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  • Bruce on Revelation 17
    The Joy of Salvation is a Definite Mystery to The Lost. We are The Light that Shines in The Darkness of this World. We are to Take Up Our Cross Daily( Luke 9:23) Telling Others The Way of Salvation. Will we Hear Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant( Matthew 25:21) It's Heavy on The Heart to Know That More are Going to The Lake of Fire, and Few that Go to Heaven( Matthew 7:13-14)
  • Darryl Anthony Williams on Revelation 17
    Life unsalvation Felicity definite mystery.
  • Goldie on Revelation 17
    It is the Roman Catholic Church !!! They are the ones who think they can change times and laws of GOD and the pope thinks he is god on earth !!! The mother church, everything points to the Roman Catholic church as the Antichrist !!!
  • Servant of the most high God on Revelation 17
    Ok as nicely as i can put this Lucifer is a male period. Here it is in black and white Isaiah 14:12 read through 14:16 dont guess or assume pray and look for yourself. And if that is not enough Pray again pray for the will of God in every area of your life pray God your will not my will be done submit to God 100 percent not 99.9 Jesus said forsake all take up your cross and follow him.
  • Charley on Revelation 17
    wakeup rev 17-4-7 is the roman catholic church, mother of harlots,golden cup is the eucharist
    which is an abominationrev 17-1 the great whore that sitteth on many waters drunk with
    wine from her fornication,the ecumenical movement so called evanglical church joing
    together with the harlot system wakeup church before you are left behind. jesus saves
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 17
    WOW, WOW, WOW,: she is very good /great at what she do, so she knows how important it is to seduce / run-a-trick on each leader of every country /nation thereby uses the kings / leaders, elected officials, to artfully lead or force many to slaughter... WOW, WOW, WOW!
  • This is a great chap. God deals with the ten kings to work with the devil for 1 hour to kill the great whore, just b-cuz devil wanted to be the alone object of worship, God has used many people thru out bible jus like Jehu Elijha sent him to Jerusalem to kill all baals ppl. he tricked them into filling the church w/ all baals ppl. once in his men locked em in and killed them all mission complete.
  • Michael osborne on Revelation 17
    Back during the Tower of Babel days there religion was mystery Babylon they went on to name the city after it.There’s 2different religions; new Jerusalem and Babylon the sun worship. When they say Babylon it’s not literally Babylon it’s the religion,same w New Jerusalem. The women is portrayed as the church calling her the harlot/whore means she corrupts the church and the word. Rev 17 points 2 Rome hope this helps
  • Ask God for understanding of the scriptures, he will give it to you, if you will humble yourselves to him, and ask him. Exodus 31:3 - Exodus 35:31 - Job 32:8. Amen!
  • A disciple on Revelation 17
    Ann, Patricia, Bud, Truthseeker; Ye do err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God! Because you have itching ears!..the angels neither marry nor are given in marriage! "Who makes His angels SPIRITS, His ministers a FLAMING FIRE." It is a simple trick of the devil, that you all you ought to be aware of, and not so sillily misled after fantasy, when you have the Word of God and His Spirit!
  • Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Lucifer is called a son, a male, not a female.
  • Patricia Helton on Revelation 17
    Why is a female referred to lucifer is it something to the fact that eve was tempted to eat the forbiden fruit in Genesis in the midst of the garden one tree the knowledge of good and evil she did eat and gave to adam?
  • Ruby hildreth on Revelation 17
    It is false that God use females because females are of the devil, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was chosen by God because she was a virtuous woman!!
  • A disciple on Revelation 17
    Once again; Satan is not male or female! Angels are spirits that do not die nor have they the capacity to reproduce! Male and female is for the flesh on earth: man, beasts, birds, fish, insects, things ordained to multiply! We cannot count on man's imagination for understanding truth, nor has God given us His Word for us to have to guess at what it means; but He gives understanding to the simple.
  • Truthseeker: I did agree with you on female. Read Isaiah 14:12. 2 Corinthians 11:14, Revelation 12:9. Altho each reads the bible in his own way.
  • TruthSeeker on Revelation 17
    Who is Mystery Babylon the Great? Why does God use a feminine image? there is a good reason for that; Because the feminine archetype comes from LUCIFER.

    Remember God is not the author of confusion, meaning in this context, God does not choose such an image for merely no reason. Lucifer is FEMALE, not male.

  • Anyt Hing on Revelation 17
    I tender my comment that the harlot of Revelation 17 is the Roman Catholic "church" and of course any organization or people that join her. They have already martyred 50 million true believers. That's enough for them to be drunk on it and the Vatican and co have not apologised for it nor cancelled their anathemas against any christians outside their fold.
  • Curt on Revelation 17
    10And there are seven kings: -Confederate U.S. States and states rights platform. 11And the beast -Japanese empire- that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. 12And the ten horns -Southen U.S. transplant auto corporations - which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 17
    in this chapter we learn the controlling power that the women has over the beast is removed... then the power of 10 angry kings plus the power of the beast is united as one... 10 angry kings plus the beast turned on / attacked the women... and they shall (1) make her desolate and naked, and (2) shall eat her flesh, and (3) burn her with fire... the great city or women is... WOW ! WOW ! WOW !
  • Mari on Revelation 17
    Oops I meant my statement to be for chapter 18. Its still Rome though. Verse 6 here says so much.
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 17
    In this chapter she 'seduced the all the leaders' of every country (greed, lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, pride...) and 'the people joined the party with their leader's' ungodly actions. Now it is time for everyone to give an account of his or her action. WOW ! Thank God for for the Saving Power through the Blood of Jesus Christ. WOW!
  • Yarah Sakal on Revelation 17
    Chapter 17 is revealed to us so we would have a detailed understanding of who the anti-Christ is. Daniel spells out what the beast line is in detail, Revelation 17 points out the final kingdom as well as the final kings of that kingdom. Investigate the Lateran Treaty of 1929 and then look at the popes from that point on in relation to the Angel's interpretation of John's vision.
  • Bruce on Revelation 17
    Micyest: We will meet Christ in The Clouds: 1Thessalonians 4:16-17. The very Last Battle Will be all His: Revelation 20:7-9.
  • Micyest on Revelation 17
    i don't know i always thought when they hit the final bomb that Christ would put his foot on mount Olive and we would all be caught up with him..., ww3
  • Insight777 on Revelation 17
    The 7 mountains with kings are the 7 nuclear empowered nations that will use the harlot, nuclear missile, to fight in war, the beast. The horns are nations without nuclear weapons in treaty with the 7 to fight. Threat of nuclear war rules over all the kings of the earth and all kings desire nuclear weapons.
  • Word on Revelation 17
    Armageddon means the gathering. Revelation is revealing or to make known. They, those that have gone to Jerusalem that Are worshippers of Satan whom have gathered there will be flattened at the 7th trump after the two witnesses lay dead in the street. Rome as nothing to do with the Revelation that will happen in the end times except they as all churches, 99 percent of churches will follow Satan.
  • SabbathkeeperandWife on Revelation 17
    Armageddon is a word that means " unveiling" and not some crazy end time future thing. We who are alive will be caught up with those who "sleep" in Christ (dead!). This will happen at last trump at last day just like the Word says. God's people suffered thru persecutions and will either suffer, following His commandments or opt out and receive the mark. We WILL suffer like all the rest. It's ok!
  • Word on Revelation 17
    Richard Burrill 1 Thess 4 subject starts vs 13 where are the dead. It tells us they are with Christ now and at the 7th trump we can't prevent them from coming because they are returning with Him and we that are on earth that remain will gather together with them and Christ. Air is spiritual body and clouds is street Greek as in Hebrews 12 when Paul was speaking of the race he used clouds for crowd
  • Richard Burrill on Revelation 17
    where does the being caught up of the dead in Christ and we which are alive and remain fit in, (of 1st Thess. 4, 15-18) b/4 or after Armageddon
    email me please
  • GOD AMBASSADOR on Revelation 17
    1 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?
    2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
    3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were o

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