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  • Sabbath keeper and Wife on Revelation 16
    The clothing is righteousness,let ye be found naked. White clothing. The mouth of frogs is false doctrine. Lies. Frogs catch prey with their tongue. Ya don't pray to saints and Jesus wasn't " just a prophet" ANY religion that teaches any other way than THROUGH Jesus only falls into these categories. The 3 lies satan used on Eve still carry into major religions, even some "Christan" ones
  • David Morrion on Revelation 16
    verse 18though 22 is still yet to be. God destroyed the world with water. The net time he is going to destroy it with fire. Verse 20 says that an earth quake will destroy the mountains and islands were not found. This is still to come.
  • Cynthia Kaluwa on Revelation 16
    The word of God has really changed my life
  • Larry on Revelation 16:4
    Scares me. One of the signs of the second coming of Christ. And the end of times.
  • RNM 16--8 REV on Revelation 16
    REV 16-8...A lot of info Rob but not all accurate, In Leviticus 23:27-32... From evening to evening, you shall celebrate your Sabbath, not sunrise to sunrise, your throwing out false signals if your a child of God Rob? I would have rather have told you privately but I couldn 't, not trying to offend but if we are standing for the Word of God it has to be accurate, right! AMEN!!
  • Robbie on Revelation 16
    Natural bodies of water turn blood red France 9th August 2012. Sea of Azov turns blood red 29th July 2012. Blood red rain falls in India in Kannur and Kerala 5th July 2012. Blood red rain falls in Sri Lanka 18th November 2012. Bondi Beach Sydney turns to blood red 28th November 2012. Yangtze river in China turns to blood red in front of people 7th September 2012. Beirut river turns to blood red 16th February 2012. Texas lake turns to blood red 27th July 2012
  • Robbie on Revelation 16
    For anyone keeping track of dates. The bible clearly states after Joshua said stand still sun, that the moon now become the time keeper for the months, seasons and years. The sun counted the days, So Saturday sunrise to sunrise is the Sabbath day.. note the true new moon rises and and sets with the sun northern hemisphere so 354 days with no leap years 12 months is how they kept time. Daniel 2:21 ...Psalms 104:19 ... Numbers 28:14 ... 1Kings 4.7 . The moon is the start of the month but the sun is the start of the day, thats why whenever the next day is mentioned, its always after dawn beginning of day Keep the sabbath day
  • Cynthia Baniassad on Revelation 16:9
    Looks like it 's coming soon!!! Lord, please forgive my sins, and make me fit for a life worthy of you, a life with You, and for Your Return!!!
  • Abraham on Revelation 16
    I Admire, adore fall prostrate before the Great God who gave me the wisdom and understanding to know HIM and to escape the wrath of God and pray that all mankind to know HIM.
  • Daphne Sebastian on Revelation 16
    I put myself in the shoes of a proud sinner and I realised that a sinner will be very angry with the God od the Bible after reading chapter 16. Then I put myself in the shoes of a humble repentant person and felt that Chapter 16 warns him ahead of time what to expect if he fails to obey God as required. The warning is a life line to rescue him from eternal death. I often wonder why some people hate to admit that there is a God out there who is so against evil conduct that He will exercise His prerogative only He has the right, no one else to deal with sin in the most painful and frightening way. Yet people sin. I must say that I am amazed that nothing frightens some people. Save your souls before its too late. Jesus will come anytime . But dont just wait . How do we know whether our time is up before His coming? I believe the rapture will be before the tribulation or at least before it ends. We are , I believe, in tribulation times already
  • Janine on Revelation 16
    This does not strike fear in me. It makes me to understand that because mankind always killing God 's saints and prophets he will flood them with blood! It makes me understand that the heart of man is wicked refusing repentance and preferring to blaspheme God! God is just and his judgement is just! I wait on the Lord , only He can cleanse this satanic impurity! I fear not because the Lord has me in His hands!
  • Janine on Revelation 16
    This does not strike fear in me. It makes me to understand that because mankind always killing God 's saints and prophets he will flood them with blood! It makes me understand that the heart of man is wicked refusing repentance and preferring to blaspheme God! God is just and his judgement is just! I wait on the Lord , only He can cleanse this satanic impurity! I fear not because the Lord has me in Hos hands!
  • Homer realeza on Revelation 16
    Jesus says no one knows when the end will come so why speculate. We have the Book and conscience to live a good life. God requires us to love one another. If we love God, we do it. Not simply because of the gift of salvation. That is too egoistic
  • Is the battle at amageddon the battle field or just a place that they gather and prepare for battle
  • Marci Lynn on Revelation 16:13
    Revelation 16 "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. " You know who the dragon is, it 's Satan. These frogs are the lies, and blasphemies, which flow out of the mouths of the Kenites, and all those who have accepted their Satanic dogma even now. These spirits, or lies will deceive the whole earth. They are the teachings of love, peace, joy and brotherhood, only to the wrong Christ, to the wrong kingdom, and to the wrong people.
  • Manfred on Revelation 16
    indeed, the bible contains all the right information we need. we should know where to look and pray for better understanding when we do find it. It is hard to accept though, that 's why many close their bibles because it is straight forward to each and every one
  • Kevin fagan on Revelation 16:15
    What more proof do people need than I come as a thief is after the Tribulation , just as Jesus told os in Mathew 24. Dont listen to so called experts, read the bible and its all there, no more assumptions like falling away means the rapture or the elect are jews or the restrainer is the holy spirit or the last trumpet is some trumpet from the feast of trumpets !!!!! Paul tells us the rapture happens at the same time as the resurection of the dead , Jesus tells us 4 times when that will be...on the last day !
  • Alicia on Revelation 16
    If this does not strike fear into your heart, then nothing will and you will end up as one of the these men. I take God literally and trust His words to be fulfilled.
  • Hilda on Revelation 16
    I strongly believe that people has heard all their lives that the end is near and since it hasn't happened, people just ignore what this world is really in for and so deserving of god's wrath that they can't see what is really happening. I believe we are in the last days and we could possibly see god coming in all his glory. praise be to god, I'm ready to go home.please wake up people.
  • i think oral herpes is the sore. maybe
  • i have been reading where large hail stones could spew from the back of Ison's tail,and depending on quiet a few things
  • Walt on Revelation 16
    Revelation is so highly symbolic I find it difficult at best to recon it all. I too believe it holds much significance but should be studied with a scholar small pieces at a time.
  • Steven waters on Revelation 16:9
    i was wondering about this verse in relation to global warming. here is australia the summers are getting warmer and we are hitting record high temperature. i know of other places where it is getting very hot and another couple of rises will make things very hot. at the same time we are having extreme weather events with very cold and freezing temps in other places. the weather patterns are all out of whack. the freezing temperatures might relate to a passage in the bible that talks about women not having a baby when it gets very cold. so maybe these are signs of the times.
  • Moraka on Revelation 16:13

    out of the mouth of the dragon is HEROD, and out of the mouth of the beast is PILATE(Roman Govenor), and out of the mouth of the false prophet CAIAPHAS(High Priest)
  • Penny McKee on Revelation 16:21
    I think people should realize the severity of this scripture,because people can't fathom this in their pea sized minds.
  • Armaggedon is the God of War between the nations.At 1 Thessalonicians 5:2,3,it discribes that the day in near.........
  • Gloria on Revelation 16:13
    The mouth of Dragon,is earth it's been here since time itself,Revelation speaks on the future, the future is a myth mixed with mythology that lies with contenders here on earth.
  • Martha Prince on Revelation 16
    Terry...not sure where you find in Revelation 19:11 7 years of celebration in heaven or 7 years of hell on earth. Revelation 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
  • John Rufus on Revelation 16:13
    As this is quite late in the great tribulation, which I believe is 3.5 years in Days ie 3.5 X 365 and 1/4 about 1278 years . This fits with the French Revolution. Evil spirits "leaked out of the mouths of the French" - liberty, fraternity, equality. Stated by the Illuminati – Man’s greed and turns away from Christ or Bible teachings.
  • MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE AND THEY FOLLOW ME, SAYS THE LORD.THEY THAT HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE MINE, SAYS THE LORD. AS the warning to mankind from GOD, and the examples are in the Old Testament on how GOD destroyed and punished many, yet left us with a choice to respond to HIS authority, that HE means business! NOW, the big test comes when the antichrist will command all humans to be implanted with a MICROCHIP, and worship him. The beginning of sorrows. Here is where GOD will screen his true followers, etc… But happy are those that GOD calls out from this EARTH (DIE), before the WRATH of GOD falls on mankind, and before the antichrist goes into power. But when a family member dies, etc, because it is time, we need to accept GOD'S DIVINE plan."FOR THE ELECT, IT WILL BE SHORTENED”, SAME AS "SUFFER NOT THE LITTLE CHILDREN, FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN”. YES, AS the antichrist is anxious to be revealed, and GOD is standing by to pour the great PLAGUES UPON THE EARTH, BE READY, SAYS THE LORD, THAT NO ONE SEES YOUR SHAME. GOD sends out WARNINGS, before destruction comes!!! MR. BEN (B.L.V.).

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