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  • Susan Dalton on Revelation 17:6
    "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration." ( Revelation 17:6)

    We drink the blood of Jesus, and the woman drinks ours.
  • Garyloyd on Revelation 17
    How many continents are in the world. I mean in all the world. I think 7. Just to remind you of the truth so you don't pick on the CEO of Rome and other popes of the world.
  • Melzar daniels on Revelation 17
    verse 6: In one breath John writes that the whore is drunken with blood and he wondered with great ADMIRATION. You must remember not so many years ago Jesus was asking him to DRINK HIS BLOOD. If this verse is about somebody actually killing martyrs then John surely would not admire them. This passage is about an entity that similar to the communion drinks the blood of the martyrs. Just as the usa is filled with Christianity so called and seemingly is to be admired, but in reality just like the whore is materialistic and hypocritical.

    Some interpreters of end-time prophecy see some kind of partnership with the whore and the beast but this chapter shows NO partnership at all. 1. The 10 horns of the beast hate the whore. When a rodeo bull rider gets on a bull do you see a partnership? The beast doesn't want the whore to reign it here and there, the beast wants to buck her off and eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

    My vote is that the usa = babylon the great=whore

    Only fairly recently has the usa taken over Iraq including ancient babylon, so in a way the usa president is also the king of babylon and is physically babylon the great, the mightiest superpower of the earth in the end-times, greater even than ancient Babylon the head of gold of Daniel 2.
  • Charity on Revelation 17
    Well it's common knowledge that the Vatican sits on seven mountains and they definitely fit the bill with having the blood of the saints with the papal inquisitions when they slaughtered so many true believers. The Vatican didn't actually become a kingdom until the 1929 Lateran treaty, so you can start counting the first king from then on leaving us with the current. pope as #7. He will continue a short time and when looking at how pope John Paul ll was buried (quite satanic) and unlike previous popes then l believe he will be the one that "appears" to come back to life, goes into perdition, but of course it will be the false prophet himself. So many people loved pope John Paul 2! The whore is definitely the catholic Vatican. They actually have a webcam on his tomb by the way! Hmm, what's that all about? website!
  • Bekah on Revelation 17
  • G.Newman on Revelation 17
    7 continents. The world. This chapter explains a lot of symbolism. The waters and sea is people. The whore rises out of the people. The evil supernatual kings hate everything. I think their all a bunch of supernatural politicians cutting each others throats just like we have today and we will never hear of their evil deeds to each others power take overs between themselves. But two witnesses come and we want to listen to the two that the world hates and calls them crazy that for sure and when satan has them killed in the streets and the world parties because of their deaths we will know that the True Lord Jesus is coming to crush satans head who is acting as "instead of Jesus" for sitting on Our Lords Throne. Jesus returns as a Lion with a rod of iron not as a lamb. Satan comes as a lamb but is a dragon/wolf. Looks like a lamb but speaks as a dragon. Because he is the dragon.
  • ReadItALL on Revelation 17:11
    Be careful not to take this single scripture out of context. Read verse 8 ... "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is."


    This wouldn't be the papacy as many have supposed.
  • Emanuela Crespi - in Reply on Revelation 17:11
    Well no, the Beast is not the Vatican; the Papacy is the scarlet harlot that rides it! It is the beast that carries the Vatican, not the other way round. The 10 kings will burn the Vatican to ashes while the angels cheer, even before the Antichrist rises to power (for Daniel tells us that when he rises, he eradicates 3 kings).
  • Is it the seven mountain are the seven continents of the world?
  • Garyloyd newman on Revelation 17
    Father is explaining symbolism. The vials have been poured out at this point. Confussion reat on the people.verse one the whore is satans one world system. In 2 their intoxicated in it with lies and confussion. These kings of the earth are flesh mortal men. Leaders that are in position of ruling. The first half of the hour of the hour of temptation. First its earth kings and then spiritual super natural kings come with satan, his crew and are put in postion and take control of postions. The antichrist being in controll,the head. Meaning, kings of the earth is soil kings. Mortal kings that controll nations. Antichrist comes claiming to be jesus and brings 10 kings.3. Doing things against the true God. Blasphemy! This political one world system satan sets up a real pretty harlet, idolatry. We are not to place no God before our God and satans playing a roll as antichrist claiming he's a god. This harlet sells herself. Oh! She looks so religious and spiritual,so nice,so sweet and pretty to deceive people people. She`ll steal ur soul. Remember the Word it say Woe to them with child and give suck. Can't remember the exact words but it means nursing along the system of antichrist and being a part of the system and helping it along and working it. Store up some food and pay your bills for 2 and a half months and wait for the true Christ that we love.4 this saying she looks like royalty, so wonderful and her leader can do some mighty things. A royalty of filth. The time was shorten for the Elect because if it would of went on any longer even they might of been deceived. So it is written but we really love Christ and we will wait for the true LORD. Don't want no fake! We are here to take the dragons,kick dragon, not to play with the tail. It is said in the word when passing the tail on the streets and they are so wonderfully happy with their false Christ just say, small talk, like have a nice day,but don't get involved with their system. Remember the 1st commanment. Place nothing in front of God. 5. On the forhead of the beast system. Mystery#3466 look up the word is exhusted strong`s. Bringing into a new religion. Sheep for hell bound. Watch out! Remember Ezekiel 28 satans made of almost the full pattern. 6. Astonishment is the last word not admiration, nothing you can do here at this time.. can't help them out by planting seeds.7 He's gona tells us of the secret religion of this harlet. Cell phone is got to ,Got to take a rest. Talk later.
  • I never understood this verse before. until now from reading other verses from other bibles. It is so clear to me now. Thank you so much.

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