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  • Joe - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Ty, I too believe we will be raised in spirit - not at all similar to our present day physical bodies. However I do not waste much time trying to figure this out. Which ever body I might have is not nearly as important as trying to follow scriptures to do the best that I can to please Jesus in the belief/hope that I someday will have one body or the other.
  • RichFairhurst - in Reply on Revelation 17
    There will be a bodily resurrection. That is what occurred with Jesus and that is what will occur with us. His body is not in the tomb, not because it was destroyed, but because it was raised from being a body of flesh and blood to being an incorruptible spiritual body. 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 indicates our current body is the seed that dies, but that leads to it being raised in glory like Christ's body. There is a connection between the two states, like you can't sow a fig tree seed and grow an orange tree. The issue in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 is that there were those denying there will be a future resurrection of believers after they die. Paul says denying that is the same as denying that Jesus rose from the dead and that such a faith is in vain. Objecting based on our inability to work out the details of how God will do this and our inability to discern what kind of body God will raise as a result of the resurrection causes Paul to call those using these questions to scoff at this doctrine "you fool" in 1 Corinthians 15:36

    The body is dust, and so it will return to dust Genesis 3:19, but that will not prevent it from being raised to glory like Christ's body any more than it prevented God from creating our earthly body from dust in the first place. Christians have been burned alive for their faith, so that will not stop God from raising them either. However, there are strong indications that the early church did not practice burning the remains of those that died who were not burned at the hands of their enemies. So I personally will go with that tradition.
  • Ty - in Reply on Revelation 17
    When we die, Jesus does not need to "repair" our physical body in order to resurrect and fulfill His promise of eternal life.

    We will be made alive, in spirit. Amen!

    There are numerous cases in the bible in regards to standard burials, cremations etc.

    I'm sure someone here can offer more insight!

    Hope this simple response helps!

  • Tania Long on Revelation 17
    Does it make any difference if you are buried or cremated when you die?
  • Roman - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Isaiah 47:11 Babylon's sudden destruction will not be put off.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Whose report will you believe?

    Psalms 37,

    Be not fearful, Mark 4:40, only fear GOD ALMIGHTY Hebrews 10:31, Matthew 8:26, Isaiah 35:4, Revelation 21:7,8, * Deuteronomy 20:8,

    Be not suddenly moved, * 2Thessalonians 2:3-17,

    Psalms 62:2,6,
  • A Last Days Warning__Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 17
    What we are really looking for, the near completion of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. The Antichrist will sit on that throne and desecrate it.

    A lot of things from out of the Book of Daniel will happen first. Russia is going to be involved in many things we perceive as treaties, but they will not be for peace.

    If you've not already noticed, the countries that are or will be Israel's enemies, are being judged and undergoing disasters of Biblical size and scope.

    Matthew 24 & Luke 21 are shouting to repent of allegiance to the World and to get ready to meet the one and only God of the Universe. Make sure you and your loved ones are secure in the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

    It is NOT the newly revealed "Thought Leaders", that we think they will somehow save the world. NO. They will unite, to cause every country to CREATE A ONE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM. We are close. No one is opposing it. They will devalue precious minerals and paper money overnight.

    The ONE WORLD RELIGION, is the belief that we do not need Gods involvement in any of our daily lives. He's high up in the sky and not bothered with our daily struggles.

    2 Peter 3, is sitting in the road ahead like a Mountain. There will be no GLOBAL RESET. There will be no solving our current GLOBAL WARMING problems. Which all governments will force us to pay huge taxes and gas prices to fund it.

    Slow down and consider what the Bible has absolutely stated as our future. The earth is warming up because it has a prophetic purpose to complete. 2 Peter 3:10, declares, ITS ALL GOING TO BURN UP

    People are seeing enough NOW, to decide to go with Jesus. With so many disasters occurring, it will be hard to plant food crops and harvest it. There is only going to be more need of things, and less supply of those things. IT IS A SIGN too. World Thought Leaders can't fix that.

    Who knows how long this will last before Jesus RETURNS to get his People; HIS CHURCH. Find your WILL TO SURVIVE. Choose Jesus now!
  • Roman on Revelation 17
    Children, we are deep into Rev 17 with the US & Russia one upping each other. It will escalate into a regional ME attack, Rev 6:14, and only get worse from there.

    God's promise to David, that he would never lack a man sitting on his throne, 1 Kings 9:5, Jeremiah 33:17, will be revoked, and the stars from heaven will fall to earth like missiles. Daniel 5:25 is upon us.

    "Russia threatens to target 'sensitive' US assets as part of a 'strong' and 'painful' response to sanctions" - Business Insider
  • Hannah Jupiter on Revelation 17
    I luv the bible
  • Ronald Whittemore - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Amen to that GiGi,

    God bless,

  • Gigi - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Hi Ronald

    I agree that we need to ready ourselves for the coming trials.

    I mentioned recently to my pastor's wife (a dear friend) that we should be training our children up to be mature not Bible School buddies knowing what may lie ahead for them.

    Studying the lives of the martyrs should be encouraged and we should be aware of how and where Christians are being persecuted and martyred today.

    You are right, we need to have a faith that is tough enoughbtobendure many hardships, trials, etc . As the apostles and believers of the early centuries.

    May we all be strengthened and made bold in these times
  • Ronald Whittemore - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Hey Tharlene,

    The seven heads are seven mountains which are seven kings/kingdoms, and at the time of John, five have fallen 1. Egypt, 2. Assyrians conquered the 10 tribes, 3. Babylonian the Chaldeans, 4. Medo-Persian, 5. Greek empire, 6. Roman empire, the one that is at the time of John, when he was given the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and the seventh is yet to come. I do not think we will know this one until the end starts.

    There are quite a few opinions out there on this. Some consider Rome and the Catholic Church to be a part of it because the city is known for the city on seven hills and the Holy Roman Empire as the seventh. My understanding, considering he must continue a short space does not fit that because the Holy Roman Empire was around hundreds of years.

    Many things are taught covering the end times, many looks for the Church to be taken out before the tribulation starts. My understanding, scripture does not support this, and many will be lost when it starts. Those who are living must be ready, strong in our faith, same as the ones in the past as well some today when they were persecuted, beheaded, and killed in horrific ways for their belief in Jesus.

    I could write more, and I know this may not answer your question, but may it help. Some things have not been revealed and many teachings are full of deception. Pray and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you. We are to watch and be ready regardless of what comes, even if we face death because we know when it is done, we will be with Him and as He laid down His life for us, our life is His.

    God bless,

  • Tharlene LakesMathis on Revelation 17
    could you explain verse 10 & 11
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 17

    Maybe Acts 4:26 or Psalm 2:2?
  • GiGi - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Hi Brooke,

    Could you rephrase your question so we can understand your request better?
  • Brooke on Revelation 17
    I Want to make a video with all the Biblical events that have according and according. And I'm not sure where's the verse is about all the rulers of the land coming together. Can you send me that verse?
  • Revelation 17:9 KJV

    And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

    Look up, where are the seven mountains located. This tells you who the beast is. The beast is located in Rome or in Vatican City

    Revelation 17:18 Tells you who the beast rules

    And the woman which thou sawest is that (great city), which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

    World leaders, presidents, politicians, pastors, etc
  • English sacha - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    You are very kind Brother Dan , you made me blush ! I appreciate your posts very much . Stay here with us , we need you . Christ is keeping his eyes and ears on us all !
  • Brother dan - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    Sister English Sasha,

    Thank you for your kind words. I really do enjoy reading your caring spiritual responses to others here, and I know they come from the heart of a kind and generous person. You are very blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit as it is readily seen in your postings here.

    May God's Holy Spirit continue to light your path forward!

    God Bless.
  • English sacha - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    You are a wise man Dan , there is more than enough meat in the Bible for us to chew on , it's a never ending feast for the soul , mind and heart .
  • Brother dan - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    UTube is like a minefield, as is all the other social media's the devils playground. I try not to go there.keep my nose in the Bible.

    Job 32:8

    "But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding."

    God Bless
  • Jon westerfield on Revelation 17:11
    For the truth that so many fail to see: see the documentary ITS WORSE THAN YOU THINK on youtube, if still there or on rumble and for sure at revelationsofjesuschrist.c I was at first dismissive, then skeptical, then perplexed, and quickly moved to repentance. I thought like many, that I knew and wouldn't be fooled. I didn't realize how deceived I was. Time is very short. View and pray for insight and wisdom. Your in for quite an education. It is worse than you think. Realize this one thing, no matter what you believe about the jab, mark or no mark, hand or no hand, (if you understood the greek root of the word you'd understand completely), IF the mark is here, then so is the beast. One does not precede the other. When in Daniel 11:24 prophesies of the anti-Christ type (Antiochus Epiphanes), it does not preclude the end times anti-Christ. This is just a foreshadowing of things to come. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Adam and Eve were in paradise, free from death. They were warned not to take into them what was forbidden or the would die (spiritually) and once consumed or taken into their bodies, they did die and they too were deceived. It just wasn't as the deceiver had claimed not. We have been warned from the beginning and we still don't see. We haven't loved God so we have been given a great delusion. We have all been deceived on a grand scale. Just as the religious leaders of Jesus time who knew the "old Testament" backwards and forwards did not see in the spirit, but only thru their carnal minds, they too missed the reality of the Messiah. They couldn't accept it and refused to believe it, to the point of killing God. So to, think we know, we think we will see it all coming. Just as Jesus said he would return like a thief in the night, (catch everyone unaware, unexpectedly), so to in parallel and counterfeit to Christ the beast has entered in peaceably (which translates unnoticed). Wake up you've been deceived.
  • WHY WOULD A HOLY GOD BUST IN ON OUR WORLS - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Kevin, have you been born again? Working with the Holy Spirit you can be comforted and know that power is available to you to stand in these evil days.

    Everything that's happening, Jesus told his disciples and the whole world through them. Everyone receives power in their prayers. He doesn't keep secrets. Matthew 24 and Luke 21; book of Revelation. The end is written in 2 Peter chapter 3. EVERY PERSON ON EARTH has an opportunity right now to lock arms with Jesus Christ and escape the End of Days. One of the final signs is the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem; with Israel's enemies surrounding it.

    The world hates Israel just a bit more than the United States.

    On YouTube, search Revelation Station Movie. It's actors with scads of news and movie clips; with sound effects of the trumpets that will make your skin crawl.

    These aren't those lame Rapture movies of the 70's. These are high tech like what our Military has now: missiles, nukes,drones. Space weapons.

    RFID CHIP technology, and much more. Our ability to snuff out ourselves is frightening.

    Anyway, the signs are happening and everyone must either choose Life with Jesus, or Death with Antichrist
  • Bee - in Reply on Revelation 17
    I agree.Too many doctors do not like what these experimental injections - not vaccines are doing to people long-term. A dear friend of mine dropped dead from a heart attack two days after her second injection. She had never had heart issues and was only 42 years old. We must not be forced to get these injections. We must trust God to keep us.
  • Sheila Davis - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Very few have suffered any side effects or possible deaths from the covid-19 vaccine from the information I have heard from the time vaccination started in January 2021 until now. Nor are people unknowingly being injected microchips.

    Governments around the world are trying to rid the world of covid19, if they were trying to kill off billions of people they would just let covid-19 do it for them or even Ebola would do it. They wouldn't try to create a vaccine.

    When the Beast and his Antichrist comes to power, it will be known, when the mark of the beast is initiated, one will be in the situation if they don't get it their livelihood is completely disrupted, they will not be able to work, receive medical care, by medicines, buy food, pay rent, buy a house, drive a car, excetera excetera excetera
  • Mitch Henderson - in Reply on Revelation 17
    My friend the churches are in the same place they have always been. However there is many churches that have left the old paths and fallen for the new modern day scene. The Pastors are preaching all the love but no repentance. They have fallen for what the news media and the governments are telling them. The people of today are just like the children of Israel in the day of Nebuchadnezzar and the 3 Hebrew Children. They are bowing done to the kings and governments. They are looking to man for their salvation. The people need to get back as instructed in II Chronicles 7:14. These vaccines are the way the for the governments to control the people. They are being used along with the media to cause men's hearts to fear the ways of man instead of fearing the Lord God. The Bible says not to fear man for he can only take destroy the body but to fear God who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. We need a whole lot of repentance and then a whole lot of preying from the children of God to make this thing even start to get right. Presidents and their governmental officers can only go so far. God is STILL in control. He has not given up. Matthew 24:3-14 tells us that things must come to pass before the end shall come. Pestilences are here and the COVID is one of them. These vaccines and mask are just a way for the devil to destroy the believers faith in God. God will carry us through this thing. If you are his then just keep trusting in him. He will deliver his either here on earth or when we reach that city. No Christian will ever feel death. We just move up to live with him forever. John 14:27 reminds us that Jesus leaves us peace and it is better than anything the world can give. So we need not let our hearts be troubled for we are his and nothing can pluck us from his hands. Keep the faith and hold strong for morning is coming and the Son will shine forever. May God Bless you in this time and touch you and your family.
  • Kevin mccarney on Revelation 17
    Where are the Globalists in all this.? The experimental shot that people are taking is dripping & injuring millions. This is a bio weapon being used to get the population down to 500 million. My family is being affected. Where are the churches?

  • Rick - in Reply on Revelation 17
    Hi Richard Someones got a serious imagination I want to see that myself Chapter and verse and it has to say pharmacy.

    They are referring to Rev. 9:21, 18:23,21:8, 22:15 the word sorcerer is the word pharmakeia but that is not talking about the medical field that is talking about so called white witchcraft and crystals and things of that nature. These are known as the natural healing field but again, anything can be taken out of balance, Prove all things with Gods Word thats our Standard In His Service
  • Richard wilson on Revelation 17
    i heard that pharmacys were used to help destroy america in revelations,what chapter is it in please thank you
  • Kris on Revelation 17
    Dave is right on, we will be seeing this very soon.

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