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  • Elias
    the defiled woman the natural woman but even the beast already mentined by John in the book of revelation. if it were so there were no redemption for all the women of world. we must be carefull when condeming not to condemned with women has a great in the redemptiom or this world and eveyone knows that prety well. if you look back you'll see all the women that followed our lord jesus in the days
  • Eugene Gregorio
    Re. verse 20: " ...a thousand and six hundred furlongs." I see a lot of present day similarities and symbolism. Could this allude to the address of the White House?
  • Pray For Truth
    Enough blood to fill 1,600 furlongs as high as a horse's bridle. What has that got to do with the White House? Zero. It specifically states an amount of blood. It makes no mention of this amount of blood coincidentally also matching an address. Do not add or take away from God's word. God's word said there will be blood as high as a horse's bridle for 1,600 furlongs. Period.
  • Stanjett
    1600 Penn. Ave. Who knows? Could be.
  • BSP
    Verse 6~Angels have a share in the preaching of the good news being done today.
  • Rev1414
    The 7 th trump is the key. In the days of the voice of the 7 th trumpet the mystery shall be finished. Behold I come quickly. Then we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. To meet the lord in the air. The son of man sitting on the cloud. After the firstfruits (the 144000).
  • Word
    Disciple As it were in the days of Noah they were eating, drinking and having a party. When antichrist or instead of Christ shows off his supernatural powers and stands in Jerusalem claiming he is God the world will believe and they will be eating and drinking and having a party but election they will be delivered up to death which is to say Satan and they stand and the Holy Spirit of God speaks.
  • Bruce Wayne
    Verse 12: Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

    This we should all do, for the time is at hand (Rev 1:3).
  • A disciple
    Word; we both know, that every one of those who clings to the teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture, does so out of a misplaced loyalty, and not because they have actually found it by the Spirit's inspiration of the Scriptures. "As it was in the days of Lot and Noah" infers a thought that all things will go on indefinitely as they always have; while willfully blind to the sin destroying the world.
  • James
    Misplaced loyalty to who or what?
  • Word
    Scripture says the saints, the election will be delivered up to death but scripture says also that not one hair on their heads will be harmed. Satan comes as the vile one in peace to deceive the whole world and in his performance with his powers the world will believe his claims that he is God so why do I say the truth so all of you who love the Lord will be prepared. 7 years was cut to 5 months.
  • A disciple
    Word; Nimrod also was a legendary Horseman, Conqueror, Archer; and "given a crown and great authority;" the original heathen antichrist! I see it as a spirit gone out into the world; both as the beginning and the thing aimed at, out of which all the succeeding and underlying seals have their place. And that the fifth seal shows the slaughter of the Saints; that's what is underneath all the rest.
  • Word
    Disciple; Rider and conquest as Satan kicked out of heaven to deceive the whole world. Think about that statement of deception.Satan appears on a white horse,sound familiar,Satan has a bow but not a bow for arrows it's a bow, a deception of the rainbow spoken of in Rev 4 surrounding the throne of the living God. So white horse,bow,fake crown kicked out to deceive claiming to be God, deception.
  • A disciple
    Word (cont.); The way I read Revelation 6, the First Seal discloses an appearance of a conqueror, a hunter of souls, a man of war, GIVEN a seat and authority, and a commission from God to subdue all. Under each succeeding seal then is both the underlying evil as well as the result in the spirit; through the four men of war, to the slaughter of the Saints, culminating in the great Day of the LORD.
  • A disciple
    Word; Right you are; but the things that are now, have ever been, and there was never a break in the line from generation to generation; and the nature and sins of the world then is still at work in men now; and the words of Isaiah are still applicable and in action. It is a mistake to say that any prophecy of that kind was done in Israel and no longer in effect with following similar generations.
  • Word
    Disciple the importance of Isaiah 28 is the fact that because of there idol worship the Isrealites were going into captivity and for us to remember that fact, don't play with other gods because Satan is coming at the 6th trumpet as a false messiah to deceive the whole world. I think God was speaking to the Isrealites that were turning into heathens for our benefit so we would understand.
  • A disciple
    Word; Yes, "the disobedient children go into captivity" is a part of the word here, but there is so much more that goes with it, which is for OUR LEARNING upon whom the end of the age is come. It is strongly advised that we DO NOT first run to the writings of Commentators, but to the LORD and ask Him to give us understanding, and then get quiet and wait. How else are we going to learn? 1 John 2:27
  • Word
    Disciple Isaiah 28 speaking of the whole House of Isreal going into captivity because of idolatry and then speaks of the whole House of Judah and theirs. God does give us wisdom on how to learn the truth and that's to read the scriptures line by line or in other words start at the very beginning chapter by chapter and read the Book. I'll check The Companion Bible and Moffet for more info. Word
  • A disciple
    Dear Word; Isaiah 28 describes conditions with many who are really supposed to be God's people, but not all who are once saved will continue faithful unto the end; and the sword of division cuts according to the divisions that men make in their hearts over the Word, and the work of the Spirit to sanctify and transform our minds through the Word. "Whom shall he teach knowledge?" means He looks for.
  • Word
    Disciple yes we should read Psalms 119 and study more on the scriptures and listen to you on your way to becoming a great preacher for as you have wrote your knowledge is more in understanding than me and Paul but we are trying so hard to catch up anyway in the end we will all learn who the truth was revealed to. I myself will only listen to what is my Father's voice before me from the scriptures.
  • Word
    Paul remember the 1st Commandment, not to have any other God, remember that when Satan comes as the false messiah and the world chases after him. Store food and pay your bills up for 3 months and stay home and study and pray. Wait and listen to the elect delivered up when the Holy Spirit speaks through them. When the two witnesses are kill so that all can see 3 days later 7th trump Christ returns.
  • A disciple
    Paul and Word; interpreting prophecies and understanding mysteries in Scripture is given by the Spirit of Truth; and never through human methodologies or invention. Scripture is not written in secret code, and religion is not superstition. There are many prayers in Psalm 119, specifically on how to ask for understanding. All may come and receive this from Him who have a good AND AN HONEST HEART.
  • Paul
    The three angels message is Justification by faith, invariably.

    Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
    {Revelation 14:12}

    Typeology for the 3 angels message is found in Daniel, chapters 1-6.

    Grace and peace be with you.
  • Word
    Satan comes at the 6h trump, the 6th vial and the 6th seal. The 7th trump will be the Warrior with hail stones and fire. You won't be expecting Him because the world will be so happy in their peace, false peace because there is no true peace without the Prince of Peace but up to the time of the war of the 7th trump, at the gathering place where Satan and his bunch have gathered that's the end.
  • A disciple
    Walter; actually it very much IS literal! While the ungodly are going deeper and deeper into darkness and deceit, and they are breaking all the bonds and casting away all the cords; God has already judged them, and so removes His restraint from before them. We seek to walk in Truth and a good conscience following our dear Saviour Jesus: for this we are persecuted and MUST BE PATIENT while we wait!
  • Walter Hutchins
    The patient of the saint is a hidden mystery from u all if God wanted u to know the mystery he would let u know so maybe you should look inside yourself and strengthen your walk . I will too it isn't literal all is spiritual... Hint
  • BSP
    Verse 6 shows that angels have an interest and are involved in the preaching of the good news.
  • Bruce
    word: that is the 5th Trump out of 7. ( 5 months of torment, then The 6th Trump,then the Last Trump. All The Trumps take a lot longer then 5 Months. The Locusts tormented the lost.
  • Word
    When God says that He shortened the time for the elect sake in the Gospels and you read in Rev. 9 that the locust will be here with their king for 5 months, and He says it twice, 5 months I got a good idea it's 5 months.

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