (the Vatican) that sits among seven hills/mountains; her cardinals and bishops adorn themselves in scarlet and purple; throughout their rule, the papacy has raised and disposed the kings of Europe and beyond; she is drunk with the blood of saints through her Inquisitions and Crusades; she has a false holy father; a false vicar of Christ; she presents a false gospel of works; she presents a false Jesus in the Eucharist; she worships a false and pagan deity in the "Queen of Heaven and presents a false "Mary" or "Mother of God"; she tells her "Christian" followers that they will have the opportunity to purge leftover sins that apparently Christ could not atone for in a false place called Purgatory; she defies God repeatedly through her papal bulls and false proclamations and edicts by a supposedly infallible pope. All of her false characteristics, teachings, doctrines, and anathemas leveled at true Christians does not add up to the "One True Church". She was never a part of Christ's Body. The idolatry and blasphemy of this whorish entity, her drive to unite all under her rule and her continual desire to diminish who Christ is and what He has done for us leaves no doubt that Revelation 17 is pointing directly at her. She will be destroyed midway through the Tribulation period by the antichrist and his 10 cohorts.
  • Richard H Priday on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Further thoughts on Revelation 17

    The beginning of the chapter in verses 1-5 has been defined traditinally by many Reformers in particular as the Roman Catholic church. There is much in the color of the robes and ornate processions and the overall grandeur of Vatican City which certainly at least partially defines this apostate religion. However; we need to see the future and final fulfillment; and realistically assess the whole ecumenical movement in the last 20 years or so to realize that much of what were bastions of the faith in mainline churches such as Presbyterian; Baptist; and Methodist congregations are just as far gone; and often have traditions very similar to this. This would encompass certain elements of the Greek Orthodox and probably Coptic churches as well.

    There is no reason to exclude the mystical branches of Islam (who are considered apostate by other Muslims). There is much eastern occultic influence among those who call themselves Jews today; many of which follow a cultural type of religion; and/or steeped in the Talmud which really had its roots with some of the Parasitical doctrines as well as other gnostic teachings which crept into both Jewish and Christian circles since the time of Christ.

    Verse 8 is revealing because not only could it refer to the apparent resurrection of Antichrist in Zechariah 11:17 but also could refer to the appearance of Satan at the end of the Millennium period after being hidden in the bottomless pit the whole 1000 years. In either case; unregenerate men not in the Book of Life still will be drawn into the rebellion. Time simply doesn't change a man's heart; only a supernatural change (see Ezekiel 36:26). May we see that was OUR state when we once were enemies of God ( Romans 5:10) and live changed lives accordingly; fearing God and testing to see if we are inthe faith ( 2 Cor. 13:5).

  • Richard H Priday on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Revelation 17

    The great city that rules over the kings of the earth in verse 18 has been discussed by others here. It would seem more likely in recent years that the city planned to be built in the Middle East (I believe Dubai or Abu Dhabi) that is to be some 30 times larger than New York City and largely run by drones) is a likely location. This is bolstered by the fact that the Vatican along with others have been planning to build a multi religious facility for the Monotheistic (Muslim; Christian and Jewish) faiths.

    When studying the 10 kings in verses 12-17 under the beast in verse 11; we see an eventual overthrow (probably at the midpoint of the 7 year Tribulation) of the woman on the beast.

    This shows that the false religion and it's epicenter (possibly Rome in this case) is destroyed so that Satan himself can be worshipped who is behind all of this and the beast going into perdition in verse 11. There are interesting parallels to Judas Iscariot here who also existed for the 3 1/2 years of Christ's ministry which is the same amount of time Antichrist will totally rule. We have seen hints of this sort of plan at the recent ceremony in Great Britain (can't remember the name but maybe better not to state it here). We certainly can look at the UN stamp and medals with the Tower of Babel and its associated 12 star occultic imagery; as well as the figures of a woman on a beast on stamps and in statues in recent years as well.

    The basic theme here is that it is the "Mystery Babylon" religion causing martyrdom initially; but later on with the mark of the beast we see the second phase of killings for not taking the mark. Surely; Antichrist will appear to be the fulfillment of man's dreams and aspirations in New Age; the final Prophet in Islam; the supposed Messiah for the Jews and the self made man for everyone else (again by the sixth seal atheists will no longer exist). Once entrapped; Antichrist alone is to be venerated and life is expendable.
  • Steve Meehan on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Roman Catholicism and the papacy are the Whore of Babylon
  • THE END OF DAYS HAPPENING FAST - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    There are many views on what you mentioned. I think you would learn a lot on Nelson Walters videos on YouTube. He shows maps and explanations for his views on prophesy. Rather than ask the question and get many replies. Erick Stakelbeck's videos are helpful too. He is a Jewish believer in Jesus as his Messiah.

    Like me, view Nelson's teachings and take rapid notes, all of the scriptures he gives, and look them up for yourself, in your Bible. I hope your Bible has maps; if not you can Google maps on Bible Prophesy.

    We live in very exciting days! Jesus will be returning soon. Is very important to become a Christian and be ready for Messiah Jesus's return to earth.

    I used to believe strongly that Rome was the whore of Babylon because of all the strange demonic art and paintings; secret rooms in the basement of the Vatican.

    There are secret societies in Washington DC as well.

    Rather than get all wrapped up in those mysteries, I think our time would be better served building up our Churches, evangelizing the unsaved, and doing what Jesus told us to do in the New Testament of the Bible.

    We're here to edify and build up the Church of Jesus Christ. If we've learned nothing else in the past 2 years, it would be not to put our faith and trust in politicians.

    Put your trust in Jesus, who can save our souls. Look forward as I do, to receive my resurrection body and enter heaven.

    Keep visiting this website, there are many good teachers in here.

  • Zhorra on Revelation 17 - 1 year ago
    Since the Whore of Babylon is The Roman Papacy in Vatican City, does that mean the 10 kings are ten nations in Europe? And America is the Beast that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon? Watching Prophecy come to pass is awe inspiring. His Word is True and Righteous!
  • Joe - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Ty, I too believe we will be raised in spirit - not at all similar to our present day physical bodies. However I do not waste much time trying to figure this out. Which ever body I might have is not nearly as important as trying to follow scriptures to do the best that I can to please Jesus in the belief/hope that I someday will have one body or the other.
  • RichFairhurst - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    There will be a bodily resurrection. That is what occurred with Jesus and that is what will occur with us. His body is not in the tomb, not because it was destroyed, but because it was raised from being a body of flesh and blood to being an incorruptible spiritual body. 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 indicates our current body is the seed that dies, but that leads to it being raised in glory like Christ's body. There is a connection between the two states, like you can't sow a fig tree seed and grow an orange tree. The issue in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 is that there were those denying there will be a future resurrection of believers after they die. Paul says denying that is the same as denying that Jesus rose from the dead and that such a faith is in vain. Objecting based on our inability to work out the details of how God will do this and our inability to discern what kind of body God will raise as a result of the resurrection causes Paul to call those using these questions to scoff at this doctrine "you fool" in 1 Corinthians 15:36

    The body is dust, and so it will return to dust Genesis 3:19, but that will not prevent it from being raised to glory like Christ's body any more than it prevented God from creating our earthly body from dust in the first place. Christians have been burned alive for their faith, so that will not stop God from raising them either. However, there are strong indications that the early church did not practice burning the remains of those that died who were not burned at the hands of their enemies. So I personally will go with that tradition.
  • Ty - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    When we die, Jesus does not need to "repair" our physical body in order to resurrect and fulfill His promise of eternal life.

    We will be made alive, in spirit. Amen!

    There are numerous cases in the bible in regards to standard burials, cremations etc.

    I'm sure someone here can offer more insight!

    Hope this simple response helps!

  • Tania Long on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Does it make any difference if you are buried or cremated when you die?
  • Roman - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Isaiah 47:11 Babylon's sudden destruction will not be put off.
  • T. Levis - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Whose report will you believe?

    Psalms 37,

    Be not fearful, Mark 4:40, only fear GOD ALMIGHTY Hebrews 10:31, Matthew 8:26, Isaiah 35:4, Revelation 21:7,8, * Deuteronomy 20:8,

    Be not suddenly moved, * 2Thessalonians 2:3-17,

    Psalms 62:2,6,
  • A Last Days Warning__Mishael - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    What we are really looking for, the near completion of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. The Antichrist will sit on that throne and desecrate it.

    A lot of things from out of the Book of Daniel will happen first. Russia is going to be involved in many things we perceive as treaties, but they will not be for peace.

    If you've not already noticed, the countries that are or will be Israel's enemies, are being judged and undergoing disasters of Biblical size and scope.

    Matthew 24 & Luke 21 are shouting to repent of allegiance to the World and to get ready to meet the one and only God of the Universe. Make sure you and your loved ones are secure in the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

    It is NOT the newly revealed "Thought Leaders", that we think they will somehow save the world. NO. They will unite, to cause every country to CREATE A ONE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM. We are close. No one is opposing it. They will devalue precious minerals and paper money overnight.

    The ONE WORLD RELIGION, is the belief that we do not need Gods involvement in any of our daily lives. He's high up in the sky and not bothered with our daily struggles.

    2 Peter 3, is sitting in the road ahead like a Mountain. There will be no GLOBAL RESET. There will be no solving our current GLOBAL WARMING problems. Which all governments will force us to pay huge taxes and gas prices to fund it.

    Slow down and consider what the Bible has absolutely stated as our future. The earth is warming up because it has a prophetic purpose to complete. 2 Peter 3:10, declares, ITS ALL GOING TO BURN UP

    People are seeing enough NOW, to decide to go with Jesus. With so many disasters occurring, it will be hard to plant food crops and harvest it. There is only going to be more need of things, and less supply of those things. IT IS A SIGN too. World Thought Leaders can't fix that.

    Who knows how long this will last before Jesus RETURNS to get his People; HIS CHURCH. Find your WILL TO SURVIVE. Choose Jesus now!
  • Roman on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Children, we are deep into Rev 17 with the US & Russia one upping each other. It will escalate into a regional ME attack, Rev 6:14, and only get worse from there.

    God's promise to David, that he would never lack a man sitting on his throne, 1 Kings 9:5, Jeremiah 33:17, will be revoked, and the stars from heaven will fall to earth like missiles. Daniel 5:25 is upon us.

    "Russia threatens to target 'sensitive' US assets as part of a 'strong' and 'painful' response to sanctions" - Business Insider
  • Hannah Jupiter on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    I luv the bible
  • Ronald Whittemore - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Amen to that GiGi,

    God bless,

  • Gigi - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Hi Ronald

    I agree that we need to ready ourselves for the coming trials.

    I mentioned recently to my pastor's wife (a dear friend) that we should be training our children up to be mature not Bible School buddies knowing what may lie ahead for them.

    Studying the lives of the martyrs should be encouraged and we should be aware of how and where Christians are being persecuted and martyred today.

    You are right, we need to have a faith that is tough enoughbtobendure many hardships, trials, etc . As the apostles and believers of the early centuries.

    May we all be strengthened and made bold in these times
  • Ronald Whittemore - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Hey Tharlene,

    The seven heads are seven mountains which are seven kings/kingdoms, and at the time of John, five have fallen 1. Egypt, 2. Assyrians conquered the 10 tribes, 3. Babylonian the Chaldeans, 4. Medo-Persian, 5. Greek empire, 6. Roman empire, the one that is at the time of John, when he was given the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and the seventh is yet to come. I do not think we will know this one until the end starts.

    There are quite a few opinions out there on this. Some consider Rome and the Catholic Church to be a part of it because the city is known for the city on seven hills and the Holy Roman Empire as the seventh. My understanding, considering he must continue a short space does not fit that because the Holy Roman Empire was around hundreds of years.

    Many things are taught covering the end times, many looks for the Church to be taken out before the tribulation starts. My understanding, scripture does not support this, and many will be lost when it starts. Those who are living must be ready, strong in our faith, same as the ones in the past as well some today when they were persecuted, beheaded, and killed in horrific ways for their belief in Jesus.

    I could write more, and I know this may not answer your question, but may it help. Some things have not been revealed and many teachings are full of deception. Pray and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you. We are to watch and be ready regardless of what comes, even if we face death because we know when it is done, we will be with Him and as He laid down His life for us, our life is His.

    God bless,

  • Tharlene LakesMathis on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    could you explain verse 10 & 11
  • Jesse - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago

    Maybe Acts 4:26 or Psalm 2:2?
  • GiGi - In Reply on Revelation 17 - 2 years ago
    Hi Brooke,

    Could you rephrase your question so we can understand your request better?

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